Soul Seed Travel Guide: Beautiful Retreats in Spain & Canary Islands

beautiful retreats in Spain
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Discover the most beautiful retreats in Spain and the Canary Islands offering plenty of sunshine, walks in nature and fresh air, along with a daily yoga or pilates practice, nutritious food and plenty of fun!.


Fuerteventura, Canary Islands: Pure Yoga Retreat

Dates: 13 – 20 July & 10 – 17 August

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This retreat is all about a solid practice. Daily asana practices complemented with workshops where we’ll deepen our knowledge about yoga philosophy, yoga sutras, meditation, breathing and different types of asana practices. We’ll explore the world of meditation and the motive behind each asana category, mudra and breath.

We’ll take you beyond asana integrating all elements of yoga into the practice. Intensive, uplifting morning/sun practices to kick off the day, restorative evening/moon practices and meditations for mental clarity and concentration.

Connect to your inner self, recharge your batteries with fresh, local and organic meals and energising power drinks & snacks. For the complete experience of wellbeing we also add a massage and/ or spa treatment and some fun trips to the list.

Of course you will also have free time, where you can enjoy Fuerteventura’s landscape and its soothing energy. All of this whilst being amongst other practitioners to share your experience with and to make fellow yogi friends for life. Book your place on this pure yoga retreat in Fuerteventura.

Altea, Spain: Five Night Yoga and Hiking Retreats

Dates: 3 – 8 October & 17 – 22 October

Immerse yourself in warm sunshine, ‘drink’ fresh clean sea air, feast on delicious tasty food, open your body in twice daily amazing yoga and hike in stunning natural scenery. And, if you fancy exploring further, you can go biking and horse trekking, cook up a delicious paella lunch or simply chill in the sun.

Our beautiful retreats are the perfect blend of two complementing exercises. Whilst hiking is great for the heart and lungs it can create tight leg muscles and an aching back but, with the addition of delicious yoga to lengthen, open and strengthen your posture, you’ll loosen your hamstrings, build strength, mobilise joints and deepen your breathing. The simple fusion of yoga and hiking on one retreat means you receive a complete boost to your health and fitness.

Our retreat home for the week is a 300 year old peaceful Olive farm on the edge of the ‘old town’ of Altea – considered to be one of the prettiest in the area. Now converted into a cosy 4-star country house hotel with pool, sauna, small gym and 20 en-suite spacious double bedrooms.

Set in breathtaking scenery with awesome views to the mountains and the sea. All solo travellers are given their own rooms as we don’t expect you to share. Book your place on this yoga and hiking retreat in Altea.

Costa Brava, Spain: Five Day State of the Art Yoga Magic Retreat

Dates: 25th – 30th September

Nourish yourself from the inside out and soak up the last of the summer rays to sustain you through the change of seasons at this spectacular villa, nestled above the scenic cove of Aigua Blava, walking distance from the beach and the fashionable Ibiza-eque village of Begur.

Experience five days of nourishing and restoring yoga, in this state-of-the-art studio with panoramic views to the sea. Dina is a Senior yoga teacher with 20 years experience and a wealth of knowledge and understanding through leading retreats, training teachers and running her own studio in London.

We’ll be strengthening and stretching the body with morning Dynamic Flow and Vinyasa Yoga; sinking into deep relaxation with evening Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra; and letting go of unhelpful habits whilst opening up to fresh ideas through nourishing breathing, Qi Gong and Mindfulness practices. All delivered in a step-by-step format, suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. This week includes plenty of time for practice and rest, with afternoons free to enjoy the sumptuous surroundings.

The purpose built venue, designed by a yoga teacher will provide everything one might want on a relaxing yoga holiday: close to the beach, in a quiet and serene scenic spot, infinity swimming pool, surrounded by walking trails with amazing views over the cliffs and coves, not far from the chic shops and friendly cafes of Begur. Book your place on this yoga magic retreat in the Costa Brava.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands: Fit and yoga healthy week with flow yoga and certified functional training

Dates: 1st – 8th September

While staying in a beautiful villa in the cute village of Lajares, Fuerteventura, you will take the best out of recentering your yoga practice and activating functional training.

With a group of like-minded people you will enjoy delicious meals, deepen your yoga practice and improve your body sensation with certified functional training. During the retreat week, you will enjoy every day a healthy, delicious and vegetarian breakfasts and two vegetarian dinners. We will cook with a variety of vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices and other delicious products if possible local and organic.

Courses: A mixture of vinyasa, yin, hatha and restorative yoga practice come together in therapeutic sessions. Learn more about your body and breath, become aware of your possibilities and relax your body and mind.

In the functional training classes you will activate your body with a combination of dynamic and static exercises with mostly your own body weight. The training will be adapted to the groups condition and needs. Several muscle groups are addressed simultaneously, which will improve your balance, strength coordination and flexibility.

The aim is to feel your body and get to know it even better. Improve your body concept and have fun with it. The incomparable landscape and its vastness, as well as the yearlong mild climate make outdoor activity on Fuerteventura an unforgettable experience. Book your place on this Fit and yoga healthy week with flow yoga and certified functional training.

Altea, Spain: Go with Your Flow: Five Night Summer Yoga Holiday

Dates: 18th – 23rd July

Our Go with Your Flow summer yoga holiday in Spain is ideal for you if you like the freedom of spending your summer holidays how you wish but with a daily dose of yoga to stretch and balance both mind and body plus, if you fancy, some optional ‘summer fun’ activities too.

Whilst we all love the energy and vibrancy of summer, at some point, we need to turn inward and rest from those high vibes that rev us up. So join us on this relaxing mid-summer retreat to help you to slow down, rest and recharge.

You’ll stay at a 300 year old Olive farm in the coastal town of Altea, an hour north of Alicante. The hotel has a brilliant location, sitting at the very point where the countryside meets the edge of town and so we’re surrounded by country views but yet, we’re an easy ten minute walk to the nearby white washed town of Altea – considered to be one of the prettiest in the area – and an easy 25 minutes walk to the beach.

The hotel has a pool, 20 spacious double ensuite rooms, small gym and sauna, a spacious yoga studio with lovely mountain views and a restaurant that creates delicious vegetarian and fish dishes for us whilst Vincenta – the hotel owner, brings fresh eggs from her happy hens and bakes a delicious breakfast cake for us every day – heaven! Book your place on this summer yoga holiday in Altea.

Denia, Spain: Five Day Yoga and Pilates Retreat by the Sea

Dates: 19th – 24th September

A five night Yoga and Pilates retreat by the sea where you can immerse yourself in gorgeous sunshine, big open blue skies, fresh sea air, beach time and feast on delicious healthy food.

Plus, super experienced yoga and pilates teachers will help you open, lengthen, quieten and strengthen your body with two classes a day with time in between to explore this stunningly beautiful area with the optional biking, hiking, horse trekking or simply relax by the pool with a great book and soak up the sun’s rays.

Based at a 300 year old olive farm – now a 4* country house hotel – set in acres of orange and olive groves near the sea. This peaceful setting is the perfect base to get away from your normal routine and get a fresh perspective on life.

Whether you’re a keen beginner or have a regular yoga or Pilates practice, this retreat will meet you where you are with small groups of 12 and classes for beginners and intermediates/advanced plus workshops to help progress and deepen your practice.

There’ll be plenty of opportunity to get outside and be in nature too with a guided hike, bike ride, horse trek, visits to the beach, take part in a Spanish cookery workshop, rest by the pool or enjoy pampering therapies.

And don’t worry, these beautiful retreats in Spain are super relaxed. So if there is a morning where you want to sleep in, please do. If there’s an afternoon you would stay longer by the pool and skip class, that’s ok! Whatever you feel you need, please do. Book your place on this yoga and pilates retreat by the sea in Denia.

Alicante, Spain: Holistic Detox, Meditation & Yoga Retreat

Dates: Open all year

Dhara Holistic Care invites you to this rejuvenating retreat to detox your body and mind, reduce your stress and find your inner balance through yoga, meditation, and holistic workshops. This personalised and private retreat is not a simple vacation retreat.

It is an opportunity to reconcile with yourself which is the relationships with life, health, strength, and spiritual path, take a time for looking inside and find yourself. Furthermore, this retreat will be the time to open your heart and rest from the stresses as well as requirements of your daily life.

These 5 or 7 day retreats are suitable for all levels, whether you are new to yoga and looking to develop your practice or a dedicated yogi wanting to challenge yourself further and to refine and deepen your technique. The instructors will propose accessible classes to all people and structured levels. Book your place on this rejuvenating detox and yoga retreat in Alicante.

Alicante, Spain: Pure Yoga Retreat Going Deeper

Dates:  5th – 10th September

If you’re keen to re-kindle or develop your existing yoga practice, going on a yoga retreat is the perfect way to deepen your understanding with experienced teachers. You’ll feel the difference in just a few days which is all you need to ignite your yoga flame and kick start a regular practice back home.

Our Pure Yoga Retreat Holidays are held near the sea in the vibrant coastal town of Denia, an hour north of Alicante. The programme includes carefully planned twice daily yoga sessions with plenty of alignment cues to keep you on track, different pranayama techniques and daily meditations all of which will help your body relax, open and strengthen.

We’ll also delve into other aspects of this ancient healing system and help you create your own home yoga practice too. And, when you’re not on your yoga mat, there will be plenty of time to relax at the beach, paddle in the sea, join a coastal hike, head off on a guided bike ride, go horse trekking, book super beauty and holistic therapies, snooze, explore the town and enjoy delicious tapas.

You’ll feel so much stronger and calmer by the end of your stay and notice a huge difference in yourself and your yoga practice in just a week.

Join us for an authentic and complete yoga experience which touches on yogic details and practices your regular teachers may not have time to teach you. It is ideal if you want to deepen your practice with senior teachers who will help progress and develop in just a few days. Book your place on this pure yoga retreat in Denia.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands: 7 Day Rejuvenating Yoga and Pilates Retreat

Dates: open all year round

More than just a retreat, this is your journey. Nestled amongst volcanoes, rolling hills and windmills, with breathtaking ocean vistas, you’ll find wonderful a yoga and pilates retreat.

Offering a rejuvenating and unique mix of: world class yoga and pilates and uplifting meditation, indulgent, relaxing therapies, scrumptious vegetarian cuisine and jaw dropping views.  Locate just 15 minutes from stunning, deserted white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons, and sunny days and starry nights on your door step.

Experience healing, strength and laughter all offered in harmony with nature, and nurtured by our compassionate team. Your vibrant new life is waiting.

Believing in the complementary nature of yoga and pilates, we have crafted a program that inspires, challenges and motivates both beginners and experienced practitioners. The diverse and full weekly schedule (over 21 classroom hours) is delivered at a pace that allows you to do it all, and still have ample time for additional therapies and exploration. Or be more selective and just relax– we know it’s your holiday, you decide! Book your place on this 7 day yoga and pilates retreat.

Benimeli, Spain: 7 Days Ayurveda Abhyangam Massage Training

Dates: open all year round

The wonderful benefits of Ayurveda medicine and massage await you in beautiful Spain! During this residential course, you will learn how to perform the ancient Abhyangam massage with theory and practice, with ayurvedic food on the side to make you feel renewed.

You will feel deep relaxation, personal development, energy balance, a healthier complexion, and increased energy, amongst many other great things during this training. The beautiful venue Dhara Holistic Care has been selected for this Ayurveda training in the essence of the Mediterranean coast and is exclusively yours for the duration of your stay.

Benimeli is situated north of Segaria Valley and is regarded as the very northern part of the Costa Blanca coastline. The sun is said to shine here 320 days a year. Segaria Valley and Javea are divided by the Montgo mountain – said to resemble a sleeping elephant. The area is certainly spectacular and offers a number of walking routes.

Benimeli is on the coast and the 20 km of beaches (15 min. by car) are of very high quality. Every year the beaches are awarded the European Blue Flag for their water quality and clean fine sand

Les Rotes is a nature area with no boats allowed and has a variety of marine life to see. Snorkelling and scuba diving are very popular in this section of Denia. This part of the coast is protected including the natural dunes, caves, plants, and wildlife. A footpath allows you to walk from Denia marina all the way to the lighthouse which is a few kilometres. Book your place on this 7 Days Ayurveda Abhyangam Massage Training in Spain.

Las Palmas, Canary Islands: Flexible dates Yoga Holiday

Dates: open all year round

Our yoga holidays are located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a place known for its all year long summer. We want to give you the opportunity to let yoga be your daily companion, merge into the Canarian lifestyle, meet new people, connect to nature and have a time for yourself. An invitation to leave your “musts” behind and just live your holidays as you please.

We want to give you what we love, so we offer you daily yoga classes and all sort of activities to discover Gran Canaria, experience something new or simply relax and chill. Your non yogi partner will also have its place and you will be able to enjoy both your yoga practice and the pleasure of sharing. Because we believe that above all, the best way to be healthy is to be happy.

All levels and reasons for practicing yoga are more than welcome. During the classes, you will always be encouraged to listen to your body and let it be your guide. We will suggest you all sorts of modifications that will help you to build up your own practice and deepen into it.

Classes will naturally change from one yoga style to other (Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini) depending of the time of the day and the energy of the group. All our teachers are qualified by the Yoga Alliance and have wide experience in other fields (reiki, alternative therapies, art, dance, meditation). Indoor and outdoor yoga practices will be combined. Book your place on this yoga holiday in Las Palmas.

Cádiz, Spain: Yoga and Cultural Retreats at Suryalila

Dates: 21st September – 28th September

These specially designed Yoga and Cultural Retreats enable you to enjoy the best of this beautiful and culturally rich area of Spain, in a relaxed and warm environment.

The week is designed in such a way that you will get plenty of yoga, and time to relax whilst experiencing authentic and culturally rich excursions to the fascinating cities of Seville, Ronda, Jerez and Arcos de la Frontera.

Suryalila is a beautiful old renovated olive farm consisting of eight houses that form the cortijo. The property sits on 45 acres of land and is still a working olive farm with 350 olive trees. We also grow organic vegetables and fruits and keep chickens for eggs.

A striking part of the natural beauty of the property is the breathtaking vista extending in all directions: rolling hills, fields of sunflowers, and lakes.

Our accommodation packages are all inclusive, which means that whether you are sleeping in a dorm or in our deluxe room, you will enjoy three gourmet vegetarian buffet-style meals per day and have full access to all of our beautiful common areas and facilities. Book your place on this yoga and cultural retreat at Suryalila.

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Spa Hotels

Puerto del la Cruz, Tenerife: Hotel Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden

Discover the magic of Tenerife and enjoy an unforgettable stay at the elegant 5-star luxury spa hotel Botanico. One of the most luxurious hotels in Tenerife wit a well-earned reputation for elegance and service it is truly a hotel of genuine distinction.

With a classic style and oriental touches, this luxury hotel is located in Puerto de la Cruz and features first-rate leisure facilities to guarantee the perfect retreat experience.

Start the day off by the pool with a refreshing fruit juice and the most complete and healthy buffet imaginable, sign up for a yoga class, play golf or tennis, stroll through through the idyllic gardens, and enjoy a succulent à la carte dinner at any of the haute cuisine restaurants.

Let yourself be pampered at the award-winning and renowned Oriental Spa Garden set in landscaped tropical gardens with views of Mount Teide, the Orotava Valley and the ocean. Read reviews on Tripadvisor.

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Marbella, Spain: Shanti Som Detox and Spa Retreat


Shanti-Som wellbeing retreat is nestled in the midst of nature surrounded by the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park and Biosphere reserve and has been carefully constructed respecting and incorporating local materials as well as following the guidelines of Feng-Shui. On arrival you will be greeted by a huge Buddha lying on the roof. Shanti Som is a haven of tranquility, surrounded by acres of luscious land pine, almond, lemon and olive trees.

You will wake up each morning to the blissful sounds of the wildlife and water from the stream, waterfalls and fountains of the retreat’s Oriental gardens, rather than an alarm clock to get your body in natural harmony with natures rhythms. And you will leave the retreat feeling rested and re-nourished on every level.

Your 7 day detox retreat program consists of 5 days of fresh juices, supplements and broths
, daily group yoga class, self-administered colonics
, nutritional support during your stay
 and complementary use of the steam bath, sauna, swimming pool and gym.

The 14 bedrooms at Shanti-Som consist of 12 premium rooms and two Suites. Following a philosophy of East meets West, all rooms have been individually designed with attention to detail including marble luxury en-suite bathrooms, fine linens, flat screen TV and stylish furnishings and accessories like bath amenities, bath rope, and slippers. Your private terrace or balcony is the ideal place to relax and absorb the surrounding nature of pine forest and mountains. Read reviews on Tripadvisor.

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Albir, Spain: SHA Wellness Clinic


The SHA Wellness Clinic is a world-class pioneering health clinic, hailed as one of the best medical spas in Europe and offering an array of tailored wellbeing programs including detox, weight loss, fitness, sleep recovery and anti-stress.

SHA was the brainchild of Alfredo Bataller Parietti who’s vision was to open a clinic that could treat major illnesses with a perfect fusion of natural ancient Eastern philosophy and advanced cutting-edge Western techniques, alongside a pure macrobiotic nutrition diet.

Located on a Spanish mountainside, near the beach of El Albir, overlooking the Mediterranean and serenely set within Sierra Helada Natural Park.

All SHA’s programmes and treatments are created and supervised by world renowned experts including the eminent Michio Kushi, the world leader in modern macrobiotics.

Among the therapies available are acupuncture, ozone therapy, hydrotherapy, yoga, Pilates, reflexology, hydrocolonotherapy, and the signature macrobiotics and anti-ageing treatments. Retreat programs start from a minimum 4 day stay. Read reviews on Tripadvisor.

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Having trouble choosing one of our beautiful retreats in Spain and the Canary Islands? Contact the team on and we will help you find and book your perfect retreat. Follow our travels on Instagram @soulseedtravel.

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