Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts Around the World

Best Vegan Friendly Retreats
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Finding a resort or a hotel in that does really good vegan food can be challenging.  To help you in your search and inspire you to travel with confidence and a healthy appetite, knowing that breakfast will consist of more than just avocado on toast, and that your three course meal won’t end with a boring fruit salad, we’ve shared our favourite vegan friendly retreats and resorts around the world.

If you are looking for a vegan friendly airline, then Qatar Airways has introduced a range of vegan dishes to its business class à la carte menu.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in Croatia & Montenegro

8 Day Detox, Yoga, Cooking and Hiking Retreat in Mljet Island

This holistic wellbeing retreat in Mljet Island will nourish, nurture and inspire your body, mind and spirit. It will create a platform on which you will be able to build on once when your return home, so that you can continue implementing positive changes and create a balanced and healthy lifestyle in your daily life.

You will experience the joy of a yoga practice combined with meditation and breathing exercises. The healthy cooking classes are led by a macrobiotic chef whose love and knowledge of nutritional, healthy, organic food is truly exceptional.

You will also join hiking trips with stunning views of the island, the unspoiled and serene environment of the national park, and be surrounded by an abundance of thick green lushes forest of pine trees, enchanting turquoise salty lakes, crystal clear blue seas and breathtaking nature.

The schedule is designed in a way that every day is a new experience. In the evening tea time, you can discuss and reflect on the experiences you’ve had throughout the day. A great way to relax, meet new people and just have a joyful, restorative and rejuvenating holiday. Info & booking.

Seaside Yoga, Meditation and Hiking Holiday, Korcula

yoga and hiking seaside retreat Croatia

Are you looking for an inspiring and nourishing seaside yoga holiday under the Mediterranean sun? Do you want to go somewhere where you can roll out your yoga mat by the sea in the morning, explore secluded beautiful beaches and unspoiled island’s nature in the afternoon, and cleanse your body with organic food and detox juices? Then this week long retreat on Korcula Island is perfect for you!.

Experience the joys of a seaside yoga practice combined with meditation and breathing exercises, excursions to the magical nature park with salt lakes, a boat ride to secluded beaches, an olive grove farm with wild herb workshop where you will learn about the culinary use and medical benefits of Mediterranean herb, and a tour to an organic bee farm.

Most of all on this seaside yoga retreat, you will discover all the joys of the Mediterranean and have a lot of fun in the process! The extensive local knowledge of the retreat team ensures that you will enjoy the most authentic sights, flavours and experiences of Croatia. Info & booking.

7 Night Breathtaking Hiking and Yoga holiday in Montenegro

Hiking and Yoga holiday in Montenegro

If you are a lover of the great outdoors then this hiking and yoga holiday in Montenegro is for you. This is a week that showcases all that this untouched area of the world has to offer.

You can expect a relaxed yet exhilarating itinerary, with breathtaking hikes, water sports, boat excursions, beautiful day trips and more, with three hours of yoga per day.

The retreat venue is based in a beautifully renovated olive mill, just teb minutes from the spectacular coast, a short walk from the traditional old town with its cosy restaurants and shops, so if you choose to have a day to relax by yourself, this is fine too!

If you haven’t visited Montenegro before, you are absolutely in for a treat. Unlike its neighbour Croatia, Montenegro is relatively untouched by tourism but shares the same stunning coastline, scenery and friendly people.

Montenegro is half the size of Wales, but in a relatively small area you will be lucky to find an incredible coastline with unspoilt beaches, clear lakes in the national parks for wild swimming, rivers fit for kayaking, and mountains that are begging to be conquered. We can arrange day tours, hiking, cycling and more for you so that you can take in all there is of this incredible country. Info & booking.

Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera

Experience luxury with a Mediterranean flair on the Adriatic coast with breathtaking panoramic views. Welcome to a world where time flows more slowly and pleasure lasts longer, a world of pure emotion and peace.

Somewhere between the greenery of nature and the blue of the sea, lies the luxurious black and white oasis Acquapura Spa on 6,000 square meters with numerous saunas, Turkish bath, Kneipp canal, rooms and swings for relaxation, sea water and fresh water pools and exclusive SPA treatments with Anne Semonin products and locally grown Mediterranean herbs.

“Acquapura” means “pure water”. Water plays a major role in the Acquapura SPA world. It is an elixir of life that above all has sensational features. It stimulates blood circulation, activates metabolism and improves overall wellbeing

The gym has plenty of cardio options, lots of machines and free weights and there is also a map on display with suggestions for running trails around the hotel.

There’s a large infinity pool and a private pebble beach. The chef is happy to prepare the most delicious vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free meals for you, served with lots of love and creativity, from breakfast to dinner. Read reviews.

Hotel Balatura

The hotel Balatura is located far from the overcrowded tourist centres on the Adriatic coast, in the quiet, preserved valley of Vinodol, 6 km from the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by karst mountains and magnificent woods.

In accordance with the nature and culture-oriented philosophy of this small family hotel, each of the rooms is furnished under the banner of a native plant characteristic of the Mediterranean region, such as lemon, olive, or rosemary. There are a total of 6 rooms to choose from, each painted after its name, individually arranged and uniquely furnished.

Hotel Balatura offers great vegetarian and vegan food, made with ingredients from the valley. Everything is biological, sustainable, fresh and delicious. The chef de cuisine is Nataša Batistić, the culinary heart of our hotel. You can also attend one of the numerous music workshops or yoga retreats. Read reviews.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in Italy

Coroncina Agriturismo

Coroncina Agriturismo is much more than meets the eye: a traditional Italian villa, boutique wellness spa and vegetarian farmhouse all rolled into one. Boasting an exclusive selection of carefully decorated rooms, the hotel has a peaceful and tranquil air – perfect for a spa break in the countryside.

Life here follows the rhythm of nature, in a friendly and homely atmosphere. Guests can also enjoy meat-free fine dining. Coroncina Argiturismo offers an ever-changing menu of inventive and tasty vegetarian dishes.

Their philosophy is based upon following the natural cycles of the seasons and almost all the ingredients they use in the preparation of the dishes comes straight from their land and kitchen garden, such as vegetables, fruits and olive oil. In fact, most of what goes into the food can be seen from the kitchen window! Read reviews.

Biohotel Pennhof 

Welcome to your retreat surrounded by nature, where you will find a wide range of opportunities and no obligations. Staying at the Pennhof hotel means living in the here and now, this green hotel is a place of rest and recreation in the heart of South Tyrol.

Here, time is still the most valuable commodity. The close relationship with nature is always apparent, from the interior of the premises to the culinary delights on offer.

Relax and feel at home while living in harmony with nature and rejuvenating. To fully experience the Pennhof hotel you need to embrace the art of slowing down, which will allow you to appreciate the simplicity of things and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Using organic home-grown ingredients, the chef has the skills to prepare tasty vegetarian dishes for culinary delights without meat. Guests with a gluten intolerance or celiac disease can also enjoy delicious meals during their retreat, by prior arrangement, tasty gluten-free options will be provided. Read reviews.

Yoga & Wellness Hotel Schwarzschmied

The hotel Schwarzschmied is known for its hospitality, for its range of hiking and cycling options and spa facilities, as well as for its slow food cuisine with menus also for vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers.

The hotel is situated in the mountains above Merano, in the vineyards and orchards of Lana. The holistic philosophy of the Hotel Schwarzschmied Spa is based on four fundamentals: beauty, relaxation, movement and power. The new Finnish sauna offers a panoramic view of the pristine Ulten Valley.

Those interested in training at the gym or practising yoga will enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding vineyards. The light penetrates the relaxation areas through large windows, and there is an open-hearth fireplace. The restaurant offers a wide variety of delicacies for the health-conscious and the kitchen offers a daily vegan menu. Read reviews.

Amonti & Lunaris Wellness resort

The Amonti & Lunaris Wellness resort has a wellness and spa area spanning more than 5,000 m². It’s part of the Belvita Leading Wellness hotels association. All the Belvita hotels offer top-quality spa- and wellness facilities in South Tyrol’s most charming locations.

The Belvita philosophy rests upon four cornerstone-concepts;

  1. Well-feeling: In South Tyrol, wellness is a holistic concept which encompasses the well-being of the body, mind and soul.
  2. Beauty: At the Belvita hotels, all the beauty treatments are administered by qualified personnel using high-quality products made from fresh, mainly local ingredients.
  3. Fitness: Hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing and more. At the Belvita Leading Wellnesshotels Südtirols, fitness has many facets.
  4. Vitale Cuisine: Fresh dishes from the Alpine and Mediterranean traditions are served to delight the eye as well as the palate.

Sensitive to the needs and concerns of their guests and realising how hard it is for people with special dietary need, the kitchen staff will prepare special and delicious vegan food. Read reviews.

Hotel Raphaël

Located just across the river from the Vatican, Raphaël offers guests boutique luxury accommodation in the bustling heart of the city. The lavish rooms combine modern comforts with classic architecture, with deep mahogany furnishings, statement artwork and chic en-suites.

However, the real piece de résistance at Raphaël is the terrace restaurant. Offering unmatched views of St. Peter’s Basilica, the beautiful terrace is the best place to sample the hotel’s organic vegan and vegetarian menu, which is inspired by traditional local ingredients and a passion for animal welfare and the environment. Read reviews.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in Germany

Almodóvar Hotel

The district of Friedrichshain in Berlin is known for its creative atmosphere, bohemian flair and modern edge – the perfect setting for the chic Almodóvar Hotel.

Based on the principles of sustainability and respect for the environment, the hotel features natural materials in its clean and minimalist guest rooms, in addition to energy-saving technology and naturally-certified cosmetics. Rooms even come equipped with a yoga mat, so guests can clear their mind in the bustling city.

Additionally, guests will find only vegetarian and vegan dishes made from organic produce in the clean and inviting Bistro Bardot. Read our review.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in Greece

Koukoumi Vegan Hotel Mykonos – All Inclusive Yoga & Fitness Packages

The Koukoumi is the first and only vegan hotel in Greece. Koukoumi in Myconian dialect means sheltered from the wind  and a cozy place for snuggling.

Situated in the heart of the island, in the traditional village of Ano Mera, Koukoumi was created to be a peaceful sanctuary for the sophisticated traveler. In this setting they bring a breath of fresh air in hospitality, to show a more intimate side of the island and promote a new life philosophy.

Respecting the principles of authenticity, simplicity and balance, the staff offer an impeccable standard of service, while allowing guest to lie back, relax and enjoy a healthy and harmonious accommodation.

Koukoumi’s vegan head chef Aggeliki Charami has created a rich variety of plant-based snacks, starters, main courses and desserts, free from sugar and with minimal or zero processing. Info & booking.

Mani Sonnenlink Boutique Resort

Mani Sonnenlink is the first eco-certified hotel in Greece. Pure relaxation for body, mind and soul is what you will find here, in the pristine sun-kissed Mani region of the Greek Peloponnese peninsula.

A multifunctional Vital Energy Feng Shui Resort offering apartments, bungalows, seminar and meditation rooms. A delightful conference room offers a year-round venue for. wellbeing seminars and training.

In summer and winter there are frequent musical surprises. The beating heart of the centre is the small open-air amphitheatre, which hosts concerts and artists from all over Europe as part of “Mani Sonnenlink Summer Music Festival”.

Mani Sonnenlink invites guests to bask in the Greek sun all year round, to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery of the Peloponnese. With 100% organic and vegetarian dishes made from local produce, partly from their own organic garden and of course with the Mani organic olive products as guest stars, Mani Sonnenlink provides a culinary experience with every meal served. Read reviews.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in Germany

Biohotel Pausnhof

The Biohotel Pausnhof is the first biohotel in Germany and is located directly at the Bavarian Forest National Park. The Biohotel stands for 100% organic and relies on regionally typical material. This applies to the rooms furnished with high-quality natural materials, the farm’s own farm and the fine organic kitchen.

The Biohotel is ideal for a healthy rest and new inspiration. Guests can recharge their batteries in the spa – in the newly designed sauna area with Finnish sauna, circulation-saving bio-sauna and herbal steam bath, in the 36-degree brine pool, in the natural pool or with soothing massage and cosmetics.

The kitchen team create delicious food from farmyard and bio-certified, preferential regional ingredients. It is their great passion and pleasure to produce simple, subtle, delicious food from pure nature, which makes every four-course evening dinner into a culinary sensation. For their vegan guests, they offer plant based alternatives for all meals. Read reviews.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in Costa Rica

Mother Earth Vegan Hotel

Mother Earth Vegan Hotel is Costa Rica’s first luxury vegan boutique hotel. Tucked away in a residential neighbourhood just minutes from stunning Tamarindo beach, a popular holiday destination for beaches and surfing.

The family-run vegan hotel features 13 spacious rooms with modern interiors, private terraces and each room has a unique energy painting created by the owner’s son.

The hotel features a natural saltwater pool, a rooftop yoga and healing studio and offers an array of wellness services from yoga, to massage, reiki and sound healing.

Experience delicious plant-based cuisine al fresco from their poolside restaurant – Off the Grid, serving a seasonal globally-inspired menu designed to let mother earth’s ingredients shine through with all of its exciting tastes, vibrant colours and delicious flavours.

With a strong commitment to sustainability the hotel is powered by solar energy and has a water conservation system that recycles grey water into clean water for irrigation. The environment comes first in every decision made – from the cleaning products used through to the ban of plastic water bottles.

Here a magical combination of natural elements and modern architecture create the highest luxury and your home away from home. Info & booking.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in Bali

7, 10 or 14 nights Healing Detox Retreat at Fivelements, Ubud

At Fivelements in Ubud, the philosophy is the belief in the power of plant-based, sun-produced, raw vegan, living foods to cleanse and heal the body, mind and spirit. Living foods are vitamin and enzyme-rich, thus, containing high levels of nutrition.

A detoxification process involving living foods – especially through juice fasting – allows the body to more easily eradicate toxins and other unwanted substances from our bodies, thereby cleansing and promoting effective organ functionality and improving our body’s natural ability to sustain positive health.

This Healing Detox Retreat embraces holistic Balinese-inspired therapies administered by traditional Balinese healers using ancient wisdoms passed down through direct lineage.

Following the Balinese principal of Sekala-Niskala, which holds that we all live equally in two worlds; the seen or conscious world Sekala, and the unseen or psychic world Niskala, the Balinese healers engage the help of the divine source during each healing session. A healing journey for detoxification and transformation. You can read our personal review from our stay at Fivelements here.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in the UK

Yoga, Surf & Walking Retreat in Cornwall

Enjoy a five day Yoga, Surf and Walking retreat this autumn, in a stunning country Estate in Cornwall, located only a ten minutes drive from some of the most famous beaches in north Cornwall. The prime location gives the perfect opportunity to be as relaxed and restored or as adventurous and active as your heart desires.

The local area, which you will be exploring, is blessed with an abundance of coastal path walks, beaches, dunes, seaside towns and of course, surf.

The retreat hosts are a plant-based company and take great pride in creating incredible food on their retreats. The chefs creates diverse and imaginative menus that really highlight the seasonality of local produce.

You can expect nourishing post-yoga brunch to fuel your day, a light lunch and a wholesome two-course evening meal. Info and booking.

Summer Hiking and Yoga Retreat in the Peak District

peak district summer yoga hiking retreat

This Hiking and Yoga Peak District retreat is the perfect short stay adventure. Great for nature-loving yogis that want a more modern, luxurious feel.

Your days will be filled but relaxing. With hikes directly from the house, delicious plant-based meals, and yoga to nourish both body and soul.

Food wise, expect delicious and creative brunches, lunch, and two-course evening meal. Each meal will be balanced to keep you energised all day.

If you are out for an all-day hike, provide a healthy packed lunch will be provided to keep you re-fuelled. The food is 100% organic and locally sourced. Info & booking.

Saorsa 1875 Boutique Vegan Hotel, Perthshire (Scotland)

Ensconced by two acres of natural woodlands and gardens and overlooking the town of Pitlochry, Saorsa 1875 is a unique hotel dedicated to showcasing ethical luxury.

Designed for vegans, vegetarians and the plant-curious, Saorsa 1875 balances the building’s Victorian gothic origins with modern amenities to offer a unique experience. More than a synthesis of tastes, the hotel offers the perfect antidote to the frantic pace of modern living.

The 19th-century baronial house has 11 bedrooms individually styled with a calming combination of luxurious linens, bohemian styling and antique furnishings.

Downstairs, the lounge and restaurant is a cosy all-day spot for relaxing by the fire. The menu is completely plant-based and showcases local, seasonal and foraged produce – all washed down with craft beers, a unique wine list and cocktails inspired by the region. Info and booking.


Bleujennow is the first vegan B&B in west Cornwall. Small and delightful, it offers two bedrooms, one with a double bed and sea view, and the other with a king-size bed, or two singles.

Expect delicious breakfasts, home baked bread; Fairtrade coffee and tea, as well as a range of herb and spice teas. Gourmet picnics and evening meals are available too

As well as being vegan, the hotel is as green as possible. They have solar panels, low energy lights, reuse and recycle every day, and buy local or Fairtrade wherever possible. You are encouraged to travel there by train or coach, and they have equipment for you to borrow to help you travel light. Read reviews.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in France

Two Night Retreat Package at HOY Yoga & Vegan Hotel

The HOY hotel has been built with consciousness at its core, taking care of today for a better tomorrow. HOY is intended to be a meeting place, evolving around health and wellbeing of the body, mind and soul in the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

HOY means the House of Yoga – and yoga is one of the main pillars. In each of the 22 rooms you’ll find natural air purifiers, dance bars for easy stretching and a yoga set for personal practice. Besides this, one room was designed to be a wellness room, dedicated to energy and osteopathic care.

A personal sanctuary space has been created to promote healthy and mindful habits in each room, improving the well-being and your prosperity

HOY chose the Yoga YUJ studio, known in Paris to be the first dark yoga studio with infrared lights. The sessions are open to hotel guests, external guests and local residents.

The restaurant menu at MESA de HOY was made in collaboration with the English chef, Lauren Lovatt, elevating dishes with a 100% plant-based cuisine inspired by Latin America. Info & booking.

Gourmet Vegetarian & Vegan Culinary Training, South of France 

Interested in exploring a new career in the plant-based culinary arts, helping the environment, practicing yoga, and striving for optimal wellness—all at the same time?

With the Gaia Gourmet Culinary Training immersion, you’ll travel to a beautiful destination and spend 21 days learning gourmet cooking through hands-on experience. Enjoy delicious, colourful, and decadent vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

In this unique certification program, students participate in all aspects of catering a yoga teacher training. The course is based on tried and tested Gaia Gourmet methods and recipes under the guidance of Chef Naga.

You’ll gain tools and insight to embark upon a new career in the plant-based culinary arts, such as catering yoga retreats and wellness events or working as a private chef.

Get ready to experience the beauty of the South of France. Our grand 18th-century château is situated in a newly designated natural park at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains. Info & booking.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in Tulum

Ahau Rustic Beach Resort

Escape to the Mexican Caribbean with experience the magic and mystique of Tulum from this beachfront resort, Ahau Tulum. Unplug, unwind, and enjoy barefoot sophistication amid the lush Mayan jungle and the crystalline Caribbean sea on the pristine white-sand of Mexico’s most coveted destination.

Designed for the environmentally conscious traveler seeking a luxurious getaway, our resort offers eco-conscious cabanas and huts on the oceanfront.

Enjoy daily yoga lessons and sunrise meditation or venture out to explore the ancient Mayan ruins located minutes away. Begin your journey at Ahau Tulum, your home for an authentic escape on the Mexican Caribbean.

Experience a deep connection to nature and Mexico’s renowned past at our Tulum resort. With a beachfront location overlooking the Caribbean, allow the powers of the ocean to feed your sense of adventure.

From the ancient Mayan ruins to ecological theme parks, Tulum is filled with unforgettable attractions and things to do at every bend. We offer an array of on-site activities designed to awaken your spirit including daily yoga classes, temazcal healing lodge access, bike rentals, and kitesurfing lessons.

Whether you are on a solo wellness retreat or looking to connect with a loved one, live like a local at Ahau. Info & booking.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in Spain

Ecocirer Healthy Stay, Mallorca

Ecocirer offers an idyllic place to stay, incorporating the concepts of art, design, sustainability, ecology, recycling, nature and healthy nutrition.

Six unique rooms in a historic house from the early 1900s have been transformed into an intimate, family-run townhouse. This is an intimate and cosy hotel with the owners always enthusiastically on hand to give advice about cycling and hiking routes (Martin and Barbara encourage guests to walk or cycle, not hire cars), yacht charter, SUP board lessons, and places of interest to visit.

Massages are available in the rooms, and private pilates and yoga sessions. A fresh home made vegan/vegetarian breakfast is served each morning at the property. Info and booking.

Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat, Mallorca

Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat offers a holistic lifestyle retreat focused on health and wellbeing. Yoga classes and massages are offered and an array of other activities is offered in the area, such as cycling, trekking, golfing, horse riding and snorkelling.

The restaurant serves only vegetarian and vegan cuisine with fresh, locally sourced organic products. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetables juices and smoothies can be enjoyed in the pool bar.

Nourishment is one of the foundational parts of Cal Reiet’s values. Cal Reiet’s consciousness based approach translates into their cuisine which aligns with the principle of “food as a medicine”.

A wide range of holistic treatments working on different levels are available, such as “relaxing”, “therapeutic & healing”, “energetic & spiritual”. The two beautiful treatment rooms and open air space, invite you to let go and deeply relax. Info and booking.

Rejuvenating Yoga and Pilates in Fuerteventura

This retreat is available all year round (running Saturday to Saturday), on the sun-blessed island of Fuerteventura, with epic sand dunes rolling down into the turquoise ocean, breathtaking white-sand beaches and dramatic volcanic sunsets.

The seven day itinerary of pilates, yoga and meditation is designed to help reduce stress, stretch and strengthen you body and improve fitness and vitality and most importantly take time for you.

Enjoy mouthwatering vegan and vegetarian meals, holistic massages and stunning sunsets over the volcanoes. Info and booking.

Walk in Beauty Retreat, Ibiza

On this shamanic healing retreat you will discover how to bathe in the natural beauty of the island and feel deeply connected with all the elements.

You will have two Shamanic Kundalini Yoga classes per day and a workshop where you will delve deeper into the souls purpose, uncover more of your unique nature and explore fully what this ‘Walk in Beauty’ way really means for each one of us.

Tess from Love Food Ibiza is on kitchen controls for this retreat. All the produce is Ibiza’s finest and there is nothing but love added.

The menu will be local organic and gorgeous and the emphasis is on foods that truly nurture the soul and the table, as always, it will be a delight to share. Info & booking.

Vegan Friendly Retreats & Resorts in Portugal

Organic Food and Holistic Yoga Retreat in the Algarve

This healthy retreat offers you the possibility to break through the daily grind and completely recharge your batteries in an oasis of peace.

Through practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness, your consciousness grows. And with the help of healthy fresh organic food, the body and mind will be brought back into balance and alignment.

During this retreat, you’ll learn more about the positive way healthy food affects your health, energy levels, mood and body. You’ll be treated with dishes so pure, fresh and balanced they’ll bring back your body’s natural strength.

You will receive a free recipe book with surprising breakfast ideas and vegetarian dishes. You will also get to know new ingredients that will make your dishes lighter, tastier and more nutritious. In short, it’s a week filled with culinary joy.

Your retreat home for the week is a colourful boutique guesthouse and yoga centre located stay in the most beautiful part of Portugal: the Algarve, five kilometres from the ocean, the beach and the Ria Formosa nature reserve. Info & booking.

Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat in the Portuguese Mountains

Vale de Moses is a family run yoga retreat in the heart of the Portuguese mountains. Spend a week or more practicing yoga, receiving massage and acupuncture treatments, walking in forests, swimming in natural river pools and eating delicious nutritious food.

Stay in one of the beautifully restored stone cottages, Soulpads or in a Tipi. The environment is perfect for those in need of a break, rest and relaxation. Surrounded by nature and forests, peace and tranquility – the perfect ingredients to restore your body and mind.

The combination of good food and sleep, clean mountain air and water, therapeutic massage and acupuncture, hill walking and river swimming, all create a highly restorative context in which to begin, or to deepen your yoga practice.

Inspired by Ayurveda, the daily menus at Vale de Moses are always colourful, easy to digest and soul satisfying. Enjoy three tasty and nutritious meals every day, cooked from fresh local ingredients, low in salt and rich in home grown herbs and salads. You will not go hungry on this retreat, you will be nourished and fed! Info and booking.

Quinta Colina Flora, Sintra

Offering ocean views, Quinta Colina flora is located in the hills of Sintra National Park. This sustainable bed and breakfast offers an organic vegan/vegetarian breakfast.

A bicycle rental service is available, while hiking and cycling can be enjoyed nearby. Colina Flora’s peaceful, rural setting, in the heart of the vast Sintra Natural Park and only minutes to several beautiful beaches, is a paradise for walkers, hikers, cyclists, history buffs, and a variety of diverse outdoor activities.

It is a perfect place to unwind, regain equilibrium of mind, heart and spirit, be inspired, and breathe the exhilarating seaside country air. Info and booking.

Relax & Revive 5 Day Retreat in the Algarve

Escape everyday life and treat yourself to an indulgent 5 day retreat at a boutique hotel with maximum pampering and minimum stress.

This Relax & Revive 5 day retreat includes 5 nights in a room with a beautiful sea or garden view, a welcome smoothie or juice on the hotel’s panoramic terrace with stunning views of the sparkling ocean and endless sky, super-food breakfasts with dairy free alternatives, fresh fruit, vegetable juices and smoothies.

A two course lunch is included on two days of this relaxing break, to be taken on days of your choice as well as one evening four course dinner with vegetarian, vegan and raw food options.

As part of the retreat you can enjoy four organic treatments in the hotel’s Neal’s Yard Remedies of Covent Garden London Spa, the first overseas spa of its kind.

This includes an Indian head massage, Body Harmony treatment, relaxing back massage and a facial. Morning yoga sessions are included every other day and you will also enjoy unlimited access to the wellness pool, sauna and steam room. Info and booking.

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