Slovenia, a true hidden gem of Europe and the perfect place for a yoga retreat

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Last Updated on March 6, 2020 by Editor

Slovenia, is a true hidden gem of Europe, a tiny little paradise half the size of Switzerland that is sandwiched between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. It borders with Italy on the Western side, Austria on the Northern, Hungary on the North-Eastern and Croatia on the South-Eastern side.

It is a bit difficult to define in short exactly why this hidden gem is so wonderful. Is it the the spectacular Alpine peaks or the magical glacier lakes and thermal springs, perky green valleys or the enchanting green forrest that are buzzing with wildlife or maybe because of the saturated colours of the picturesque coastline of the Adriatic Sea? Perhaps it is all of it together, not to mention the care, attention and love that its inhabitants pay to their surroundings and the unsurpassed hospitality they heartily give to its visitors.

Slovenia is a country that belongs in the top of the cleanest and most sustainable countries in the World. In 2017 it won National Geographic’s World Legacy Award as the most sustainable tourist destination. An abundance of fresh drinking water comes straight from the Alpine glaciers and it’s so clean that locals recommend that the tourists drink it straight from the streams while the dense forests provide bracingly fresh air even in the quarter of million inhabitant strong, capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (which was, by the way, voted in 2016 as a green capitol of Europe).

And while some of the European countries still struggle to tame their waste disposals and meet the deadline of the year 2023, Slovenia separates and has been recycling its waste since the beginning of this millennia.

So it is no wonder why this has become a beautiful destination to host a yoga and wellbeing retreat. The retreat is located in one of the cleanest parts of Slovenia, in the emerald coloured Soca river Valley, a true paradise for such active vacation in nature.

All-inclusive yoga retreats are hot holiday trends for this year and that is exactly what this upcoming eight day retreat in Slovenia offers.

Accommodation is located in the elegantly restored, reassuringly traditional farm house with spacious, high quality rooms in utterly Slovene confection, outdoor and indoor dining spaces and a yoga room with the view. The property is set in 22 acres of forest at the foothills of Julian Alps.

During this retreat you will be able to experience hiking trips with professional guides through the pristine mountainy nature of the Triglav national park with breathtaking views of Alps, visit secluded alpine waterfalls, swim in emerald Soca river and glacier Bohinj Lake, participate in aquatic canyoning, visit naturally preserved non touristic subterranean cave with its chain of 45 subterranean lakes, take a trip to the Alpine eco-village and of course practice yoga on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the wellbeing and health of the participants is a top priority. For that reason you will have a chance to enjoy three meals per day composed of the local, seasonal, fresh, absolutely organic (and to some extend bio-dynamic) vegetarian, vegan and raw food, nourishing freshly made cold pressed juices and freshly hand picked herbal tea brews.

The fruits and vegetables are locally grown by the small scale farmers as well as the cheese and eggs for the vegetarians. Use of sugar and gluten will be either minimised or avoided at all. If having any special dietary requests this should be communicated in advance.

The experienced chef will share all of his knowledge on nutritional healthy food with the participants who would like deepen their understanding about nutrition and enable them to take these healthy eating habits back home.

Everything on this retreat gives thought to the unity of life and nature. Come and become the part of this union. Experience this stunning dreamlike and restorative place. Further info & special offer here.