Retreat of the week: Tuscany | Yoga + Dynamic Astrology Retreat in Tuscany

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Last Updated on March 13, 2019 by Editor

This May, under the Tuscan sun, join us for a unique and heavenly collaboration of yoga and astrology with Lisa Dunn and Carolyne Faulkner Founder of Dynamic Astrology and author of the beta selling book ‘The Signs’.

This all-inclusive Escape is about renewal. Each morning, we greet the day with a guided meditation and a chakra opening yoga class, designed to gently dissolve points of resistance and increase well-being. With three astrology master classes elegantly interwoven, our days together will be inspirational, revelatory and enlivening.

Carolyne is one of the world’s best-known astrologers, with a huge celebrity following. Her ground breaking ‘Dynamic Astrology’ moves away from old-style magazine horoscopes and fortune telling. Instead of vague predictions about personality and fate, it places you right at the centre of your own decision-making.

Not your typical astrologer – she is young, blonde and cool has been breaking ground with her vision of astrology for years, holding the position of ‘In-House Astrologer’ to Soho House, Carolyne is regarded as the industry maverick, regularly breaking rules and testing conventional thinking.

Learning about the ancient science that lies at the core of the practice, she will teach you how deepening your connection to astrology can create big changes in your life, and how understanding and decoding your birth chart can make so much fall into place. Expect profound transformation through these fascinating stargazing sessions.

How does the full moon affect us? What does Mercury in Retrograde mean? Does each person really have a destiny? The retreat takes place at the immaculate estate of Borgo Pignano, a lovingly restored 18th century charming hamlet nestled between the copper and green woodlands once settled by ancient Etruscans.

Surrounded by orchards, meadows, rivers and waterfalls — the ethos here, is one of sustainability. From terra to tavola, the organic farm of Borgo Pignano is a central aspect to the property. Here they harvest their own honey, grain, fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which find their way into delicate teas as well as heavenly scented lotions made by on-site master herbalist!

Full details and booking can be found here.