Spring and Summer Healthy Online Vegan Cooking Classes

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Spring clean your diet and get ready for a healthy summer by learning a recipe or two from an online vegan cooking class. Get creative in the kitchen and learn how to make delicious plant based and vegan from the experts.

Platewell Vegan Cooking Club

Every week Platewell streams fresh, new plant-based cooking classes online. Students can cook along at home, live or on demand. Classes focus on healthy, interesting, and delicious dishes which use whole plant ingredients, and also show you simple, creative ways to plate things with a beautiful touch.

Platewell’s teachers are talented and passionate about inspiring people to discover the joys and benefits of plant-based cooking.

Their experience ranges from working in Michelin star kitchens with Gordan Ramsey and Thomas Keller, to having competed on the Great British Bake Off. Yet they are all wonderfully approachable and authentic, teaching straight from their own home kitchens. If you’re tuning in live you can even chat live questions and comments to the teachers. The experience feels as if you were learning to cook at home with a (very knowledgeable) friend.

When: All Platewell classes are available to watch either live or on demand. A la carte classes are offered on various weeknights and weekends, while their weekly cooking club streams regular classes every Monday at 6.30pm GMT. Meat Free Mondays have never been easier (or more delicious!).

Cost: Classes start at £10 per class, or £20 a month for the weekly Platewell Cooking Club (which works out to just £5 per class).

To book a spot or download a class, click on the  sign up button below, where you can view the menu of classes, and book à la carte or join the Platewell Cooking Club.

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Blandine Bardeau Wholefoods Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

Blandine is a Macrobiotic Health Coach and Cook, and has studied at the International Macrobiotic School in Devon, as well as Concord Institute in London. She is also an artist and art teacher, and thus is really passionate about passing on the learnings she has gathered over the years.

Her online Macrobiotic cooking classes run for two hours, where both herself and the students cook the meal together. Along the way, she speaks about the meal and its balance from a Macrobiotic’s perspective, taking the meal step by step, as well as answer any questions students may have.

Her meals are delicious and take a modern approach to Macrobiotics. At its core, Macrobiotics is a philosophy of life based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and its concept of Yin and Yang as the two fundamental energies which constitute the fabric of the Universe. Everything is made of Yin and Yang, and so is food, our body, Nature and animals.

The practice of Macrobiotics can be hugely beneficial to restore a sense of calm and balance in one’s life and body, and to be able to feel how different foods, activities or even jobs may affect us. The aim is to live a more harmonious life, more connected to Nature and Spirit, in alignment with one’s life’s purpose.

Learning how to take care of yourself and your well being, to be responsible for your health and to be available to life in a very different way are the true gifts of Macrobiotics.

When: All upcoming events can be found listed here.

Cost: £40 per person per class

To book a spot on one of Blandine’s cooking classes, click on the sign up button below.

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Vegan For Beginners with Sumptuous Vegan

Vegan For Beginners is a collection of helpful resources for the growing community of people interested in learning about plant-based eating. Nola Ro, the curator of Sumptuous Vegan, uses solutions she found for her challenges while transitioning to vegan eating.

Take your tastebuds around the world to indulge in global flavours! Attend a workshop, learn the basics then join a live cooking demo with Nola.

She offers those solutions to others in the form of monthly live cooking demos, eBooks, and monthly workshops. Nola also shares easy meal inspiration and tips via her Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, and monthly newsletter.

Cost: Live cooking demos $20 / workshops $3

For upcoming dates and to register for an upcoming workshop sign up below.

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The Perfect Vegan Breakfast Brunch

Start your day the right way. It’s the first meal of the day, and it can make all the difference. A healthy and flavourful breakfast lets you have a happy and sunny morning right away.  Whether it’s your daily porridge bowl or your weekly Sunday brunch with the whole family, a great breakfast full of flavours and colours will make everyone’s day.

Learn how to make delicious vegan breakfast dishes, from an aromatic Italian porridge and fluffy breakfast pancakes to your own smoky carrot “salmon” and pickled tofu “feta”.

You will learn from Marika, the chef and creator behind Plant Base Berlin, one of Berlin’s most sought-after breakfast cafés.

Her café’s menu consists of colourful cakes, tasty bagels with creamy toppings, creamy tofu scrambles, and many other sweet and savoury breakfast dishes.

Marika will share with your her secrets to creating the incredibly flavourful and diverse recipes that her guests love to enjoy during her popular weekend brunch.

When: Join at anytime and get lifetime access.

Cost: 12 month membership USD $297 or single course lifetime access $127.

To register on to the course or see the full offering of plant based and vegan cooking classes click on sign up button below.

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Made in Hackney Plant-Based community cookery school

Made In Hackney is an award winning community kitchen and cookery school. We believe everyone should have access to affordable, nutritious and locally grown food that’s good for people and planet.

We teach people in fun and inspiring ways how to cook healthy plant based meals, linking the importance of the environment to health.

We support and work with a diverse range of community groups such as young people leaving care, long term unemployed, low income families, recovering addicts, people with long term health challenges (visual/hearing impaired, diabetes patients, stroke survivors), people with learning difficulties, ethnic minority and cultural groups – and many more wonderful people who make up the Made In Hackney family.

When: See the schedule of upcoming events here.

Cost: £50 (£40 concession). All funds raised go towards our community meal service providing free nutritious, tasty meals to households who need them during these challenging times.

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Cooking at home with Veet

Cooking at Home with Veet is a ‘down to earth’ cooking course. The cooking tips that you learn will help to make your life much easier in the kitchen while creating amazingly delicious vegan meals for you and your family to enjoy.

This course is designed to help you incorporate freshly prepared, delicious vegan recipes into your cooking repertoire. Recipes are accompanied by easy to follow videos, allowing you to cook alongside step-by-step explanations and adapt recipes to suit your tastes and preferences, using seasonally available fresh produce.

It is a 5 module course with over 10 hours of videos. You can start whenever you like and take as long as you like to complete.

The Online Course is for people who want to incorporate vegan food into their lives with ease, learn at their own pace and want to learn tips to make cooking vegan food super delicious and also fun and easy to make.

You will be given a wealth of information and skills in how to prepare delicious and healthy vegan meals, fridge and pantry staples, knife skills and sweet treat and have recipes that you will love to make over and over again for yourself, family and friends.

When: Sign up via the link below to access the pre-recorded material.

Cost: $295 AUS

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Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy

Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy currently offers introductory online classes in vegan cooking techniques. Join Chef Mark Reinfeld for this exclusive new program in partnership with Vegetarian Times.

Whether you are simply looking to up your culinary game, or are interested in taking the first steps towards a vegan culinary career, these online courses are a convenient and inexpensive way to gain skills and confidence in the kitchen.

Our Vegan Fusion Academy is a two-part online vegan cooking certification program where you will benefit from chef Mark’s 20-plus years of experience as a vegan chef. Whether you are simply looking to up your culinary game, or are interested in a career in vegan cooking, this online course is a convenient and inexpensive way to gain skills and confidence in the kitchen.

You will learn the fundamentals of vegan cooking, and get recipes for a wide-range of dishes such as grain bowls, vegan pizza, superfood smoothies, and Vietnamese fresh spring rolls.

When: Take your course when you want, where you want. Your access never expires.

Cost: US $250

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Healthy Vegan Cheese

Vegan Cheese Made Easy. Learn to make delicious vegan cheese at home that will amaze your friends and family. Learn the exact techniques and favourite cheese recipes from experienced vegan chef Maricel Lukkanit. Get a certificate of completion after having taken all of the classes and quizzes.

Can vegans still enjoy cheese? Giving up cheese is really hard for most people. If you enjoy eating cheese, a vegan diet might seem impossible for you.

We are so used to grating fresh Parmesan over our favourite pasta, having a melted slice of Mozzarella on our pizza slice, or spreading some cream cheese over our Sunday bagels. Leaving all that cheesiness behind seems like a huge step.

Whether it’s a French sandwich, an Italian pizza, or an American burger… they all live from the element of cheese. We are so used to grating fresh Parmesan over our favourite pasta, having a melted slice of Mozzarella on our pizza slice, or spreading some cream cheese over our Sunday bagels.

Leaving all that cheesiness behind seems like a huge step. The good news is…it’s incredibly easy to make tasty and healthy vegan cheese at home.

You actually wouldn’t believe how simple and delicious vegan cheese really is. You don’t need fancy equipment or exotic ingredients, no… All it takes is understanding a few key principles, getting to know the important ingredients and flavours, and voilá!

Within no time you will be able to make completely vegan cheese. And when you share it with your family and friends, they won’t believe you…because it tastes just like traditional cheese. And the best part: it’s all made with healthy and natural ingredients. Start creating your own vegan cheese today. Your friends and family will love you for it.

When: Join at anytime and get lifetime access.

Cost: 12-Month Membership $250 USD. Single Course $197 USD

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Vegan Tuscan Cooking Class

Your instructor is Giulia Scarpaleggia – Food writer, cookbook author and culinary instructor. Giulia has been teaching cooking classes in her house in the countryside between Siena and Florence for about 10 years. In this course, she shares her family recipes, the menus for everyday meals and festive occasions, the tips and tricks learned teaching recipes to beginners from all over the world.

With this course, you will join Giulia in her kitchen, attending step-by-step cooking demonstrations to show you exactly how to prepare each recipe. These are simple, traditional recipes that are naturally vegan. We’re going to use simple, affordable ingredients. Stock up your pantry and be ready to start cooking like an Italian and Tuscan home cook. Try each recipe soon after you have watched the lesson and enjoy the food with your family.

You’ll learn recipes to make antipasti (appetisers, like panzanella, chickpea cake, and grilled vegetables), primi (fresh pasta from scratch like pici and gnocchi, and all the dressings for your pasta), traditional main courses (soups as pappa al pomodoro, and ribollita), contorni (seasonal side dishes from grilled eggplants to stewed green beans) and dolci (as the traditional castagnaccio, a chestnut and olive oil cake).

When: Join anytime and get lifetime access.

Cost: £29.99

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