Healthy Online Cooking Classes – Get Creative & Organised in the Kitchen!

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This is a great time to learn how to cook or boost your existing cooking skills at home. We’ve put together this list of delicious healthy cooking classes to help you get creative and organised in the kitchen.

Take yourself on a global gastronomic journey and choose a course or two to get your teeth stuck into (literally). You never know, you may end up on next years Master Chef. Bon appetit!


Natalina Teaches you How to Cook Like an Italian in Your Kitchen

Natalina’s created a step-by-step instructional course that will get you cooking like an Italian Mamma in no time! Developed with insights from teaching hundreds of students in her hands-on Cooking School, she will teach you how easy it is to prepare delicious Italian Classics in your kitchen.

Each recipe has downloadable Ingredients and Equipment Lists, Full of instructions and Natalina also includes some alternatives for creating some recipes with different ingredients to change their flavour profiles. We recommend the Light and menu course for a healthy choice.

Natalina’s Home Kitchen becomes your personal classroom. She teaches you the techniques & tips for creating delicious Classic Italian Favourites. You press play and stop as you need to and follow along with your own personal teacher.

Natalina provides extra recipes within each course, including learning materials such as selecting top quality ingredients, complete menu plans and timing schedules for each course and throughout the entire program. All materials are Downloadable and Printable.

Cost: There are two free courses for pizza and pasta with unlimited usage when signed up and available as long as the course exists. Plus five other menus to choose from for $15 each.


Classic Vegan Italian

Learn to make delicious and authentic Italian recipes in a completely vegan way. Taught by experienced chef Alberto from Tuscany.

Prepare healthy and flavourful recipes at home. You will learn the basics of making classic Italian dishes right at home, from pizza, pasta, pesto to soups, salads, deserts and more. Get to know the essential flavours and little secrets that make your dishes stand out.

Receive your Vegan Classic Italian certification – Get your certificate of completion after having taken all of the classes and quizzes. Become an expert at preparing and creating your own authentic Italian dishes at home.

Learning to prepare Italian salads, soups, and stews can be a simple and tasty way to incorporate more healthy vegetables into your diet.

And you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen because most Italian dishes are made in almost no time. Italian recipes are easily and quickly prepared with a selection of essential ingredients.

Rediscover the taste of Italy completely plant-based – Imagine standing at your kitchen counter, flour on your hands, and kneading a soft ball of dough until it becomes stronger, then rolling it flat and covering it with your homemade Pomodoro sauce.

Not much longer, and your family is sitting impatiently around the dinner table as you walk in with your freshly made pizza, a smell of thyme and rosemary in the air.

Before you can even place the plate on the table, everyone has already grabbed a slice and you can see their eyes light up as they enjoy each bite.

For dessert, you’ll serve a beautiful glass of panna cotta covered in a fruity strawberry sauce, and a piece of sweet focaccia covered in grape juice.

You have become an expert in making Italian dishes, all of them completely vegan. When you spend time with your loved ones, your wonderful food brings all of you even closer.

Cost: 12-Month Membership $250 USD.  Single Course lifetime access $197 USD.



Ylenia Sambati is a Travel Advisor in Puglia and Founder/Cooking Instructor at Cookinpuglia, specialising in Italian Healthy food. She teaches cooking as a full body and soul experience with dishes crossing the best of Italian Cucina Povera with simple and affordable food.

A no-waste philosophy is central to her style of cooking by showing how to cook everyday authentic, healthy Italian food. Ylenia also organises yoga and cooking retreats in Salento and culinary trips to Italy.

Da Cucina a Cucina program offers a two hour workshops for up to 6 people, via Zoom and Skype in the comfort of your kitchen with every day classes.

The class is designed for everyone who wants to enjoy a cooking class at home, having a great time learning the authentic Italian cuisine. The class can be in Italian, English or both languages, informative and easygoing enough that you’ll have fun while you learn.

Your instructor will contact you to select the dishes and provide information and shopping list for the ingredients. As well as helping you cooking, Ylenia also shares facts and information about health and nutrition.

Classes are run daily, morning and afternoon sessions, based on your taste, necessity and preferred schedule. Find Italian recipes and cooking basics that will build your confidence whether you’re a complete novice or a kitchen pro, there’s something for everyone at her Cookinpuglia Cooking School.

Once you make a reservation, an email is sent to you with the confirmed date of the class, the menu and the shopping list. You can take as many classes as you like: one or even more per week, all at your own pace. Ylenia will contact you to create a very personalised cooking class.

Cost: From €40 per person with special rates for private groups of 6.


Antonella Cooking Experiences

Two times a week I will connect my Florentine kitchen with yours, wherever you are in the world. We will cook together in small parties of 4-5 people.

In all my lessons, the food is made from scratch. I will share recipes, techniques, and stories for you to savour. You can decide if you want to cook and taste the dish along with me, or watch and learn, saving the meal for a family gathering.

The risotto is probably one of my favourite dish. The combination of shrimps, orange zest and saffron is magic. During the class you will learn how to make homemade broth, essential for a good risotto.

A quick and delicious cake with ricotta will complete this elegant and naturally gluten free meal. I’m also available for one-on-one mentoring.

You can send me an email to and you will receive the current classes schedule.

To reserve your spot you can send just and email to the same address and you can pay easily using PayPal.  You will receive a voucher with a list of the ingredients and tools you need to join the class ( if a class require special kitchen equipments that can’t be substitute you find the note on the schedule, so you know it before reserving you class)

The day of the class you will receive a zoom link to join me.

Cost: €40 – duration 1 – 1 ½ hours


Cooking classes by Let’s Cook in Umbria

Live online cooking classes with Raffaella in the comfort of your kitchen. You will meet me on your smartphone or using a webcam on your computer. We will cook together and you can ask me questions during the cooking whenever you are confused or curious. Joining in my live online cooking class is like having me in your kitchen with you as you cook.

What you need: A portable device with a camera, audio and broadband internet connection. Download and install the Zoom Application ( I will send you instructions).

In the class the participants get to prepare from scratch a three course meal under my instruction: appetiser, first course, and dessert. The length of the class is from two to two and a half hours, even if the time is flexible following the requests of the participants.

After you book your cooking class you will receive by email copies of the recipes, the list of the ingredients and of the required kitchen tools. I offer my assistance to find ingredients and tools. I will send you instructions on how to download and install Zoom Application. I will send you the Zoom invite for our Zoom Cooking class.

During the Online Cooking Class – On the agreed day and time we will meet in the Zoom Cooking class and we will cook together our menu; you have the opportunity to talk with me, ask questions and have real time support.

Cost: €50. The maximum number of tickets in each class is 5. If you want to reserve a Private Class for your group of friends buy 5 tickets and contact me to choose your menu and starting time.


Cooking Classes with Veronality

The idea to create online cooking classes was born from the desire of staying together. We thought that the best way to satisfy this need was to do it in the Italian way: cooking. Our team of local chefs thought that in this uncertain time was necessary to focus on what is stable and certain: our food traditions that are part of our culture.

Before this crisis they shared every day their knowledge with people coming from all over the world, showing them the same things their grandma taught them and leading them to discover the incredible gastronomic culture of our country. Now, during this difficult time, they don’t want to stop to spread their passion and so we decided to create these online experiences.

During these activities the participants have the possibility not only to learn how to make some traditional recipes but also to e-meet new people coming from all over the world and share with them their passion for the good food.

These online classes are for a small group of maximum 10 people so the chefs can have a one-to-one interaction, talk directly to the participants and personalise the experience.

We designed these classes starting from the specialisation of each chef: Cristina was born in Verona and she’s a professional Chef and Sommelier. She wrote some books about Italian cuisine which are focused on traditional dishes; Alex is Spanish expert chef and he lives in Verona. He’s passionate and he’s expert about traditional Spanish dishes like Paella and Tapas.

As the tradition says, the best meal is home-cooked! So we thought to offer different activities to give the possibility to choose between different recipes, more simple or more challenging, depending on the interests: Online Ravioli fresh pasta class, Online Risotto making class; Online Basil Pesto with Trofie pasta class; Online authentic Tiramisu making class, Online Spanish Tapas class and Online Spanish Paella making class.

Our online cooking classes are available once or twice a week at different times to let people leaving in different time zones to access easily.

  • The Online Ravioli fresh pasta cooking class is available on Thursday at 9:30 AM and Saturday at 5:00 PM (UTC + 2 time)
  • The Online Risotto making class is available on Tuesday at 10:00 PM and Friday at 5:00 PM (UTC + 2 time)
  • The Basil Pesto and Trofie pasta class is available on Thursday at 5:00 PM (UTC + 2 time)
  • The Tiramisu making class is available on Wednesday at 5:00 PM and Saturday at 9:30 AM (UTC + 2 time) Th
  • Spanish Tapas class is available on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 PM (UTC + 2 time)
  • The Spanish Paella class is available on Sunday at 11:00 AM (UTC + 2 time)

Cost: The price for these online activities is €19 per person and they are available on our website in the “online experiences” section.


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Food for all the family

Get Cooking with Anne Marie

Anne Marie’s classes are suitable for all ages and aim to bring people together through food. Her philosophy is to start with real ingredients and create something tasty with them. Recipes are provided but she encourages her attendees to think about how they can be adapted to what is actually in our cupboards and in season.

Her emphasis on economical and easy to make food that all the family will enjoy with a sustainable approach to cooking.

Anne Marie teaches a wide range of cooking lessons from healthy comfort food to indulgent baking. The majority of her lessons are vegetarian and vegan (albeit a few with tweaks).

Lessons start at £10 an hour and are live and interactive. Anne Marie also provides bespoke lessons for groups of individuals and provides health and wellbeing cooking classes for work colleagues to enable them to have some fun and learn new skills while working from home. Click here for the current schedule.


Ciara’s Kitchen 

Over 10 years ago Ciara established Ciara’s Kitchen, a small but busy cooking school in the beautiful Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Here she runs in-house cooking demonstrations all year round covering a wide range of topics.

Since March 2020 Ciara has had to pivot her in-person demos to online. Most attendees cook along although there is no pressure to do so. Some prefer to watch and cook later at their own pace. Ciara has an approachable teaching and cooking style and instills confidence in everyone’s ability to make delicious, tasty and nutritious meals. The main goal is to teach people of all levels how to cook different dishes and to inspire them to try and taste new ingredients all while having fun.

Online cooking classes take place most Saturdays 4-5pm (Irish time). Click here for the schedule to see what’s coming up.

Cost: €20 each or 3 for €50! Gift Vouchers available.


Cook Folk’s Festive Cooking Workshop

After the year we’ve had we all need something to look forward to! Eating well and looking after ourselves but still feeling indulgent and fun has to be the order of the day – and a little bit of Christmas cheer certainly won’t go amiss in the Cook Folk kitchen.

Join Cook Folk founder Louisa Chapman-Andrews for a 90 minute festive entertaining workshop creating comforting yet healthy Christmas dishes to help ring in the festive season and help blow away the cobwebs of 2020 past…

Whether it’s a pared down occasion or a full family riot, you still want food that looks impressive and feels special, but that you can pull together in moments to create show stopping dishes fit for the big day and the wonderful days in the run up to it all.

The festive workshop will showcase the best that’s in season, demonstrating fresh new ways to use these wonderful ingredients in versatile recipes that can be adapted for any occasion; whether (virtual!) canapés parties, cozy suppers or Christmas Day accompaniments.

The workshop will:

  • Show you fresh ways to prepare and cook seasonal ingredients that will help to transform your home cooking.
  • Raise your ingredients knowledge so you can confidently celebrate the freshness of new season produce; parsnips, brussel’s, horseradish, chestnuts, cranberries, clementines, pomegranates, to name but a few
  • Demonstrate clever tips and techniques to up your kitchen skills and unleash your creative flair.
  • Help you rediscover ways to shop, plan, cook and entertain to make cooking a genuine joy.
  • Notes, recipes and guidance will be sent ahead of the session so you can immerse yourself before the workshop begins.

As Cook Folk workshops are action packed and filled with content, it is not recommended that participants attempt to cook along. Much better to get comfortable with a cup of tea and your notes and let Louisa do all the hard work!

Cost: £40 for 90 min session including copious notes, recipes and tips



Indian Cooking with Chef Tori

Join Chef Tori for our live cooking events held 3 times a week. In our virtual cook-along classes we invite guests to ask questions and have a fully interactive experience just as we would in a classroom kitchen.

Indian food is bursting with flavour and vibrant colours. It also a very healthy cuisine offering many options for vegetarians and vegans.

In these dishes we use fresh local ingredients and spice blends to create warm comforting curries, rice dishes, and vegetables that are addictive.

Some of our classes use the Instant Pot, or other electric pressure cooker, to achieve a slow cooked flavour in just a few minutes. All of our classes focus on teaching knife skills, food history, and an understanding of the technical aspects of each dish so that you learn how to cook and not just recreate a recipe.

Cost: $15 a month unlimited accesses to live events with 1 week free.



Thai Vegan with the Cookery Wizard

Online vegan and vegetarian cooking classes from the comfort of your own home with one-to-one personal instructions via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

Our online classes are run by instructors from My Thai Cooking School, who have extensive Thai cooking knowledge and run hands-on authentic Thai cooking classes in Bangkok Thailand.

Cookery Wizards online classes now makes it possible to learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen no mater where you are in the world. The only thing you need is a good internet connection and a laptop/tablet/mobile with camera and sound.

Whether you are a true beginner or experienced cook our online classes will give you an experience adapted to your skill level with your own personal instructor teaching you as well as answering your questions via Skype while you cook delicious Thai dishes together

You will get step-by-step coaching, cooking tips, and can ask all the questions you want. It’s just you and the instructor who will cook alongside you, watch and coach you as you complete your meal together.

Cost: Courses start from $49.

Ready, Steady, Cook!


Conscious Cooking this Christmas

Join Faith this Christmas as she shares the art of cooking conscious. Create the very best festive food with a sprinkle of Ayurvedic wisdom.

Christmas doesn’t have to be all about throwing care to the wind, letting go of your morals or getting fat! It is possible to get sufficiently festive and (finally) celebrate the end of 2020 while still keeping dosha and agni in mind! All while having fun and nailing your flavour balancing and food combining! Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how!

Join Ayurvedic Practitioner, Health Educator and Holistic Chef Faith Warner in the kitchen this Christmas as she discusses the Ayurvedic approach to cooking and eating consciously – with a festive twist!

During the course you will learn how to:

– Embrace the art of conscious cooking, discovering how to cook with your gut so you can create fresh, beautiful meals that your body really craves and experience total mind-body wellness not just for Christmas but well into 2021!

– Boost your Agni/digestive fire and learn how to prevent AMA (toxic accumulation) over the festive period through the use of digestive herbs and spices

– Choose the perfect Christmas dinner ingredients by dosha including the best meats, roasts, vegetables and accompaniments for all your families needs

– Ramp up the flavour of your cooking using the Ayurvedic art of flavour balancing guaranteeing that your much missed family and friends will be satisfied like never before and blown away by your cooking skills!

Now is the time! – With the new Covid-19 restrictions in place it’s looking like mixing with mates for merry meals is off the menu. So, why not bring cooking back to where it belongs this winter – your very own kitchen, the heart of the home – where conscious cooking and heavenly herbs reign to bring beautiful, bountiful, festive flavours and radiant well-being that will fight off even THESE winter blues.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly. No equipment required – but feel free to bring a pen, paper and your best Christmas Apron! Mmmmm, can you smell that Rudolph, it seems like cinnamon and wisdom.

Cost: Early bird (limited availability) £18.00 Sales end on 15 Dec 2020. General £25.00. Better together (2 tickets)



Vegan Japanese – Sushi and Ramen

Discover the Japanese way of preparing vegan ramen and sushi. Learn from Japanese chef Akiko at Bentoya Cooking. Akiko has learned about Japanese food since her childhood. Learn from her the secrets to making authentic vegan Japanese food.

Receive your vegan ramen and sushi certification – Get your certificate of completion after having taken all of the classes and quizzes. Become an expert at making vegan ramen and sushi.

Simplicity perfected – Japanese food is one of the most elegant, clever and esteemed cuisines in the world. Yet it’s the simplicity that makes it so unique.

Most people think highly of Japanese food, but the thought of making it themselves seems discouraging. You might perceive traditional Japanese recipes to be complex and difficult to prepare.

And the idea of making sushi without fish seems impossible for many. Yet in its essence, Japanese food is simple, creative and fun to prepare.

And it can be perfectly prepared in a fully vegan way. Experience the flavour of Japan  Discover the authentic taste of Japan in a fully vegan way.

Over the centuries, the Japanese have perfected their food to taste and look beautiful and exciting. Based on just a few key ingredients, the recipes are a harmonic blend of a couple essential flavours.

Most Japanese recipes live from a clear umami taste which enhances and brings out the overall flavour profile of this cuisine. Combined with fresh ingredients, the right seasoning and more, you will discover a diverse and rich cuisines that has so much to offer.

Imagine having your friends over for dinner. You walk out of the kitchen and surprise them with your own avocado filled sushi roll and a steamy bowl of ramen noodles. Learn what vegan Japanese food really is about and share it with your loved ones.

Cost: 12-Month Membership $250 USD.  Single Course lifetime access $197 USD.


Vegan & Plant Based

Cooking at home with Veet

Cooking at Home with Veet is a ‘down to earth’ cooking course. The cooking tips that you learn will help to make your life much easier in the kitchen while creating amazingly delicious vegan meals for you and your family to enjoy.

This course is designed to help you incorporate freshly prepared, delicious vegan recipes into your cooking repertoire. Recipes are accompanied by easy to follow videos, allowing you to cook alongside step-by-step explanations and adapt recipes to suit your tastes and preferences, using seasonally available fresh produce.

It is a 5 module course with over 10 hours of videos. You can start whenever you like and take as long as you like to complete.

The Online Course is for people who want to incorporate vegan food into their lives with ease, learn at their own pace and want to learn tips to make cooking vegan food super delicious and also fun and easy to make.

You will be given a wealth of information and skills in how to prepare delicious and healthy vegan meals, fridge and pantry staples, knife skills and sweet treat and have recipes that you will love to make over and over again for yourself, family and friends.

Cost: $295 AUS



Our focus at EATogether is to empower and inspire others to cook more delicious vegan recipes. We take a mostly whole-food approach and never compromise on taste! We have a selection of classes to choose from, ranging from the basics like Essential Knife Skills to Mexican Vegan Food classes which include tamales, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, and more. We are open for bookings every 3 hours from 9am-7pm every day of the week.

All our classes are taught by our executive chef Eduardo Justo, who has worked in professional kitchens for over 9 years. He has a diploma in French Cuisine from the Cordon Bleu and has worked in some of the best restaurants in the NYC, including Per Se and Eleven Madison Park.

After becoming vegan in 2017, Eduardo is passionate about expanding his creativity with plant-based food and demonstrating how delicious whole foods can be. His dishes reflect a perfect mixture of classic techniques, Mexican heritage, and innovative plant-based cuisine.

Cost: $75 for 1-2 people, $190 for a household (3-5 people)


The Vegan Chef School Daily Cooking Skills Classes

Helping home cooks to make great bakes, stunning salads and everything in between! The Vegan Chef School has started hosting free daily cooking skills classes online. The school, in London, is known for its vocational fast-track training, preparing students to become professional vegan chefs. It also offers a range of masterclasses.

Now the school’s co-founder and chef Day Radley is presenting the daily sessions, which are streamed on Facebook. During the stream, she will cook a dish with viewers, while giving tips on cookery skills.

Announcing the classes, Radley said: “I will be teaching cooking skills every day at midday. I’ll be starting with one pot/pan dishes which are hugely versatile meaning you can use loads of different veggies and other ingredients. On Facebook Live, you can ask me questions as I cook.

Cost: Free

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Master the art of plant-based cooking with Forks Over Knives

The Forks Over Knives online cooking course helps you learn new techniques, flavours, and styles for cooking delicious plant-based, oil-free meals at home. Cook Healthy and Delicious Meals with Confidence.

Through nurturing food, you have the power to live your best life. It is our greatest hope that you’ll use the information, tools, and recipes we provide to take charge of your health destiny and share your own vibrant health and delicious cooking with the ones you love.

Plant-based cooking doesn’t have to be intimidating! With two fun and flexible at-home courses to choose from, Forks Over Knives will help you master core culinary skills and transform you into a confident chef—at your own pace!

Cost: Save 25% through April 14th.  There are two courses available – the Essentials Course priced at $99.99 and the Ultimate Course priced at $249.9 with the discount applied.

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Healthy Vegan Cheese

Vegan Cheese Made Easy. Learn to make delicious vegan cheese at home that will amaze your friends and family. Learn the exact techniques and favourite cheese recipes from experienced vegan chef Maricel Lukkanit. Get a certificate of completion after having taken all of the classes and quizzes.

Can vegans still enjoy cheese? Giving up cheese is really hard for most people. If you enjoy eating cheese, a vegan diet might seem impossible for you.

We are so used to grating fresh Parmesan over our favourite pasta, having a melted slice of Mozzarella on our pizza slice, or spreading some cream cheese over our Sunday bagels. Leaving all that cheesiness behind seems like a huge step.

Whether it’s a French sandwich, an Italian pizza, or an American burger… they all live from the element of cheese. We are so used to grating fresh Parmesan over our favourite pasta, having a melted slice of Mozzarella on our pizza slice, or spreading some cream cheese over our Sunday bagels.

Leaving all that cheesiness behind seems like a huge step. The good news is…it’s incredibly easy to make tasty and healthy vegan cheese at home.

You actually wouldn’t believe how simple and delicious vegan cheese really is. You don’t need fancy equipment or exotic ingredients, no… All it takes is understanding a few key principles, getting to know the important ingredients and flavours, and voilá!

Within no time you will be able to make completely vegan cheese. And when you share it with your family and friends, they won’t believe you…because it tastes just like traditional cheese. And the best part: it’s all made with healthy and natural ingredients. Start creating your own vegan cheese today. Your friends and family will love you for it.

Cost: 12-Month Membership $250 USD. Single Course $197 USD


Fermented Veg Masterclass 

Nena’s popular face-to-face fermentation masterclasses can now be done from the comfort of your own kitchen. Come learn about the magic of the process, amazing health benefits and the flavours. Learn everything you need to safely make your own fermented foods. And if after the session you’re still unsure that you’re doing it right, don’t worry, ongoing support and advice are provided.

All recipes are vegan and will include seasonal produce where possible. The class will cover: sauerkraut, kimchi, jam and brined pickles.

A full shopping and equipment list will be provided in advance of your session. The next Masterclass is on April 25th @10:30 am GMT.

Cost: (£45 for a 2.5 hour session, Group sessions, 121 sessions, £65 bookable by email).


Looking for a vegan retreat? Read: Deliciously Healthy Vegan & Vegetarian Retreats in Europe.


Class Moroccan dishes with Chef Tori

Join Chef Tori for our live cooking events held 3 times a week. In our virtual cook-along classes we invite guests to ask questions and have a fully interactive experience just as we would in a classroom kitchen.

One of our favourite things to teach are Moroccan dishes. Moroccan food has tons of wonderful flavour and often uses dried fruit and nuts in savoury dishes. The flavour contrast is so enchanting and something new to most palates.

In these dishes we use fresh local ingredients and spice blends to create warm comforting stews, roasted vegetables, and egg dishes that transport you to an exotic locations. With the introduction of a few new spices to your collection you can recreate many Moroccan dishes.

Some of our classes use the Instant Pot, or other electric pressure cooker, to achieve a slow cooked flavour in just a few minutes. All of our classes focus on teaching knife skills, food history, and an understanding of the technical aspects of each dish so that you learn how to cook and not just recreate a recipe.

Cost: $15 a month unlimited accesses to live events with 1 week free.


For Kids

Thyme to Cook with your Kids

What happens when a Maui surf mom has the desire to create something memorable for children everywhere? The answer: Thyme to Cook with your Kids!

What makes Thyme to Cook with your Kids so special? We are creating chefs, one recipe at a time. Thyme to Cook with your Kids was born out of the aspiration to educate kids and families everywhere in the areas of nutrition, cooking, and wellness in a delicious and fun way. Besides, who doesn’t like a tasty meal as a byproduct of our classes!

Thyme to Cook with your Kids isn’t prerecorded cooking videos. No way! Our classes are LIVE, in Real-Time, Engaging, and with a professional chef to help guide and instruct your budding chefs. Miss the LIVE, no problem, all our replays are sent to our Thyme members so they can recreate all the delicious recipes.

Special note to the moms: Moms, you get to play a supporting role during our classes while the primary instruction comes from our professional chef! Now, doesn’t that sound delicious?

Our cooking classes are hosted LIVE every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 5:30 pm (PST). As a special bonus, included in our Thyme membership is Thyme Out for Moms Coaching because moms also need a “Thyme Out.” These 45-minute group coaching meetups will focus on health and wellness for moms!

“Thyme to Cook with your Kids is a unique foodie and family lover’s voyeuristic experience to see inside the homes and kitchens of families joyfully cooking together.” -Thyme to Cook Member, Angelina mother of 2.

Offering a special Buy 1, Gift 1 Thyme membership until 12/10/20


Hanna Sillitoe

Check out skin healing expert, Hanna Sillitoe’s instagram and Facebook page for some awesome free recipe content with easy how to’s. We love her No Bake Vegan energy bits for kids. Hands up if the kids have asked for snacks at least fifty times today?!

It’s a simple one the little ones can join in with. And you can adapt many of the ingredients to what you have in the cupboard.

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Kids Cookery Classes 

Join Nena Foster, Natural Chef, Food Educator, Cookery Teacher and Fermentation Specialist for a fun bit of health-focused cooking, directly from her kitchen to yours, LIVE. Sessions will be packed with nutritional information as well as practical, hands-on cookery. And the best bit? You’ll get to enjoy your delicious creation at the end of the session.

1-hour sessions where we talk food and nutrition in a fun, accessible way and get cooking either a sweet or savoury recipe. A list of equipment and ingredients are provided for each recipe, so please take note of this when deciding which session to book. Recipes are suitable for children 3-12, with adult supervision as appropriate. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated with prior notice. Recipe cards are provided.

Classes take place 3 x per week at 11 am or 3pm.

Cost: £15


Bon Vivant

We offer 3 live cooking events a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm Pacific time. In our classes we focus on making tasty meals with real food ingredients. Our classes are live and not pre-recorded so that we can interact with guests and troubleshoot on the spot.

Our schedule and ingredient list is posted ahead of time so you can cook along with us, or you can just tune in and watch. Our shopping lists offer options for all types of diets including Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo, and Keto.

Since many of our summer travel plans are canceled we can still travel with our senses and to that end we are offering several classes featuring dishes from around the world. We love hearing from our guests about foods they are passionate about eating or learning to make and make every effort to add these to our schedule.

We also offer private events like virtual team buildings, or zoom cooking parties where you attend with friends and cook together.

Cost: $15 a month unlimited accesses to live events with 1 week free.


Wicked Healthy Kids

Cook along with Chef Chad and some of his favourite little cooks as he coaches you through making wicked simple, delicious, family friendly plant-based meals.

These easy to follow videos will highlight:

  • How to bring your kids in the kitchen and get them involved in creating plant-based snacks and meals
  • Comfort meals the whole family can dig into
  • On-the-go snacks and lunches like bento boxes and more
  • Easy to pull together weeknight desserts
  • Yummy brunches for happy kiddos
  • Dips to help push plants at snack time
  • Easy quick bites the kids can make themselves

We’re chefs on a mission. We want you to learn to cook, and we want to give back to our community. Register now for one (or all) of our video-based online cooking classes from our own kitchens that will inspire you to cook more plants at home in wicked delicious ways… and all of our profits will be donated to our favourite plant, animal, and earth-loving charities.

Our mission is to inspire you to cook and eat more plants, and to give back to other wicked organisations that are doing the same, so we can see measurable differences in the health and lives of humans and animals globally.

And the cherry on top…100% of the profits from this class will go to charity. Learn to cook wicked good stuff and support organisations rocking it in the plant-based world. Compassion for animals is at the heart of Wicked Healthy.

Currently, all of the proceeds from our classes are going to the Australian Wildlife Rescue Fund to help all the displaced wildlife due to the wildfires. Your donations help WIRES to rescue and care for more native animals, provide more wildlife information and education to the community, to protect and preserve native animals and to train and support more volunteer rescuers and carers.

Cost: $49

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Raw Food

Raw Food Fundamentals 

Dive into the fundamentals of preparing healthy and delicious raw food at home. Taught by vegan chef Lauren Lovatt, founder and vegan chef at Plant Academy UK. Through years of experience working as a chef and giving workshops, she has gained a detailed understanding of raw food and shares it with you.

You will learn the basics of preparing raw food and how to combine ingredients and flavours, so you can create your own beautiful dishes from scratch. You will also learn about food styling, different preparation techniques, and much more.

Get your certificate of completion after having taken all of the classes and quizzes. Become an expert at preparing and creating your own raw food dishes at home.

Explore a new world of food – Learning about raw food opens a world of interesting flavours and beautiful dishes for you to discover.

It benefits your health because you keep all of the essential nutrients intact. It lets you consume fresh ingredients that are high in vibration and in a natural state.

Learn the fundamentals right – Preparing delicious raw food yourself starts with understanding the fundamentals correctly. It begins with choosing the right ingredients and learning how you can combine them.

From there, you will understand which tools and techniques you can use to get to your desired taste, texture, and look. And it motivates you to be confident in preparing raw food dishes, from desserts to main courses, and using your creativity to perfect them.

Learn the fundamentals of raw food in this course and become a skilled raw food home chef in your own kitchen.

Cost: 12-Month Membership $250 USD. Single Course $197 USD


Healthy Desserts

Mouthwatering Vegan Desserts

Learn the secrets and favourite recipes from Julia, passionate baker and owner of The Banana Warrior. Learn the most delicious baked and un-baked vegan desserts prepared with natural and healthy ingredients.

Get a certificate of completion after having taken all of the classes and quizzes. Desserts should make you feel amazing. Desserts are something wonderful, aren’t they?

They brighten up our days and complete these special moments when we’re sitting together with our loved ones around the dinner table.

Desserts should be sweet, elegant and playful. They should comfort you and allow you to enjoy the beauty of any momentDesserts connect us with each other. There is nothing sweeter than sharing a homemade chocolate brownie with your loved ones and seeing the joy brighten up their eyes.

Desserts should be fun. You should enjoy making them, eating them, and sharing them. But often, that’s not the case. We do feel a little guilty about desserts.

We believe that desserts aren’t healthy, we tell ourselves we shouldn’t eat them. Most people instantly think of sugar, whipped cream, butter and eggs when they hear the word desserts…

And it’s easy to see why…The traditional way of preparing desserts is neither healthy nor vegan. And they leave us feeling bloated, tired and not fully satisfied. So… is it even possible to make delicious and healthy vegan desserts? Luckily, we have good news for you.

Cost: 12-Month Membership $250 USD. Single Course $197 USD



Delish provides recipe ideas for all lifestyles and covers food as it’s buzzed about in the moment — from recipe and menu ideas and how-tos to the latest food-related trends like celebrity diets, family life, and nutrition to party planning and holiday entertaining

Heads up, parents! Delish’s editorial director Joanna Saltz and her kids will be going live on Instagram every week day at 1pm EST to share cook-along video. They’re live streaming on IG every weekday at 1pm EST to share cook-along videos for you and your little ones. Or just you—we do not judge .

Click for a sneak peek at what we’ll be cooking (and to make your shopping list).

Cost: Free

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Raddish Kids Cooking Club

Families can have access to free content including an at-home cooking camp program, recipes your kids can make with pantry staples and additional learning extensions across science, geography, language arts, and more

Kitchen. Table. Family.
At Raddish, we’re on a mission to deliver culinary experiences that nurture kids’ confidence in the kitchen and beyond. Our recipe is simple but revolutionary: take the goodness of a home-cooked meal and mix in education, family time, and fun.

The kitchen is the tastiest place to learn
We believe kids who cook, eat; that cooking is the foundation for a healthy, wholesome life! We believe in the power of food to bring families together, to build communities, to expand conversation, and to strengthen relationships.

Inspire a lifelong love of learning & good food
Our monthly kits are designed to make learning come alive by mixing math, simmering science, tasting history, and so much more. Taking risks, learning from mistakes, following directions, fostering creativity, curiosity, and resilience, becoming independent, trying new things: these are qualities we seek to develop in our children and there’s no better place to nurture them than in the kitchen.

Join the Club!
Membership includes a monthly cooking kit, digital bonus recipes and activities, and an online community.

A New Kit Every Month
Enjoy seasonal, global, and holiday themes, like Summer Luau and Taste of Thailand. Kits never repeat!

Hands-On Edible Education
With each kit, kids learn culinary skills, create new recipes, collect an apron patch and kitchen tool, and more!


Monthly: $24 per month / per kit.

6 Month: $132, paid upfront. Free Apron Included!

12 Month: $240 paid upfront. Free Apron Included!

Ready, Steady, Cook!

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