Retreat of the week: 8 Day Yoga and Hiking Trip in Jordan

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Last Updated on July 14, 2019 by Editor

Expand and deepen your awareness in an ancient land: An eight day retreat in Jordan from the 27th of November – 4th of December where you will enjoy hiking, horse sessions, meditation and yoga with magnificent views in the world heritage sites Petra and Wadi Rum.

The vastness, beauty and stillness of the desert allow for a courageous and gentle unfolding of your heart’s truth. Yogini, artist and horse soul coach Sandra Jelly invites you to connect with the stillness and beauty of the desert, the sacred wisdom of the elements, and the expanded energy of yoga and meditation. Expanding your awareness and integrating more of your self is gently supported by interacting with horses.

They reflect our state of being in the moment and allow us to transform limiting beliefs in order to become fully present. Your hiking guide, Brenda van den Brink, has been living and roaming around like a nomad in the deserts of Jordan for the past ten years and will take you to live in their footsteps temporarily: gathering wood for the fire, discovering stones and herbs.

Be moved by the wild, harsh and lovely desert, listen to the sounds of the universe and explore within during guided meditations. When you leave, the desert will remain in your heart as a treasure to unfold again and again.

The amazing rock-cut city of the ancient Nabateans, Petra, is inspiring to behold. You will have a day to explore this fantastic UNESCO World Heritage site: visit The Royal Tombs and make the climb to the viewpoint to look down onto the Treasury as the sun hits it. Experience the treasures Jordan has to offer to your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Full details can be found here.