Retreat of the week: Yoga and Italian Cooking Retreat, 7th – 13th September

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This specially curated yoga and Italian cooking retreat balances the many benefits of yoga and meditation with the joy of Italian wine, food, and culture in the stunning historic setting of Venice and the breathtaking Dolomites. Expect all the senses to be ignited!

South Tyrol in the Dolomites is home to Italy’s German-speaking communities, an area renowned for mountains and lake scenery where Mediterranean charm and Teutonic cheer meet to create an entirely unique culture. This is the South Tyrol, formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and one of the five regions in Italy granted home rule.

In this world of sparkling rivers and green mountains, rustic wooden farmhouses and onion-domed bell towers dotting the mountains, pasta and dumplings happily share the same table, the cellars are full with beer and wine, and yodeling is as popular as opera.

yoga and Italian booking retreat

Here amid the majesty of the mountains and clean air, enjoy a magical culinary exploration of local artisanal products, cookery lessons, and yoga tuition staying in a former 12th-century refuge, 4430 feet above sea level on the Nonsberg plateau.

yoga and Italian cooking retreat

Relax, recharge, enjoy the mountain and lake trails and savour those unforgettable night skies, before you head to Italy’s most magical city, Venice staying in the heart of the city close to St. Mark’s Square.

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