Retreat Of The Week: Weekend Escape Hiking & Yoga Escape, Dikastika

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Are you looking for a weekend away from everything, and perhaps everyone? Join us for a weekend escape from the 16th -18th of October, and feel refreshed, renewed and supercharged. Where better to forget about your busy city life than sea and mountains. The perfect social distancing exercise. Low numbers, high quality.

We are located amid the raw, wild beauty of Dikastika, with expansive views on the Mediterranean. Very close to the historic Marathon, come and experience the true spirit of Greece, the wild olive trees perched along the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the sweet smell of Jasmine and the explosion of colour from the beautiful bougainvilleas that embellish the landscape.​

​We offer you something exceptional, a luxury fitness holiday that will invigorate your life and the way you live it. There is no level of fitness required, we modify our program when needed, allowing everyone to work as a team and put the finishing touches in together.

Regardless of whether you have just completed an Iron Man or are struggling to take your first steps into fitness you will be challenged, motivated and rejuvenated!

We are not going to starve you, make you do endless sit-ups or other tedious exercises. What we will do, is show you hikes of breathtaking beauty which are suitable for all ages and abilities.

And feed you with delicious organic wholesome food – lots of it. And show you how some exercises produce results for you – just for you. None of our program is compulsory – however, none of our clients leave any of it out.

We offer an authentic, no nonsense wellness weekend. Guests experience amazing panoramic views of Athens and its surroundings that most Athenians haven’t seen, historic places that are off the tourist trail.

We ensure that guests do not have to make any decision (other than whether they want tea or coffee in the morning) giving them the possibility to truly switch off for a couple of days.

Our programme is based on studies of Blue Zone where it has been proven that people live healthier, longer and more active lives.

Blue Zone is a term given to geographic regions where people have shown to live longer, and have lower rates of disease than anywhere else. One of the Blue Zones is found on Ikaria, an island in Greece. Read more.