Best Online Classes, Courses & Retreats To Keep Up Your Practice At Home

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Last Updated on July 10, 2021 by Editor

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As the world of wellbeing continues to move online we’ve curated an extensive list of yoga, pilates and barre classes, courses and retreats that you can do from home.

It’s a time of self care, self love and self practice whilst staying connected to your community and supporting one another. It’s important to stay focused on your health and wellbeing and we are here to help.

There’s an abundance of online resources to keep us all going and we’ll be adding to this article frequently and sharing more on our Instagram account @soulseedtravel.

Yoga Classes

Rescue Remedies with Anna Ashby: Four Online Yoga Classes for Self-Isolation

What you get: Four free online yoga classes with renowned yoga teacher Anna Ashby to help you deal with the stress and anxiety of self-isolation

Start with a short morning yoga practice, use your lunch break to release tension at your desk, take a short calming desk meditation at teatime and end the day with a grounding restorative yoga practice.

After ordering, you will get an email confirming your order and a follow up email with links to all the yoga classes in this series. Click the class links and you’ve got all the yoga and meditation you need for a peaceful, calm day.

Cost: Free


Lucy Lucas Yoga

What you get: Lucy teaches Integrated Vinyasa, which combines yoga poses with other types of movement, based on nervous system benefits and functional anatomy. She also teach yin & restorative classes, plus mindfulness & meditation.

Classes are suitable for everyone who has a history of moving, even if not yoga. Complete beginners and those with injuries should contact me first to discuss.

Lucy’s classes are focused on embodiment, connection to self, regulating the nervous system, and improved mobility and strength.

Cost: £13 one class / intro offer for new students / £10 one class / £40 for 5 (Discounts for self employed / low income).

Sign Up Here

Expert tuition in Pregnancy Yoga, Mum & Baby Yoga and Restorative Yoga

What you get: Weekly zoom classes and recordings to repeat the sessions at the time of your choice! The Restorative classes are short & sweet mini chill-out breaks (15 minutes or 30 minutes long). They Include practice of yoga poses plus calming breathing and mindfulness techniques. Accessible and suitable for every body.

Passionate about pregnancy and the early infant years, Maryline from Yogaspirits is keen to help you switch off inside or outside the mothering bubble.

A one-stop-shop for everything relaxing and empowering, she will help you prepare for birth and motherhood through a mix of strengthening and calming practices. She’ll also help you recover from pregnancy safely, offering a nurturing space where to connect, de-stress and strengthen physically and mentally for daily life challenges.

Catering for busy lifestyles and those ‘who do not stop’, Maryline’s restorative classes guarantee to be soothing and grow your inner peace.

Maryline uses breath-led movement, somatic movements and balances action and rest in all her classes. Born and raised in France, her soothing voice is an asset to increase your moment to moment awareness, help you tune in to your body and detach from any emotions or heavy thoughts.

To receive the Zoom links, register below for either Pregnancy, Mum and Baby Yoga, or Restorative Yoga.


Mum and Baby:


Cost: Pay as you go £7 or £5 by PayPal or bank transfer.


Pre-recorded And Live Stream Yoga Classes With Sara

What you get: Live Stream Yin Yoga Class – A slow yoga class where poses are held for a few minutes to allow the muscles to relax, connective tissues to stretch and become mobile, and the mind to become still. This restorative class has a different focus each week (specific body part, organ or meridian/ energy channel), and offers space to let go of physical and mental tension. All levels are welcome and no previous experience is required.

Pre-recorded Yoga and Meditation Videos – There are a variety of classes for complete beginners to intermediate practitioners. Some yoga classes are themed around specific parts of the body or goals, like Yoga for Lower Back, Yoga for Better Posture, Yoga for Core Strength, whereas other classes focus on specific styles like Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Satria Yoga.

The guided meditation classes are suitable for all levels. Once you become a patron you’ll have unlimited access to the class library and you’ll be part of a secret patreon-only Facebook group where you can make suggestions on what you want in future online yoga and meditation classes. New classes are uploaded every 1st Wednesday and 3rd Wednesday of the month. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Cost: Yin Yoga via Zoom is pay-by-donation. The recommended donation is £9 (and a tree will be planted with every donation £9+).

Pre-Recorded Yoga and Meditation Classes on Patreon – Memberships are £3 for the meditation-only membership, £8 for the yoga-only membership and £10 for the yoga and meditation membership.


SOMA Vinyasa Yoga

What you get: Joanna Porter is a devoted student of Alessandra Pecorella (senior teacher with Shiva Rea), having graduated 500hrs RYT with the Aditya Yoga School and certified with Yoga Alliance UK.

She teaches a dynamic vinyasa flow style of yoga, that is rooted in and inspired by Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow and is focused on providing a challenging but accessible experience for students.

Classes are designed carefully around specific students’ needs, to ignite a level of positive change. They are creative, intelligent and progressive; coordinating movement with breath, as you flow from one pose to the next. As such, they will leave you more balanced and connected on both a physical and energetic level.

This moving meditation brings multiple physical and mental benefits: releasing toxins, burning calories and re-energising the body whilst simultaneously relaxing mental tension and releasing energy blockages from the body.

Cost: £10


Bright Blue Yoga

What you get: Bright Blue Yoga offers online classes from the home ‘studio‘ of teacher Georgie Bassford.

Georgie loves to teach inspirational classes which encourage her students to look within to discover how their body feels as it moves in different ways – and also as it rests and lets go. She keeps inspired through ongoing training with amazing UK and international teachers and shares her love of exploring the body in a fun and creative way, using modern functional anatomy approaches to keep our practice safe and practical too.

Georgie likes to offer classes at different times of the day and with a different focus, so some of her classes are all about deeply and slowly stretching the body (she is a trained Yin Yoga teacher), others more dynamic, all about moving rhythmically to shift tensions from the day and feel physically and mentally more free.

She also specialises in working with pregnant and postnatal women, with a focus on birth preparation and restoring the health and well-being of the core and pelvic floor after birth. You can attend Georgie’s classes live or recorded throughout the week.

Cost: You can choose to pay for each class individually or buy a Class Pass. £8 One off Class / £29 Mini Class Passes are for 4 classes / £58 Super Class Passes are for 8 classes / £65 Unlimited Class Pass (valid for 31 days from first use).


Young at Heart Yoga

What you get: Emily Young of Young at Heart Yoga teachers Vinyasa, Ashtanga & Restorative Yoga classes around Guildford. Her teaching is rooted in the firm foundations of ashtanga vinyasa, and draws on a rich experience, over the last 15 years, of hatha, ashtanga vinyasa, meditation and yoga as a therapeutic tool.

Emily is also trained as a classical musician and music therapist – it was during her time as a music student that she began practising yoga and meditation, to help manage performance anxiety.

Throughout her pregnancies and as a working mother, the mind-body and spiritual inspirations of yoga have been essential for maintaining her wellbeing.

She has loved composing music for unique yoga and meditation events and retreats, and you can find her chakra yoga soundtrack ‘Wonder Wheels’ on Spotify, or for download on her website.

With over 5 years of teaching experience, and regular assisting of senior teachers, she is able to support beginners through to more advanced practitioners.

Join Emily to boost your energy, move well, build strength, improve your flexibility, breathe deeply and come back to the peaceful, perfect place in the centre of your heart!

Currently Emily offers Evening Flow and Restorative Yoga online via Zoom. Classes are recorded if you need to catch up later and shared on her YouTube channel.

Cost: £6


Ellie White

What you get: Struggling for time? But want the commitment of showing up to class? Then look no further! Like-minded people coming together from all corners, to focus on one thing; thriving – growing vigorously, progressing despite circumstances.

Each week presents new custom classes specifically tailored to Ellie’s students. The classes are pitched at a moderate level, with modification always offered to either accommodate injuries or push a little/a lot further.

​If you’re looking for a drop in class, or to sign up to a monthly membership or for something more bespoke get in touch. Or if you’re unsure, get in contact to take a FREE trial class!

All you need is your computer or phone/tablet, yoga mat and weights (tins of beans or bottles of wine more than acceptable!).
Classes will be streamed live Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Classes will be recorded and the link put on a Google Document for access at any time You’ll get tailored Spotify Playlists for each class to enhance your experience (optional)

Cost: ​The unlimited plan (£40 per month( offers all four classes per week (16 monthly) including Vinyasa flow, Yoga Sculpt and Slow Flow, the perfect compliment to each other. Building strength, flexibility, endurance and mindfulness.

The half plan (£25 per month) is a choice for you to pick 2 classes per week (8 monthly), of either Yoga Sculpt, Vinyasa Yoga, or Slow Flow.


Anna Coates Yoga

What you get: Anna is a Surrey-based Hatha yoga teacher offering weekly Zoom and live stream classes from her home and via Yoga Mila Studio in Godalming.

Her online classes are the perfect way to fit a little more yoga into your life from the comfort of your own home, helping you to create space in your mind, deepen your breath and improve your strength, posture, balance and overall body health.

During each class Anna links movement and breath work to a seasonal, philosophical or physical theme, leading you mindfully through a series of key yoga asana and ending with a restorative relaxation. You can expect flow sequences, with some longer holds (to work on your alignment within each asana) and a focus on peak poses.

Her main aim is to help you develop a love for this wonderful practice, to enable you to live your yoga off the mat and to understand how the roots of yoga relate to our practice today.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, Anna’s 300hr British Wheel of Yoga training means that she will safely guide you through each class, even if you need some extra support. Suitable modifications and dynamic variations are always provided so you can work at your own pace.

Cost: Wednesday evening costs £12 drop-in / £60 for 6 sessions. Please note, this is a per-household cost and partners, pets and children are all welcome! For Yoga Mila classes, please see their website for prices and concessions. For anyone struggling financially due to Covid-19, please get in touch to discuss your needs.


Juliet’s Online Yoga

What you get: May you be healthy, safe, and supported during these challenging times. Join Julie – Yoga Teacher and Trainer E-RYT500 online for Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Movement and Meditation classes.

Yin + yoga nidra: this practice begins with yin yoga postures that are practiced seated and laying down, held for several minutes in stillness, releasing into gravity. This is a slow and meditative practice helping release the connective tissue in the body and stretches the fascia.

The second part of the practice guides the participant into yoga nidra, also known as yoga sleep a relaxing and supported meditation practice. Nidra practice can improve sleep, relieve stress, enhance focus and creativity. Effective, healing, and meditative, this practice helps one connect to the deeper states of sleep; the alpha and theta brain wave states.

A great way to improve awareness and raise consciousness. Yoga nidra is a practice that brings the participant into the present moment and connects them to unconditional love. It helps reprogram negative thought patterns and beliefs, connecting the participant to positive intentions, unlimited potential, and the parts of us that are divine.

Hatha & meditation: Using an ancient sacred system of Yoga postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. Postures are held for 5-10 breaths building strength in the body, focusing the mind, and finding balance within. The final parts of this practice focus on breathwork/pranayama, a silent seated meditation, and restoring savasana/relaxation.

Core flow: Julie’s core flow classes work on building strength in the body and mind through meditation techniques and a vigorous series of flowing postures linked by breath and movement, known as vinyasas.

Cost: Drop in classes are US $15.00 each. A monthly virtual membership costs US $75.00. If a student is unable to attend the live class they will receive the class recording.


Take A Breath Yoga

What you get: Caroline is a British Wheel of Yoga 500 hour teacher and 50 hour Yin teacher (Yoga Alliance) who worked in a stressful environment for almost 40 years and knows the pressure many of her students have both within their careers and personal lives and in this unusual world we currently live in.

She teaches dynamic hatha, hatha flow and Yin and Yang styles on-line using Zoom and includes breathing and asana practices for students to use as tools to manage those day to day pressures.

Caroline’s own experience of pushing her body too hard and having minor injuries from repetitive moves in some yoga disciplines led her to three years of advanced yoga studies which has given her a sound understanding of anatomy and physiology to adapt asana practice.

She loves working with students to make postures safe and accessible – she is the “prop” queen and will help you use whatever you have in your sitting room or bedroom, be it a chair, the wall, a cushion, belt or bolster for your comfort within a posture. She has a passion for teaching Pranayama and Meditation and weaving yoga philosophy into classes.

Cost: Classes can be paid as “pay as you go” or with a block pass for 6 classes for the price of 5. The cost is £8 pay as you go and £40 for a block of 6.


Restorative and Hatha Yoga with Vikara Yoga

Feeling like trying yoga in the comfort of your own home; join me in Vikara Yoga’s online studio. Classes are gentle hatha and restorative yoga designed for all levels.

My name is Misty Lucas and I love yoga, because of this I created Vikara Yoga. I am passionate about the healing capabilities of Restorative Yoga. Also I love the philosophy of yoga as it relates to our time on the earth. My passion comes from my own healing journey and experience with yoga.

I love to share yoga with people who have never tried yoga, people in recovery and advanced students alike. Above all I teach privately or in small class settings to really connect with my students. And therefore teaching yoga really lights me up!

Join me for a hatha or restorative 75 minute practice. Hatha classes start with warm ups, include movement and cool down. Restorative classes are focused on release and relaxation.

Props are used and poses are held for 10 to 20 mins. The classes are meant to aid in self soothing and connection within. Props used are everyday at home props if yoga props are not available.

Cost: First class FREE and drop ins $15 after that or classes passes available 5 classes for $90 and 10 classes for $120.


Emma Ryan Yoga for Sport

What you get: Emma Ryan trained in Hath/Ashtanga Yoga in Singapore, and is now an EYT (Experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance), based in Windsor, Berkshire.

Emma offers both private 1-1 online yoga sessions and yoga for your team. This is a 4 week package, consisting of a 30 minute online ‘desk yoga’ session each week for you and your work team.

Emma teaches yoga techniques to help your team relax, refocus and re-energise such as:

  • Mindful meditation: switching off the chatter in your mind, allowing it to relax and refresh.
  • Breathing exercises: guidance to focus on your breath to relieve stress, promote calm.
  • Gentle yoga: movements that can be done from your desk (no change of clothes or equipment needed) to get blood and oxygen flowing back through your body, revitalising your muscles and lubricating your joints.

There are many benefits to taking a pause during the working day, not least being able to promote a more positive mental attitude, increased focus, higher productivity and reconnection with each other.

Cost: Online Private sessions (via Zoom) are 45 minute duration. 3 sessions = £90 (£30 each). Yoga for your team – a 4 week package, consisting of a 30 minute online ‘desk yoga’ session each week – all 4 sessions for £297, for your entire team.


Yoga Wildflower

What you get: Chelsea is a 200hr qualified Healthcare Yoga Teacher. She undertook her training in Dharamsala which is in the beautiful Himalayan mountains of India.

Unlike other courses, her training focused on different ailments and how the tools of yoga can be used as a complementary therapy to help people re-balance, heal and grow.

During lockdown, Chelsea created a fully online “Virtual Yoga Studio”, a beautifully supportive community of people from all walks of life, with various ailments and injuries.

Her ethos with yoga is to make it more affordable and accessible, to reach the people that can really benefit from the practice of yoga.

You will have access to 20 Yoga classes per week ranging from 30 min post work stretch to full 90 min Traditional Hatha Yoga practices. Classes range from complete beginner through to classes that will challenge the body as well as the mind.

Cost: Individual Passes – £5 for 60/90 min classes / £3 for 30 min classes / £20 for 5 classes (valid for 60 and 90 min classes) / Full Membership – £30 per month unlimited access to as many live classes as you please.


COMO Shambhala By My Side

What you get: COMO Shambhala is a healthy living philosophy that combines a deep-rooted approach to wellness with holistic practices, to nurture balance in the body, mind and spirit.​

If you prefer to practise in the comfort of your home, COMO Shambhala By My Side remains online to serve your holistic health needs with scheduled live classes, pre-recorded videos and personal wellness consultations.

It aims to foster a lifelong commitment to all-round well-being through its thoughtful experiences. Designed with you in mind, COMO Shambhala By My Side is a digital companion that offers wellness programmes and personal consultations, at your convenience. Enjoy unlimited access to pre-recorded and scheduled live yoga, Pilates and mindfulness classes, with a monthly subscription.

Cost: Enjoy a holistic range of complimentary live classes when you subscribe to COMO Shambhala By My Side at S$22 a month.


Fun & Relaxing Yoga with Rachel Smithbone

What you get: Rachel offers a monthly membership that includes 3 x livestream classes per week – Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.15pm and Saturdays at 8am GMT. Plus ongoing access to the ever growing library of classes to watch at your leisure as many times as you like.

Extra bonuses include: Short tutorials, yoga nidra recordings, guided meditations, pre-recorded gong baths, live chats and exclusive early bird access to my events.

Accessing live classes is easy. In the membership section you will see an “Events” tab – listed there are any scheduled live classes. When you click on “events”, the details will appear as well as a “join session” button. Once I am live, the button will become active. Click the button to join the session!

Cost: Monthly membership £40 per month


Jackpine Theory

Jackpine Theory is an Online Nomadic Yoga Studio. Classes are led by Laura, a qualified 200hr yoga teacher specialising in vinyasa flow, inspired by the intelligent sequencing and strong foundations found in Forrest yoga.

What you get: Jackpine Theory classes are about more than just moving the body, integrating thoughtful intents and breath work to leave you feeling better in body and mind. Morning classes are all about waking the body up and getting ready for the day, while the evening classes are about winding down, designed to support your natural energy levels throughout the day.

Guided Yoga Nidra and the Move Meditate Manifest classes invite you to dive deeper into your daily practices, introducing you to new daily rituals you can incorporate into your routine.

Cost: 1 x class £7 / 3 x classes £19 / 5 x classes £30 / 10 x classes £50.


Katie J Yoga

What you get: Katie discovered the gift of yoga six years ago when living abroad in Sydney. Yoga helped transform both her physical and mental health, she now helps others gain the same benefits.

Katie encourages every student to take their own journey on the mat, find space to breathe and allow the mind & body to connect. By being present during practice we can listen to our true self, move without judgement and take a moment to pause in our busy lives.

Katie ensures students feel safe and informed in class, noting alignment cues and the target area of the stretch. Always reminding students to listen to their body and not their ego. She teaches mixed ability hatha and yin yoga, focusing on both the physical and mental benefits of practice

A variety of Zoom classes are offered throughout the week plus an on-demand platform with a library of pre-recorded yoga classes.

Cost: Like to try 3 classes for FREE? Visit this link!


Wild & Free Adventures

Amanda of Wild & Free Adventures offers weekly classes, when not hosting her Surf & Yoga Retreats. As well as monthly Breathing & Mindfulness, Yin & Restore sessions. These sessions cover everything from the active/Yang style of Yoga to the more Yin and restorative side.

Amanda is trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga and believes that Yoga is for everyone and is ‘medicine for the mind, body and soul’. Amanda makes her classes accessible to all levels with plenty of variations to suit everyone, as well as combining Yin and Yang into all her sessions.

What you get: Each session includes a mindful meditation to relax you into the space, calm the mind from our busy daily lives, to really get the most out of your practice. Focusing on linking breath to movement, connecting the mind, body and soul, to leave you feeling calm, energised and ready for whatever lies ahead.

Cost: £6 per class (Pay As You Go. FREE for Frontline Workers). £48 Monthly Unlimited Package (unlimited classes, plus 20% discount on Monthly Sessions) / £23 Monthly 1 x Class Per Week / £8 Discounted Monthly Specials (90mins).


Lumi Power Yoga

What you get: Powerful, flowing yoga class that combines breath and movement into a dynamic sequence of poses. This Baptiste Yoga inspired class will tone your body and clear your mind. It is an experience that strengthens, stretches and revitalises your whole being and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.

Expect to move, breathe, sweat and be energised! As a Gift to You – here’s a free Package of Audio Classes. Looking after yourself in these testing times is so important, starting with your physical and mental health. As you know, yoga and meditation are incredibly powerful tools to keep your immune system strong and your mind balanced.

We wanted to share with you a collection of audio classes and meditations to support your home practice. Click this link to access a playlist of meditations and classes.

Cost: Livestream 5 Class Bundle: £37.50 (£7.50 per class) / Livestream 10 Class Bundle: £65 (£6.50 per class) / Livestream 2 week package: £30


Just Breathe Soul

What you get: Just Breathe Soul are leaders in positive change and spiritual alignment. Our mission is to deliver our clients to optimal wellness through the practice of yoga and self care. Come breathe with us, restore and reconnect

A leader in change, empowerment and spiritual alignment Just Breathe Soul is run by Christiana Zimmerman who dedicates her time in guiding you on a journey back to the realisation that you are the creator of your life.

Weekly yoga memberships are available in basic, restorative, vinyin and vinayasa and alignment style yoga. Christiana will guide you through yoga classes, mindfulness practices, meditation, yoga Nidra and mentoring.

We offer a one to one once a month to connect and support each other and a Facebook group to share with other members. We also provide a recording of 4 to 5 classes to watch back and practice in your own time.

Cost: AUD $12.99 per week


Eat Pray Move Virtual Vinyasa

During this unprecedented time that we are going through on a global scale, we thought what better way to support you and to create a community connection, than being able to “meet” online. While we are unable to travel and retreat together, this is our way of being able to stay connected with you our guests, and we can’t wait to welcome you!

What you get: We meet 2 x per week for a balancing practice between breath and uplifting movement as we flow throughout the month.

This series is open to any participant! All levels, all ages are welcome. Even if you’re completely new to yoga, you are welcome and able to join us.

The instructor for this series will be EAT.PRAY.MOVE founder Erin Lewis. Erin has practiced yoga since 1998 and began teaching over 11 years ago. She’s trained in various disciplines from Ashtanga, the Rocket series, core power yoga, as well as the Strala method, and also incorporates practices from the yin, restorative, and yoga nidra styles as well.

The one hour long live classes will take place 2 x per week on Thursdays & Saturdays at 11:00 am EST / 8:00 am PST / 5:00 pm GMT+2

All guests for this series will receive links to the recorded sessions so you can continue your practice whenever is most convenient! We will be hosting the class and streaming live from a beautiful yoga space in the Italian countryside. For those of you who have been to our Tuscany retreats, you may recognize this room! It’s a warm, inviting, and welcoming space for you to virtually participate and transport yourself out of the monotony of daily life.

Of course, you will get to practice at the location of your choosing—from a mat in your living room, a sunny spot on a terrace or garden, or perhaps in a cozy “personal ritual” space that you’ve set aside for your daily meditations. We encourage you to make it a spot you love to be, a place that makes you feel comfortable and supported! We will meet you there.

Cost: Investment of $40 for the Month-long Series (only $5 per class!)


My Vinyasa Practice

What you get: Our online studio offers LIVE streaming classes daily. Interact with teachers, ask questions and even get feedback on alignment. Our LIVE online classes give you the freedom and flexibility to take your practice with you where ever you go. Our consistent teaching staff will answer questions and give you feedback on your practice so that each time you step onto the mat you can progress towards your goals.

Types of classes:

Live Stream Vinyasa- 60 minute class, delivered on zoom. Focusing on breath, movement, and flow. Suitable or all levels.

Live Stream Restorative- 60 minute class, delivered on zoom. Long, gentle, and restful holds. Encourages students to reset, restore, and fine ease. Suitable for all levels.

Live Stream Kundalini- 60 minute class, delivered on zoom. This style of Yoga will take you through the Chakra bodies and open you up to your highest self. Suitable for all levels.

Free Community Flow Yoga- 60 minute class, delivered on zoom. Fun and free community flow focused on breath, body, and movement. Suitable for all levels.

Live Stream Yin- 60 minute class, delivered on zoom. Joint opening practice that works on restriction, release, and rebound of the fascial tissue. Suitable for all levels.

Cost: Drop in rate of $5 per class or $25 for an unlimited week.


Marianna Doneva

What you get: Marianna’s classes are a movement exploration combining insight and knowledge from ancient practices and informed by the modern understanding of the body and the nervous system. She currently offers weekly online classes with creative vinyasa sequences that combine physically challenging poses with deeply relaxing yin poses.

This classes will be progressive in nature and each week you will learn new yoga poses with a focus on correct alignment as well as breathing and relaxation techniques. Pilates exercises and other movement modalities will also be included in this class to organically improve the strength and mobility of joints and muscles.

Cost: £10


Jenny Ella Yoga

Join Jenny Ella’s online monthly membership for yoga and pilates, from the comfort of your own home.

What you get: Members get access to 3 x Live Classes per week including:

  • 1 x weekly Energise yoga flow (Sundays @ 9.30am/60 mins
  • 1 x weekly Relax yoga flow (Sundays @ 11.00am/60 mins)
  • 1 x weekly Core flow: Integrated Pilates (Mondays @ 9.30am/60 mins)

Recordings of each week’s live classes are available for up to 7 days. This includes full library access, offering additional Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes, plus the most popular live class recordings (at least four new classes uploaded to the library monthly)

Cost: £19.99 per month (Cancel at anytime)


Movement For Modern Life

Movement for Modern Life: Your Antidote to Modern Life. For busy lives, find room to breathe and space to grow. A handpicked selection of the very best teachers, this is yoga in your own time.

What you get: Online yoga classes with the best teachers in yoga, meditation and mindfulness Start your journey with our free trial and move to beautifully curated videos from beginner to advanced level featuring the best teachers in the UK and beyond.

Videos from just 2 minutes to full 90 min classes, searchable by the benefit you’re looking for. Want to chill? Or energise? Our search will find the right class for you.

Unlimited views of over a thousand online yoga, movement and mindfulness videos by a handpicked selection of the best teachers for less than the price of one class with these teachers.

Cost: FREE 14-day trial, from just £10.99/month unlimited access to over 1,000 videos – 3 brand new videos a week and unlimited access to our daily challenges.



What you get: Yogateket are a health and wellness site that focuses on modern yoga practices, physical, mental and spiritual. In our online yoga library, there is something for every mood and need for the moment. Is it building a strong core with power yoga, clear the mind with guided meditation or get the detox benefits from the pranayama practice it is just a couple clicks away!

In your personalised dashboard, you find your history of taken yoga classes, your started yoga challenges, and programs are there as well your saved favourite yoga teachers. Now you can write and save a yoga journal to put your reflections and practice down on paper.

We invite you to sign up for a two-week free trial and try one of our yoga challenges or more in-depth learning programs, no strings attached cancel anytime.

Cost: 14 day free trial then a monthly subscription US $18


Kundalini Yoga From Home

What you get: Our highly-trained, passionate teachers make Kundalini Yoga accessible to everyone. They also offer a practice that can be applied online and offline. No matter your age, location or fitness level, we offer classes that will work for you.

Access Kundalini yoga classes anytime and anywhere with minimal cost. Access to a variety of instructors to match your personal needs. Receive personalised coaching from certified teachers. Be in the comfort of your homes to enjoy a spiritual and physical experience. Enjoy real-time healing for health, emotional and lifestyle challenges

Connect with your spiritual family, with purposefully selected teachers, classes, workshops, events and more. Meet other like-minded individuals in a safe, well contained, intimate environment from around the world. Start taking time off for yourself to renew and recharge. Enjoy inner peace and self care, directly from your home.

Cost: Single Class Kundalini Yoga and Meditation from US $15 / 5 Class pack from $55 / 10 class pack from $99.



What you get: VIVAYA is the world’s first online interactive live-streaming yoga and wellness centre. Practice online with exceptional guides across yoga, meditation, nutrition, reiki and other healing arts – anytime and anywhere.

In a time where all yoga and wellness studios had to close their doors indefinitely, VIVAYA is the only live-streaming interactive online Yoga and Wellness Centre worldwide to share a full range of holistic practices like yoga, meditation, nutrition, healing arts and coaching.

By taking Yoga and Wellness classes out of the studio and into the safe comfort of the student’s living room, VIVAYA has created a groundbreaking new concept to offer easy access to exceptional yoga teachers and wellness experts across the United States without any constraints of time and mobility.

“It is our highest calling as yogis and healers to offer a safe and sacred place for nurturing, healing and spiritual development. This principle defines my mission as a yoga and meditation teacher but also as an entrepreneur and founder of VIVAYA, the world’s first all live-streaming and interactive online yoga and wellness platform.“ Florian Hartmann, CEO & Founder of VIVAYA

VIVAYA offers live-streamed content only, which makes it unique in its aim to recreate the group spirit of a yoga class in an online environment, where teachers and students see each other, practice together and talk with each other like in a regular studio class.

This special interactive connection enables the VIVAYA teachers to focus her class on the needs of their students, offer cues and modifications and adjust the pace of the class accordingly.

Cost: Meditation classes, guided meditations and pranayama classes are all $12 but with a two-week free trial. Packages are $90/month which reduces the class price extensively: i.e. $3 per class if one practices every day.

In addition they have workshops and 1-1 for healing, nutrition and life coaching – teachers set their prices for workshops and and 1-1 themselves and they range anywhere from $25 to $40 for workshops, and $60 – $200 for 1-1 sessions.



Lnd Pilates

What you get: Lisa discovered Pilates at a young age when training to be a ballet dancer, taking weekly classes in mat and reformer Pilates. Years later and recovering from a knee injury, she rediscovered the Pilates method and decided to train to be a Pilates instructor.

Classes range from beginner to intermediate with the option of dynamic Pilates and a restorative, mindful Pilates class. Lisa is also a Franklin method lower back fascia trainer, which uses cognitive dynamic imagery to improve posture, movement and flexibility and she will often weave elements of this method into her Pilates classes.

Currently training to be a movement and biomechanics therapist, Lisa is keen to bring another dimension to her Pilates practice by being able to offer more of a rehab focus to clients that would benefit from this.

Lisa has a strong emphasis on mindfulness in her classes and encourages clients to really understand their bodies and how they move! Lisa also offers workshops online which will focus on different topics, such as breathing, pelvic floor, shoulders, mindfulness and many more.

Cost: Classes are £10 for a week, (online) or £14 per class in person. Payable in a block, but with the option of a free trial class.


Bath Pilates Academy

What you get: Bath Pilates Academy can help you achieve a complete sense of physical and mental wellbeing through Pilates and relaxation practices that will transform your mind and body.

You will experience highly individual teaching from your teacher and founding director Margo, and a personal commitment to transforming stress into relief, stiffness into flexibility and tension into relaxation resulting in a healthier, happier and more flexible self.

Margo is passionate about helping people feel better through Pilates, movement and relaxation practice. She believes that changing one person’s wellbeing can have a positive impact on an entire community.

Increase your flexibility, muscle tone, joint mobility, balance and improve your posture. Take time out to relax and renew your essential energies.

Cost: £14 per class


KM Pilates

What you get: KM Pilates offers group and private Pilates classes for all, believing everybody can benefit from it. Whether you are a professional athlete training for a specific goal, a new mum wanting to get back in shape and regain your core or you are recovering from injury, there’s a class for you!

Kirsten is an ex-professional ballet dancer and has experienced the benefits of Pilates for most of her life and after a career ending injury she knew she wanted to commit myself to helping others through Pilates.

All group classes (Postnatal, Mixed Level and Gentle Pilates) are currently held online via Zoom. She also offer private online sessions  which are great as the workout can be tailored to your specific needs and will help you see improvement quicker. They are also helpful for anyone who is completely new to Pilates to help you grasp the basics quickly and gain confidence before joining a group class.

Cost: £7


Pilates Anytime

What you get: Unlimited access to 3,400+ streaming Pilates videos in your home and on the go.

World-class Pilates instruction in your home and on the go for any experience level, you can fully customise your Pilates journey with filters for any duration, level, equipment, prop, or special need. We add new classes every week, so you will always have fresh new videos to try.

10 years ago, we created Pilates Anytime so you can have access to world-class Pilates instruction anywhere, anytime. Our purpose is to help you experience the joy of movement through Pilates, and, as a result, to bring more joy and ease into your life.

We care deeply about how Pilates can improve your quality of life. Join our community and move with us!
Pilates Anytime® was born out of our desire to share high quality Pilates with everyone. Pilates has helped so many people and the founders believe that everyone in the world should have access to quality Pilates classes that they can take whenever and wherever they want.

Pilates Anytime® is an online Pilates studio, delivering world-class instruction anywhere, anytime, at an affordable price. Many people are unable to attend Pilates classes due to the lack of easy access to studios, schedule conflicts, and cost. Pilates Anytime® was born out of our desire to offer the highest quality Pilates classes to everyone.

On Pilates Anytime®, students have access to over 3,400 Mat and equipment classes for any experience level, all of which are available for streaming on computers, tablets, smartphones, and televisions in high definition video. Over one hundred highly skilled instructors film about eight new videos each week. Students can fit classes into their schedule anytime, either at home or wherever life takes them.

Unlike typical Pilates videos, Pilates Anytime® films real classes with real students. People taking our classes online have the feeling that they are right there in the back of the studio, getting the benefits of being able to hear student questions and see instructors suggest adjustments to the other students in the class.

Pilates Anytime® does not focus on just one type of Pilates – our instructors represent over forty different schools of the practice. Pilates Anytime offers the chance for students to dive deep into Pilates related subjects with historical Pilates documentaries, discussions, tutorials, and over fifty workshops online, many of which will allow students to earn CECs from the Pilates Method Alliance.

Cost: Free trial offered for 15 days then $18 per month after trial. Cancel anytime.


The Nourished Body

What you get: Private 1:1 Pilates Sessions and online group mat classes. All Live. Workshops and Courses also available. Memberships to pre-recorded classes and content coming soon!

Nourished Body Online is for people looking for a longer term commitment to functional movement and exercise. Whether a program for athletic conditioning or a more rehabilitative/therapeutic approach toward recovering from an injury, The Nourished Body has the training, experience and skills to safely challenge and motivate one to move better and more efficiency.

Each session is specific to each individual client. Sessions include a range of modalities with a Pilates-based approach. You will receive a recordings of each session. This is a way to build your own personal online library. Made just for you to revisit whenever you wish

You can always count on your session. No closures, no time away when on vacation. The Nourished Body travels with you no matter what is going on in your life.

Professional and expertly trained Pilates and movement instructor. Over 25+ years experience teaching and training while holding degrees and certifications in movement, dance and movement science

Cost: Private 1:1 Sessions – $85 per session / $410 for 5 / $800 for 10. Group classes – $15 per class / $48 for 4 (to be used within 6 weeks) or 10 for 10 (10 classes, each $10 for 10 consecutive weeks).


Fitness and Strength Training


What you get: Barry’s is rolling out complimentary, twice-daily IGTV Barry’s at-home workouts. There are two options: one focuses on body weight and the other utilises Barry’s exclusive “Band Together Fit Kit,” a package of resistance, mini, and booty bands.

Dubbed as ‘The Best Workout In The World’, the celeb-approved workout, which has been endorsed by the likes of Adriana Lima, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian, has started streaming daily workouts, free-of-charge on Instagram with each workout being carefully curated by local Barry’s trainers to cater to each community in which they operate.

From Barry’s London and US to Barry’s Dubai, each franchise has worked to create a one-of-a-kind workout that requires no equipment and keeps in mind the fitness preferences of its clientele. The workouts, which range between 20 to 30 minutes each, condense the “Barry’s Method” into a succinct 20 to 30 minute, heart-pumping workout that is both effective and easy-to-follow at home.

Barry’s Bootcamp UAE is streaming their workout live at 9am daily via Instagram and is keeping the workout on their stories for 24 hours to allow people to access it at a time that suits them best during the day.

Cost: Free


Fhitting Room

What you get: NYC’s leading HIIT studio is offering 30 days complimentary to their digital subscription service Fhitting Room On Demand. Everyone can access the free HIIT workouts at.

Stay strong, connected and moving with our weekly schedule of LIVE workouts. See, speak and sweat with our FHITpros and your fellow FHIXers.

Our workouts will increase your endurance and make you stronger at the same time. Studies indicate as little as 27 minutes of HIIT three times per week produces the same anaerobic and aerobic improvement as 60 minutes of steady state cardio five times per week, so you can have more time for everything else in your life!

Cost: Free & they also offer Fhitting Room LIVE classes which cost $20 and are as close to an actual class as possible since you have a trainer who is interacting with you. Private/Private Group LIVE classes are also available for families, friends, or colleagues who would like to do a class together from their homes.



Breathing Space

What you get: Choose from one of the free breathwork courses or the Breathwork Foundation course.

1. Take a Breath – A free introduction to Breathwork

Take a Breath is a free and easy way for you to start your journey into Breathwork and get a chance to practice some of our favourite techniques here at Breathing Space.

2. Breathwork for Lung Health

Whatever our age, health, or fitness, lung health is something that we need to take care of. Breathwork is a free, easy, and accessible way of doing just that. In this free short course we explore some different exercises that are designed to improve your lung health.

3. Breathwork Foundation

This course explores our most powerful breathwork techniques, prepares you to go on your own personal journey of healing and transformation and connects you with a community to support you as you go.

The content is delivered by our Ruzuku platform using video recordings, audio and downloadable resources. Seminars are held every week via zoom and streamed into our exclusive facebook group. The course is ‘on-demand’ so you can start at any time and go at your own pace.

It is a four week commitment, but you will have lifetime access to all the resources and a standing invitation to our weekly seminars and masterclasses.

Cost: Free besides the Breathwork Foundation course. This is usually $100 – but if you put this link down or use the code Soulseed20 you will get a 20% discount.



Ziva Meditation

What you get: Ziva’s mission is to give you the tools to perform at the top of your game. The Ziva Technique, a powerful trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting (aka making your dreams your reality), that not only has the power to uplevel your health, sleep and sex life, but help you kick a$$ at work and thrive at home.

The Ziva Technique isn’t an app, it doesn’t require you to sit in lotus pose or burn incense. It is a trifecta of mental tools used by the world’s top performers. You learn the technique once by enrolling in our zivaLIVE or zivaONLINE courses, and then you’ve got a practice you can do on your own for life.

Our amazing team of veteran meditators will help guide you on your journey, answer your questions, and help you weave this powerful practice into the busy-ness of your every day.

In addition to the physical and mental benefits of The Ziva Technique, this will fundamentally change the way you approach challenges in your daily life.

Over 20,000 students have learned to meditate with us in person (zivaLIVE) or online (zivaONLINE), including Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winners, NBA players, Fortune 500 CEOs, busy parents and entrepreneurs. When you graduate from Ziva, you’ll have an incredible, supportive community, a super-powerful daily practice and the ability to step into your full potential. You deserve the most amazing version of you. This is your chance to claim it.

Cost: 6 months access to ZivaONLINE US $199. Free for medical professionals.


Addicted To Being

What you get: This seven week’s meditation course from Belinda Matwali will help to set you up with a practice you love. Addicted To Being is a multi level meditation program to integrate meditation and meditative living into everyday life. The next courses commences in March 2021.


  • Weekly live calls with me x 7 (recordings, handouts and audios sent after each one)

  • Meditations created by me

  • Beautiful handouts with all the good bits

  • Private Whatsapp Group for questions, accountability, support

We are human + beings, but most of us don’t know how to perceive our being or be able to identify with it. Through meditation we get to identify with our being and come into self realisation.

Our being begins to shine through more than our egoic identity. I call this Addicted To Being – when nothing feels better than being in awareness of the eternal aspect of us. Some Masters called in Self Remembering, Self Consciousness, To Awake but they are all pointing to the same thing.

The course covers:

Level 1 – Kundalini Rising (learning meditation)

In this level we look at energy usage in the body in relation to meditation

learning the basic of meditation and perceiving our being.

Understand the difference between human + being, how to use attention

Understanding the 3 main centres in meditation of our hara, heart and consciousness point.

Level 2 – Centring Our Mind and Emotions

This level looks at how our thoughts and emotions often subconsciously control us and take so much energy.

We learn how to use meditation in life and redirect our energy for our growing.

Level 3 – Meditative Living

Combining calming and centring our mind/emotion energy; and increasing our kundalini energy we look at meditation in life, manifesting using meditation and further ways to enhance and use our Consciousness Awareness in day to day life.

Cost: £150


Yoga and mindfulness can help you cope with coronavirus anxiety



What you get: Build strength, restore balance, and get remarkable results with unlimited barre3 workouts. Experience the brand-new barre3, streamable from any device, anytime. You’ll get unlimited access to hundreds of workouts, plus new features to help deepen your practice—all to balance your body and empower you from within.

The transformative power of our workout is more than just physical. Barre3 isn’t just about the hour you spend strengthening and balancing your body; it’s about the empowerment you carry with you the other 23 hours of the day. Hundreds of Online Workouts – Unlimited access to our digital library of 10- to 60-minute streaming workout

Cost: 15 days for free! And just US $29 per month afterwards.


A Little Bit of Everything

Class Pass

What you get: Live and on-demand workouts you can do anywhere. Stream thousands of live or on-demand workouts from top studios around the world. Try everything from yoga to strength training to HIIT and more.

Thousands of workouts brought straight to you. Choose an audio or video workout in nearly every activity. Search for audio and video options based on activity, instructor or duration. Our expert trainers will walk you through every move, no matter where you are.

Unlimited access anytime, anywhere. Play workouts straight from the app or use your laptop for the ultimate flexibility.

Wha’s included:

  • Unlimited free access to 2,000 on-demand workouts
  • Book live streaming classes and pay as you go
  • 100% of livestream class proceeds go to studios until June 1

Cost: There is no monthly fee or subscription charge for our digital classes. You can take advantage of our free library of on-demand classes, or you can pay as you go for any livestream classes you’d like to reserve.



What you get: We are moving the ONE LDN Community online during this period and it has been truly incredible to see the amount of people that have joined us in LiveStream classes and home workouts.

Now, more than ever, we understand the importance of routine and the importance of staying fit and healthy. Thus, we are aiming to provide you with just that. We are offering all members the ability to continue with their fitness programmes and try some new ones. We believe that staying active and engaged as a community is one of the most important things one can do and are doing everything we can to help all our members achieve their fitness goals and add value for the money you continue to pay.

My Wellness App – We have launched our member portal with mywellness and we are offering workouts that will be split according to difficulty – Easy, Medium and Hard. This means if you’re a total beginner or at an intermediate level, you will still be able to smash your goals with our online service at home with no equipment needed. You’ll be able to find all your personalised workouts, our set programming guides and online classes.

All of the workouts have been specifically designed to be done from home. Our Personal Trainers will design ‘workouts of the week’, these will be their favourite home workouts for you to complete during isolation. There are live demonstrations of each exercise to help you perfect your form


For Kids

Cosmic Kids

What you get: More than a million kids do yoga, mindfulness and relaxation with Jaime on the Cosmic Kids YouTube Channel. Parents and teachers report significant improvements in self-regulation, focus and empathy. But the videos are brilliant fun so kids love doing them!

The easiest way to access Cosmic Kids is to subscribe to our YouTube channel! We put all our videos on there.

Cost: It’s free and always will be.

Online Family Yoga with YogaTonic UK

What you get: YogaTonic UK gives you access to 15 live streamed classes per week. Classes are comprised of kids yoga, grown up yoga and HIIT cardio classes. The kids yoga classes take place every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm GMT.

Our video library has high quality filmed classes which covers styles Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin yoga with varying degrees of strength. Classes suitable for all levels unless specified otherwise. We are a family team taking turns at leading classes.

Cost: £10 per month.


Online Retreats

For our most up to date list of online retreats click here.

Teacher Trainings & Workshops

Radiant Warrior Online 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

What you get: Our next program starts January 27th, 2021 and registration just opened for that 12-week yoga teacher training.

Learn to teach Yoga Online, so you can teach Yoga to others both online and in person. Yoga teachers, who can teach Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation in both the online setting and in person are even more important now than ever before.

We are a Yoga Alliance RYS (Registered Yoga School), and our Online 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification enables you to receive Yoga Alliance registration after completing the program.

This training is an ideal match for you, if you are a K-12 educator, parent, working professional at home, or someone who is seeking a new direction and career change.

You will learn to teach with skill and confidence, individuals or groups, in-person, as well as be trained to teach yoga to individuals or groups utilising a variety of virtual and online technology.

This is not a ‘work by yourself’ training. Instead this is a highly interactive, self-paced training with multiple points of live contact with your trainers and classmates each week. Our training includes live zoom classrooms, over 40 recorded videos, daily live online yoga and meditation classes, a year of our online subscription, and training materials.

We are with you, step-by-step, until you complete this certification training.

Duration: Self-paced + Interactive = as few as 8 weeks or up to one year

Cost: $1,499 (payment plan available)


Yoga Renew 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

What you get: The YogaRenew Online 200-hour yoga teacher certification offers you the opportunity to deeply enrich your practice and understanding of yoga. This comprehensive YTT will give you a strong foundation for yoga philosophy and practice through detailed videos, readings, workbooks, handouts, and lectures.

As a student, you’ll learn all the aspects of yoga teacher training and learn all the skills needed to become a knowledgeable Yoga Teacher.

You’ll Learn

  • Yoga History & Philosophy: Understand the history of yoga including key ancient yoga texts; The Vedas, The Upanishads, and The Bhagavad Gita.
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Learn the 8 limbs of yoga including the Niyamas and Yamas and how they relate to yoga ethics today.
  • Yoga Anatomy: Explore anatomy and physiology as well as their practical applications in yoga practice including the spine, muscles and nerves, skeletal and connective tissue, foot, knee, hips, breath and bandhas, shoulders and arms, and the psoas.
  • Understanding Different Styles Of Yoga: Explore the history and foundations of 8 different yoga styles including Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Yin Yoga.
  • 6 Principles of Yoga Alignment: Learn foundations for the feet, hands, spine, knees, shoulders, and core in yoga poses
  • Learn 5 Categories of Asanas: Learn sequencing and alignment foundations for standing asanas, forward bends, twists, backbends, and inversions.
  • 5 Bandhas of Yoga: Explore the 5 Bandhas of Yoga and how they relate to alignment foundations in yoga.
  • Yoga Asanas: Understanding principles of yoga alignment, advanced study of over 50 yoga poses; including adjustments/modifications for each, things to look out for with students, and how to with videos displaying how to get in and out of each pose.
  • Teaching Cues: Learn how to say different concise and clear teaching cues for over 50 different poses.
  • Injuries & Modifications: Learn injury considerations for each pose and how to offer different modifications for your students.
    Sanskrit: Understanding basic Sanskrit terms, Sanskrit pose names, and pronunciation for each asana.
  • Yoga Sequencing: Learn how to prepare for your own classes; including creating inspiring class plans, structuring your yoga class safely, and sequencing foundations.
  • Inspiring Class Themes: Discover how to create inspiring class themes and how to weave them into your class sequences.
  • Hands On Adjustments: Understand the relationship between teacher and student in adjustments and explore how to safely offer yoga adjustments and their relationship to body mechanics.
  • Meditation: Explore how to teach 6 meditation techniques, meditation’s history in yoga, the anatomy of meditation, and the benefits of meditation.
  • Pranayama: Learn ancient pranayama techniques. Explore how to guide others in different breathing exercises including; 3 Part Breath, Alternate Nostril Breathing, and Ujjayi Breath.
  • Chakra Yoga Therapy: Understand how Chakras work, their energetic associations, how they relate to yoga practice, and how to heal chakras through yoga practice.
  • Class Experience: Explore how to develop your yoga teacher voice for your classes, class room set up, and how and when to demo poses.
  • Explore Creative Imagery In Teaching Cues: Learn to create inspiring class sequences by using empowering yoga verbs and teaching cues.
  • Classroom Props: Learn different types of yoga props and how to use them to modify poses for your students.
  • Living A Yoga Lifestyle: Explore ways to take your yoga practice off the mat and bring it into your personal life.
  • Discovering Your Unique Teaching Style: Learn how to develop your own mission statement and discover your own unique teaching style.
  • Developing Confidence As A Teacher: Learn ways that you can overcome the fear of teaching
  • Learn Qualities Of A Great Yoga Teacher: Learn 11 key qualities of a great yoga teacher and continue to grow in your yoga teacher journey.
  • Yoga Business & Marketing: Learn all the foundations for business and marketing for your yoga business, including finding teaching opportunities, outreach, social media, branding, and marketing.
  • Find Teaching Opportunities: Learn how to market yourself and find teaching opportunities including, your ideal target market, private clients, corporate yoga, workshops, gyms, and studios.

Cost: There are no yearly renewal fees, or time limit on when you need to complete the program! We also have monthly payment plans: $437 Paid in Full (10% discount) / $80/month over 6 months / $97/month over 5 months.


RCYT 95-Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

What you get: On this Yoga Alliance registered teacher training, you can expect a playful, creative, holistic and therapeutic approach to yoga and well-being for kids, teens and families, whilst passionately infusing Laura’s 19-years of knowledge and experience as an educator, therapeutic practitioner and yogi.

This interactive training combines relevant educational philosophy and up-to-date research with all elements of yoga, mindfulness and well-being, incorporating key teaching methodology and therapeutic play practices so that you can confidently create, plan, lead and manage interactive, engaging and creative yoga classes for children, teens and families.

The curriculum is focused on providing a holistic, nurturing environment for children, combining elements of musical mantras, interactive story-telling, art, nature, movement and dance, group discussions and imaginative play to explore the principles and practices of yoga and mindfulness, in an age-appropriate and creative way.

Laura is focused on giving teacher trainees all the confidence, inspiration, support and knowledge needed, to thrive as a children’s yoga, meditation and well-being teacher.

If you’re seeking a fun, meaningful yoga experience plus a new skill and career combined with a supportive, light-hearted community, this is the training for you. The next course starts on the 22nd February 2021.

Cost: Early bird price: $1800(Available until January 31st). Regular price: $1950. Two part & 6 month Payment Plans available (conditions apply and payment plans cannot be changed).


Here are some Yoga Alliance Approved Online Yoga Teacher Trainings to consider in you search.

Online courses for parents, educators, yoga teachers and health professionals

What you get: Learn tools to empower anxious kids and to help them feel safe and calm. Learn what is happening in a child’s brain and body when they feel anxious, understand why the tools work and how you can teach them.

These courses offer a beautiful fusion of calm breathing; therapeutic movements; restorative yoga poses; guided relaxation and other healing modalities. Delivered in easy to understand, bite size pieces with demonstrations and downloadable scripts so you know exactly what to say and do.

Join in for the short courses that suit your needs, or sign up for the entire package in a 6 month training course to become a Calm Coach.

Cost: From $30


Mastering the Addictive Personality

What you get: During this week-long training, which is open to all who identify as having an addictive nature, and to all styles of yoga practice, we will explore the background to these behaviours. Discovering what we can do to “change how we feel” in a way that does not create more harm, more disconnect, more isolation.

This training is a “personal” experience, but if you wish to gain a certification as a yoga teacher for addiction recovery to be able to run your own classes, or to teach in prisons and rehabilitation centres, this experience will equip and certify you.

In this seven day training from the 23rd – 29th of January, Carolyn Cowan will lead a group through understanding the roots of addiction, the path through 12 step recovery, trauma and the links to addictive behaviour.

Do you have an addictive nature? Most of us do, one way or another, but not all of us enjoy the experience, and some of us are very ready for a potent change.

I classify an addictive nature as using anything from anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, and or rage, all the way through to excessive drinking, gambling and drug use, as a way to manage how we feel. It is a broad brush, but have you ever tried to give up one of your behaviours only to find that you quickly move towards another?

During this week-long training, which is open to all who identify as having an addictive nature, and to all styles of yoga practice, we will explore the background to these behaviours. Discovering what we can do to “change how we feel” in a way that does not create more harm, more disconnect, more isolation.

This training is a “personal” experience, but if you wish to gain a certification as a yoga teacher for addiction recovery to be able to run your own classes, or to teach in prisons and rehabilitation centres, this experience will equip and certify you.

We will look at the many different types of addiction, including substance and process addiction, and the subsequent effects of addictions on the mind, body, and hormones.

The use of medications including anti-depressants and other prescription drugs will be explored plus there will be an overview of the psychiatric issues involved in addiction and recovery.

We will focus on specific postures and their direct effects upon the mind, body and hormonal flow. We will explore the power of intention, the effects of pranayama and meditation, and the experience of mantra.

The need for self-parenting, acceptance and boundaries in recovery will be fundamental. There will be an overarching focus on how to teach yoga to master the addictive personality in different settings including prisons, rehabs, gyms and dedicated yoga centres. There will also be teaching on managing groups, creating intimacy and safety.

The final part of the training will look at diet and detoxification including life without sugar and other stimuli including caffeine. We will discuss the importance of a spiritual practice, including replacing acting out with ceremony and ritual.

There will be a focus on healthy sexuality and intimacy. We will create a toolbox for long-term recovery and relapse prevention. We will look at how to set up, run and publicise classes and groups and how to make the best of social media. Yoga, pranayama and meditation will be a core practice.

Cost: £1500


Yoga Mats & Equipment

Set up your home space with the right equipment for you to practice safely with.

The Stay at Home Yoga Bundle

Top Kit to Keep Fit At Home

Get in touch with us to share your wellbeing community new and to list your business with us.