Online Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes, courses & retreats in Australia

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Last Updated on May 12, 2021 by Editor

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Whether you are still in lockdown or not, many of us have continued our online practice at home to help us progress, keep healthy and strong, focused, and deal with the challenging times we are all facing.

We’ve rounded up some of the best online yoga, pilates and barre classes in Australia so that you can still enjoy all the benefits by joining a class, course or retreat, wrapped up in warmth from your very own living room.


EmbodiMe: The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Being Alive

Our Online Studio is a remarkable place. It’s a junction of healing and playfulness; of strength and gentleness; of power and vulnerability; all in your own time and at your own pace. EmbodiMe Founder, Liz McComish, realised the power of embodied yoga during a time she was experiencing depression. Yoga and building a loving relationship with her body were the most important elements in her recovery.

Liz dedicated herself to understanding the nature of our humanness, the way stress affects us, and how yoga can facilitate us to fall in love with being alive.

There are a variety of online yoga classes to meet you where you are: flow, restorative, yin, mysorelease, vinyasa, power, yin/yang, beginners and more.

In addition there are specialist online classes you can attend plus monthly workshops and courses that delve into the science underpinning how our unconscious manifests in our body, the power of nervous system regulation and how we can find deep peace and stability within.

When: Visit the timetable here.

Cost: Classes are $13 casual, $24 for specialist classes, $78 per monthly course/workshop or, $22 per week for unlimited access to everything plus on-demand recordings and dedicated playlists for all classes!


Yoga Flourish

Yoga Flourish has a variety of online classes including HIIT Fusion, Meditation, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha, Gentle & Restorative, Pilates and Yin!

Come experience what they’re are all about and why Yogis & Yoginis, new and experienced, are choosing to take the next steps with Yoga Flourish!

With over 15 live stream classes a week to choose from as early as 9:00am and as late as 7:00pm plus on demand videos to use at your convenience!

When: Please refer to the class schedule here.

Cost: As a new student to our studio, you have the choice of 3 different intro offers!

‘Ignite’ intro offer for $35.00, this gets you 3 x classes to use over 10 days

‘Spark’ intro offer for $49.00, this gets you unlimited classes to use over 14 days

‘Blossom’ intro offer for $69.00, this gets you unlimited classes to use over 20 days.


Smith Street Yoga studio

Smith Street Yoga studio is an online yoga studio founded by a husband and wife team. It started as a physical studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne, and since Covid-19 hit, they have transitioned their offering to a full time table of live-stream classes and an extensive Online Library of pre-recorded classes.

When: A variety of classes are offered all week from Monday to Sunday, from Slow Flow to Vinyasa, from Restorative to Yin and Meditation, as well as our unique SomaChi style.

All classes are run via Zoom, simply visit the timetable to view and to book classes. Once a class is booked, you will receive the Zoom link in your email minimum 30 minutes prior to the class commences.

Cost: Currently we are offering a two week trial for only $1.

A variety of pricing options are available:

  • Casual: $14/class
  • 5 Casual Pass: $60 ( valid for 2 months)
  • Direct Debit Memberships: ( inclusive unlimited access to Online Library) : $15/wk, for limited 8 classes/month or $20/wk for unlimited classes


Bright Space Yoga

Bright Yoga Space was created by Kylie & Emily, two experienced and passionate Yoga teachers based in the Alpine Valleys of Victoria, near Bright. Brought together by their shared love of the mountains and the transformational powers of the wisdom traditions, these two Mamas have collaborated to create online and in-person experiences, combining their skills as teachers of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, Breathwork and Mindfulness Meditation as well as Sister Circle facilitation.

These ancient tools and techniques of embodied awareness are offered from the heart, with fierce passion, inclusivity, deep authenticity and loving compassion.

When: Book into a weekly online live Energising Flow, Yin Yoga or Meditation class or join as a Sanctuary member to gain access to a whole range of offerings.

Join as a member and you can have a suite of live and pre-recorded classes at your fingertips through our Bright Yoga Space Members Sanctuary page, plus an ever-expanding catalogue of meditations and other practices.

  • 3 weekly live-streamed Energising Flow and Yin classes (these will be recorded and available to watch whenever you choose)
  • Access to a library of over 50 recorded classes
  • 2 additional short practices released per week including movement, breath and meditation
  • Weekly live meditation class
  • Added extra resources to support your home practice
  • Discounts on events, circles, private classes and courses.

Cost: AUD $50 per month (less than $12.50 per week). Casual classes: Up to $15. Sliding scale and ‘pay it forward’ prices available.


Yogahari Healing

Yogahari Healing offers healing, personal growth and spirituality through yoga, counselling and family constellations. All classes are led by the founder, Eleni. Her truest intention for Yogahari Healing is to meet you where you are at, and provide a safe, supportive and sacred space to explore your own healing and spirituality, for empowerment and purposeful living.

Online classes include:

Dynamic Hatha Yoga – In this class you will receive experienced teaching and delve into all aspects of yoga from the physical to the spiritual. Expect rich teaching cues that will help guide you to experience all asanas in their fullness, whilst making space for your individual ability and body type.

Asana are progressively structured to work towards a peak pose, and will include standing and sitting poses, forward and backbends and inversions. But it’s not all asanas!!! This class will include other yoga practices such as pranayama, chanting, meditation and at times, contemplation of view teachings

This class is suitable for people with previous yoga experience to more advanced students as it does include meditation, chanting and spiritual teachings. Those with no previous yoga experience in any of the yoga practices mentioned are encouraged to attend the Beginners Course first prior to progressing to this class.

Beginners 6 week Course  –  The course sets the foundational approach to yoga asana (postures) and is suitable for people of all ages and life stages, including pregnant women. It takes a systemised approach and utilises yoga props for optimal support and restoration.

Each class builds on the week before, starting with standing and sitting poses and eventually progressing to foundational backbends and inversions for those students able to practice them. Poses can be modified or variations are given, to enable students to work at their level and ability.

Classes bring mindful awareness to the breath to assist it flow unimpeded and with ease. This allows for the unfolding of a feeling of rejuvenation and complete presence. When the breath moves in this way it creates an opening into experiencing an inner steadiness and dynamic inner stillness of the heart mind.

NOTE: Payments are non-refundable. If classes are missed, a maximum of one make up class is permitted within the beginners course or casual class of the current or following term.

When: Dynamic Hatha Yoga Thursdays 6:15pm-7:45pm AEDT / Beginners Course 6 week course Thursdays 8pm-9:15pm AEDT


Online Yoga with Lucy Roberts

Lucy’s passion for the practice is much less about self-improvement, and more about Self discovery. About remembering the wholeness, radiance, and basic goodness at our core, and quietening the mind that would have us believe we are otherwise.

Lucy’s classes combine fluid movement, guided breath, intention and attention to connect with stillness and the peace that always is.

Join her online from wherever you are – in real time via Zoom, or get the recording and practice at a time that suits you (valid for 3 days after live class).

When: Lucy teaches twice weekly live classes via Zoom – practice in real time or get the recording to do when suits you.

Wednesday 7 – 8:15am AEST – An energising, grounding & balancing mid-level flow open to all.

Sunday 8 – 9:30am AEST – A deep and juicy 90min practice with pranayama & meditation.

Cost: AUD $9/class; 5 Class Pass $40; Monthly Yoga Pass $54.


The Moving Room

We are offering online classes to stream at your leisure – from our room to your room.

Our yoga is inclusive and for all levels, Foundation for beginners, Moving Flow, Yin and Moving Stretch. Our signature Moving Flow Vinyasa class is an uplifting and invigorating practice combining creative sequencing offering alignment and inspiration.

Trudy Radburn is the owner of the Moving Room and has over 25 yoga years experience. You can practice with her via her online platform as she teaches her signature style ‘Moving Flow’ Vinyasa. This unique class is an uplifting and invigorating practice combining creative sequencing with music and inspiration.

The Moving Room also offers inclusive yoga for all levels, foundation for beginners, restorative classes, workshops and creative events. An inspired life begins with movement and at The Moving Room the joy of moving – is at the heart of every every practice. Find strength, feel energised and live inspired.

The online Mover subscription includes access to all studio classes, over 120 online classes plus weekly live streaming zoom classes. New online classes are uploaded each week to the membership page an

Cost: When visiting the website and subscribing to their mail list you will receive a link to 3 free classes. Then $25 per week.


The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio

The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio is a 100% online Yoga, Pilates and Somatic Exercise studio founded by Erica Webb of Erica Webb Yoga & Pilates. Offering both an extensive library of recorded on-demand classes and four livestream sessions each week,

Erica’s classes are gentle, fun and playful. Classes are a fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Somatics informed by anatomy and neuroscience and steeped in self-kindness.

Erica believes that moving well is hugely important when it comes to feeling well; and that doesn’t have to be complicated. All of her classes are infused with a playful exploration of our habits (both physical and mental) and how we can move beyond them for more ease, strength and self-kindness.

When: 4 weekly livestream classes (currently: Tuesday 10am, Wednesday 8:30pm, Thursday 10am and Sunday 4pm)

Cost: $37 per month (cancel any time) or $370 per year (2 months free)


My Mama Said

My Mama Said Online offers you a vibrant approach to working out ​wherever the hell you like. You will have access to an extensive range of classes in Barre, Pilates, Yoga and Fitness. All our instructors are industry professionals who love nothing more than creating effective and exhilarating class sessions that will leave you feeling empowered.

My Mama Said is our mantra. It reminds us that we all have a unique voice, free to express our own beliefs and philosophies. We are dedicated to providing classes that are down to earth, realistic and achievable for everybody. My Mama Said be yourself, everyone else is taken!

Monthly Membership Subscription
Access to over 150 workouts in Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Fitness and Meditation. Our workouts range in length from 10-60 minutes catering for all needs. We add brand new, inspiring and motivating workouts to the library every week!

Prenatal Studio Subscription
Access to over 70 specialised Prenatal workouts in Barre, Pilates, Yoga and Fitness. Classes range in length from 10 – 60 minutes catering for all your workout needs. The Prenatal Studio subscription also includes 2 x LIVE weekly sessions – 1 x LIVE Prenatal Barre class and 1 x LIVE Prenatal Fitness class.

Cost: Monthly Membership $29 p/ month on a self-managed subscription/ $12 for a 24-Hour Day Pass / Prenatal subscription $49 p/month on a self-managed subscription/ $12 for a 24-Hour Day Pass


My Curated Online Yoga Rooms©

My Curated Online Yoga Rooms© are practical and affordable on demand yoga classes that help women rediscover themselves through attainable, comprehensive, and balanced yoga classes they can do in the comfort and safety of home.

I want to help you, the woman who may be feeling that you’ve somehow lost yourself among the years and responsibilities of life. I want to help you gather all the different aspects of you into a being that cares for, is aware of and appreciates herself.

We will achieve this through a yoga practice that accommodates and is kind to your body, mind, and emotions – whatever shape, whatever state. My classes are not full of fluff and airy-fairy talk. I’ll only give you safe, clear and practical instructions. Plus, I let you be you with the help of modifications to pare things back or encouragement to go further.

Also, this is a yoga practice that teaches you that the challenges and wins on the mat are the lessons
we take with us off the mat and into our everyday life. All these are what will help you Rediscover

When: Unlimited anytime, anywhere access to your chosen Online Yoga Room©.

• The Equinox Room – $20/month; 15 to 30 minutes; The Equinox Series© are my own variations of the
traditional sun and moon salutations.
• The Dosha Room – $30/month; 1 hour to 1 hour & 45 minutes; The Dosha Series© are the full and
original versions of the classes we do in-studio and are my signature Dosha Vinyasa Yoga© flows.
• The Verve Room – $30/month; averaging 75minutes; The Verve Series© are a combination of Dosha
Vinyasa Yoga© flows and Verve Flows©, which are based on HIIT trainings.
• The Balance Bundle – $45/month; BEST VALUE; collects all the classes!
• The Rent Room – $7.50; RENT OUT any of the classes for an unlimited 3-day access!
• The Gift Room – FREE 15-minute bursts of creative, practical and fun flows that will help keep you grounded, fit and mindful.


Zenadu Online Yoga

Claire is an anatomy loving, bad joke telling, occasional name forgetting, breast cancer survivor who prefers to practice in comfy clothes, and sometimes confuses her left with her right.

Trained in both yoga and Pilates (mat work), Claire’s classes have a focus on co-ordinating movement with breath, and connecting modern anatomy knowledge with ancient yoga wisdom.

Claire teaches live Vinyasa and Restorative yoga classes, all conveniently delivered to your home (office, hotel room, or wherever you are!) via Zoom.

Offering both group and private classes, Claire provides plenty of options, variations and cues to help students of all levels find their zen. Email to book your place in a class and receive the Zoom link.

When: Sundays 8am & 4.30pm / Wednesdays 6pm. Check her Facebook page for current timetable.

Cost: Class fees are $10 per class.


Soul2Soul Yoga 

Ania is a mum of two and is passionate about helping women reconnect to their body and themselves in a healthy and positive way in order to feel better on the inside as well as the outside.

She believes that yoga can be a powerful tool for self care and her classes provide a space where you can take time out away from your roles and responsibilities and refill your cup so that you can keep taking care of others. Ania’s classes are inclusive and accessible, often incorporating functional movements to provide a more balanced and sustainable approach to yoga.

She offers a range of class styles from more active classes like ‘slow flow’ to slower, gentler classes such as ‘gentle yoga & yin’. There are also shorter ‘express’ classes which target a particular part of the body. There is a mix of classes that have been recorded ‘live in class’ as well as pre-recorded & new classes are added regularly.

Cost: $39 per month, cancel anytime.


Flow Lab Yoga

Our studio is a boutique space with two floors right in the heart of the CBD close Barangaroo. We offer a great mix of classes all focused at helping corporates find movement and freedom in their body throughout their work week. We have an extensive beginners program that we are proud to say has great success in introducing people to yoga.

Due to the pandemic we have streamlined our in studio classes which means we only have 10 people max per class. On the upside for the students, they have much more practice space and we maintain our Covid safe status. These classes are live streamed to our remote member base that still love our classes and have had to adapt during these crazy times.

As more people start to work and come back in to the city we will definitely look to open up the 1st floor classes again so that we have more variety.

When: You can find our livestream timetable here.

Cost: Live Stream Intro Offer $10 for 3 livestream classes (valid for 2 weeks) then $10 per class or $25 per week unlimited.


Zenko Yoga Studio

Zenko Yoga Online Studio offers a range of yoga and meditation classes suited to all level of yoga practitioner. Classes are live streamed daily via the platform, and a class library also offers a vast range of classes varying in duration and style that can be access and enjoyed any time.

Classes on offer include Power Flow, Gentle Flow, Slow Flow, Yin Yoga and Meditation. All you need to do is sign up to the live platform and create your account and you can enjoy Zenko Yoga classes from the comfort of your home from anywhere around the world at a time that suits you.

Our incredible teachers are highly experienced and each high quality class is designed to help you enjoy all the benefits of yoga simply by pressing play.

When: There are LIVE classes daily plus loads of pre-recorded classes for you to go through in your own time depending on what you require on any given day.

Cost: Use the code ‘eagle20’ to enjoy 20% off all memberships and passes.

Day passes are available for only $5 AUD
Monthly passes are available for $49 AUD
Annual Passes are available for $499 AUD


BIJA Yoga Online

BIJA yoga online’ is the online portal of BIJA yoga studio, western Sydney. At least 5 classes are posted weekly by BIJA Yoga Director and Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Keith Kempis and Jivamukti Yoga/YIN Yoga Teacher, Deb Shaw.

Most classes are 60mins in duration with a 45 min Open and a 45 min Restorative class posted on alternate weeks:
We use FB LIVE and all classes remain on the portal post-livestream. There are currently over 200 past classes in the private Facebook group portal which members will be sent a link to when they sign up.


Mondays at 5.15pm miniVIN/miniREST (only 45mins)
Tuesdays at 6pm BEGINNER
7.30pm YIN
Wednesdays 6.30pm OPEN
Fridays at 6pm RESTORATIVE

Cost: Unlimited access is $AUD108/month with a 6 month commitment or $540 onetime payment for 6 months.


The Online Yoga Sanctuary

At The Online Yoga Sanctuary you can practice yoga anywhere and at any time. As a member of The Online Yoga Sanctuary you have unlimited access to all classes. We offer Hatha, Yin and Yin Yang Yoga classes as well as Meditations and Yoga Nidra.

Chanting practices are currently in the making and will be added soon. We have shorter as well as longer practices so you can fit your yoga into your day with ease. We upload new classes and material weekly so there are always fresh classes coming your way.

Our classes are all functional and suitable for everybody. We have done our best to assist you in your practice, not only through the highly educated teachers and the variations on offer in each class but also with our ‘How To’ videos. The ‘How To’ videos are awesome explanations on a variety of yoga moves, theory and practice to assist your practice.

When: Anytime.

Cost: We have 2 memberships – $44 for the monthly payment offer / $199 for the 6 month payment offer. We do offer a Free Taster as well.


Studio Samsara Online

Based on the Mornington Peninsula, Sarah was a Pro Dancer before evolving into Pilates and Yoga. Owning and directing studios for over a decade, Sarah realised the importance of a more unique and individual approach.

Her Integrative Method instils Awareness, Conscious Movement, Grace, Ease and Flow. Her Online Studio has a wide range of offerings ranging from Pilates, Yoga, Yin, Dance, Aerial, Meditation and Mindset with her Integrative Approach to movement evident in each session.

Her Discovery sessions have been described as “Transformational” and “Life Changing” and are also available Online.

Cost: Online Membership of unlimited Pilates, Yoga, Yin, Reformer and Dance for just $11.11 per week. (No contracts – cancel anytime).

When: All sessions are pre-recorded.


Online Barre and Yoga Classes with Casey

Yoga: yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice. My vinyasa yoga classes focus on combining breath and movement together, to create a moving meditation. Classes are anatomically and intelligently sequenced, allowing both flow and functionality to exist in harmony together.

These classes are open to all levels, but if you haven’t done any yoga before, make sure you try some short classes on my YouTube channel first!

Barre: barre classes combine yoga, pilates and ballet barre conditioning to strengthen and tone your body, as well as creating longer, leaner muscles. Barre classes are based on interval training, but remain fluid and organic. My barre classes are exhilarating, challenging and totally addictive! I am all about excellent technique and breathing to energise the body and mind. Classes are hard but fun, and you will walk out into your day feeling lighter, happier and perhaps a teeny bit sore!

When: The online schedule can be found here.

Cost: All classes are by donation.


Light Space Online – Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation

Created by mother-daughter team, Susan and Clare, Light Space Yoga in Melbourne, Australia is inspired by a fresh and contemporary approach to yoga. And now you can now move, breathe and rest with us from wherever you are with our Online Studio and App offering a growing library of over 1,500 on-demand yoga classes, meditations, tutorials plus live classes every week.

With new classes added daily, you can access the classes and view them any time you choose via our website or App (search for it in the App store or Google Play) and experience the benefits of your practice at home or on the go.

Lots of classes options are available for you wherever you are in this beautiful world. We’re also excited to offer the following topic-specific Series as part of our Online Studio to help support our online community:

  • 21 Day Journey to a Balanced You Series
  • Stress Reduction Series
  • Immune Support Series
  • Short On time Series
  • Office Worker Series
  • Chair Yoga Series
  • Travel Series
  • Audio Only Series

When: Unlimited anytime, anywhere access to a growing library of over 1,500 classes

Cost: Introductory Offer – $24 for 28 day unlimited access / Unlimited Membership – $30 per week for unlimited access


This Is Yoga

Find a new sense of calm and strength with Yoga, Vinyasa and Yin classes with Sydney’s top yoga teachers via Livestream This Is Yoga is a welcoming and inclusive space for you to begin your yoga journey.

We know that the more you practice, the better you feel. As a member, you receive discounts on workshops, access to on-demand classes and more. Access Over 60 Classes streaming a week

Just sign up to your classes online and we will email you the link 15 minutes before class. It’s that easy! For members, we now have Recorded Livestreams available too! Click through to practice whenever you like. Join our community as we practice in real time, together

When: See the online schedule.

Cost: $5 first week / $20/week thereafter ($2.85/day).


Online Yoga Classes with Anne Noonan

Anne Noonan is a qualified Yoga, Meditation, Food and Nutrition Coach with over 10 years experience working with the midlife woman to help her become the most vibrant version of herself. She uses Hatha Yoga, stretch therapy and breath focus along with meditation to help nurture and strengthen the midlife body.

Anne offers online yoga classes specifically focused toward the 45+ age group – full length, short 15 minute flows, meditations and nutrition tips. She conducts these from a private facebook group.

The link so that she can send you information and payment details is her email at Chat to her on her facebook page at

Cost: For $30 a week, you get all of this plus direct access to Anne for questions and direction with your yoga.


Estuary Yoga Online

Welcome to Estuary Yoga Online – an inventory of classes designed to help cultivate your home practice. These classes are openly available, so please feel welcome to share with friends, family and those you feel will benefit.

We invite a give-what-you-can approach, so that this invaluable and generous gift of yoga can sustain us all. Each video takes us dedication, time, and attentiveness to create and curate.

If you enjoy and value these classes, you can help to fund our creative process. Every little bit counts, and is gratefully received.

When: Bookings are essential for Livestream classes – currently held Wednesday 6.30am and Saturday 8.30am. Your booking generates an auto-email 15-30mins prior to the class, which includes a link to join the session.

Cost: By donation


Blooming Happy Yoga

Access all of your favourite Blooming Happy Yoga classes at home with our exclusive online yoga library!

Yoga – Enjoy unlimited yoga classes with our exclusive library including beginner & intermediate flows – from 15 to 60 minutes. There’s over 100 classes to choose from with new classes released every week!

Meditation + Relaxation – Discover the power of breath + enjoy full relaxation with our guided meditations and restorative yoga classes. Learn about Yoga Mudras and Mantras in our 3-part series, plus much more!

Yoga Challenges – Smash all of your yoga and fitness goals with our 7 day Yoga for Strength or Arm Balance challenges. Complete one class per day to keep you accountable and on track to reach your goals and step up your yoga game.

When: Visit the studio timetable.

Cost: The BHY Online Studio Membership is only AUD $6.95 per week (billed monthly) after 7-day free trial. Cancel anytime.
– At least 12 live stream yoga classes per month ($70 value)
– Access to the BHY Library of 85+ On-Demand & Live-Stream class – new classes added weekly ($29.95 value)
– Online 7-Day Yoga for Strength Challenge ($35 value)
– Online 7-Day Arm Balance Challenge ($35 value


Fabulous Retreats

When: Visit the online classes timetable here.

We, Sophie and Lani, the sisters of Fabulous Retreats, are excited to be a part of your self discovery and healing journey.

Sophie’s Yin Yoga classes are a beautiful introspective practice combining visualisation and breath work to take you deep within. Best part – you can practice in your pj’s and roll right into bed! Most participants say it is the best night of sleep they have all week.

Cost: Weekly Pass AUD$23.23 / Single Class AUD$11.11


Fabulous Retreats

We, Sophie and Lani, the sisters of Fabulous Retreats, are excited to be a part of your self discovery and healing journey.

Sophie’s Yin Yoga classes are a beautiful introspective practice combining visualisation and breath work to take you deep within. Best part – you can practice in your pj’s and roll right into bed! Most participants say it is the best night of sleep they have all week.

When: Visit the online classes timetable here.

Cost: Weekly Pass AUD$23.23 / Single Class AUD$11.11



The Pilates Vibe

Kimi is the owner of the studio The Pilates Vibe, a teacher trainer for Polestar Pilates Education and came 3rd in a world-wide Pilates teacher competition “Pilates Anytime Next Teacher Competition” in 2018.

Her passion is helping people just like you learn to enjoy movement, get out of pain and build strong, resilient bodies from the ground-up.

The Pilates Vibe Online is a cost effective way for you to have access to world class Pilates instruction, livestream videos for community interaction and feedback from Kim. Workout at anytime and request videos for your special interests!

TPV Online is a digital library of 13 years of Kim’s experience with:

+ on demand curated video library

+ tutorial videos on body parts, conditions, sports specific and stages of life

+ caters for all level of ability

+ livestream classes weekly​

+ access to members only facebook group for community and live q & a

+ introductory health and goal setting email for personalised video recommendations

+ new content added weekly

+ ask Kimi for special video requests

When: Anytime for on-demand content (60+ videos and growing)

Livestreams: Kimi is LIVE every Monday 2pm and Saturday 10am. A variety of live classes are available at various times through the week. Refer to the studio calendar.

Cost: 7 day free trial then $39.95 per month. Cancel anytime. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a free sample class curated by Kimi for absolute beginners.


Online Pilates with Aimee

Aimee is an experienced pilates instructor. She offers a combination of live pilates classes via zoom, and a library of recorded classes for members to choose from. Workouts range from beginner classes, no equipment, small pilates equipment, pilates fusion and more

Focusing on the feel-good benefits of movement, Aimee has worked to create an online community to keep her clients moving, feeling confident and strong through a time where they may find it challenging to do so. Movement is important for not only our physical health, but our mental health too and being part of an online community can help us to feel connected, at a time where we may be feeling a little isolated.

When: Aimee goes live at 8am Tuesday to Friday and 10am on Saturday via zoom. Each class is recorded directly in-to the online studio group and gets added to the workout library, for those catching up later.

The online studio can be accessed by searching for the ‘aimeejenkin.pilates online studio’ group on Facebook and requesting access. No mater your age, body shape, fitness level or pilates experience, all are welcome in the online studio!

Cost: The studio is run on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.


Good Times Pilates

Good Times Pilates is a community that is always learning from one another and lifting each other up. Who care about your mindset and mental wellbeing as much as your physical wellbeing.

Continuing to cultivate and evolve our style and approach to movement, they don’t subscribe to one Pilates methodology over another. They choose to focus on the human experience to bring you Reformer Pilates classes that are challenging, uplifting, educational and playful.

They empower their community to move easy and fearlessly through kick-ass instruction, positivity and having a good time. Teaching through evidence based movement practices that focus on motor skill development, encouraging self-efficacy, empowerment and pleasure..

Join their inclusive movement community where you’re empowered to move easy and fearlessly through kick-ass instruction and having a good time.

Our Live OnlineTeaser gives access to live-stream Pilates classes and expires 7 days from purchase. Live online Pilates classes happen in real time, live-streamed from our place straight to yours. Book in to be sent the link to join 10 minutes before class.

We have over 25 Live MAT Classes + 1 Live REFORMER Class (BYO reformer).

When: See timetable.

Cost: First week of Unlimited classes $35 which gives access to live-stream Pilates classes and expires 7 days from purchase.



Join P20 founder and instructor Briony Tyree with over 80 specially designed classes on demand with new workouts added weekly.

Monthly or Annual Subscription to Pilates Workout Videos. A fusion of Pilates, Yoga, Resistance Training, Exercise Therapy and Mobility Training. Workout categories such as Abs, Legs & Booty, Full Body, Stretch & Mobility, Active Ageing, Pre & Post Natal, Rehabilitation, Cardio, Barre & Reformer. Unlimited access to video library online, anywhere, anytime.

Strengthen, tone and stretch your body with our fusion of Pilates, yoga, resistance training, exercise therapy and mobility classes. Sharpen your senses and find mindfulness in movement through focused breath and awareness exercises. Take the time to connect with yourself and your body with a flexible program at your fingertips whenever you need it.

When: Anytime

Cost: Monthly $25 per month / annual $200 per year.



Me by Aleenta – Launching early September

We are super excited to introduce you to Me by Aleenta. Annually we survey thousands of customers and ask them their #1 struggle with moving their bodies and consistently it is time (or lack there of) and #2 is motivation. We all want to make healthier choices, but sometimes it’s hard. Hard to fit it in, hard to choose. Hard to prioritise. We get it.

So we put our heads together on how we help women make healthier choices easy and ‘Me by Aleenta’ was born.

With ‘Me’ you can workout at home, at the park, at your friend’s, wherever you want! The workouts are 10, 15 and 30mins and lots of nutritional tips, tactics and simple ideas to help choosing healthy easier.

We know you will be hooked. You will feel better. Your husband (or boyfriend or BFF) will comment. You will notice your peaches are tighter. But more than that. You will feel more balanced. Centred. Clearer. Happier.

Because we know that moving your body makes you feel better. Less aches and pains. Less wobbly bits. Stronger. More confident. And good. Top-of-the-world good.  And you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

We started Me by Aleenta so that you can take time out from the daily treadmill and move your body. And make healthier choices. Whether you are at home, at the park, before work, during work our workouts are quick and focused.

We have an awesome team who are best in class at guiding, motivating and helping you move your body. You simply choose what works for you. Every tool, workout, program or resource we include at Me by Aleenta must pass our HAPPY test:

How it makes your life easier
Achievable amongst the treadmill of a busy life
Positive impact on you
Problem solved
Y would I care?

When: Live daily classes will be launching in September.

Cost: Free [5-Day Trial] then a monthly subscription of $29/pm


The Barre Studio

The visible results you crave and the workout high you love, now anytime, anywhere with @MyHome Online Studio. In choosing @theBarre boutique studios you are rewarded with professionally developed programs that will change your body!

From your home, local park or hotel room you can workout with us! You don’t even need a barre – just grab a chair, a railing or even a Demi Barre and off you go!

The online studio features access to an exclusive library with program director and studio owner Liza, and all your beloved @theBarre instructors.

Daily livestream classes so you can interact with your instructors and class participants. These beautiful programs fuse Pilates, fitness training, yoga, Ballet and various dance forms together in a total barre class.

Integrating the fundamentals of Pilates, a strong core workout, functional joint protecting, low impact gym exercises and dance for a complete all round fun-filled workout.

All classes are 45-55 minutes long and accessed online through your web browser Can’t join us? Want more? Don’t worry, we have over 150 On Demand pre- recorded classes for you to access 24/7 in our Online Studio

Plus, we make our Live Stream classes available for two weeks so you can catch up if you miss out!

When: Visit the timetable or available 24/7 with your WIFI connection.

Cost: $20 per week. Get your first week free when you subscribe! Easy auto-renew, cancel at any time.



New Beginnings Mini Yoga Retreat with Olga Ross

This is a very gentle and restorative yoga retreat that is designed to nurture the heart and mind. Dru yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is accessible to everyone. We make use of flowing movements, visualisations and affirmations. This yoga works on the physical body, as well as the emotional and mental body.

This 2-hour retreat will begin with gentle movement, followed by breath work and journaling practices. We will then enjoy a delicious and restorative yoga nidra to ground the body and mind; and finish with a heart opening meditation.

Participants should have a yoga mat, blanket, journal, cushion, chair and quiet time afterwards to allow the practices to settle and create lasting change.

When: 29th August 9:30 – 11:30 am AEST

Cost: $45


Pilates & Yoga Retreat with Suzanne

Hands up if you need some extra Zen in your life right now?! We know that lockdown 2.0 has been super tough, on everyone.
This is why we are planning to host a very special online retreat, to give you a few hours where you can unwind, destress and practice some self care in a supported space during lockdown.

What to expect on the day:
9:00 – 9:30 am
Mindful Mat Pilates with Suzanne

9:30 – 10:00 am
Yin Yoga with Clalla

10:00 – 10:10 am
Guided Meditation with Clalla

10:10 – 10:40 am
Wellness in Real Life: Talking about 10 tips for keeping well in winter during lockdown

10:40 – 11:10 am
Take Off Skin & Body: Taking you through how to achieve a salon style facial at home & answering your questions on all things skincare!

11:10 – 11:30 am
The Rumours are True: Taking you through how to achieve the perfect salon curls, at home during iso! It’s going to be a morning you won’t want to miss – Be sure to book your virtual spot on the mat now!

Cost: $50


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