Virtual Self Love Wellness Workshops and Yoga Classes

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Last Updated on February 14, 2021 by Editor

February – the month of love and Valentines Day. Give yourself all the self love and self care you need from the comfort of your own home and create a loving retreat space to join one of these virtual Self Love Wellness Workshops and Yoga Classes.

Self-Love Workshop with Becca Brown

When: 14th February 2 – 4pm GMT

Cost: £14

‘You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection’ Welcome to the Self-Love Workshop. I am so excited to be guiding you through this workshop, especially on the day of love (be your own secret admirer).

Self-love is the foundation to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health & wellbeing, yet for so many people, there is a lack of self-love and self-worth. Having had my own experience with lack of self-love and self-worth, my hope from this workshop is to help provide you with some tips and guidance for you to love and appreciate yourself.

I want us to focus on bringing this love back to yourself, after all self-love is the most important love. Let’s celebrate and appreciate YOU!

You matter. You are important. You are worthy. You are love. Together, we will start with an online 45 minute yoga practice focussing on opening your heart. We will be exploring the heart chakra and some back bends to open your heart for both giving and receiving love.

We will have a short 10 minute break after the yoga to grab a jumper, herbal tea, water and a snack before we start the workshop.

Grab your journal and pen and join me for a 45 minute workshop. We will begin with breath-work to bring awareness to the mind and body connection and becoming present.

The workshop itself will include:
– a discussion around what self-love is
– tips to improve self-love
– how to set healthy boundaries
– how to overcome negative thoughts and feelings to help mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
– how to let go and find forgiveness

What you need for the workshop:
Yoga Mat
Water/ herbal tea/ snacks
Quiet room

What you will take home:
– Mind & Body awareness
– Raising your vibration of love and forgiveness
– Tips and tools to create a deeper connection with your inner heart space and relationship to self-love
– Simple movements to tap into self-love to help reset and recharge
– Self-Care and daily wellbeing routine

Last words – bring a friend and I can’t wait to see you!


Yoga & Brunch workshop

When: 14th February  8.45 – 10.45am

Cost: £15


Following the success of our previous virtual yoga days we are super excited to share details of our next online offering which we’re hoping you’d like to join.

This’ll be a perfect ‘easy like a Sunday morning’ start to Valentines Day! We’ll begin with a slow flow yoga practice focusing on our big, beautiful, beating heart that brings life, love and compassion into our body followed by a special – live – cookery masterclass with our fabulous retreat Chef Ruth who’ll be showing us how to prepare super delicious Banana & Oat American style Pancakes with a raspberry honey sauce and cinnamon caramelised bananas. Really, they are absolutely divine!

This is a gluten & dairy free recipe which we’ll share with you before hand to ensure you have everything you need on the day. You could cook-along live with Ruth or watch & prepare later for you & your loved ones. And please, don’t worry, you don’t need to be a super accomplished chef to create this dish – we’ve purposefully chosen something that is easy to prepare but looks amazing & tastes divine!


Self-Love Mini Retreat online

When: Monday 22nd February, 7.00pm Australian EDT

Cost: $14.99 per household

Self-care and self-love are often overlooked and pushed to one side as we deal with the busy-ness of daily life. When we learn to love who we are we experience self-acceptance and our true light begins to shine. You are magnificent and you deserve to show yourself love and care.

Join me for this online mini retreat of restorative yoga, pranayama, and meditation to cultivate love and compassion for yourself and others.


Empathy Empowered Self Love

When: This is a six week series from February 23 – April 6 every Tuesday from 6-8 pm PST.

Cost: Sales end on Feb 23, 2021. Suggested donation of $290-$390 is appreciated.

Village Well is thrilled to collaborate with PhD Cecilia Kremer, Certified Coach and Design Thinker, for this incredible 6 week online series: Empathy Empowered Self Love.

How would your life be different if you gave yourself the same energy, goodness, and empathy that you freely give to others? During our time together, Cecilia will be mindfully helping us learn skills and strategies dedicated to nurturing connection to ourselves and others, while fostering intimate community.

Together, we will dive into how we relate to ourselves today, and learn how we can grow kindness and compassion for ourselves for the future. When we fully embrace that Empathy is our capacity to relate deeply and meaningfully, life can’t help but become more joyful and fulfilling! Please feel free to reach out with any questions to Michelle Walsh:


Tea Retreat Thursdays – Heart Series

When: Thursday 18th February 4:00 – 4:30 PM PST

Cost: FREE

A 3-part mini tea retreat series dedicated to heart-centered healing and self-love. As we roll into the second month of 2021, have you found yourself starting to get caught up in the hamster wheel of life? Are you wondering how you can remain focused on self-care and your well-being?

If your answer is yes, this 3-part mini retreat series will be perfect for you! It is designed to help you get back on track using tea rituals and the energy of love. Through exceptional teas, you will learn how to heal your heart, embrace its radiance, and keep it open & ready to receive love.

So, are you ready to dedicate yourself to heart-centered healing and self-love? Join us for 3 Thursdays, 30 minutes each, as we hold the space for you to infuse your heart with joy, self-love and nourishment.

This is a FREE offering (donation welcomed but not required). By committing to a set schedule for a tea retreat, you will create the habit and deepen your ties to your heart and spiritual awakening through a powerful tea practice. Topics that we will explore (subject to modification based on the flow):

Week 1: Heart-Centering Tea Ceremony – ground, reawaken & reconnect with your heart

Week 2: Heart-Opening Tea Ceremony – unblock, tune in and revive your heart energy

Week 3: Heart Alignment Tea Ceremony – access the magic of your heart


A day for self-love by wellyou

When: Sunday 14th February 2:00 – 3:00 pm EST

Cost: FREE

The pandemic has been tough for most of us. We had a lot to worry about, we also had a lot of things to be grateful for. However, have you ever considered appreciating yourself? This Valentine’s Day, you have the chance to be your own secret admirer. Join Lubova for this workshop on February 14th at 2pm EST.

As you probably know, wellyou is all about helping people create a happier life. We encourage this from multiple sources like exercising or volunteering. Although these are necessary steps, the most important milestone is self-appreciation. Knowing how to treat yourself properly is a crucial element for happiness.

Share this workshop with your friends, let’s get together and give ourselves a warm embrace both figuratively and literally!

Sign up for this free event with the link provided! And before you go, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for well-being tips, and find out more about what we do here


Soulshine Self Love Retreat

When: Saturday 20th February from 7.30am – 8.15pm GMT

Cost:  Suggested tiers from £35 – £95

Following the mega success of our November Self-Care Online Retreat with many guests stating it ‘life-changing’, we’re back for another dive deep – this time a celebration of YOU and all things Self-Love.

Expect all the juicy and jam-packed joy of a Soulshine Retreat, delivered by passionate Wellness experts direct to your home as we explore the theme of Self-Love and get curious about what the barriers to it might be in your life and how we might work to heal them. Are you ready to shine bright? Come and join us – we’d so love to share this experience with you.

A delicious dose of Self-Love…Built on many years of expertise, we’ve created a deeply nurturing, healing, clarifying and empowering mini-retreat day. Think of it like a giant hug of Self-Care to rest, reset and recharge during these crazy times.

Through Shine Bright Transformative Coaching, Yoga, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Somatic Movement, Breathwork and an array of wellness and accessible psychology practices, our hope is to provide a supportive, inspiring, transformative and empowering experience for healing, growth and expansion, all within the safe embrace of our loving Soulshine community.

A truly holistic wellness experience to nourish body, mind and soul and quite simply, let your soul shine.

Can’t make the timings? All sessions will be recorded and available for 12 month. Can’t make the full day? We’re offering a Yoga Only Pass too,


Love Number 1 Retreat

When: Saturday 13th February 9am – 12pm

Cost: £25

Not the best start to 2021 is it? Starting the year with restriction means you are likely to have had more time to yourself. Which path have you been on?

1) diving into development books, cracking that routine, taking the time to tick things off and accepting stillness.

2) feeling lonely, complacent, low energy, low mood.

Whichever it is, this event marks a celebration.

We have endured a year of great change and challenge.

It’s time to say ‘well done you, I love you’ to… YOURSELF 💕 plus each other. This Valentines weekend, from the comfort of your own home, Ali provides a safe space for yogis to come together to commend each other and practice self-love.

Ali will take you on a blissful journey that will give you the space and time to reconnect to the wonderful you, giving your body the nourishment and love it deserves. Your calling to re-connect back to yourself.

By the end of this event, you will feel you have been given a burst of positivity, peace and balance in both mind and body.

The Day will include: 

  • Welcome circle with warming tea giving time to reflect, connect and intention setting.
  • Morning Sunshine Guided Meditation
  • 60 minute Vinyasa flow with Ali that will ignite your inner fire and boost your energy restoring your body’s natural flow.
  • A nutritious and colourful natural plant-based treat (delivered to your home or made by you at home)
  • A beautifully relaxing Yin Yoga session to release any areas of tension and resistance, leaving space and allowing energy channels to clear. By slowing down you can experience deep relaxation and relief from stress, providing pure bliss and calm.
    *Finishing relaxation to drift you off to a world of calm and ease.


Self-Love Workshop with Aurora In Bloom

When: Saturday 13th February 3:00pm – 4:30pm GMT

Cost: £20 workshop only or £30 workshop + crystal goodie bag

Join us! Aurora In Bloom’s Debut Workshop! Journey within and learn to understand yourself on a soul level! Discover why self-love can create a shift in your life like no other!

After navigating our own journey of understanding self-love, and implementing techniques and ideals to truly show ourselves the love we deserve – we wanted to help others do the same!

In our workshop we will discuss the importance of healing and rewiring your mindset to achieve the ultimate goal of loving yourself!

What we will cover:

  • Introduction into Self-Love
  • Environmental Impact
  • Your Human Design
  • Boundaries
  • Decision Making
  • Living in alignment with your soul purpose
  • Self-Love Languages

What you can take away:

  • Science backed techniques to improve and change your mindset
  • Easy to implement tips and tricks
  • That feeling of being in love – only this time it’s with yourself!
  • Get comfortable and allow your heart and mind to be open to the energies of love!

We can’t wait to see you there!


Sweaty Betty X WeBarre Valentine’s day Self-Love Themed Led by Jan

When: Saturday 13th February 9 – 10 am HKT

Cost: FREE

Join in WeBarre and Sweaty Betty (HK) for this Valentine’s day Self-Love themed class led by Jan.

Celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day with some movement and sweat by joining us and WeBarre for a virtual Self-love WeBarre Fundamentals class with Jan T.

Expect a playlist of feel-good tunes that will motivate and empower you to conquer yourself and your dreams! Class is free but spots are limited. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


The Self-Love Workshop with Hannah Harmon

When: 13th February 11.30am – 12.30pm

Cost: Free

Are you ready to take your self-love journey to the next level? During our time together you will learn:

♡Why you should have a ‘Self-Love Rising Practice’.

♡Why Self-Love matters and why it is NOT selfish

♡My Top Ten Tips to help you feel empowered and ready to take your self-love journey to the next level.

♡Why journaling is the no1 skill I recommend to help you dig deep and truly connect to the essence of you.

Plus so much more… and if you join me live you’ll also receive your exclusive free bonus.

Meet Hannah: Hannah Harmon is a Self-Love Mentor, Creative and Online Personal Development Workshop Host. Through the facilitation of her courses, workshops, coaching and online Divine Sister Circles, Hannah is helping others to tap into their internal power and strength, prioritise self-love and dream big.


Check out our Wellness Shop for inspiration on Valentines Gifts and how to set up a beautiful retreat in your home space.