Recommended Yoga and Pilates combination Retreats

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Yoga and pilates are both sophisticated systems of integrative exercise with a lot in common. The six pilates principles: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow, could easily be used to describe the principles of many kinds of yoga as well. Both disciplines are also integrative and associated with stress reduction and increased wellbeing.

Pilates and yoga are also quite different from each other, and it is in the differences that we find many of the complimentary aspects of the two that make them such a great team. Explore the benefits of practicing both together on of these recommended yoga and pilates combination retreats.

Yoga and Pilates Retreat by the Sea, Spain

Dates: 24 – 29 September (2020), 13 – 18 May, 10 – 15 June (2021)

Join us for a 5 night Yoga and Pilates retreat by the sea and immerse yourself in gorgeous sunshine, big open blue skies, fresh sea air, beach time and feast on delicious healthy food.

Plus, super experienced yoga and pilates teachers will help you open, lengthen, quieten and strengthen your body with two classes a day with time in between to explore this stunningly beautiful area with the optional biking, hiking, horse trekking or simply relax by the pool with a great book and soak up the sun’s rays.

Based at a 300 year old olive farm – now a 4* country house hotel – set in acres of orange & olive groves near the sea. This peaceful setting is the perfect base to get away from your normal routine and get a fresh perspective on life.

Whether you’re a keen beginner or have a regular yoga or Pilates practice, this retreat will meet you where you are with small groups of 12 and classes for beginners and intermediates/advanced plus workshops to help progress and deepen your practice.

There’ll be plenty of opportunity to get outside and be in nature too with a guided hike, bike ride, horse trek, visits to the beach, take part in a Spanish cookery workshop, rest by the pool or enjoy pampering therapies.

And don’t worry, these retreats are super relaxed. So if there is a morning where you want to sleep in, please do. If there’s an afternoon you would stay longer by the pool and skip class, that’s ok! Whatever you feel you need, please do.


Pilates Connect – Pilates and Yoga Retreat in Bali

Dates: 2nd – 8th February

This is where it all started! In Bali back in 2010. Come and celebrate our 10-year retreat anniversary with us at Desa Seni. Join us for a delicious week of Pilates and Yoga, for a reunion of friends and family, for an opportunity to unleash your ‘Life in Movement’.

Mareile Paley, Tash Barnard and a few more of our favourite teachers will lead a retreat to remember. Spots are limited, so sign up early for your spot in your authentic Balinese Villa. This retreat is one of our most popular, even amongst our teachers! Every two years we return to the island of gods for our Bali fix.

Exercise besides, of course there will be plenty of time to explore the natural and cultural wonders of Bali itself, be it the beaches, the temples, an evening walk through the rice fields or the creative bustle of Ubud’s shop-lined alleys.


Yoga, Gyrokinesis & Pilates Retreat in Paros, Greece

Dates: 10th – 16th October

We created this retreat just for you. Lots of delicious body movement brought to you by our senior teachers Anja Kursaweand Miriam Friedrich-Honorio. Our days will consist of several movement classes – Pilates, Yoga and Gyrokinesis, mixed with private one-on-one sessions and enough time to enjoy the wind, the sea and for you to just be you!

Fall in love with Paros, just like we did, on our first visit. Being nature and outdoor lovers, we found the perfect retreat location that gives you that sense of complete freedom right by the beach. We secretly call this retreat our ‘feel good’ retreat, as we invite you on this exploration of your body and mind.

You will be in the hands of three wonderful teachers who have found their calling in working on a deep level. Anja will lead us through her unique and very special Pilates and Yoga classes, while Miriam will introduce us to the three-dimensional movements of Gyrokinesis®. Mareile, your host, will ensure your well-being and offer private sessions.

Paros is one of the Cyclades most traditional islands. Situated in the Aegean Sea and small enough to be explored in a day, it is best known for its beaches and traditional villages. Think with whitewashed sugar houses, paved streets and blue-domed churches, the perfect place for a quintessential Greek retreat.


Join us on the sun-blessed island of Fuerteventura, with epic sand dunes rolling down into the turquoise ocean, breathtaking white-sand beaches and dramatic volcanic sunsets.

More than just a holiday, we are here to support you in your wellbeing journey, making you feel at ease from the moment you arrive. Relax and revitalise at one of Europe’s leading yoga and pilates retreats in the Canary Islands.

Open our hearts, move mindfully and share the stoke! Join yoga revolutionary and Yogi Bare founder Kat Pither and Pilates afficionado Jamie Isaac as they invite us all to discover the element of flow within and without, and leap positively with two feet into life and the ocean.

Daily yoga and Pilates will revitalise and restore, and guide us towards living as our most vibrant, happiest self. All seamlessly designed to prepare or nourish us with the daily activities in mind.


Refreshing Yoga and Pilates Holiday in Dalyan, Turkey

Dates: Open from May – October

Come and join us for an exclusive Yoga and Pilates retreat in Dalyan, Turkey. Dalyan is an ideal destination for escaping from the stress of daily life. With the resorts natural surroundings, this retreat is the perfect place to re-energise yourself.

Discover the healing benefits of relaxation, meditation, and chanting in the tranquil part of Turkey. With the resorts natural surroundings, this retreat is the perfect place to reenergise yourself.

The town of Dalyan is located on the Turquoise coast in southern Turkey. Dalyan is well known thanks to its proximity to the famous Iztuzu Beach where the endangered Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta Caretta) lay their eggs, the beach and surrounding area is protected. The beach can be reached by minibus or by a relaxing boat ride on the Dalyan Canal.

As well as the loggerhead turtles, Dalyan is also home to the largest population of the soft-shelled Nile turtles (Trionyx triunguis). The wetland areas are home to many migrating birds and storks nest all over the area. Steeped in history, Dalyan is overlooked by ancient Lycian Rock Tombs which are the last resting places of the Kings of Kaunos, meanwhile, the Dalyan Canal weaves its way past the village on its way from Köyceğiz Lake to the beach.

Across the canal, you will find the ruins of the city of Kaunos with a Roman theatre, fortifications, basilica, and many other sites to be seen. Dalyan itself has strict building regulations which allow them to keep the traditional feeling in the village. Traditionally a fishing village, the village has a warm welcome for visitors.

The Saturday market is a joy to shop at, from the best quality fake designer wear to fresh vegetables and of course a plentiful collection of local spices and teas as a working market you will shop alongside tourists and locals alike.


Retreat in Ibiza: Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Wellness

Dates: 3rd – 10th October

What would it mean to you to live your life with a deep sense of inner peace; to feel connected to yourself, nature and those around you, to feel balanced in all areas of your life; to feel deeply accepted for who you are; to ignite a deep passion of your inner most purpose for being alive; to be in harmony in your inner world; to connect to a deeper love for yourself; to find your voice; to celebrate all of life; to be able to show your beautiful true colours to the world?

What if I told you that all these things are not only possible, but is your right to experience? Our team of beautiful, warm hearted wellness experts not only have incredible knowledge and skills, they have used everything they know to transform their own life in to peace, harmony, balance, connectedness, purposefulness and joy.

Real life walking success stories with a passion to share. There is not one formula for life that we teach, we teach you how to connect to what is right for you, your own truth, as a beautiful, unique and wonderful human being.

From yoga to Pilates, nature hikes to pampering, transformative workshops to creative art workshops, meditation to dancing cacao ceremonies, there is something for everyone.


Rejuvenating Yoga and Pilates in Fuerteventura

Dates: Open all year round

Join us year round on the sun-blessed island of Fuerteventura, with epic sand dunes rolling down into the turquoise ocean, breathtaking white-sand beaches and dramatic volcanic sunsets.

More than just a holiday, we are here to support you in your wellbeing journey, making you feel at ease from the moment you arrive. Relax and revitalise at one of Europe’s leading yoga and pilates retreats in the Canary Islands.

Stretch and strengthen your body and mind and bring yourself back into balance with a unique blend of yoga, pilates and meditation. Enjoy mouthwatering vegetarian meals, holistic massages and stunning sunsets over the volcanoes.

Our seven night Yoga and Pilates retreats run every week from Saturday to Saturday. They are designed to help reduce stress, improve fitness and vitality and most importantly take time for you. Perfect for all levels from beginner to advanced practitioners.



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