Christmas Wish List for Yogis: Pampering Gifts & Stocking Fillers

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With the Christmas season upon us, everyone is searching for that perfect gift to give to someone special. We have curated this Christmas Wish List for Yogis full of unique gift ideas from our favourite brands, stores and wellness partners. You could treat yourself too and stock up on vegan chocolate, some comfy slippers or a sparkling pair of yoga leggings perhaps?

We’ve added some great offers and we are excited to reveal our new Wellness Travel Shop where you can get all your essential ‘what to pack’ for a retreat items.

The Owl & the Apothecary

Wild & wonderful wellbeing. At The Owl & The Apothecary, we draw inspiration from the Dorset countryside, ancient rituals, and our love of living well to create unique wild & wonderful experiences.

We handcraft ritual kits, candles & wellbeing products using natural herbs and organic essential oils, and charge them with high-vibe energy to bring you a beautiful, balanced & blessed experience.

Owl & Apothecary Mini Ritual Kit Abundance (Wild Smudge Stick & Luna Candle & Crystal)

The Little Ritual Kit contains a Wild Smudge Stick to cast out negative energy & bring in a positive healing life force, an Abundance Luna Candle to help sit quietly & set clear intentions, a Citrine Crystal to transform thoughts and ideas into being and a Ritual Guide with details on how to safely perform your rituals.


Forget taking all your different supplements and potions (and spending time researching what’s best). No need for endless juicing (and the washing up). It’s tough to get all your nutrition purely from (nobody’s perfect). Just add MACACHA. Complex, meet simple.

We’re equipped with six signature superfoods that form the basis of every blend we make. Our approach to formulating means we’ve taken away the clutter to bring you a pure, purposeful blend, where everything is significant and nothing is wasted.

The more ingredients you’ve got, the less significant each one becomes. That’s why we’ve spent years developing our super simple signature 6. Together, they offer a powerful foundation to anyone looking for an everyday nutritional boost.

Then, depending on what we’re formulating a blend for, we add in a host of other useful, friendly and natural botanicals. Every one’s meaningful, and nothing’s hidden.

  • RAW

PEACE Blend – box of 10 sachets

Plant protein vanilla shake with holy basil and lavender.

Formulated especially for people who love to do yoga for the incredible feeling of calm and serenity that it can give you, all in a handy sachet for those on the go. We included ingredients like our Holy basil, also known as ‘tulsi,’ a hugely popular adaptogen (stress tonic), known for its relaxant and anti-anxiety properties. Our Peace blend works very well in the evening to wind down the day and when you want to go to sleep after your exercise. This blend is caffeine-free and also contains the amino acid L-theanine typically found in green tea, enhancing the relaxing effect.

ENERGY 500g Drum

Plant protein vanilla shake with yerba mate.

A high protein, nutrient dense, plant protein vanilla shake with the added benefits of Yerba Mate. For active people looking to support a high-energy lifestyle. This plant-protein packed formula provides additional support to aid normal energy metabolism and thyroid function thanks to Iodine-rich kelp seaweed. Also rich in iron, this blend contributes to the metabolism that produces energy and prevents fatigue.

BEAUTY 500g Drum

Organic Plant Protein Shake with Rose Hip and Raw Cacao.

A high protein, nutrient dense plant protein shake full of skin-loving phytonutrients and antioxidants. With Rose Hip and Raw Cacao, this blend is for active people looking to support skin health from the inside out. With a delicious cacao flavour and 16g protein per serving to contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass and normal bones.

Christmas Wishlist offer: 25% discount across all products. Use the code PLANTPOWER25 at checkout.

By Sarah

Have you felt disappointed and confused by skincare? We were. That’s why Sarah created her own plant-based blends to soothe Lauren’s skin when she was recovering from leukaemia. We’re two sisters on a mission to empower you to live a more conscious life. By detailing a full ingredient list on the front label across our natural and organic skincare collection, you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. Full, upfront transparency of ingredients. Join the new standard in conscious living.

Deluxe Organic Body & Hair Gift Set 

For the vegan friend, treat them with this Gift Set, including the award-winning Organic Body Oil and Organic Hair Oil. Both are made with certified-organic, cold-pressed oils and are certified vegan. Enjoy nourished skin and healthy hair with just a few drops of these beautiful oils. The gift box not only looks so inviting under the Christmas tree but is made from recycled materials too.

Christmas Wishlist offer: 20% off the entire collection. Use the discount code BYSARAH20 at checkout.

Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner® is a planner designed to help you not only plan and manage your schedules & to-do lists, but also live a truly happy and fulfilled life by creating a life in alignment with who you are and embracing the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development.

We believe that, because humans are complex social beings, in order for us to be truly happy, whole, and fulfilled, we must cultivate these 3 things:

(1) We make sure that our actions & goals align with who we truly are.
(2) We cultivate self-love, heal from past pain, get rid of our destructive patterns, and build new positive patterns.
(3) We take charge of our mindset, attitude, and outlook on life.

Our thought patterns, emotional patterns, habits, mindset, and beliefs cannot be changed overnight after reading a motivational book or having gone to a personal development conference. This is why we created The Happiness Planner®, a tool designed to help you become more self-aware and cultivate new positive patterns on a daily basis – over and over – until they go into your subconscious mind and become part of who you are.

The 100 Day Happiness Planner

The practices in The Happiness Planner® will help you practice good habits, adopt a positive and grateful attitude, and build introspection into your routine. By focusing on making each day a positive experience, you will not only become happier & more mindful, but also more self-aware. This step is crucial in helping you spot your patterns and set goals that will make you feel truly fulfilled.

The Happiness Planner® also helps you break your long-term professional & personal goals into short-term goals & actionable plans that you can keep track of. By taking it one day at a time, you can slowly become the master of your own mind and write your own destiny.

Mastering happiness & success – one day at a time!

On top of the typical daily pages, this planner is packed with questions and guides that help you become a happier and more positive person.

Our Happiness Planner comes with undated 100-day calendar so that you have the flexibility to start the Planner whenever you like. 100-day is a perfect length to reap a new habit, a lifestyle change, or an attitude shift.

Inside the planner:

Yearly pages

Weekly Overview/Plan & Reflection

100-Day Daily Pages

100-Day Reflection

Daily Inspirational Quotes

Daily Focus & Goal Setting

Daily Notes & To-Dos

Daily Exercise and Meal Plans

Daily Reflection, Gratitude Log, and Positive Affirmations

You can now add up to 5 initials to personalise the planner at the bottom right. Initials will be in gold or silver to match the title.


Welcome to Bloomtown, home of multi-award-winning, 100% palm oil-free and truly cruelty-free eco-luxuries for bath, body & home.

Our bath and body products are handcrafted in Cornwall and inspired by the woods, gardens, groves, and other charming nooks of our ideal green community, where every ingredient is nourishing and sustainable.

Everything we make at Bloomtown Botanicals is 100% free from palm oil, palm-derived ingredients, sulfates, SLSs, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours, detergents, wheat and animal products (except beeswax). All products are skin-safe and nourishing and formulated with premium plant oils and botanical ingredients. We proudly donate 10% of our profits to environmental and animal rescue charities, such as The Orangutan Project.

Ultimate Palm Oil Free Wrapped Gift Set

Get ’em while you can – these are limited edition and selling fast! Each bauble contains a luxury, cruelty-free Bloomtown beauty product.

Trim your tree in style with our trendy geometric bauble or set of 3 for only £25!. Multi-Award-Winning Body & Skincare, including Best FreeFrom Skincare Brand 2017. Hand-Crafted, Reusable Decorative Baubles. They arrive pre-assembled and ready to hang on your tree or give as gifts!

Makes a lovely little stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for friends and family! Or how about using them for your advent calendar?

Packaged in 100% biodegradable/recyclable & eco-friendly materials – zero waste.

For the woman who deserves a good pamper session! Our multi-award-winning products are 100% palm oil-free, vegan & cruelty-free. *Winner* – Best FreeFrom Skincare Brand 2017 All of our products are safe for pregnant women.

No machines, no pre-made bases, just natural ingredients, expertly blended and lovingly hand-crafted in our workshop in gorgeous Cornwall.

You won’t find this level of quality & craftmanship for this price anywhere else – get all of these gorgeous products, beautifully wrapped and personalised with a card. Expertly hand-crafted by us in our workshop in gorgeous Cornwall.

Christmas Wishlist offer: Check Notonthehighst for daily offers.


Three Simple Steps to Make Your Meditation Practice Work. Silatha offers a unique goal-oriented meditation app for women, linked to a physical item to help you create a new healthy habit in just three weeks.

Struggling to make your meditation a regular habit with real results for your mind and soul? Silatha has designed a unique Journey to help you do that in three simple steps:

Whether you want to focus on letting go and emotional stability, or you’d like some more clarity and realisation in your life, the Silatha Journey is an opportunity to begin living your life now, in full presence, with love and feeling fulfilled every day.

• Choose your desired intention that you wish to work on, such as love, compassion, trust, and many more
• Follow the matching 21-day meditation course on Silatha’s dedicated app to help you develop that intention
• You can combine your practice with wearing a beautiful piece of Silatha jewellery with a gemstone which supports your chosen inner virtue and serves as a daily reminder to stay focused on your intention

Experience the luxury of Silatha, a moment purely for yourself every day. Pause, breath, connect and journey to your inner source of happiness.

The healing energy of the gemstones in Silatha jewellery empower you, and can become powerful allies for your mindfulness and meditation practice, enhancing and encouraging qualities that you want to embody. Silatha’s stunning new sterling silver bracelets are adorned with simple yet powerful gemstones including amethyst, labradorite, rose quartz, black onyx and aquamarine.

Christmas Wishlist offer: Use the code Soulseed10 and get 10% the entire collection. Choose your gemstone here.

Urban Veda

Every day we go into battle with environmental factors such as excessive central heating or air conditioning, exhaust fumes, dust, dirt and stress which negatively affect the health of our skin. Our lifestyles are often mirrored in our complexion. The Urban Veda range has been formulated using natural ingredients and the principles of Ayurveda in a relevant way for 21st century skin care complaints to ‘pollution proof’ skin leaving it less vulnerable to the environment.

We believe the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda fits seamlessly into a modern 21st century lifestyle. But unlike so many things in the modern world, Ayurveda doesn’t believe just in the quick fix. Naturally formulated using Ayurvedic herbs, flowers and fruits, combined with multi-vitamins and clinically proven actives, urbanveda helps to maintain skin’s natural balance by infusing it with Omega-rich bio-oils, free radical-fighting antioxidants and vitality-boosting essential fatty acids.

The Urban Veda ranges are designed to be suited to different skin care types which in the principles of Ayurvedic medicine are associated with ‘doshas’. This is the Ayurvedic term to describe the physical and emotional tendencies in our mind and body.

UrbanVeda Purifying Complete Discovery Travel Set

Discover the secret of Urban Veda with our Purifying Complete Discovery Travel Set. The perfect way to try the Purifying range, this gift set includes a miniature Daily Purifying Facial Wash, Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish, Purifying Day Cream, Purifying Body Wash, Purifying Body Scrub and Purifying Body Lotion.

Beautifully presented in a branded gift box, these six miniatures are the perfect travel size for accompanying you on your adventures.

Christmas Wishlist offer: Sign up to the Lovelula newsletter and get 15% off your first order plus a free argan face oil worth £9.50.

Evolve Beauty

We hand make organic and natural skin, body and hair care products. Led by our founder Laura, Each product is lovingly hand-crafted in our small studio in Hertfordshire, England.

All Evolve Beauty products are vegan friendly and cruelty free and made in small batches to ensure the highest level of freshness.


A trio of Evolve Beauty’s best selling skincare products in travel sizes.

Includes the 10ml Hyaluronic Serum 200, 30ml Daily Renew Facial Cream and 30ml Radiant Glow Mask. Hyaluronic Serum 200 – Intensely hydrates the skin and smoothes out fine line and wrinkles, as well as helping to plump and firm the skin.

Daily Renew Facial Cream – A day and night cream for normal to dry skin types. Soothing and hydrating with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil.

Radiant Glow Mask – A rich mask with raw cacao powder and sweet almond oil. Exfoliates the skin and leaving it looking glowing and radiant.

Luna Design

A design for every story. That’s our tagline. Our personalised prints and gifts have a unique story telling aspect to them, celebrating the wonderful and momentous as well as the sublime and ordinary occasions in our lives.

We have a deep love of good typography and design and when you tell us your story, one of our talented graphic designers will recreate it for you into one of our personalised typography gifts or bespoke designs, manually adjusting here and tweaking there to get it looking absolutely perfect.

From our famous Personalised Destination Prints to our velvet Christmas wreath we have a design for your story

Personalised Vegan Travel Document Holder

Make a stylish statement at the airport AND be super organised with a gorgeous vegan leather personalised holder for all your travel documents.

These amazing document holders are sized to hold your foreign currency, your tickets and your boarding passes along with a few other essential travel bits and bobs like, oh a credit card or two!

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer! And if you know someone who loves to travel then this could be the perfect gift. Made from a range of colourful vegan leathers that look and feel like the animal variety.

Make it extra personal by adding a first name and a personal additional line of text. Our soft PU leather travel document holders come in a beautiful range of bright and fun colours. Please check spellings and placement of your text very carefully as we will use exactly what you put on your order form

The Veda Soul Company

The Veda Soul Company brings to you, plant-based chocolate decadence, made with love. All of our ingredients are organic, ethically sourced and combined with love and care and made without the use of refined sugar. Our packaging is created to make you feel special.

Each of our tins of oat delights and boxed bars include an inspirational quote, because we want you to give yourself space to pause, reflect and then engage in a mindful gourmet experience and enjoy the perfect treats for retreating.

POWER-Organic Brazil and Chia Seed Oat delights topped with rich 75% Dark Raw Chocolate (additional flavours available)

PEACE-Organic Lavender and Goji Berry Oat delights topped with rich 75% Dark Raw Chocolate (additional flavours available)

HARMONY-Organic 75% Dark Raw Chocolate Blocks jewelled with activated salted almonds (additional flavours available)

Christmas Wishlist offer: 11% discount off the entire range with the code VEDASOULSEED. Valid until Christmas Day.


It all began in 2010 founder when Charlie Fowler started on a quest for healthy living following the birth of her daughter, who suffered badly with eczema. Having researched the alarming long-term effects of the petrochemicals being prescribed, it became the dream to produce a simple and effective organic balm to ease the itchiness and discomfort…The Green Balm was born!

On the quest for natural and organic ingredients she was drawn towards the ancient folklore of herbalism and introduced to the humble yarrow, a favourite amongst many herbalists, partly due to its array of powerful properties. With a background in art and design Charlie creates all the hand drawn illustrations, believing that the entire packaging of a finished product is as important as what’s inside.

The MOA products combine yarrow with other herbal extracts and botanical oils to help to soothe, cleanse, moisturise, tone and energise. The therapeutic scents and feel on the skin have a nurturing effect on mind, body and spirit.

The yarrow is grown on an organic farm in Somerset, sometimes we help out with sowing the tiny seeds by hand or reaping the harvest in the summer. As a small team we like to be part of every aspect from start to finish, ensuring that each potion has been created with love.

Fortifying Bath potion

De-stress the mind and relieve aches and pains with this concentrated, revitalising, magical bath potion. An invigorating herbal blend, sure to put the spring back in your step after a long, tiring day.

With skin toning, refreshing peppermint, detoxifying fennel, calming, relaxing fir needle and sweet birch to ease achy muscles and help to soften the skin. Finally yarrow extract soothes and calms.

The Green Balm



Our original product, The Green Balm is an organic multi-purpose healing balm, and some might say, it’s a miracle!

The Green Balm combines MOA’s hero herb yarrow (Achillea millefolium), used for centuries to soothe, heal and repair, along with tea tree oil, nature’s powerful antiseptic and a nourishing base.

A favourite family product, it’s a vital part of any first-aid kit, this essential multi-tasker is ideal for taking on holiday or camping. Keep handy for any little crisis.

Christmas Wishlist offer: Use code SOUL20 at checkout to get a 20% discount across the whole range until the 31st December.


Designed for yoga, Pilates and living in, Asquith’s elegant but functional activewear will take you straight from street to studio.

Everything is ethically made in Europe using the finest quality, eco performance fabrics that don’t fade, bobble or contain nasty chemicals.

Asquith’s AW18 collection is made with the best quality and sustainable eco performance fabrics – bamboo and their trademarked fabric Bambor®. The fabric is responsibly manufactured and the collections are ethically made in a family-run European factory.

The fabrics are better for the planet but also are ideal for activewear as they wick away sweat and allow skin to breathe naturally. Bamboo feels super soft against the skin but is also hardwearing, meaning the clothes don’t fade, stretch or pill – and most importantly they last.

Long Harem Pants – Khaki

A longer version of our bestselling Harem pants. Relaxed fit, full-length pants made with the softest bamboo jersey. With deep elasticated ruched cuffs that stay in place during yoga and Pilates practice. Very flattering cut, with gathering detail and side pockets — a wardrobe essential for all body types.



Bend It Tee – Claret & Navy

Balance Bra Top – Camouflage

Move It Leggings – Navy

Jumpsuit – Black

Christmas Wishlist offer: Use code SOULSEEDTRAVEL20 at the checkout to get 20% off their current AW18 collection. Offer valid until 26.12.18 and is only redeemable against clothing. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.


At Neom, we believe wellbeing starts with the little moments – The shower drops that help you kick ass at 6am, leaving you energised and ready to go; The candle that creates a tranquil calm zone in your busy family home and the deeply relaxing bath that works hard to prepare you for a perfect night’s sleep.

Our fragrances are 100% natural with true wellbeing benefits: to help relieve stress, aid sleep, boost your energy or lift your mood.

As you inhale each essential oil blend, the scent travels to the hypothalamus. A gland in your brain responsible for releasing the hormones which control your basic instincts and emotions. At the hypothalamus, your body is most attracted to the essential oil blend that it needs – revealing whether you need to focus on sleep, stress relief, energy or happiness at that moment. Prepare to discover and track your true wellbeing needs with Neom.

Neom Scented Candle (3 Wicks) Christmas Wish

A complex blend of essential oils including mandarin, cinnamon & tonka bean. Expertly blended to surround your home with a soothing, traditional scent of Christmas.

For this festive season, treat a loved one to a moment of peace and mindfulness. Offer a gift of wellness with one of 1001 Remedies exclusive Christmas gift sets.

The Winter Cocoon 1 Purair 100 ml: £24 Purair is a divine scent room spray based on 19 essential oils with antiviral and immunity boosting properties, 100% natural origin based. 1 Magic skin 35ml: £32 Magic Skin is an Aloe Vera based anti-imperfection skin care, 98.7% from natural origin.

A topical local application will soothe your skin blemishes and skin conditions such as acne to reveal a reborn, transformed skin. 1 Good night 30ml: £29 Good Night is a 99.8% from natural origin sleep balm, based on 8 essential oils including the soothing lavender that will allow you to sleep through 1001 Nights & restore fatigue

Christmas Wishlist offer: A free 1 wick Real Luxury candle when you spend £55 on Neom at Planet Organic.

1001 Remedies

Vegan, Gluten-Free Essential Oils Home Remedies. A new generation of wellbeing remedies combining the love of wellbeing experiences and a scientific savoir-faire all made out of 100% pur and natural ingredients sourced from all over the world including sleep, skin detox remedies.

We dedicated our lives creating natural alternatives to medicine for the small daily ailments such as sleep, acne, to preserve your immunity. Given the popularity of these remedies, we decided to share them beyond our original pharmacy to create the 21st century wellbeing remedies that make you feel good, make you feel beautiful and reinforce your natural defences over time.

Christmas gift set: Winter Cocoon

For this festive season, treat a loved one to a moment of peace and mindfulness. Offer a gift of wellness with one of 1001 Remedies exclusive Christmas gift sets.

The Winter Cocoon 1 Purair 100 ml: £24 Purair is a divine scent room spray based on 19 essential oils with antiviral and immunity boosting properties, 100% natural origin based. 1 Magic skin 35ml: £32 Magic Skin is an Aloe Vera based anti-imperfection skin care, 98.7% from natural origin.

A topical local application will soothe your skin blemishes and skin conditions such as acne to reveal a reborn, transformed skin. 1 Good night 30ml: £29 Good Night is a 99.8% from natural origin sleep balm, based on 8 essential oils including the soothing lavender that will allow you to sleep through 1001 Nights & restore fatigue.

Christmas Wishlist offer: £69 instead of £85 SAVE: £16.

Sweaty Betty

Founded in 1998 by Tamara Hill-Norton, Sweaty Betty has been shaking up the activewear market for 20 years. Designed by women for women, our goal is to make you feel powerful and amazing from studio to street with the best fit and fabric. Have we got bum-sculpting leggings? You bet your ass.

Growing up living an active lifestyle, Sweaty Betty began after our founder Tamara spotted a gap in the activewear market. After moving to London, she was shocked to find that the women’s sportswear on offer was dark and uninspiring, so embarked on a mission to create beautiful clothes for women who lived similar lifestyles.

After being made redundant she teamed up with her husband Simon and Sweaty Betty was born. Named after her determination to make it cool to sweat, Sweaty Betty is a design-driven activewear brand on a mission to empower women through fitness and beyond


Reversible Mesh Yoga Leggings

Stretch to the stars and back in these out of this world reversible leggings. Choose from print or black in these high-stretch, super soft pants made for yoga, barre and Pilates. High-waisted with breathable mesh panels and an adjustable drawcord for the perfect fit.

Christmas Wishlist offer: Receive a 25% discount across the whole range with the code CHEERS at checkout.

Velvet Backpack

Back by popular demand in a new shade, this velvet backpack packs a seriously sweet punch with statement rose gold hardware.

Christmas Wishlist offer: Receive a 25% discount across the whole range with the code CHEERS at checkout.

Soft & Yoga

Our innovation: The slipper lining is integrated with micro-capsules containing natural oils which are released upon contact with your skin, leaving your feet nourished and hydrated.

Soft & Yoga slippers pamper your feet daily, leaving you feeling relaxed and snug. It’s an innovation that came from one simple realisation: we often forget to hydrate and look after our feet!

The micro-capsules in our hydration range contain apricot oil for its deep hydration and anti-ageing properties; extract of shea to protect and nourish and vitamin E to slow down skin ageing.

Our relaxation range micro-capsules contain black pepper essential oils to stimulate micro-circulation and generate warmth. They contain a mix of arnica and wintergreen extracts for their relaxing and calming properties and extract of shea butter to protect and hydrate the upper layers of the skin.

The materials and active ingredients present in Soft and Yoga slippers are 100% natural. They are subject to rigorous laboratory testing to guarantee you comfort and innovation with peace of mind.


Slide your feet into your relaxing slippers to experience a strong sensation of well being ! As well as being warm, your feet will be naturally relaxed. How ? Through the interior lining which contains micro-capsules that release an intense and entirely natural relaxing oil when they come into contact with your skin.


Slide your feet into your relaxing slippers to experience a strong sensation of well being ! As well as being warm, your feet will be naturally relaxed. How ? Through the interior lining which contains micro-capsules that release an intense and entirely natural relaxing oil when they come into contact with your skin.


Slide your feet into these moisturising travel ballerina slippers to experience a strong sensation of well being ! As well as being relaxed, your feet will be naturally moisturised . How ? Through the footbed lining which contains micro-capsules that release an intense and entirely natural moisturising oil when they come in contact with your skin.

Christmas Wishlist offer: Receive a 10% discount off the entire collection with the code SOULSEED10 at checkout.

Hurrah vegan lip balms

Hurraw! Balm launched in 2010 out of pure intent; an obsession to create the perfect balm: truly natural, vegan, made from premium raw and organic ingredients. It also had to meet some tough criteria…long lasting, not sweet, never grainy, pocket-melt-proof…and the list goes on.

To ensure the quality and integrity of our product, we make each tube in our dedicated NOP and EcoCert certified manufacturing facility. Our priority is to make Hurraw! the finest balm available… a great product to be used by everyone regardless of lifestyle.

Hurraw Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm

In July, ripe, delicious black cherries grace the east side orchards of Montana’s Flathead Lake with thier juicy presence. A deep wildcrafted alkanet infusion gives their black cherry balm a deep red sheer tint. An all natural organic black cherry flavor makes it… tart and yum!

Each batch is crafted with precision and aimed at making every balm the “same”, however please know that their plant infusion strengths will vary based on seasonal growing fluctuations & is somewhat expected when using 100% natural ingredients.


Hurraw Coconut Lip Balm

Fresh, creamy, coconuts… there is nothing better. The coconut gives us so much, as well as Hurraw’s super smooth coconut balm! The rich, raw coconut oil in this balm enriches the fabulous flavor. The all natural organic coconut flavor continues to put this balm at the top of Hurraw’s best seller list. Not too beachy, just coconut perfection.

Christmas Wishlist offer: Buy one get one half price at Planet Organic.

Functional Food Company

We believe that no one should stop enjoying the things they love. I have created this calendar for my son as I didn’t want him to miss out despite allergies.

Each day you get to experience new and exciting flavours covering the whole Nono Cocoa Collection.

Nono Cocoa – Advent Calendar – Vegan Superfood Chocolates

Christmas Wishlist offer: Use the code ‘BEWELL’ at checkout to get 30% off the Advent Calendar.


Sometimes it’s the bumps in the road that end up defining our journey. This is the story of Manduka, a company founded on the simple idea that a better yoga mat could make a world of difference.

In 1997, Peter Sterios, an architect turned yogi, discovered a simple, elegantly designed black mat whose combination of firm grip and complete support revolutionised his yoga practice. In honour of the yoga masters who inspired him, he sought to share this amazing product with others.

Peter had always been the beneficiary of great generosity from other yoga teachers. To repay that debt, he sent mats as gifts to many of the teachers he admired including Erich Schiffmann, Rod Stryker, Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Rodney Yee, and Shiva Rea. The teachers who inspired Peter were his first customers. And in the great yoga tradition, they shared their mats with their students, and a true yoga company was born.

Peter chose the name Manduka in homage to his teacher and mentor, Shandor Remete, whose core practice and teaching always included the ancient Hatha Yoga Pradipika pose, Mandukasana or frog. The first time Peter heard and repeated the name of the pose he experienced a sense of childlike joy and delight as the sound rolled off his tongue. The word and the pose were mirror images, simultaneously playful and profound. The joy of Manduka is now spoken in so many countries, all over the world.

manduka pro® yoga mat – triumph

An ultra-dense and spacious performance yoga mat that has unmatched comfort and cushioning. The PRO® will never wear out, guaranteed.

Christmas Wishlist offer: Reduced from €114 to €80

local 2.0 mat carrier – black

Think of the Journey On Local as another home for your yoga practice. One compartment is spacious enough to hold a yoga mat and gear (up to an 85″ PRO mat). The other compartment is breathable so you can toss in damp, sweaty clothes without any worries.

Christmas Wishlist offer: Reduced from €68 to €40

Holistic silk

The Western world is overwhelmed by an excess of work and no time. We are stressed. We need more than ever to be relaxed, to learn what that feels like again. Try to take time to relax or rejuvenate in a healthy way. 10 minutes with an Eye Pillow can be enough to clear a headache. Meditation is as simple as stopping yourself from thinking at all for as long as you can. Supporting overworked limbs can be prevention as well as relief. Act now – don’t suffer later!

Holistic Silk is made in moderate quantities using traditional sewing skills and techniques. We exist to give you the most innovative, beautiful, therapeutic products available. Designs are created and components selected through extensive research and knowledge of ancient and modern holistic therapies, to give you fair made products that are truly effective and aesthetically excellent.

Holistic Silk Massaging Slippers

Not ‘just a pair of pretty slippers!’ Brocade and faux leather slippers with removable magnetic insoles.

When feet are throbbing and legs aching simply slip on our ultra chic Silk Brocade Slippers. Let the tiny nodules inside massage your feet and soothe your whole body.

Lightweight and non slip, they are like a second skin which makes them perfect for home, relaxing, travel, yoga, in-flight and even in the office.

The magnets embedded into the insoles aid pain relief and circulation, making them perfect for in-flight relaxation too. We think they are total relief after a long day on your feet!

Green People

Green Regime Beauty Box

Christmas is coming and, to help fans of cruelty-free, organic beauty countdown to Christmas naturally, we’ve designed our first ever natural beauty Advent calendar for 2018.

Containing an array of pampering plant-based products, Green Regime is entirely cruelty-free and made without harsh chemicals, parabens or SLS. Proving once and for all that good things come in small packages, the limited edition beauty compendium is also approved by the vegetarian society and 100% recyclable.

Consisting of 15 products with a combined retail value of over £125, within the botanical beauty bounty you’ll find three full-size products from Green People’s natural mineral make-up range. This includes the brand’s special edition Damask Rose lipstick, lash-lengthening mascara and illuminating eyeshadow duo. Also included in the Green Regime 2018 organic beauty Advent calendar is:

Green People’s Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo – 30ml: a protein-packed, soothing shampoo for all hair types

Green People’s Fruit Scrub Exfoliator – 30ml: a gentle, natural face scrub with a light, uplifting Orange Blossom aroma

Green People’s Fruitful Nights Night Cream – 10ml: a regenerating night cream packed with skin-balancing plant extracts plus Omega-3&6

Green People’s Age Defy+ 24 Hour Brightening Moisturiser – 10ml: a nourishing anti-wrinkle moisturiser designed to target age spots, fine lines and wrinkles

Green People’s Age Defy+ Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator – 10ml: a youth-boosting exfoliator enriched with 24 beauty-enhancing actives

Green People’s Gentle Cleanse & Make-Up Remover – 10ml: a soothing cleanser & make-up remover for all skin types

Green People’s Day Solution SPF15 – 10ml: an antioxidant-rich day cream designed to prevent premature ageing

Green People’s Damask Rose Facial Oil – 5ml: a skin-firming facial oil made with a blend of Organic Damask Rose, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine

Green People’s Damask Rose Moisturiser – 5ml: a radiance-boosting moisturiser made with natural anti-ageing actives

Facial Cleansing Pad: a reusable cleansing pad made with 100% organic cotton

Organic Cotton Head Bandeau: a one-size fits all head band made from 100% Organic cotton

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Neals Yard

Established in 1981, Neal’s Yard Remedies is a modern apothecary, creating award-winning natural and organic health and beauty. From small beginnings in a quiet corner of Covent Garden, we’re now a global leader with a growing presence across five continents – but remain grounded in our belief that outer beauty and inner health should be in perfect balance.

We use the highest possible percentage of organic ingredients as they are kinder to the earth – and kinder to you. The world’s first health and beauty company to be awarded 100/100 for ethics (in an independent audit by the Ethical Company Organisation), we trade sustainably and ethically.

We believe that our mission to enhance and protect people’s health and wellbeing starts with the very first seed, long before our ingredients arrive at our eco factory. That’s why we build strong, lasting relationships with growers who use organic, sustainable and wild-harvesting practices

Neal’s Yard Remedies Rejuvenate your Beauty Frankincense Collection


For the sophisticated individual who always looks the part, this rejuvenating gift brings a touch of luxury this Christmas. Made with relaxing frankincense, this skincare collection tones and hydrates to leave skin beautifully rejuvenated.

We source sustainably, ethically and fairly. Our frankincense is harvested by hand, by families who have tended the same trees for generations and with whom we trade fairly.

Contains: Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser 50g Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner 100ml Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Oil 8ml Frankincense Hydrating Cream 50g Organic Muslin Face Cloth.

Balm Balm Pamper Yourself Gift Set

Pamper yourself with these gorgeous products: Super Light Coconut Cleanser 100ml; So gentle that it can be used even for removing eye make up yet when used with a damp muslin cloth will deep cleanse your skin.

Rose Floral Water 100ml; The beautiful fragrance of Rose is soothing & balancing & is reputed to help you to love yourself and to dispel anger.

Beauty Balm 60ml; A new beauty must-have, this soothing, multi-tasking Balm is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins, infused with a balance of precious seed oils and healing herbal extracts, for natural radiance at your fingertips.

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