10 Healthy Eating Retreats to heal your body and mind

healthy eating retreats
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Here’s our recommendations on healthy eating retreats to heal your body and mind in 2021. Think nutritious and delicious meals and smoothies along with healing massages, yoga, meditation and plenty of pampering on the menu too.

MLJET ISLAND, CROATIA: 8 Day Detox, Yoga, Cooking classes, and Hiking Retreat

Dates: 18th – 25th September

This 8 Day Detox, Yoga, Cooking classes, and Hiking Retreat in Mljet Island will nourish, nurture and inspire your body, mind and spirit. It will create a platform on which you will be able to build on once when your return home, so that you can continue implementing positive changes and healthy life style in your daily life.

During this retreat you will experience the joy of yoga practice combined with meditation and breathing exercises. The healthy cooking classes are led by our macrobiotic chef whose love and knowledge of nutritional, healthy, organic food is truly exceptional. You will also join hiking trips with stunning views of the island, lakes and sea and to Odysseus’ cave.

During this retreat we will accommodate a small number of participants, in order for us to be able to serve you in the best possible way and to care of each of participants needs as well as to give everyone the personal attention that is needed during yoga classes as well as cooking classes.


SRI LANKA: Healing Ayurvedic Retreats at Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Dates: Open all year

sen wellness sri lanka

The Sen Wellness Sanctuary is a small, peaceful and modest retreat in a nature reserve set between a lagoon and the ocean in the south of Sri Lanka. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in natural beauty and relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

The Sanctuary offers Yoga and Ayurveda retreats all year round and hosts detox retreats and special Signature retreats a few times a year. The gentle rhythm of the sanctuary and the pared back approach and architecture of the place allow for a genuine retreat.

The focus at Sen Wellness Retreat is on rest and connection with nature and oneself. The eclectic and fascinating selection of books available are perfect to fill your time between yoga, treatments and walks on the beach.

You’ll be encouraged to put away your devices as much as possible and allow for a digital detox too. With our retreat sanctuary in the mangrove forest by the beach, we invite our guests to reconnect with nature and feel the vital energy of Sri Lanka. Our retreats allow you to relax, rebalance and rejuvenate in a peaceful, healing environment in our natural sanctuary.


IBIZA, SPAIN: Walk in Beauty Retreat, Ibiza

Dates: 30th June – 4th July

There is a moment in every single class, here in the hills in Ibiza, where the beauty is just absolutely all consuming. There is a moment that is so divine and the feeling is so, so connected and that is where the bliss is, that is where the beauty is and that is where we will arrive at over and over again on this 5 day immersion.

In shamanic terms, the concept of Walking In Beauty, is all about returning to Harmony and remembering that this is the place where our souls feel full of love, full of beauty and fully connected to all that is.

To get to that place, we will allow the fears to arise, to be felt and to move through us and through this release we will arrive closer to peace, to stillness and to the softness that our souls truly love.

To get to this, we must soften, we must relax, we must trust and allow the flood of hormones in the system, to wash through us, allowing us to sink into to states of calm and peace, this is how we have the realisation that we are one with everything, and everything is beautiful.

We will be out in beauty as much as possible, bathing in the natural beauty here and coming into deeper connection with all the elements.

We will have two Shamanic Kundalini Yoga classes per day and a Workshop where we delve deeper into the souls purpose and uncover more of our unique natures and explore fully what this Walk in Beauty way really means for each one of us.


TUSCANY, ITALY: “The Great Heart” Meditation and Self-Healing Experience in Tuscany

Dates: 25th September – 1st October

This exclusive Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Tuscany is a perfect environment to tap into your heart energy, nurture your soul and find peace with all that is. Surrounded by the wild nature and its healing properties your whole being will revive. You will gain a great sense of clarity and connectedness with yourself on a spiritual level.

This is your invitation to step into a renewed sense of living from the place of unconditional love. This all-inclusive “The Great Heart” program is a transformative and personalised meditation experience for your emotional wellness. We will be working with the energy of the heart centre to develop a feeling of openness and nourishment.

We provide a safe environment for you to go onto the journey of self-rediscovery, gain perspectives and restore inner wellbeing. This experience can support you in healing from past stories and change your vibration. As you change your frequency, you change your reality.

Join us and find out for yourself what unconditional love is and how it feels to live with your heart wide open. In your free time, you can stroll around picturesque Tuscan hills, enjoy horse riding or cycling, or simply breathe in the lavender scent while reading your favourite novel.

With incredible passion, devotion and love our partners cultivate their organic garden which lately manifests on the dining table. Featuring mama’s best creations we are lucky to taste true Tuscan flavours along with enjoying magnificent nature around the mansion.

One day you will be guided by the owner of the mansion to the organic farm for meditative vegetable picking, allowing you to get closer to Mother Nature and learn about permaculture in Monteriggioni.


NORFOLK, UK: Summer Weekend Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Norfolk

Dates: 11th – 14th June

Join us this June for a long weekend of wellness and yoga in Norfolk at our stunning eco-retreat centre. Relax in the grounds, enjoy the swimming lake, the Japanese Garden and star gazing.

After the long winter lockdown, it’s time to get out of our comfort zones, shake off the last year and find connection again on our summer yoga retreat Norfolk.

June is the perfect time to enjoy our yoga retreat in Norfolk. The sun and warmth of spring have arrived and has given the grounds of this stunning venue time to flourish so that it radiates colours of lush green, sparkling blue from the lake, reds, oranges and purples of the wild flowers throughout.

We love it here and have been running our yoga retreats here for 11 years! As an eco-retreat centre, everything has been built with sustainability at the heart of everything they do. There is a swimming lake where you can row boats, a newly developed meandering garden with paths, a Japanese garden and fire pits to stargaze in the evenings. Find a connection to nature in the expansive grounds and find connection with new people, and reconnect to you, to release tensions and stresses of the past year.

We will be running covid secure retreats, with reduced numbers and lots of space, as we did summer 2020 – so you will feel like you can relax and enjoy your experience with us.


MYKONOS, GREECE: Koukoumi Vegan Hotel Yoga & Fitness Packages

Dates: Open all year

Welcome to Koukoumi 4* hotel, the 1st and only vegan hotel in Greece. Koukoumi in Myconian dialect means sheltered from the wind a cozy place for snuggling.

Situated in the heart of the island, in the traditional village of Ano Mera, Koukoumi was created to be a peaceful sanctuary for the sophisticated traveler. In this setting we tried to bring a breath of fresh air in hospitality, to show a more intimate side of the island and promote a new life philosophy.

We can enjoy life without harming animals, the environment or ourselves. A vegan will feel at home here and every one can try out an alternative and peaceful way of being, satisfying at the same time all their senses.

Respecting the principles of Authenticity, Simplicity and Balance we offer an impeccable standard of service, while allowing the guest to lie back, relax and enjoy a healthy and harmonious accommodation. Minimum stay of 3 days!

Our exclusively Vegan Restaurant with our delicious recipes will challenge you to reconsider everything you believed about food before! Premium Quality Ingredients with minimal or no processing. Fresh Vegetables ordered from trusted suppliers.

Only plant based food is handled in the kitchen area. Gluten free options offered. Tailor made nutritional programs in collaboration with the personal trainer: Detox, Hi-Protein, Keto, Antioxidant options.


FRENCH ALPS: Way Of The Goddess Retreat with Gourmet Vegan Food

Dates: 3rd – 7th July

yobaba lounge

We will swim in wild waters, soothe our skin with healing unguents, make gorgeous plant-based meals together and learn the fine art of beditation.

A goddess realises that love, strength and connection cannot be felt from someone else, but must rise from within. And to that end, we will learn essential tools of self-care, we will practice joy and become mindful of when we judge ourselves or others. We will learn how to cleanse the shackles of history from our very DNA.


  • Breathing, mindfulness and visualisation techniques to apply to any yoga practice that will ease your soul back into the practice. This includes
  • Using the concept of the “ Edge” to turn your yoga practice into a life practice
  • Practices to develop your intuition
  • Practices of self-acceptance
  • Investigating the link between judgement, discernment, acceptance and forgiveness
  • Philosophies on the nature of reality, and where science and mystical wisdom traditions meet
  • Going beyond the paradigm of masculine and feminine to investigate your experience
  • Self-care and the fine art of beditation
  • Making natural beauty products to help you detoxify
  • For those who are interested, weaning yourself of detergent heavy soaps, shampoos and conditioners
  • For those who are interested in joining the cooking workshops, we will be covering nut based dairy, raw desserts free from processed sugar, wheat or eggs, and simple but beautiful main meals

The vegan food is at the heart of the retreat. It is beautiful, satisfying and incredibly tasty. Without sugar, dairy, gluten or meats, this diet is easy on the digestion, and assists the cleansing process.  We play and paint with it, we discuss and photograph it. We take pleasure in it, fully, to our hearts’ delight.


PAKLENI ISLANDS, CROATIA: 7 Day Yoga, massages & boat trips

Dates: 3rd – 9th July

Can you imagine spending 7 days in a lost paradise island relaxing in an eco-friendly villa with a daily yoga practice, meditation, island hopping, and eating homemade food made by two passionate islanders moms — aka Two Aprons? Green paradise on Pakleni islands is waiting for you. Keep reading!

The retreat is a full immersion into the calmness and wildness of an eco-friendly villa located on the Pakleni Islands — an archipelago of Hvar island.

You will have the luxury of waking up with the background melodies of crickets and waves and enjoying picking home-grown veggies from the garden.

The program’s core parts are daily yoga practices and meditations — nevertheless relaxing massages, boat trips, and long swims at the exotic Adriatic coast.

Vinyasa Yoga is our daily routine but this retreat as well includes — daily Pranayama and meditation sessions, massages, dinner with a local family, a boat trip around Pakleni islands, discovering Hvar island and walking meditations.


PARIS, FRANCE: HOY Yoga & Vegan Hotel Paris

Dates: Open all year

We have created a hotel that has been built with consciousness at its core, taking care of today for a better tomorrow. HOY is intended to be a meeting place, evolving around health and well being of the body, mind and soul in the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, where an international team is waiting to help you make today happen.

HOY means the House of Yoga – we adopt yoga as one of our main pillars. Being not only a practice, yoga represents the amusement of living the present moment, and that moment is today and now. Gathering different disciplines to find a moment with your inner self, to start listening to your body and arouse curiosity. The spirit we are aspiring to embrace.

In each of our 22 rooms you’ll find natural air purifiers, dance bars for easy stretching and a yoga set for personal practice. Besides this, one room was designed to be our wellness room, dedicated to energy and osteopathic care intending to take care of our guests.

HOY chose the Yoga YUJ studio, known in Paris to be the first dark Yoga Studio with infrared lights. The sessions are open to our hotel guests, external guests and local residents.

Natural food that feeds our heart, as well as our body, is central to HOY table’s DNA. HOY cuisine uses fresh, whole, best-quality, health-supportive ingredients and healthful cooking techniques with an eye on local, seasonal, sustainably grown real food.

Plant-based is not only embodying the earth to table approach but also extracting nutrients from food to improve & enhance mood, elevate skin appearance, boost energy, improve brain chemistry, help prevent dis-ease in a more holistic way.

Our restaurant MESA de HOY is composed by our desire to bring festive food back to the centre of our pleasurable hotel as a cultural celebration of Art de Vivre, appreciating every day, starting with that first cup of coffee.

Our menu has been developed by Lauren Lovatt and Carolina Rodriguez, Plant based chefs and creators of the Plant Academy London.

Set up by Lauren to inspire passion through plants internationally through workshops, events and consultancy. Lauren is also the woman behind Feed Your Mind Candy, bringing dreams to life through food. With a keen eye for plating and a passion for the most seasonal ingredients giving balance in the most exciting way, focus in local and seasonal produce with sprinkles of adaptogenic herbs and tonics


UBUD, BALI: 7-Day Luxury “Divine Body” Transformational Yoga & Meditation Experience

Dates: 14th – 20th November

Embark on a journey of inner-exploration where you will learn more about spirituality and methods of self-healing. With daily meditations, mindfulness and breathing techniques, you will reduce mental tension, emotional blockages and simply melt down the tension. If you are searching for a safe environment for self-discovery, this experience would be a perfect match.

A carefully planned holistic diet will take you on a gentle detox while nourishing your body on a deep cellular level. Plant-based nutrition will give you an energy boost and amazing sensations of tranquillity and peace. Holistic food has never been so tasty before.

Our yoga and meditation program is aimed to give you a shoulder of support, to show how you can take much better care of your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. You will learn easy techniques that will radically shift your vibrations to the higher frequencies.

This all-inclusive “Divine Body” wellness program is carefully designed to assist you in reaching a spiritual state of bliss, balancing your energy and healing relationships with your body.


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