Retreat of the week: Luxury Fitness & Wellness Weeks in Greece

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A Week Long Wellness and Fitness Retreat

Nefeli Nine invites you to a week long wellness and fitness retreat in the gorgeous location of Dikastika in Greece. This is the place to come if you are looking to get fit, lose weight or to simply retreat in stunning surroundings with healthy food, hiking, sea views (from your private suite), healing massages and plenty of Greek sunshine.

The focus is on improving your health and happiness, so that you can return home feeling transformed and energised, and looking great. want want to leave!

Whatever your reason to go on a retreat may be, what they promise is: plenty of fun, outdoor exercise, a lot of relaxation and many exciting adventures in breathtaking settings.

The Blue Zone

The approach of the retreat follows the principles of the Blue Zone philosophy. The Blue Zones are home to some of the healthiest people in the world who live well past 100 enjoying their lives to the full. Researchers have identified traits that lead to a lengthier and less stressful life.

The main principles of the lifestyle are all very simple, eat well – predominantly plant based food, move more, live life with a purpose and live as part of a community.


The main element of Nefeli Nine is hiking. It’s a discipline that is easy to do for people of all ages and abilities and produces excellent results, physical and mental.

Stephanie, who organises the retreat said: ”When I first moved to Greece and started exploring more, I was enchanted by its beauty, by the diversity of landscapes, the flora and fauna and by the history.

Our hikes embody all of this, we visit a working farm, an ancient archaeological site, a beautiful lake, we admire the source of some of the finest marble in Europe and we have a stunning hike along the coastline with views on the sea and the islands. We pick seasonal herbs and vegetables (such as mushrooms, wild asparagus, local greens) and give our guests a full experience including the history of the local area.”

Your retreat home

You will stay in a traditional stone villa that evokes the ideals of Greek simplicity and luxury combined.

Each suite has a beautiful sea view, and you will wake up to the amazing colours of sunrise. The property has a calming effect as you watch the fishing boats return with their catch, some of it which will end up on the menu du jour.

There is ample outdoor space for yoga and exercise sessions as well as shady areas for lunch.

The Retreat Program

The week includes a balanced fitness routine. A combination of hiking, with strengthening bodyweight exercises and yoga to provide you with the perfect equilibrium. Hiking is hard on the body and yoga is perfect complement.

Your day will start with a gentle movement session, waking up the body and mind and leaving everyone feeling ready to attack breakfast and the upcoming day.

Yoga is taught by a wonderful teacher who is very knowledgeable. Her classes are fun, lighthearted, different and challenging. She has studied with leading teachers around the world and has created a unique style of flow yoga. She is strong, and gentle and leaves all her students smiling at the end of class.

Emilio teaches bodyweight fitness and takes people through gentle morning movement work. Dedicated and passionate, he’s a coach who is a stickler for technique and will help you to grow and learn. To ease aches and pains they have a massage therapist who works wonders.

A life changing experience

Expect to be completely looked after. Every decision of the day is taken care of and you will be given a choice of activities and intensity. The goal is for you to feel less stressed, recharged, ready to face any challenge and to live for the moment.

2019 Dates, Pricing & Booking

March 31st – April 6th
April 14th – April 20th
May 5th – May 11th
May 26th – June 1st
June 16th – June 22nd

Master Bedroom – €2000 per person shared, or €2500 alone

​Bedroom with en suite – €1800 per person shared, or €2250 alone

​Bedroom with private bathroom – €1800 alone


– Six nights in a beautiful villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
– Three gourmet meals per day
– Full-morning hikes through the magical Greek countryside. Amazing sights, sounds and smells.
– Experienced guides and instructors
– Morning and afternoon fitness classes
– Two massages or spa treatments
– Airport transfers

Book now to embark on your life-changing adventure that leads to a healthier, perfected you.