Online Yoga Classes for the New Year During Lockdown

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To carry you through the start of the New Year during lockdown, and to help you to stay sane and grounded, we’ve put together and shared a great collection of online yoga classes, with plenty of free trials so you can try some of them out before committing further.


Rescue Remedies with Anna Ashby: Four Online Yoga Classes for Self-Isolation

What you get: Four free online yoga classes with renowned yoga teacher Anna Ashby to help you deal with the stress and anxiety of self-isolation

Start with a short morning yoga practice, use your lunch break to release tension at your desk, take a short calming desk meditation at teatime and end the day with a grounding restorative yoga practice.

After ordering, you will get an email confirming your order and a follow up email with links to all the yoga classes in this series. Click the class links and you’ve got all the yoga and meditation you need for a peaceful, calm day.

When: The classes are pre-recorded so you can even practice on Christmas Day!

Cost: Free

Movement For Modern Life

Movement for Modern Life: Your Antidote to Modern Life. For busy lives, find room to breathe and space to grow. A handpicked selection of the very best teachers, this is yoga in your own time.

What you get: Online yoga classes with the best teachers in yoga, meditation and mindfulness Start your journey with our free trial and move to beautifully curated videos from beginner to advanced level featuring the best teachers in the UK and beyond.

Videos from just 2 minutes to full 90 min classes, searchable by the benefit you’re looking for. Want to chill? Or energise? Our search will find the right class for you.

Unlimited views of over a thousand online yoga, movement and mindfulness videos by a handpicked selection of the best teachers for less than the price of one class with these teachers.

When: Anytime with a FREE 14-day trial you can practice every day over the festive period.

Cost: FREE 14-day trial, from just £10.99/month unlimited access to over 1,000 videos – 3 brand new videos a week and unlimited access to our daily challenges.


The Yoga Collective

We are here to provide you with high quality online yoga and wellness classes in the comfort of your own space. Welcome to our classes section!

Here you will find everything you want to learn about regarding yoga practice, with each class led by one of our experienced, talented yoga instructors. Select your ‘level,’ as well as class style, duration, focus, yoga poses and teacher. Styles include Power, Vinyasa, Pranayama, and Meditation among others, while focus options include alignment, detox, flexibility, hamstrings, heart opening, and so much more.

Class duration ranges from 10 to 60 minutes, and each yoga teacher provides the accurate, meticulous instruction you expect when entering a yoga studio. Find classes revolving around strengthening the core, or those designed to sweat out toxins. Inversion work, yoga for strength or wellness, classes that open the hips.…these and more are waiting for you, any time of day, whenever it’s most convenient for you and your busy schedule.

Work your way from Level 1 classes, or start with a specific, advanced practice you’d like to fine­ tune. Our goal is always to provide members with authentic, well­ rounded experiences, so enjoy!

When: Visit the schedule for the live stream classes. 1,000+ Online Yoga Classes At Your Fingertips

Cost: Free 15 day trial then $15 per month.



What you get: Yogateket are a health and wellness site that focuses on modern yoga practices, physical, mental and spiritual. In our online yoga library, there is something for every mood and need for the moment. Is it building a strong core with power yoga, clear the mind with guided meditation or get the detox benefits from the pranayama practice it is just a couple clicks away!

In your personalised dashboard, you find your history of taken yoga classes, your started yoga challenges, and programs are there as well your saved favourite yoga teachers. Now you can write and save a yoga journal to put your reflections and practice down on paper.

We invite you to sign up for a two-week free trial and try one of our yoga challenges or more in-depth learning programs, no strings attached cancel anytime.

When: Anytime.

Cost: 14 day free trial then a monthly subscription US $18


Ellie White

What you get: Struggling for time? But want the commitment of showing up to class? Then look no further! Like-minded people coming together from all corners, to focus on one thing; thriving – growing vigorously, progressing despite circumstances.

Each week presents new custom classes specifically tailored to Ellie’s students. The classes are pitched at a moderate level, with modification always offered to either accommodate injuries or push a little/a lot further.

​If you’re looking for a drop in class, or to sign up to a monthly membership or for something more bespoke get in touch. Or if you’re unsure, get in contact to take a FREE trial class!

When: Boxing Day 9am GMT

Cost: ​£5


Restorative Yoga with Vikara Yoga

Feeling like trying yoga in the comfort of your own home; join me in Vikara Yoga’s online studio. Classes are gentle hatha and restorative yoga designed for all levels.

My name is Misty Lucas and I love yoga, because of this I created Vikara Yoga. I am passionate about the healing capabilities of Restorative Yoga. Also I love the philosophy of yoga as it relates to our time on the earth. My passion comes from my own healing journey and experience with yoga.

I love to share yoga with people who have never tried yoga, people in recovery and advanced students alike. Above all I teach privately or in small class settings to really connect with my students. And therefore teaching yoga really lights me up!

Join me for a hatha or restorative 75 minute practice. Hatha classes start with warm ups, include movement and cool down. Restorative classes are focused on release and relaxation.

Props are used and poses are held for 10 to 20 mins. The classes are meant to aid in self soothing and connection within. Props used are everyday at home props if yoga props are not available.

Cost: First class FREE and drop ins $15 after that or classes passes available 5 classes for $90 and 10 classes for $120.


Lumi Power Yoga

What you get: Powerful, flowing yoga class that combines breath and movement into a dynamic sequence of poses. This Baptiste Yoga inspired class will tone your body and clear your mind. It is an experience that strengthens, stretches and revitalises your whole being and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.

Expect to move, breathe, sweat and be energised! As a Gift to You – here’s a free Package of Audio Classes. Looking after yourself in these testing times is so important, starting with your physical and mental health. As you know, yoga and meditation are incredibly powerful tools to keep your immune system strong and your mind balanced.

We wanted to share with you a collection of audio classes and meditations to support your home practice. Click this link to access a playlist of meditations and classes.

When: Classes Boxing Day through the New Year (excluding New Years Day).

Cost: Livestream 5 Day Intro Offer £10 / 5 Class Bundle: £37.50 (£7.50 per class) / Livestream 10 Class Bundle: £65 (£6.50 per class) / Livestream 2 week package: £30


Eat Pray Move Virtual Vinyasa

During this unprecedented time that we are going through on a global scale, we thought what better way to support you and to create a community connection, than being able to “meet” online. While we are unable to travel and retreat together, this is our way of being able to stay connected with you our guests, and we can’t wait to welcome you!

What you get: We meet 2 x per week for a balancing practice between breath and uplifting movement as we flow throughout the month.

This series is open to any participant! All levels, all ages are welcome. Even if you’re completely new to yoga, you are welcome and able to join us.

The instructor for this series will be EAT.PRAY.MOVE founder Erin Lewis. Erin has practiced yoga since 1998 and began teaching over 11 years ago. She’s trained in various disciplines from Ashtanga, the Rocket series, core power yoga, as well as the Strala method, and also incorporates practices from the yin, restorative, and yoga nidra styles as well.

When: Saturday 26th December / Wednesday 30th December / Saturday 2nd January / Wednesday 6th January

All guests for this series will receive links to the recorded sessions so you can continue your practice whenever is most convenient! We will be hosting the class and streaming live from a beautiful yoga space in the Italian countryside.

Cost: $10


My Vinyasa Practice

What you get: Our online studio offers LIVE streaming classes daily. Interact with teachers, ask questions and even get feedback on alignment. Our LIVE online classes give you the freedom and flexibility to take your practice with you where ever you go. Our consistent teaching staff will answer questions and give you feedback on your practice so that each time you step onto the mat you can progress towards your goals.

Types of classes:

Live Stream Vinyasa- 60 minute class, delivered on zoom. Focusing on breath, movement, and flow. Suitable or all levels.

Live Stream Restorative- 60 minute class, delivered on zoom. Long, gentle, and restful holds. Encourages students to reset, restore, and fine ease. Suitable for all levels.

Live Stream Kundalini- 60 minute class, delivered on zoom. This style of Yoga will take you through the Chakra bodies and open you up to your highest self. Suitable for all levels.

Free Community Flow Yoga- 60 minute class, delivered on zoom. Fun and free community flow focused on breath, body, and movement. Suitable for all levels.

Live Stream Yin- 60 minute class, delivered on zoom. Joint opening practice that works on restriction, release, and rebound of the fascial tissue. Suitable for all levels.

When: Boxing Day through the New Year including classes on New Years day. See timetable here.

Cost: Drop in rate of $5 per class or $25 for an unlimited week.


A Love Yoga

A Love Yoga class merges the Taoist theory and Sacred Geometry of Katonah Yoga with Iyengar and a traditional Vinyasa practice. A Love flow focuses on alignment, unique sequencing, imagery, and metaphors to help practitioners not only step through the poses but emerge themselves in the practice itself, forgetting about their everyday busy life that comes when stepping off of the mat.

Love Yoga classes are all levels, teachers will ensure to include modifications for beginners and step forwards for advanced practitioners.

Practice with us through zoom! Sign up through our website – after you’ll receive an email with a link to join 30 minutes before classes begins.

When: Classes run Christmas Day through the New Year and the first week of January. Check out the class schedule.

Cost: $10 per digital zoom class.



What you get: VIVAYA is the world’s first online interactive live-streaming yoga and wellness centre. Practice online with exceptional guides across yoga, meditation, nutrition, reiki and other healing arts – anytime and anywhere.

In a time where all yoga and wellness studios had to close their doors indefinitely, VIVAYA is the only live-streaming interactive online Yoga and Wellness Centre worldwide to share a full range of holistic practices like yoga, meditation, nutrition, healing arts and coaching.

By taking Yoga and Wellness classes out of the studio and into the safe comfort of the student’s living room, VIVAYA has created a groundbreaking new concept to offer easy access to exceptional yoga teachers and wellness experts across the United States without any constraints of time and mobility.

“It is our highest calling as yogis and healers to offer a safe and sacred place for nurturing, healing and spiritual development. This principle defines my mission as a yoga and meditation teacher but also as an entrepreneur and founder of VIVAYA, the world’s first all live-streaming and interactive online yoga and wellness platform.“ Florian Hartmann, CEO & Founder of VIVAYA

VIVAYA offers live-streamed content only, which makes it unique in its aim to recreate the group spirit of a yoga class in an online environment, where teachers and students see each other, practice together and talk with each other like in a regular studio class.

When: Classes & (free festive events) from Christmas Day all through the New Year/1st week of January.

Cost: Meditation classes, guided meditations and pranayama classes are all $12 but with a two-week free trial.


Laughing Frog Yoga

True to our name, the crew at Laughing Frog Yoga likes to keep things light and fun. We believe in living life with a smile on your face and with pep in your step. What better place to start than your yoga mat?

Whether you’re here to stretch, sweat, unplug from your day, or soak in some pearls of wisdom, we’ve got a yoga class for you led by a member of our carefully selected crew of yogi rock stars. We welcome all levels, all experiences, and all open minds. If you’re searching for a friendly beginner yoga class, look no further!

We are more than just a yoga studio – Laughing Frog Yoga is about building a community and investing in relationships beyond the mat. Join us for a hike, a bike ride, or even a day at the beach. Let’s explore the amazing city of Los Angeles together!

When: Classes from the 27th – 30th of December and then from the 3rd of January.

Cost: (suggested donation is $5-20/class).


Get in touch with us to share your wellbeing community news and to list your business with us.