Online Yoga & Wellness Retreats & Setting Up Your Home Space

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Last Updated on January 11, 2021 by Editor

Happy New Year. Start the year with an online retreat! We have rounded up the best online yoga and wellness retreats in case you can’t get away and travel at the moment, you can have the retreat come to you!

Find a quiet and calm space in your home (or garden!) to set yourself up for the retreat, roll out your yoga mat and tune in online to be fully guided through your practice.

And if you’re in the mood to learn a new skill whilst simultaneously improving your health, we’ve included some holistic wellness  workshops and mindfulness courses that you can also join in the New Year.

Create Sanctuary and Celebrate Wellness Retreat

If you are feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and looking to create a more positive home environment. If you are looking to incorporate better healthy routines and practices at home, such as, better nutrition, immunity, stress relief, and physical movement, this virtual retreat is for you.

If we are going to remain contained at home, Let’s make the best of what we have to work with and create a safe, comfortable, and healing environment for ourselves – a place of sanctuary where we feel our mind can rest and feel assured in health and wellness.

We will work together to create a warm and comfortable space, as well as getting to create a new routine at home that can be used during the weekend and throughout the year.

Dive into what self care practices you can be using at home with massage, skincare, nutrition, and positive thoughts. Learn the importance of creating a sacred space at home and how to incorporate certain items for a positive feel in your space.

Over the weekend you will experience yoga, meditation, free talk, body movement/dance, two cooking classes, sound bath healing, self care at home practices session, fire dancing and a cacao ceremony.

When: 29th – 31st January

Cost: $299 Pay in full or $333 payment plan. Please email Stephanie


DIY At Home Retreats with Adventure Yogi

A series of DIY at-home retreat packages that you can use in synergy with our online yoga studio, on a day of the week that suits you best. Choose from a selection of themes to suit you – Strong, Calm or Empowered.

What to expect: Enjoy a half or full day retreat-at-home schedule that you can combine with a day of yoga classes (that’s two) from our online yoga studio.

What it’s about: If you are someone who can get easily stressed, are having a difficult time at the moment or would just like to have a nice day and add or consolidate the tools you have to calm and destress, this is for you!

Feel: The superpowers of mindfulness as a simple practice to integrate into your day with yoga and breathwork to feel calmer, more balanced, relaxed, nourished, calmer, stretched, more focused, more in control and more positive.

When: Combine with the choice of live and pre-recorded yoga classes to create a bespoke at-home retreat day – on a day that suits you!

Cost: Half Day £9.99 / Combined with + two yoga classes £24.99 or Full day £18.99 / Combined with + two yoga classes £34.99


Intuitive Goals Retreat

The Intuitive Goals Retreat offers the opportunity to go deep in heart and soul and rise with inspiration. AuRana has been offering retreats from places like Joshua Tree to places like Costa Rica since 2015 and is excited to offer this virtual Retreat based on the same working principles.

Activities include: Group meditations, basic yoga, journaling and more. If you are looking to reset for the New Year, this is the Retreat for you! Your intuition knows. All participants will receive an authorized Retreat Booklet.

When: The online retreat takes place from Friday at 5 pm January 22nd – Sunday at 11 am January 24, 2021 (with ample breaks throughout). To gain access use password retreat2021.

Cost: $299


5 Day Women’s Wellness Retreat

Experience this 5 day Women’s Wellness Retreat, aligned to manifest with the first new moon of 2021, it takes place from the 11th – 16th of January.

Align with this opportunity to enhance your quality of living as a Divine Feminine to amplify the new energy of 2021!

20+ hours of content – designed for workers, mamas, & students to go through at their own time – all content is yours for life!

5 Days ~ 5 Magical Masteries
Step One – Mind Magic Mastery
Day One is all about the mind, giving you all the tools you’re looking for to move you out of feelings of unworthiness to KNOWING you deserve the life you’re inspired to create ♥️

Step Two – Bodhi Magic Mastery
Day Two is all about caring for the sacred, feminine temple so that you can get away from bored, emotional eating & start to feel fully confident in the decisions you’re making daily for your bodhi temple ♥️

Step Three – Energetic Magic Mastery
Day Three entails all the magic you are desiring to balance your chakra system & give the confidence to speak your truth through self analysis of all the energy you deal with on a consistent basis ♥️

Step Four – Knowledge Magic Mastery
Day Four ties together all the knowledge you have been aligning to during the retreat so that you can bring that knowledge of self out to play with the universe in confidence ♥️

Step Five – Bliss Magic Mastery
Day Five brings the essence of pure bliss into your awareness as you solidify your 5 day transformation and implement all the authentic, ancient, soulful tools into your life ♥️

Each day of the retreat is accompanied by:

1 hour yoga
(2) 15 minute meditations
Yogic philosophy
Womb wellness conversations/examples/movements
(2) sister circles

Date: 11th – 16th January

Cost: US $555 or a down payment of $277.50 today & $277.50 before January 5th. Email us at to set up a payment plan!


One Day Online Retreat – Anchor, Align, Arise

Rediscover your soul and step into your true power on this one day online retreat taking place on the 16th of January 2021 from 9am until 4pm.

How about starting this brand new year with the intention of integrating more self love into your daily life, getting out of your head, into your body and finding new insights in what works best for you and your dream life?

This One Day Online Retreat is a joining of forces by Journaling Expert Lisa Gutknecht and Alignment coach Lisa Jansen. It arose from a craving of connection between women and spending more time together listening, supporting and lifting each other up.

In this busy, modern world we live in, it is important to practice self care and self love but somehow we often don’t find the time or the right tools to do it.

On January 16th, the New Moon is in Pisces and this is the perfect moment to set intentions and think about what you want to bring more into your life.

What can you expect from this Online Retreat?  A program created with love that you can follow from the comfort of your own home in your favourite comfy outfit.

  • A grounding meditation for more headspace and peace of mind.
  • A beautiful Yoga Flow by yoga teacher Amélie to start the day moving our bodies.
  • A Breakfast talk on self care rituals.
  • A Masterclass on Emotional balance and Self Love with tools & tricks on creating your own practices.
  • A Journaling & Soulwriting workshop to tune in with your soul and step into your true power.
  • A closing ceremony where we dance it out together.
  • Essential oils from the doTERRA Yoga collection throughout the day.

Join our retreat via Zoom and give yourself this time to connect with yourself and other inspiring women. We would love to see everyone on camera but if you just want to listen and be there with us without camera, you’re also very welcome.

Date: 16th January 9am – 4pm GMT+1

Cost: €69,- until the 20th of December 2020, after that €79.


Mindful Self-Compassion Program

“Learn to manage difficulty with more ease and kindness”. Mud & Lotus Wellness would like to invite you to participate in a virtual (ZOOM) offering of the Mindful Self-Compassion program.

This program will be facilitated by Mindful Self-Compassion Trained Teachers Anna Marie Batelaan (BSW, MSW, RSW) and Dagmara Urbanowicz (MSW, RSW)certified through the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion and the University of California San Diego.

Anna Marie and Dagmara have many years of clinical Social Work experience in a variety of settings as well as teaching and facilitating Mindfulness and Compassion based programs. They have been facilitating and loving this program for a number of years and are excited to embark on the adventure of Mindful Self-Compassion with you! If you are interested in finding out more about Anna Marie and Dagmara check out their bio for further details.

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is a “proven way to accept yourself, build inner strength, and thrive.” In a time when we all need something to hold us up in the flood of life and world challenges, MSC can support us to navigate it all with more ease by starting with compassion for our own challenges and difficulties!

MSC is an empirically supported 9 session program designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion. This program was developed by Dr. Christopher Germer, PhD, a leader in the integration of mindfulness and psychotherapy and Dr. Kristen Neff, PhD, a pioneering researcher in the field of self-compassion.

Self-compassion can be learned by anyone. It fosters emotional strength and resilience, allowing one to admit to ones shortcomings, motivating oneself with kindness, forgiving oneself as needed, transforming empathy fatigue into wholehearted engagement with others and being oneself more authentically. The intention of this program is to support participants in building their well-being, resilience, and self- compassion tool box in order to meet life’s difficulties with more ease and kindness.

Date: Thursday January 7th – March 4th, 2021, every week from 6:00 – 8:30 pm EST

Cost: $595


Virtual vacation \ winter 2021 edition

Connect with us on a “Virtual Vacation” – an online community experience and retreat from your home. Each guest will receive a curated “wellness box” in the mail prior to the retreat filled with all the goodies needed to enjoy a weekend of relaxation and renewal. Meet up with our online community as we move, breathe, learn, and connect together.

Join our newest virtual offering: a 1-day online retreat series combining LIVE classes to connect with others through online wellness and lifestyle lessons AND a “wellness box” that each guest will receive in the mail to help create a little getaway from the comfort of home.

Are you looking for an inspiring and stimulating retreat experience during this time where travel may be a bit limited? We’re excited to continue our “Virtual Vacation” series where we are offering seasonal retreats aligning with the EPM ethos – connection through wellness, unique experiences, creative outlets, and self-care.

This WINTER 2021 Edition will be filled with themes of winter: healing botanicals, cozy rituals, restoring yoga class and meditation, and warming tea ceremony. Plus our “wellness box” will be filled with some amazing natural and botanic products that you can use during and after our “virtual vacation”.

This “Virtual Vacation” WINTER 2021 EDITION will feature a 1-day retreat live online experience as well as a full box of “goodies” that each guest will receive by mail to enhance your at-home retreat experience.

Thus, offering various ways to immerse yourself in the full “getaway” – from the live community and classes that we’ll do together, and the extras that you can experience throughout the rest of the day such as recipes, incense, botanical infusion, and further meditation exercises that you can participate in on your own which are provided in your “retreat box”.

When: Saturday Jan 23, 2021 from 12:00pm – 3:30pm EST

Cost: • FULL EXPERIENCE [Online retreat + mailed wellness box] – $100 non-refundable deposit due at sign up
This covers the full experience with classes plus the “wellness box”, shipping (to U.S.), and the goodies that you will get to keep and enjoy during and after our retreat. This is the price for shipping to a U.S. address. For those outside of the U.S. please contact us for shipping quote.
• DIGITAL EXPERIENCE [Online retreat + digital ritual workbook] – $60 non-refundable deposit due at sign up


Online superfoods – stress & fatigue workshop

Explore the benefits of superfoods and how to easily integrate them into your daily life. Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods, rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids, that offer a powerful way to improve diet and optimise health and vitality.

The workshops cover:

  • Superfoods and their benefits
  • How they can boost your diet, health and vitality
  • How to prepare dishes with superfoods – with tasty recipes to try at home

The Stress & Fatigue workshop will explore:

  • How modern living can impact on your health and wellbeing
  • Eliminating energy robbing foods from your diet
  • The role of diet and superfoods in boosting energy and vitality
  • Practical advice on how to incorporate superfoods into your daily diet


Yoga Life Retreats

Guided by co-founders Andrea Lodico & Sara Blumenkranz, Yoga Life Retreats’ Virtual Retreats offer the opportunity to gather together to practice and celebrate our connectedness in the midst of our new reality.

This 2-Day On-Demand Virtual Yoga Retreats are intended for you to retreat at your time, at your pace. With access to practices and lessons at your fingertips, you get to create the retreat experience that fits with your life and your schedule -thoughtfully planned for you to explore a new element of the practice.

Your retreat experience begins with a digital care package that includes instructions on how best to prepare for your retreat and how to create a sacred space for practice in your own home. Your second digital care package will arrive with a link to four pre-recorded 60-minute classes.

Practices will be a mix of vinyasa and restorative to bolster strength, stoke the fire of your practice, and develop grounding over the course of the two days. Throughout your retreat, you’ll have access to our Virtual Vault to explore a variety of recipes, playlists, and lessons to build into your 2-day journey.

Two new retreats launch in November – Grounding for Times of Transition & The Chakras. In this collective moment of reflection and remaking, we hope you’ll join us for a virtual retreat — to nourish, replenish, and fortify in the sacred space of your own home. Take this time to cultivate new self-care rituals, develop the framework for a sustained home practice, and discover new perspectives.

When: On-demand, at your own time and pace.

Cost: $75 or $130 includes props (two blocks, blanket, and strap) for access to one on-demand retreat


Neals Yard Vitality & Wellness Workshop

Come and join us in our Zoom virtual classroom and explore with us the benefits of natural remedies. Hectic and modern lifestyles can make us feel like we are running on empty. As a result we can end up feeling exhausted, irritable, unfocused or unmotivated and this can affect our day-to-day life. Natural remedies can be a useful addition to support energy, vitality and wellbeing.

The workshop will explore:
• what can affect our vitality
• how supplements, herbs, superfoods, flower essences and aromatherapy can be used in everyday life
• top remedies for vitality and how to use them
• further advice on how to improve vitality

This workshop is suitable for those who would like more knowledge on simple natural remedies for vitality and how they work with your body, alongside lifestyle and diet changes.

When: 19th January or 23rd March from 5:00 – 6:30pm GMT

Cost:  £40


MBSR (Mindfulness based Stress reduction) 8 week course

The mindfulness-based stress reduction course is an established 8-week program, its efficacy proven by numerous studies. It’s hosted through secure and interactive online zoom conferencing.

The course is run by qualified coach and mindfulness teacher Roger Hunt, founder of Alder Tree Mindfulness. For more information about Alder Tree Mindfulness, please visit our website at

This 8 session program will give you all you need to develop your own practice of mindfulness and to learn how to respond differently to the stressors in life through:

    • A range of formal and informal mindfulness practices
    • Having a greater understanding of stress and self regulation techniques in order to manage the challenges of life and responses.
    • Developing self care techniques and resilience
    • Learning how we can be more mindful in our relationships, aiding communication and connections.
    • Recognising patterns of stress and worry and learn skills to relate to this with kindness and acceptance.

The course provides recorded meditations for home practice and your mindfulness teacher will be available in between sessions should any questions arise.

Course information and a booklet will be issued pre-start and full instructions will be issued prior to the course start. A short pre -assessment form will be required to be completed prior to starting the course.

On completion you will receive a 16 hours CPD Certificate issued on completion and includes a half-day online retreat

Dates: Monday evenings 7 – 9pm GMT on the following dates – 22/02/21, 01/03/21, 08/03/21, 15/03/21, 22/03/21, 29/03/21, 05/04/21, 12/04/21 and the half-day online retreat takes place on the 27/03/21

Cost: £195. There are a number of reduced fee spaces available for low pay and unwaged, please contact us at for more information.


Neals Yard Online Superfoods – Gut Health Workshop

Come and join us in our Zoom virtual classroom and explore with us the benefits of superfoods and how to easily integrate them into your daily life. Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods, rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids, that offer a powerful way to improve diet and optimise health and vitality.

The workshops cover:

  • Superfoods and their benefits
  • How they can boost your diet, health and vitality
  • How to prepare dishes with superfoods – with tasty recipes to try at home

The Gut Health workshop will explore:

  • The journey of digestion
  • Signs/symptoms that indicate your gut flora may be out of balance
  • How to use diet and superfoods to support a healthy gut
  • Practical advice on how to incorporate superfoods into your daily diet

Date: 24th January 10:00 – 11:30am and March 21st 10:00 – 11:30am.

Cost: £40


Suryalila Cyber Yoga Retreat

We are thrilled to announce our first ever cyber retreat at Suryalila! The retreat is ongoing and you can join us any time. Led by Senior Yoga teacher Vidya Heisel and our team of talented Suryalila Yoga Teachers.

Join us for a full daily schedule of live streaming meditations, a diverse range of yoga classes, and philosophy lectures. Relive the experience of being on retreat at Suryalila with six diverse yoga, meditation and philosophy classes daily.

We pledge to bring you outstanding quality yoga classes, meditations, yoga nidra, and yoga philosophy lectures. You will be able to join in the comfort of your own home. All classes are streamed live via Zoom from the Moon Shala at Suryalila.

Date: Ongoing. Join anytime.

Cost: Month Unlimited €120 / Week Unlimited €55


Yoga Central – Four Seasons ‘At Home’ Online Yoga Retreat

Treat yourself to a restorative and replenishing yoga retreat from the comfort of your home. Guided by highly experienced yoga teacher, Michelle Carvill, during this afternoon retreat you’ll explore Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Breath work (pranayama), Meditation and a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra.

Whilst the afternoon will flow (and fly by), Michelle has built in time to allow for questions and rest breaks between each session – so your ‘at home’ retreat is replenishing and relaxing.

Date: 17th January 2 – 5.30pm GMT

Cost: £35


The 40-day journey to joy at home retreat programme 

Lovingly created by Trish Whelan, this online programme presents a potent journey of transformation – leading you on a journey back to your soul, through daily yoga practices filmed on the magical island of Ibiza.

A world first, The 40-Day Journey To Joy At Home Retreat Programme fuses the technology of QR codes with ancient Kundalini Yoga techniques to give readers the ultimate, empowering, self-care experience that can be accessed from anywhere.

Start and complete at any time and have access to all content to enjoy at your own pace.

The online programme includes:

      • 40 daily Kundalini Meditations, Yoga Classes, Kriyas and Playlists accessed by a QR code
      • Deeply healing meditations
      • Life hacks to make you feel more vibrant
      • Lifetime access to all of the content
      • Stunning photography of inspirational destinations in Ibiza and worldwide
      • Access to weekly LIVE online healing circles with Trish

Date: Join anytime

Cost: €80


7 day at-home online yoga retreat with Summersalt Yoga

In light of the current global events and uncertainty, we’re beyond lucky that we can contribute to making enduring it all a little easier. With yoga, of course.

Yoga is a powerful practice that can truly create a change within. A retreat is defined as a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.

This at-home yoga retreat is designed to help you rest, relax, and rejuvenate through the practices of yoga and meditation all within the comfort of your own home. By combining these two practices, you can feel like a new, realigned person in just 7 days.

Yoga is a powerful practice that can truly affect change within. A retreat is defined as a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.

Filmed on location on the gorgeous island of Vis, Croatia, you’ll be swept away to another land as you practice.

This retreat is designed for all levels. Offering you well-rounded, safe, and fun yoga practices, we will touch on all areas of the body to create both strength and flexibility and we will delve into the inner workings of the mind to help you find peace within.

Enjoy the picturesque scenery, practice self-care, and soothe your body and mind with this 7-day retreat. Find balance, strength, and flexibility both physically and mentally. Reset yourself in your own space and on your own time to find peace within. Fill yourself with love and realign with your best self to feel balanced and whole.

Date: Sign up anytime. You will receive the course in your email inbox.

Cost: Free


Online Aromatherapy for Skin Workshop

Come and join us in our Zoom virtual classroom and explore with us the benefits of Aromatherapy. Stress, worry, pollution, lack of sleep and poor diet can all have an impact on the appearance of our skin and skin health. Establishing a good skin care routine and making our own skin care products using pure and organic ingredients such as herbs and essential oils can aid with the elimination of toxins and improve the appearance of the skin.

The workshop will explore:
• the properties of 5 essential oils for skin
• how aromatherapy can help with good skin health
• basic aromatherapy application techniques
• further advice on how to improve skin health and appearance

This workshop is suitable for those who would like to get started using essential oils to improve skin health or those who have already attended our 1-day Introduction to Aromatherapy course and would like to expand their knowledge of essential oils.

When/date: 6th February 10:00 – 11:30am & 27th March 10:00 – 11:30am

Cost: £40


Retreat Yourself with Elemental Yoga

A 7-day online program to guide you through your very own Home-Retreat and Spring Cleanse. Bringing the love, support and connection of a healing retreat right into your home! Self-care is one of the most loving gifts you can offer yourself. Healing and rebalancing happen when you take time out of your busy life to nourish and nurture your body, mind and spirit.

It’s a flexible program that respects each individuals’ personal needs and is based on nourishing and nurturing yourself from a place of love. You can join whenever you like and flow through your home-retreat in your own time.

The cleanse is a holistic and gentle way to detoxify your organs, heal imbalances and restore vitality. For seven days we will journey through the main cleansing systems of the body: starting with a Colon Reset, followed by a liver and gallbladder detox, an immunity boost and finishing with a day of full body rebalancing.

You will be fully supported through your journey with self-care practices (yoga classes for each body system, healing meditation and self-massage) a beautiful e-Book with detailed information on holistic cleansing, daily menus and all recipes, receive a private call to answer any personal questions, daily emails of encouragement and moments of reflection to bring deeper awareness to your Home Retreat.

Cleansing not just the physical body, but also helping detoxify the emotional and spiritual bodies while receiving support during a time of isolation. This program is flexible to follow in your own time and start whenever you like.

Date: This program is flexible to follow in your own time and start whenever you like.

Cost: €150 (normally €300)


Azulfit Relax & Recharge retreat

Join us to connect and reset as we guide you through a retreat experience from the comfort of your own home. With inspiring live yoga and Pilates sessions, recipes, instructional videos and expert support along the way, this home retreat package is everything you need to stay vibrant, connected and inspired, bringing a little piece of paradise and retreat life into your own home. Guided by our amazing instructors.

Upcoming dates:

Fri 1 – 3 Jan New Year Retreat

Fri 8 – 10 Jan New Year Retreat

Fri 22 – 24 Jan Yoga & Pilates Retreat

Fri 5 – 7 Feb Yoga & Pilates Retrea

Weekend Retreats include:

      • Rejuvenate and recharge from home, supported by the Azulfit team
      • Interactive – meet and connect with like minded souls, from the comfort of home.
        Live Zoom classes guided by world-class Azulfit teachers
      • 6 Yoga and Pilates sessions on demand to suit your time, mood and physical needs + 2 full length practices + 3 bonus sessions​
      • E-cookbook and how to prep videos with lifetime access
      • Exclusive access to an online support community

Live classes take place Friday evening; Saturday morning and evening and Sunday morning and evening. Please contact us for exact timings. Recordings will be provided for any missed live sessions. Please contact us for the 1 Day Immersion discount code!

Cost: Weekend Retreat $147 / Weekend Retreat + Cookbook Top selling ‘Truly Healthy, Truly Delicious’ Retreat Cookbook $197 (special offer of $147 with the cookbook until the 30th of September).


The Appetite Doctor Online Retreat

Change how you feel and act around food: #1 of The Appetite Doctor Online Retreats with Dr Helen McCarthy, The Appetite Doctor.

Do you find it hard to stick to a diet? Do you find it difficult to get motivated to make the effort to lose weight? Do you find part of you wants to lose weight whilst another part can’t be bothered and just wants to enjoy food?

This is the first in a series of one-day retreats to help you change your relationship with food. I’ll help you understand why it’s normal to revert to old patterns of eating, and what the science of habit change tells us about how we can keep on track forming new behaviours and beliefs.

You’ll see that it’s not because you’re weak and it’s more to do with what diet you have chosen to follow and whether underneath it all you have mixed feelings about losing weight.

We will use up to date, fun exercises to help you strengthen your motivation and discover strengths you didn’t know you had. You’ll learn how to tap in to positive energy within you, to overcome the self-sabotage that has held you back before.

By the end of the day you’ll understand better the blocks that held you back before, and have practical strategies to tune in to and use your positive desire for change.

Dr Helen McCarthy is a best selling author of How to Retrain your Appetite and Consultant Clinical Psychologist with 30 years’ experience helping people change unhelpful patterns of feeling, thinking and acting. She is holding a series of four 1-day online retreats for you to come together to think about and learn ways of developing a new relationship with food.

Most people know what and how they “should” be eating, but we all know that nutritional knowledge isn’t the whole story. For many of us the blocks to losing weight or achieving a happier relationship with food are psychological. Whether that’s because we struggle to maintain our initial motivation, lack willpower, struggle with cravings or emotional eating, the issues that keep us stuck are emotional or mental blocks.

Using practical strategies and techniques from the field of Clinical Psychology, Dr Helen McCarthy helps people change their unhelpful eating habits for good.

Date: Friday 15th January 9:30am – 4pm GMT.

Cost: £90


Setting up your home space

We recommend the following props to turn your home space into a tranquil sanctuary.

      • Yoga Mat
      • Yoga Strap
      • Bolster
      • Bricks
      • Blanket
      • Meditation Cushion
      • Journal
      • Candles
      • Essential oils
      • Eye pillow

You can purchase these items in our new Wellness Travel Shop here.

For the latest wellness inspiration follow us on Instagram @soulseedtravelGet in touch with our retreat advisors to help you find, discover and book your perfect retreat.