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Welcome to our new quarterly Where to Go in Europe Wellbeing Guide. In our first addition we share our list of retreats across Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, taking place in September, October & November.


4 Night Long Weekend Yoga & Fitness Retreat in Ibiza, 13th – 17th October

yoga and fitness retreat Ibiza

A 4 night long weekend yoga and fitness retreat in Ibiza. Filled with yoga, mindfulness, fitness sessions, great vegetarian food, healing massage, energising hike and even a afternoon / night out in one of Ibizan beach clubs (optional) to complete full Ibizan yin/yang circle!

Join us for this true re-set Ibizan style – daily 2.5 hour yoga and mindfulness practice, two one hour fitness sessions by personal trainer to get your heart rate up, healing one hour massage treatment for your body, mind balancing journaling and intension setting, session in our authentic wood-burning sauna, deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra and if you feel like it, let your hair down with music and bit of dance one afternoon / evening in a well-known Ibizan beach club.

We stay in authentic Ibizan country house with lovely green gardens and large swimming pool, sauna and plenty of chill-out areas. We do our practices on a serene yoga platform that is surrounded by ancient trees, eat clean, locally grown vegetarian food and enjoy great company!

Leave totally rejuvenated and find your inner fire and that sparkle again. All meals and full program is included. All you need to bring is a positive spirit and curious mind. Come and join us!

The Notorious Yogabeats Retreat with David Sye, Fuerteventura 2nd – 9th November

David Sye brings his own special brand of yoga, healing and wisdom to this life changing retreat week. Join us in stunning Fuerteventura for a profoundly fun, healing, rejuvenating retreat.

David’s Yogabeats slips you intentionally but subtly into the magical mystical side of yoga, opening up the mind and body, leaving you with a euphoric joy in your heart, and a deep smile within.

His method is not just a collection of stretches, but a magical doorway beyond personal boundaries and inhibitions. Practice powerful meditations, guided breath work and joyful yoga practice full of music, laughter and lightness.

David is not only a well known and loved yoga elder, who has studied with many gurus and even met with the Dalai Lama, but he is also one of the most authentic yogis in the world. An open, friendly and caring soul who will bring amazing vibrant energy to the mat and inspire the very best from your practice, whatever your level of experience.

This week will be real yoga, meaningful, yet playful and fun, guided and supported into the New Year, by the UK’s finest and most authentic teacher.

Alongside a daily yoga & meditation program, we will have a menu of delicious healthful meals that will leave you feeling balanced and invigorated, alive and refreshed.

Adventure Yoga Retreats in Spain, 5th – 12th October

Our handcrafted Adventure Yoga Retreats combines daily vinyasa flow and restorative yoga classes with super exciting activities in beautiful setting of Andalusian Natural Parks.

From canyoning in the stunning Green Gorge, kayaking in a local lake, cycling the Green Road, hiking in Grazalema National Park, Via Ferrata in Ronda and visit to historic Ronda town, relaxing and detoxifying in Suryalila’s own salt water swimming pool and sauna, to learning how to dance flamenco and enjoying delicious organic meals every day, you will love it all.

The goal of this retreat is to help you deepen your yoga practice in a beautiful retreat environment while exploring the Spanish countryside through outdoor activities here in the breathtaking nature of Andalusia. Classes will be focused on alignment, moving with integrity, powerful breathing and meditation practices. The morning sessions will be vigorous and uplifting and the afternoon classes rejuvenating and relaxing, with a strong focus on breathing. This yoga holiday is ideal for active people and nature lovers.

There could not be a better way to experience all that Andalusia’s magnificent nature and culture have to offer! Suryalila exudes a sense of vastness the minute you arrive: rolling hills, sunflower fields and lakes – the perfect backdrop to deepen your yoga practice.

Opening into awareness retreat in La Palma 19th – 26th October

We have a well-prepared program, ready to move us into a state of clarity and presence. With Yoga, Qi Gong, Satsang, Massage, conscious relating, group workshops, dance, live music, Organic vegetarian food.

Many human problems have their source, simply in the fact, that man is “too much” on the head and “to less” on the heart. For that, we’ll do a lot with the body.

And next to the body sessions, when you feel your body more, you notice, that you are automatically much more in the moment. To live in the moment is for many of us a feeling of unimaginable great joy. This joy needs no reason, it is not coming from outside pleasure, it is your deepest core, your inner nature. From that state we are doing Satsang, means we allow the moment to unfold the way it wants.

Might be through answering questions you have, or we are looking together into conditioned, unaware thinking pattern and searching together whether they are true or not. And what influence they have in our life if believed. Or there might be an outbreak of depressed emotions etc. This opening into awareness retreat gives you to the possibility to come to know, who you are beside your name, your profession, your possessives..who you are behind your

Pure Yoga Retreat in Fuerteventura, 2nd – 9th November

This Pure Yoga Retreat is all about a solid practice. Daily asana practices complemented with workshops where we’ll deepen our knowledge about yoga philosophy, yoga sutras, meditation, breathing and different types of asana practices. We’ll explore the world of meditation and the motive behind each asana category, mudra and breath.

We’ll take you beyond asana integrating all elements of yoga into the practice. Intensive, uplifting morning/sun practices to kick off the day, restorative evening/moon practices and meditations for mental clarity and concentration.

Connect to your inner self, recharge your batteries with fresh, local and organic meals and energising power drinks & snacks. For the complete experience of wellbeing we also add a massage and/ or spa treatment and some fun trips to the list.

Of course you will also have free time, where you can enjoy Fuerteventura’s landscape and its soothing energy. All of this whilst being amongst other practitioners to share your experience with and to make fellow yogi friends for life.


7 Day Yoga and Hiking Holiday in Isère, France 8 – 14 September, 15 – 22 September, 29 September – 5 October

Join us for an unforgettable yoga and hiking holiday, dedicated to improving your sense of self and wellbeing, located in the beauty of nature and surrounded by mountains.

Lauvitel Lodge is the location for this magical retreat, resting in the picturesque hamlet of La Danchère, Venosc, France, which sits at the doorway to the splendours of the Ecrins National Park, in easy reach of Bourg d’Oisans, Alpe d’Huez and Les Deux Alpe.

You will Lauvitel Lodge an idyllic place to be, with a wealth of wellbeing activities for you to enjoy. Your haven in the mountains, well known for their warm welcome and amazing food. Caroline and her team will make you feel immediately at ease, with the freedom to enjoy all that is offered at Lauvitel Lodge in your own way and the knowledge that you will be well looked after.

Yoga, Mindfulness and Embodied Meditation Retreat, French Pyrenees 11th – 15th October

A 5 day Yoga, Mindfulness and Embodied Mediation Retreat in a French Chateau to re-establish a rich, soulful connection to your yoga and meditation practice. Located in a picturesque medieval village in the southern French Pyrenees, the house feels like a temple, the rooms are large and stylish.

This retreat is intended for all those in need of rejuvenation, rest and relaxation, and those who are seeking a more mystical connection to their existing yoga and meditation practice.

Retreat facilitator Gertrud shares her practice of Embodied Meditation, which is the yoga of breath, mindfulness and movement. Without excessive effort, the practice strengthens your core, legs and hips, tones your parasympathetic nervous system and sets alight your inner space.

The gourmet vegan food has been described as sensational, outrageous, alchemical, the best ever, and more. It is often raw, always free from dairy, meats, gluten, and sugar.

There will be periods of free time each day, which gives you opportunity to just relax in the walled garden, pamper yourself or explore wild swimming in nearby lakes and rivers. You will be held within a clear daily structure. You are welcome to add additional nights to the end of your stay.


Luxury Fashion and Yoga Retreat in Milan, 5th – 10th October

Join us for an all-inclusive fashion and yoga retreat in Milan, as we explore the runways and alleyways of this clandestine city. Known for its sunglasses, stilettos and of course aperitivo, Milan is a city behind closed doors.

Have you ever dreamed of following in the footsteps of Venus, traipsing nonchalantly over cobblestone streets and practicing the effortless stylish art of sprezzatura, while sipping a creamy cappuccino and sharing secrets with friends? And all of this just after your Yoga class?

Here we find a labyrinth of secret passageways, verdant courtyards, and a network of lacy rooftop catwalks that form a filigree of vaulting views. The ‘Hidden Milan’ is a timeless goddess, suspended between the old and the new; a true fashion and design metropolis — where intentional beauty and extravagance sit alongside the sleek and the subtle.

On this Escape, our focus is on personal expression! Our aim is to awaken curiosities as we pull back the curtain on the storied neighborhoods that make this city unique. With our personal shopper on hand, we scope out the future of fashion in the Tortona district, experiment with street style in Ticinese, find our bohemian spirit in the boutiques of Brera, and meet our most glamorous selves in the legendary Fashion District — the Quadrilatero.

Prepare to be enchanted by vintage emporiums and concept stores like 10 Corso Como that fashionistas adore. Each step of the way, we reflect on the essence of Italian fashion, incorporating those elements that are both timeless as well as transitional to help build the perfect capsule collection for Autumn/Winter.

We devote one afternoon to a stroll through the mythical gardens of Parco Sempione where we meet with fabled mermaids, and age-old sycamore trees. During this walking-workshop we explore the significance of your astrological chart, how your personal style is expressed through your ascendant and the wardrobe essentials for the season.

Of course no shopping meditation would be complete without a visit to the private world of the Atelier. Here we perceive the genuine meaning of ‘Made in Italy’ — starting from the sketches, through the raw materials and fabrics selected, to the pattern making and finally the garment production. You will admire archive items, learn how fashion has changed over the years and how sartorial creations remain true pieces of art despite the passing of time.

The rest of our days are an inspiring mélange of personal styling, elegant luxury, and street side charm. From sophisticated art nouveau decor at Poldi Pezzoli to the Renaissance Fashion Museum at Palazzo Morando to the underground treasures of the abandoned public baths at Albergo Diurno Venezia, we explore the connection between various beauty narratives and the meaning they hold for us.

Luxury Yoga and Spa Retreat in Chianti, Italy 16th – 21st October

luxury yoga retreat in Chianti

Join us in the heart of Italian wine region of Chianti for a fall getaway, themed in ‘self-care’, on this luxury yoga and spa retreat you will enjoy a 5* accommodation, spa treatments, one of the best food seasons in Italy, as well as daily yoga and soul-coaching workshops.

Our luxury yoga and spa retreat offer a series of mindful workshops that will guide you in the exploration of creative self-expression in your life. We will have meaningful discussions and fun activities intended to help you tap into your own inner wisdom and heartfelt desires.

And between the beauty and serenity of Tuscany alongside the vineyards and olive trees, the atmosphere will surely ignite your being with an energy perfect for the creative process.

Guests will not only enjoy the hotel and encompassing estate, but also the richness of the Italian cities in nearby regions. Day trips will allow students to add arts, culture, adventure, and natural beauty to their retreat experience.

We will visit the nearby cities of Florence and Siena as well as the “city of towers”, San Gimignano and various Chianti wine region villages for tastings.


Xyloporta Yoga Retreat in Zakynthos, 7th – 14th September

yoga retreat in Patmos

This gorgeous wellness retreat consists of twice daily 90 minute Iyengar yoga classes led by Robert Ashman – an experienced Iyengar yoga teacher of 15 years).

The morning classes are energising and inspiring whilst the evening classes are restorative and relaxing. After breakfast, we offer activities such as paddleboarding, hiking, e-biking or you can just relax by the pool, in hammocks, in our swing seat overlooking the olive groves or on your own terrace. There are various tavernas for lunch down by the sea or up in the hills (we will help with transport to and from.)

Your retreat home for the week, Xyloporta is a collection of olive-pickers cottages, recently renovated to a high standard overseen by award-winning architects, Long & Kentish. Each guest can be as much a part of the group or absent themselves for some quiet downtime.

We feel that our retreat is unique in its combination of wellness activities; all guaranteed to produce relaxation in conjunction with strengthening and empowerment.

We try not to be prescriptive – we do have a schedule but nothing is compulsory! It is your week for you to take from it what you want. We are a great team and we derive enormous pleasure from making our guests happy!

Euphoria Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat, Greece 3rd – 10th November

This retreat offers you an immersive experience of our core philosophy for joyful transformation, the concept on which Euphoria Retreat was founded. You will experience the 5 Elements system as a theory for understanding our life path – both through dialogue and experiential practices. You will also enjoy beautiful therapies, all of which will deepen your connection to your authentic self.

The Euphoria Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat is very special, devised by the Euphoria Retreat founder, Marina Efraimoglou, as a journey of emotional, physical and spiritual renewal. Your experience, in group sessions of dialogue and embodied practice, as well as with exquisite solo treatments, conceived to open you at a soul level, is is built around her heartfelt belief in the 5 Elements. This is an ancient Chinese code or understanding the natural world and how we, as humans, relate to it in terms of our physical health and psychological behaviours.

Your mornings are devoted to discovering the characteristics of each element – water, wood, fire, earth and metal /ether – and how you, as an individual, are affected by their characteristics, emotionally and spiritually. During the afternoon, you will enjoy therapies to balance these characteristics in you so you can overcome emotional blockages and work on physical issues with the aim of achieving your own higher potential –with joy and understanding.

You will be guided through experiential practices, therapies and dialogues to better understand how energy flows through the 5 Elements in the universe and how your personal energy is affected by this universal energy. This will help you restore a more harmonious flow in your emotional and physical wellbeing.

This is an unforgettable holiday: 7 days that blend ancient wisdom, contemporary approaches, natural healing practices, professional excellence, personal passion and beautiful nature.

Light + Shine Yoga Retreat in Patmos, 23rd – 29th September

yoga retreat in Patmos

Imagine doing yoga in paradise. Immersing and unplugging in nature, practicing yoga daily, soaking up the sunshine, swimming in the aegean sea, making lifelong friendships, enjoying heavenly food, and living an adventure.

I think a lot of us fantasise about getting away from it all and getting in tune with the pure nature bliss and its sounds. Join us, and share the way we live.

Come and hear the sound of our silence, breathe fresh air and enjoy the breathtaking views from your window. Living in an eco house will be a new highlight for your body and soul and be prepared….. your soul will love it.

Your dreams will be vivid and you will sleep like a baby and feel rejuvenated and give yourself the chance to forget the stress of everyday life. A time to reflect.

We will spend much of our time together in community enjoying early meditations, morning and evening asana practice, partner yoga, dharma silent walks, and various creative workshops. Aside from our daily yoga schedule we will step outside our comfort zones, and experience the beauty of Patmos during the days.


Algarve Raw Food Detox & Fitness Bootcamp, 22 – 29 September / 29 September – 6 October

Join a well-known raw food chef on this raw food detox and fitness retreat in Portugal. This is an incredible beach-side experience that will quite literally take your breath away. Set in the beachy hills of Portugal’s gorgeous Vale do Lobo with its green and lush landscapes.

With an experienced team of experts and therapists, you will be guided through a full raw food detox. This is the perfect chance for you to relax into nature, unplug from the world, restore and reset.

Feeling fit and bendy is no entry qualification here. In fact we encourage those with a range of fitness levels. Haven’t seen your toes in years? Welcome. Preparing for your next marathon? No problem. We encourage inclusivity and our training style means that we all finish the program together.

Run on the beach. Rest by the pool. Dine in style. Discover clean eating and learn how to prepare some of the finest raw foods dishes available.

We embrace those from all walks of life and welcome everyone, as we are passionate about the spirit of inclusivity. Picture yourself training with the best and returning home full of raw vitality, glowing, lighter, brighter and fitter than you have felt and looked in years.

Picture yourself exploring raw foods while staying in a wonderful villa in the sunshine of Portugal, safe in the knowledge that your fitness is in the hands of experts as they challenge you to move towards your own personal goals.

Open Mind Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat, Portugal 28th September – 5th October

A mindfulness based yoga retreat integrating heart and compassion practices, neuroscience, deep ancient Buddhism (Theravada and Tibethan), yoga (Hatha-Iyengar, Nidra, Yin) and therapeutic massages (Thai Aryuvedic – Reiki), nature and a splendid environment!

You may know the feeling of your mind being open, fully present, and full of possibilities while letting life flow through you…those moments of fun, succeeding in something, or being on vacation.

But what about the other moments? The ones in which life doesn’t go as planned or in which you get caught up in an automatic doing mode, thoughts, or feelings? How do you tune in on a space of openness and clarity, watching the waves of life, without being thrown in the sea? This is what the Open Mind Retreat is all about.

Opening to an observational space that doesn’t try to change stories, opinions, judgments, and feelings, but simply – and more profoundly – cuts through it.

Expanding the possibilities of the mind, and learning to observe the process of thinking, without drawing in the content of thoughts, and the self-imposed limitations. Discovering the potential of moods and feelings, letting them flow gracefully and compassionately, to learn from them, without letting them define reality or actions.

This retreat is not just a vacation. It’s also not a yoga vacation in which you will have two hours of yoga and some occasional meditation, it’s a journey within yourself with meditations, different practices, context theory, sharings and reflections. This allows you to get in touch with an open awareness for all layers: brain, mind, body, and heart.

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