Wellbeing in the City Guide to Lisbon

Lisbon Wellbeing Guide
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Curated with the wellness traveller in mind, we’ve put together this little Wellbeing in the City Guide to Lisbon to share our favourite yoga and pilates studios, healthy eats and where to hike, run and cycle around the city.

Perhaps you are just visiting Lisbon for a few days before heading on to a retreat in the mountains or by the ocean. Check out our recommendations on the Best Yoga Holidays to Escape to.

EasyJet have flights direct from Luton to Lisbon which you can search for and book here.


Yoga Lab Yoga School 

Yoga Lab is a yoga school in the center of Lisbon dedicated to Yoga and meditation practices, with classes that are adapted to suit different ages and physical abilities, as well as flexible schedules every day of the week. Yoga Lab’s objective is to spread the practice of Yoga as well as its lifestyle.

It is a meeting place, where each person can find inner balance as well as their physical, emotional, and energetic well-being. Therefore, classes include different components such as posture, respiration techniques, purification, concentration, and meditation. Beyond regular classes, there are also Yoga therapy sessions, as well as private classes for people at different levels of yoga practice, or who wish to help manage different health conditions.

Yoga Lab’s studio is a bright, welcoming, and tranquil space that invites its users to reinvigorate their mind and body. It is an ideal place to start the day with more energy, or to end it with more peace.

Address: Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, 27, 3º B. 1250-166 Lisboa

Email: info@yogalab.pt

Tel: +351 937 390 395

BARAZA (n.)/bəˈrɑːzə/A meeting place

Baraza opened May 2019 with the intention of creating a new, exciting meeting place for the thriving yoga scene in Lisbon. The founders Alex du Toit and Ruby Morris met earlier in the year after Alex began missing her local studio back in her native Cape Town and began searching for teachers to collaborate with.

Bonding over their mutual love of strong, dynamic yoga classes, beautiful aesthetics and bringing people together they founded Baraza Yoga in Santos Lisboa.

Baraza’s iconic stone arches, high ceilings and airy, bright atmosphere enable students to leave behind the bustling city and immerse themselves in their practice. With 120 square meters of newly refurbished space Baraza can comfortably hold large group classes and has changing rooms, bathrooms and other amenities to ensure students feel relaxed and at home.

Our experienced and enthusiastic team of teachers deliver classes seven days a week in a range of styles, but all share the mutual intention of providing strong, feel good and inclusive yoga classes where experienced yogis and complete beginners can feel comfortable but always challenged.

Baraza is a place of growth and community, we are opening our doors to teachers from all over the world to share their unique perspectives and fresh ideas on the practice. We are committed to providing frequent events, workshops, talks and training, which will be beneficial and relevant for teachers, students, locals and tourists alike.

Find Baraza Yoga on the MINDBODY app, visit www.barazayoga.com and follow us on social media @barazayoga.

Address: Calçada Marquês Abrantes 72-74, 1200-720 Lisboa

Email: alex@barazayoga.com

Tel: +351 919 241 396

The Lisbon Yoga Institute

The Lisbon Yoga Institute is a school where learning is at the heart of the practice. Together with the community of teachers and students, it serves as a platform for learning, connection and inspiration.

The founder of Lisbon Yoga Institute is senior yoga teacher Eleonora Ramsby Herrera, BA (hons), MA, Phd. Cand. Since 2008, she has taught classes, workshops and teacher trainings around Europe. It was a long-time dream of hers to set up a centre for yoga and in October 2019, the Lisbon Yoga Institute opened its doors in the neighbourhood of Lapa.

The space radiates calm and simplicity. The thoughtful interior design along with high quality yoga equipment provides an inviting oasis where students can feel comfortable and at ease. After class one can go across the street to enjoy a fresh juice or a delicious meal at the plant based “Tiffin Cafe”.

Lisbon Yoga Institute’s core belief is that yoga can be for everyone. Therefore, the school offers a range of various paths of yoga to suit different interests, levels and needs. The school runs Yoga Alliance accredited teacher trainings, workshops, retreats and weekly yoga classes that are open to the public.

With their high standard of teaching, the school contributes towards the contemporary development of yoga, while honouring the integrity and tradition of the practice. Education and well-being are of central importance; thus, the school provides a non-dogmatic environment where people can come to discover new perspectives.

To learn more about the school find them on the MINDBODY app or visit/follow on Instagram @lisbonyogainstitute.

Address: Lapa at Rua do Conde 45, 1200-608, Lisbon.

Email: info@lisbonyogainstitute.com

Tel: +351 925 654 758

Little Yoga Space

Little Yoga Space offers classes in both English and Portuguese classes. They offer everything from Vinyasa to Kundalini to Yin to Laughter Yoga. The studio also has an extensive workshop calendar for yogis that want to deepen their yoga practice or are around a bit longer.

Email: ola@littleyogaspacelisboa.com

Address: Rua da Assunção 42, 1. floor, room 3, 1100-044 Lisboa, Baixa

Rooftop Yoga 

Outdoor Yoga with a beautiful view in Lisbon. We love to take our mats to places in Lisbon with a beautiful view and practice yoga outdoors. We are a team of 3 qualified yoga teachers – Johanna, Martina and Sara and we share the same passion and want to create an enjoyable yoga experience that is accessible for everyone, no matter what your experience or shape is.

Our classes are Hatha yoga based combining static and dynamic yoga postures with breath awareness encouraging you to practice with presence and joy.

Once a month we organise mini Yoga Festivals on the Rooftop Terrace of This is Lisbon Hostel and offer a variety of Yoga practises whilst we all enjoy the great view. Check out the schedule and upcoming locations here or email ola@rooftopyogalisboa.com to get in touch.

Pilates Studio Filipa Mayer

Are you visiting Lisbon and want to practice Pilates? You have just found the right place! Everyday the beautiful light of Lisbon shines at Estúdio Pilates Filipa Mayer and the garden makes the presence of nature a pleasant company during pilates classes .

Here you will breathe tranquility and joy! Happy to welcome you is a team of highly competent professionals and perfectly capable to teach in English. Our studio has all the Pilates equipment and also CoreAlign.

Address: Travessa São Plácido 50A

Email: pilates.filipamayer@gmail.com

Tel: +351 21 397 5991

Wellbeing & Healthy Food recommendations in Lisbon

Cabane, Café & Restaurant

Café & Restaurant
Breakfast | Lunch | Brunch
Snacks | sugar-free cakes
Take away | art exhibition

Tel: +351 21 395 1849

Address: Rua monte Olivete 20

Os Tibetanos

Tibetans is a vegetarian restaurant, reflecting in all its splendour the Tibetan liveliness and culture. Cozy and friendly environment.

Tel: +351 21 314 2038

Email: info@tibetanos.com

Address: Rua do Salitre 117

Green Affair

Awesome vegetarian food and innovative recipes. We confess our passion for an exclusively vegetable gastronomic world. Sophisticated without being formal. Ethical without being boring. Conscious, but forgiving.

Tel: +351 967 472 286

Email: ops.thegreenaffair@gmail.com

Address: Av. Duque de Ávila 32A, 1000-159


Healthy and delicious with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. To serve a healthy and flavourful cuisine, with influences from different continents, but without fundamentalisms. In this jungle, the king is the one who sits at our table.

Tel: +351 21 599 8814

Email: ola@selllva.pt

Address: Rua Mouzinho da Silveira 32

Ao 26 Vegan Restaurant

We believe that each of us can make a difference
We believe that we are not the center of the Universe
But the result of its abundance
We feel gratitude and love for Earth
This is our home
But it’s also everyone’s home
In it we thank each food we use, giving back consciously
We commit to respect the Earth, people and animals
We commit to taking care of the space around us
We pledge to thank the small things that happen to us
Keep your feet on Earth and your head and heart high up there
Our food is the result of our passion
We are proud of it, its flavor and its origins
Our home is our inspiration and the soul of what we believe in

Tel: +351 967 989 184

Email: ao26veganfoodproject@gmail.com

Address: Ao 26 Vegan Food Project, R. Vítor Cordon 26, 1200-484

Legumi Sushi

And the situation in Lisbon was no different when I moved here. Sure, you can always find a cucumber roll, or maybe an avocado roll, but Lisbon didn’t really have any exciting vegan sushi options.

This fully vegan, Brazilian-owned restaurant makes some of the most creative sushi you’ve ever seen. Dining here is an extraordinary experience. They also have a vegan wine list.

Tel: +351 920 440 495

Email: telleslattari@gmail.com

Address: Calçada do monte 92, 1170 251 lisboa, Portugal

Running, hiking and cycling

For running you can enjoy a stretch of over 10 km along the river bank and hiking at Natural Park of Monsanto. Check out these articles from Culture Trip for the most scenic running routes and the most scenic cycling routes.

Also we highly recommend you check out these venues in the city – the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Gardens, Estufa Fria (the city’s green house) and the two. Botanical Gardens (Tropical and Ajuda).

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Lisbon Wellbeing Guide