10 Spring Retreats perfect for the Solo traveller

retreat for women Ibiza
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A retreat is the perfect getaway for the solo traveller, perhaps you’re bored of your annual re-tox holiday and you’re in need of a healthy holiday, a lifestyle detox or you want to deepen your yoga or meditation practice.

Most people on retreats come alone, it’s a great way to meet other people in a different environment, you can even choose to share a room or if you prefer something more private choose the single room option.

We’ve chosen these 10 recommended retreats for those of you thinking about where to go on holiday to this year, who fancy practising yoga in the sun or on a beach and feel like a breath of fresh air (literally) with plenty of relaxation, unwinding and rejuvenation. We’re sure you’ll find something here for you!

1. 8 Days Refreshing Yoga and Pilates Holiday in Dalyan, Turkey

Come and join us for an exclusive Yoga and Pilates retreat in Dalyan, Turkey. Dalyan is an ideal destination for escaping from the stress of daily life. With the resorts natural surroundings, this retreat is the perfect place to re-energise yourself.

Discover the healing benefits of relaxation, meditation, and chanting in the tranquil part of Turkey. With the resorts natural surroundings, this retreat is the perfect place to reenergise yourself.

The town of Dalyan is located on the Turquoise coast in southern Turkey. Dalyan is well known thanks to its proximity to the famous Iztuzu Beach where the endangered Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta Caretta) lay their eggs, the beach and surrounding area is protected. The beach can be reached by minibus or by a relaxing boat ride on the Dalyan Canal.

Also with mud baths, thermal springs, a historic mosque, and scenic walks, Dalyan has it all for the perfect relaxing holiday. Nearby, you can also find Tlos, an ancient Roman site with Lycian rock caves, Saklikent Gorge, a natural marvel to walk through, and the beautiful bays of Aşı and Ekincik bay which are perfect for snorkelling.

Sedir Resort is a charming and truly extraordinary hotel, bungalow, and suites which are located in the coolest part of Dalyan. The resort is set in a peaceful location surrounded by lush green fields and a liquid amber forest. This is a perfect place for nature lovers who visit Dalyan. All hotel rooms, bungalows, and suites have a panoramic view of the surrounding hills, forest, mountains, and swimming pool. In 2020 we open on the 4th of May.

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2. True Feminine Yoga Retreat in Ibiza, 11th – 18th April

This True Feminine Yoga Retreat is about stepping into the soft power of the Feminine. Do you also feel the time has come to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine and set free the radiant, wise and powerful women that you are? Do you feel called to the awakening of the Feminine and live your life to its fullest potential?

We warmly invite you for an empowering week of discovering who you truly are beyond all conditioning and limiting beliefs you have about yourself and help you remember your authentic natural beauty, the ever present glow that rises from within.

Embark on a loving journey of self-discovery, yoga, meditation, woman circles, embodiment practices and sacred ceremonies on the magical island Ibiza.

For centuries people feel drawn to this island in the mediterranean sea because of her special energy. It is said that it’s the magnetic feminine energy that makes you never want to leave from this paradise. Ibiza is beautiful, sensual, wild and free. Just like you when you are truly connected to your sacred femininity!

The island invites you to really be yourself and follow your beautiful Heart. Now the magical energy of Ibiza is knocking on the door of your Heart, are you ready to let her in? If you are, expect a transformative journey that will change your life! Move out of your limiting mind and dive deep into the body, into feeling and dissolve into the bliss of simple Being.

We stay in the campo of the quiet north of Ibiza surrounded by fields and forest. The old finca is a very rustic and basic place that invites you to reconnect to the elements of nature. An intimate group of women will gather here from all over the world to shamelessly enjoy together and invite pleasure and playfulness back into our life.

Empowered by Goddess Tanit’s energy, who is also known as a guardian of womankind you will for sure feel safe and at ease here. Tanit is the Goddess of the Feminine, Love, Sexuality and Fertility and has her ancient cave of worship and wisdom here on the island!

Daily yoga sessions, morning dance meditations, sacred ceremonies, women circles, nature walks, visiting Tanit’s Cave, sisterhood practices, nourishing healthy meals and lots of love and laughter; all ingredients are here to make you glow inside and out.

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3. Sailing Yoga Holiday Croatia – Split – Dubrovnik

sailing yoga holiday croatia

We combine a retreat and sailing yoga holiday in Croatia, on a beautiful Split to Dubrovnik (and vice versa) itinerary. The itinerary is like ‘a tasting plate of Croatia’ including some of the best destinations when you sail Croatia, including Hvar, the magical Pakleni Islands, the National Park in Mljet, the fortified town of Korčula and the magical island of Vis and its hidden gem; Stivina Bay.

Our Croatian retreat + sailing yoga holiday itinerary is like no other. You will have yoga classes in the morning (depending on the day), daily swim stops and evening meditation before heading out to explore a new town/port every day.

Yoga classes are an hour long in some of the most breath-taking settings you’ve ever taken a class. There is still time to explore world famous islands, such as Vis, Korčula and Hvar where you can wander the streets, explore the old castle and enjoy sunset cocktails.

As you sail Croatia, you have the freedom to relax as you please with a book, sunbathing, chatting with your fellow yoga retreat guests or learning to sail with your skipper.

If your schedule allows it, stay an extra day before and after your trip.  Don’t fly in on Saturday and join the boat immediately, then finish your trip on Saturday, then fly out that day, you will miss out on so much of the amazing Old Towns.

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4. Easter Detox and Yoga Retreat, Sicily 11th – 18th April

Imagine taking off to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sicily for a Yoga retreat that has been carefully crafted to offer you a unique experience and a wonderful balance between Yin and Yang styles of yoga.

With daily energising practice each morning and calming restorative sessions at night, we will get strong in our bodies and work deeply into connective tissues for a profound sense of release and cleansing.

Take a walk through plantations of almonds, olives and watermelon fields or relax in the breathtaking freshwater infinity pool that offers beautiful views of Italy’s stunning scenery

Relax and unwind with a massage from one of our talented therapists, and of course, visit the magnificent beaches and historical Sicilian towns that are all around us.

Each day we will enjoy tea and fruit, an energising brunch and a nourishing dinner. All of our meals are vegetarian and will help to detox, purify and invigorate the body, mind, and soul.

This is a perfect retreat for those who are looking to relax and restore. We use yoga, meditation, music, art, nature, and local organic food to purify and cleanse anything we no longer want to hold onto.

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5. Jaguar Alchemy Yoga + Self Exploration Retreat, Tulum 5th – 10th April

Holistika Tulum

Are you looking to turn chaos into clarity, build structure, and uplevel your life? Join Laurana and Camila on a 5 night/6 day transformative retreat experience in the jungles of Tulum, Mexico. Connect with the mystic powers of the Mayan totem jaguar and integrate the energies of the Full Moon during the Jaguar Alchemy yoga and self exploration retreat.

If you are you feeling detached from Source? Drained? Ungrounded? Stagnant? Or feeling like you need to shift energy but don’t know how? This retreat is for you. We will explore aura repair, self-expansion techniques, energy-field balancing, and tools to heal the healer in us all. We will create a safe space and stable foundation for everyone to come together as we ground down and explore our gifts as we help you fully understand and reach your capacity.

This retreat will give you time away from your busy schedule and overwhelming life duties and allow you to deepen your yoga practice, give you free time to journal and express yourself, meditate, experience native spiritual rituals, and gain tools to uplevel your life and create alchemy.

The Jaguar Alchemy transformative and yoga retreat will leave you feeling clear, grounded, connected, and ready to actualise all the new tools you have gathered into your reality.

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6. A Writing Retreat in Tuscany with Sarah Selecky, 25th April – 1st May

Writing is both the excursion into and the excursion out of one’s own life. That is the queasy paradox of the artistic life. — Lorrie Moore

Join celebrated author Sarah Selecky for a week of deep writing in the heart of Tuscany. Spring is Sarah’s favourite time to go on retreat, because equal hours of daylight and darkness make the daily routine feel balanced and whole, without effort. Italy is perfect in late April: the wisteria is in bloom, the sun is warm without being too hot, and the trees are alive with songbirds.

Sarah Selecky, author of Radiant Shimmering Light and the prized short story collection The Cake Is for the Party will be your guide in this master class for writers of all genres, in partnership with Radiant Jane, who will be teaching Loving Kindness and leading guided meditations.

In the morning, look out the window of your private bedroom with a view of the hills, and walk the path up to the studio to invigorate your body in a morning movement class with Jane. After breakfast, you walk to the restored ancient barn for our late morning workshop session.

The afternoon is free for you to write, go for a long walk, or read and research before we gather for dinner — a delicious organic vegetarian feast paired with Fattoria del Colle’s local Brunello wines. You and your fellow writers celebrate another day of deep work, and then settle into the lounge for our evening salon, where you share some of your work and discuss the insights of the day.

Bring whatever you are working on to this retreat. If you’re stalling or circling around writing something new, this is the perfect time and place to start it. You can also bring a craft question or a writing problem that feels unsolvable, and we will look at it together.

Fattoria del Colle, where we’ll be staying, is situated on ancient Etruscan land in the countryside, and the history of this place is fascinating. It is also home to the only all-women owned winery in Italy. The energy here makes it excellent for writers who want to find the courage to write the forbidden.

The slow food movement began in Italy, and this philosophy has a lot in common with the way Sarah teaches. Slow writing, like slow food, should feel good, clean and fair. Our writing should be nourishing. It should connect us — to ourselves, to the earth, and to each other.

Good writing does not alienate or isolate; good stories never make us feel silenced. In our writing, we may question the status quo, offer meaningful reflection, create cultural change, and feel less alone.

On this retreat, we will write what we wish we could read, even if we’ve never seen it written before. Our writing will support us by bringing us closer to our true nature — alone and together.

Our retreat includes a nature hike with a local guide who will introduce us to the secrets of the Tuscan forest. Connecting to nature will bring insight to our work in surprising ways. Prepare to feel open and spacious as you tune into a different state of mind.

We’ll also take a break mid-week to refresh our systems and enjoy a visit to Montepulciano for the day. You can use your free time here to wander through the old streets, visit museums, go shopping, or simply sip a cappuccino, write postcards, and watch the street life.

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7. Spring Yoga Weekend in Kent, 8th – 10th May

weekend yoga retreat Kent

An amazing opportunity to take time out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and escape to the perfect peace and tranquillity of Oxon Hoath, a stunning stately home less than one hour from London.

Spend the weekend focusing on your ‘self’ and your wellbeing – immerse yourself in yoga and meditation, eat delicious healthy food, taking time to relax and reset your energy and intentions. You can’t help but return home on Sunday feeling recharged and rejuvenated.

Over the course of the weekend there will be four meditation sessions and four yoga sessions. The morning yoga practices will be a dynamic, creative, playful and explorative ‘deep slow flow’ asana practice and will include meditation and pranayama.The afternoon sessions will be a mellower, soothing and nurturing practice, delving into areas such as yin yoga, restoratives, pranayama, chakras, yoga nidra and meditation.

This will be a deeply nourishing and blissful practise. Your teacher Jeff Phenix has lots of experience teaching students of all levels. His depth of understanding, playful approach, ability to challenge students to safely explore their edge and his love of pranayama and meditation will give you the perfect opportunity to deepen your practice both physically and internally.

In your free time between yoga and meditation sessions and mealtimes you have the chance to explore the grounds and surrounding countryside as there are lots of fabulous walking opportunities. There is a lovely comfy library where you can curl up with a good book and a cup of tea and a cup of tea or just enjoy the peace, tranquillity and natural surroundings.

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8. Balance Luxury Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Untouched Italy, 2nd – 9th May

Your tailor-made retreat all-year-round – We can also offer bespoke retreats tailored to you and your group should you wish on a date of your choosing.

Are you ready to calm your mind, body and soul? Are you ready to relax, refresh, restore & re-balance? Join us at the luxury Oliveto Estate, with your hosts, the calming and experienced Gianluca Iacopini and Caroline Benzi, on our luxury, 7 night all-inclusive Yoga and Wellness retreat.

Designed to help you to bring balance back into your everyday life through the practice of Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga, meditation, workshops and delicious food.

Here, you can take time to relax, recharge and retreat in the beautiful, luxurious Oliveto Estate & Spa, in the heart of Le Marche, one of the most unspoiled and charming regions of eastern Italy. Offering all the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Tuscany, but without the crowds as described by Forbes and The Telegraph and recently voted as No.2 region to visit in the World for 2020 by Lonely Planet.

Here you can take time to experience the slow way of life in this untouched part of Italy. With its endless coastlines of clean, quiet beaches, delicious local cuisine, breath-taking mountain ranges and charming historic towns, Le Marche ticks all the boxes for those seeking an authentic Italian escape..

You can experience the slow way of life. Whether you want to join this retreat to recharge round the fire pit, silence your mind in a sound bath, or create a deeper connection with yourself and nature, the calmness and surroundings of the Oliveto Estate makes it the perfect place to allow the magic to happen.

Designed as a holistic experience for up to 20 people, the carefully crafted schedule has been created to focus on your health, wellbeing and how to best create a more balanced lifestyle with small steps that make a big difference.

Each day will being different experiences where you can enjoy a variety of Hatha, Yin & Vinyasa Yoga techniques, strengthen your knowledge through Yoga workshops, and discover how to calm your mind with meditation techniques and sound healing that you can take back home with you.

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9. Pilates and Spanish Holiday in Spain, 22nd – 29th May

spanish and pilates holiday

We invite you the beautiful Bay of Mazarron with its unspoilt blue flag beaches for one of our Pilates Holidays with a difference. Our retreats are held in Puerto de Mazarron, on The Costa Calida, a popular, but still modest, resort on the rugged south-easterly coast in Murcia.

The Costa Calida — ‘the warm coast’ — has its own micro-climate. The sunny season arrives early and stays late. That’s why the retreats are held in these months and you can still swim in the sea!

Accommodation is in luxury, spacious apartments a few minutes stroll from the beach. You can chose whether to have the apartment to yourself, share it, or share a room, depending on your budget.

Most mornings after breakfast, there is a Pilates class overlooking the Mediterranean sea where Fran gives three levels for every exercise, depending on our fitness. She takes account of everyone’s posture and ability. It’s a world away from a sweaty gym where all you can see is your uncoordinated self in floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Instead of air-conditioning, you are warmed by the sun and instead of music, you hear the sea gently swooshing onto the beach below or the sound of silence on the hillside. Exercising outdoors is such a treat for the senses that it barely feels like exercising.

After a coffee break and time to relax, as part of the relaxed daly routine, we have lunch and and learn some holiday Spanish. Lunch is long and leisurely, included in the price, and a generous ‘menu del dia’ with a couple of courses and wine.

The afternoons will be spent with our dedicated tour guide on various activities and fascinating trips learning about the local history, visiting local historic sites, optional walks, wine tasting, cycle rides depending on the weather and of course what everyone would like to do.

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10. 7 night Summer Beach Yoga Holiday in Corfu

yoga holiday in Corfu

Join us for a 7 night summer beach yoga holiday in Corfu! Offering a beautiful yet tranquil alternative to the bustling, cosmopolitan beach of Acharavi, Almyros is a peaceful paradise escape, perfect for those looking to take a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We welcome couples; solo travellers and friends who’d like to combine their love of yoga with a sunshine holiday.

Located within the stunning Greek island of Corfu, our experienced and inspiring yoga teachers will challenge your mind and body, encouraging you to enhance your overall wellbeing through daily practice of yoga techniques.

With its rich, mountainous landscape, Corfu offers a beautiful view to its visitors. The northern area of the island has preserved its natural and architectural environment, making it popular with visitors and locals alike. Dominated by mountains, the island has a never ending expanse of rolling hills and blossoming trees, bursting with lush vegetation. Coastal areas offer tranquil white sandy beaches, while the shimmering blue sea provides a perfect backdrop to the green Corfiot countryside.

Corfu’s climate is another endearing feature of the island. Warm summers are relatively dry, with blue skies and a tranquil sea breeze, while winters remain mild with little rainfall. On average there are 3000 hours of sun per year on the island of Corfu, with an average daily sunshine amount of 8.5 hours.

The house is located right on the beach where you can spend your days chilling out in between the meals and yoga. The walk to the nearest town is about half an hour away, or an easy 10 minute cycle with the bikes we provide for free. In the town there is a supermarket, cafes and restaurants.

The flexible yoga retreat – this retreat is open throughout April – June, and you can arrive on any day you prefer and stay as long as you like. There are also no restrictions on food or alcohol so this is more of a beach yoga holiday where you can enjoy yourself whilst at the same time receive 2 hours of daily yoga followed by a dip in the sea and some sunbathing of course!

During the daytime you can explore local markets or caves, go horse-riding, take a boat trip, play tennis or go cycling if you’re feeling active or pamper yourself at the spa. You stay in the 4* hotel  Cala’dOr, a family-owned hotel right by the beach. Sea view rooms and suites are available.

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