How to Create A Virtual Travel Vision Board

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Last Updated on January 23, 2021 by Editor

As we are a business that travels the world we are very much missing all the retreats and adventures we had planned. So we have decided to create our own Virtual Travel Vision Board on Pinterest which you can all contribute to, and add your own images. Let’s collectively share our travel dreams and keep them alive!

Would you like to share your travel dreams with us? Head to our Pinterest album here and email us on to add you as a collaborator and then you can add you own pins!

You can start the exercise by making a list of all the places that are on your travel bucket list and searching for inspirational images across Instagram, Facebook or with Google images.

To get the travel globe rolling we’ve created three themes:

  1. Female Solo Travellers.
  2. Beach Dreams – Retreats by the Sea.
  3. Explore the Wonders of the World with a Yoga Travel Retreat.
  4. The Best Views To Wake Up To Wake Up to on a Retreat.

Travel makes our heart sing and our Virtual Travel Boards allows us to share memories of all the magical places we have been and can’t wait to return to.

We look forward to you sharing your travel dreams with us! Get in touch with us to to help you search for that perfect retreat destination.