The Best Online Yoga and Mindfulness Classes For Kids

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Last Updated on November 5, 2020 by Editor

Whether your children have never tried yoga before or they’re a pro on their mat, we’ve done some research and put together a list of some the best classes on the internet by zoom, live broadcast and on demand.

Yoga Sprites

Yoga Sprites was borne of the desire to provide our community’s youth with an empowered and confident experience while learning and developing, using yoga and mindfulness.

Yoga Sprites aligns sessions by age and grade to reach children at each milestone developmentally. Our empathic approach to elevating and illuminating our children for best, is brought on by our proactive, stimulating, positive nature!It is a privilege for Yoga Sprites creators and teachers to convey this influence on children. We are integral… And from this, we nurture and thrive in our efforts.

We offer live stream classes 5 days a week. These classes are complementary classes offered by one of four Yoga Sprites teachers to help support your child and family adjust to the learning environment, to satisfy the need to stimulating exercise and wellness, and to re-establish the connection we have shared with the students, engaging using Yoga, Mindfulness, Creative Story telling, Themed sequencing and Breathing exercises.

Cost: September sprites’ series 30 minute virtual live sessions are complimentary.


Kind Kids Yoga

Introducing yoga into a young child’s life can mean that you give your child the start they need to manage emotions, develop cognitive function, balance, focus during school, build confidence, Self-esteem and most importantly, love and kindness for themselves and others.

We offer online classes for ages 5 to 13. During a Kind Kids session, we begin by sharing a moment of gratitude for the day and all those who are in it. We learn important yet fun breathing methods (pranayama) which set the tone for the rest of the class and week!

We learn yoga movements (asanas) which are done with a fun story, to provoke awareness of our body, build flexibility, strength and release physical and emotional tension from the body. Various yoga and mindfulness games are played each week focusing on different elements of yoga philosophy, this is sometimes combined with arts and crafts.

To end the session we lay down into our savasana, where the children are guided on a meditation which allows them to drift into their own imagination.

Join the online subscription to take part in various different styles of yoga, yoga for different times of the day and therapeutic yoga. You can also take part in meditations, mindfulness activities and lots of emotional regulation tools to learn from the comfort of your own home at any time of the day.

Cost:  Private online via zoom £15 hour / yoga online subscription £7.77 each month


The Inner Space

The Inner Space is a small business located in Ontario, Canada. Its founder, Tanya Porter, has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years. She has developed numerous programs for kids and youth and has worked in school and hospital settings, as well as teaching custom programs and her own yoga classes locally.

During this unusual time, Tanya is offering online classes through Zoom for children and teens to explore powerful self-care tools interactively! Kids can practice mindfulness and yoga during COVID-19, and learn ways to deal with anxiety and face this challenging time.

There are two options available:

1. Designed for Kids ages 8-11, Kids Yoga Adventures is a program designed as a playful adventure story or game with a different theme each class. The kids practice yoga poses within the story or game structure and are encouraged to approach various joys and challenges with curiosity, inquiry, positive thought and clear communication. This class is offered weekly on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm EST.

2. Designed for Teens ages 12-16+, the Empowering Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth allow your teens to build confidence and coordination in their growing bodies, as well as cultivate mental focus, curiosity, self-inquiry, positive thought, good boundaries and clear communication within a safe and communal online environment where independent practice and social interactivity are both encouraged. This class is offered weekly on Thursdays at 4:30 pm EST.

Classes begin the week of Sep 15 (and run until the week of Dec 14).

Cost: Both classes are $12 CAD per class (plus applicable taxes), but the fees can be pro-rated for new participants who join after the first week. The total pro-rated fee should be paid upfront.


Butterfly Kids Yoga

Butterfly Kids Yoga offers families unlimited access to on demand yoga and mindfulness. Customized by age group for kids of all ages, from young children to teens. Choose from full length and express classes, and even yoga for the classroom. New classes are added every week and you can even save your favorite classes in “My List”.

Our classes are trusted and effective, offering active movement, stretching, breathing and stress relief for kids. Families get access to all classes, all ages, with one family subscription. “My kids LOVE this program, thank you!” ~ Butterfly Kids Yoga subscriber

Cost: 7 days for free! And just US $20 a month afterwards (use code SOUL)


Lil Sharks Yoga

Lil Sharks Yoga combines the power of your child’s imagination with yoga to take your children on adventures. We have an expansive on-demand library of kids yoga adventures, with more being added every week. We also have live Zoom calls twice a month, so we can go on an adventure together! And for the parents, we have yoga classes just for you in our expansive library as well

Lil Sharks Yoga is an amazing way to introduce your kids to yoga! Lil Sharks yoga sends your children on a trip in their imagination as we go on fun adventures told by yoga poses in every class!

For ages 3-10, the Lil Sharks Yoga patreon page will be for your kids to have on-demand access to live and pre-recorded yoga classes, kids meditations, mindful games and crafts, and healthy kid-friendly recipes.

You will also receive exclusive discount codes for the Lil Sharks Surf Shop and access to new products before they go live in the store.

Cost: Our membership featuring the on-demand library is USD $15/month, and the live classes are free for members!


Namaste Yogis

Namaste Yogis specialises in teaching yoga to children from preschool to high school age online and face to face for families, Early Learning Centres, Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools.

Yoga is proven to be effective in helping children manage their mental health and wellbeing. Yoga can help children self-regulate their emotions, instil a sense of calmness as well as grounding to help children build resilience, optimism and self-confidence. This helps children deal with change, while also improving their physical strength and flexibility.

Our classes use specific children’s yoga therapy poses, using meridian line therapy techniques as well as traditional yoga poses. These helps address specific issues such as stress & anxiety, depression, diabetes, digestion, focus and concentration, weight management, whilst also building strong backs and healthy lungs.

Classes and Packages: We offer kids yoga (preschool, primary school, tweens and teens), adults yoga and family yoga (child and parents). We offer private classes for schools, ELCs, Councils and Corporates. We also run ISO Kids Yoga Birthday parties.

Classes are held interactively via Zoom for families. Schools and ELC – sessions can be held via Zoom or a platform of your choice.

Cost:  New Yogis: Trial classes free kids yoga, AUD $5 family yoga / Weekly Yogis: Kids Yoga: $12 for 1 class, $90 for a 10 class pass. Family Yoga: $27 for 1 class, $125 for 5 passes / The Dedicated Yogi: $60 per month for a family membership giving unlimited access to all our classes


Yoga Darlings

Yoga Darlings offers a home yoga membership for children (3-10) and their grown ups! By joining the monthly membership, you receive weekly emails with stunning yoga posters and links to the matching online yoga classes, yoga game classes and guided mindfulness classes.

Classes range from 5 minutes to 25 minutes and are based on monthly themes. We have found that yoga, meditation and mindfulness brings the most magic into our children’s lives when practised regularly. That is why we have created the Yoga Darlings membership. This is your home yoga journey, to experience calm together as a family.

Every month we release a new class theme. The yoga sequence is designed around that theme, and will take your children on a fun journey as they move their bodies.

In a nutshell, each month you receive:

  • Access to the online family yoga classes
  • 5 beautiful, frame worthy, kids yoga posters, to download and print at home
  • An invitation to join the members-only facebook group

Yoga Darlings Members have access to the current library of online classes.

Cost: Membership is just $14.95 (AUD) per month.


Wildflower Wellbeing

Wildflower Wellbeing is ran by yoga teacher Valerie who completed her training in the Pink Buddha Mindfulness program, as well as the Zenergy Kids Yoga Foundation and Advanced Teaching Courses,.

Due to the lockdown in Melbourne our classes are online until restrictions are lifted. We offer them on Tuesdays 4:00-4:45pm (Melbourne time) for children of ages 5 and up.

During this unprecedented time, children will get the chance to stop, breathe, and process their emotions. through yoga and meditation. In this weekly class, children will be left feeling calmer, with tools to equip them for life in a Covid world.

Wildflower Wellbeing believes in the importance of celebrating the natural beauty that lies within everyone. In embracing our own unique and wild individuality we can truly let our light shine through.

Cost: $10 per family


Shorty Yoga

Shorty is Los Angeles’ first all-kids, all-yoga studio. No clowns, no mascots. Just dope kids doing downward dog. Shorty continues to be the place and incredible community to bring you and your kiddos all that joy, chill and awesomeness virtually.

You can find out about the different types of classes we offer here. Moving forward, we hope you’ll join us in one of the following ways:

Virtual group classes
+ 45 minute Shorty group class experience in the comfort of your own home
+ easy connect through Zoom
+ $15 per session

Virtual private sessions
+ 45 minute private sessions (Kid Yoga, Mamastay and Big Shorties available)
+ $75 per session (or for a semi-private session with friends in a different household, just +$10 per additional family/Zoom login)
+ flexible scheduling, available weekdays and weekends


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