Summer Cleaning For Your Body – Englands Top Juice Cleanse Companies

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Last Updated on June 18, 2021 by Editor

Get ready for the summer – whether you’re planning a trip to the seaside, at home or abroad, get yourself in tip top shape for those days at the beach with a juice cleanse.

Juice & Glow

Kick start your health and wellbeing journey today. Our product range is here to support those health goals, by ensuring you’re putting only the very best plant fuelled goodness into your body.

Why not try our two week Wellbeing Challenge that includes the 3 pillars of health; nutrition, exercise and wellbeing. Juice & Glow juices are raw and unpasteurised and 100% cold pressed. That means they preserve all the wonderful nutrients in the ingredients while removing the bulky fibre. We add nothing more, apart from our passion for juicing and our experience of creating delicious, nutritious products.

Our expert team lives and breathes juices and cleansing, hand-crafting and individually bottling our products from the freshest ingredients to bring you superb tasting juices that will help you to look and feel fantastic. Prices start from £197 for a 3 day cleanse.

Juice on the Go

Juice on the Go is a London-based, organic fresh cold-pressed fruit & vegetable juice, juice cleanse and juice shot producer made from ethically sourced ingredients from UK farmers wherever possible. Our cleanses were designed by lead nutritionists that educate and electrify people’s mindset & provides a balanced nutrition intake with additional supplements like sprirulina, vegan bouillon, collagen, chia seeds and bathing salt.

No HPP pasteurisation, never heated, no added sugar or preservatives, 100% natural and raw. Our bottles and packaging are 100% recyclable, orders are made to order (and tailored if requested – mixing juices and considering allergies/intolerances) and all our products are delivered by electric cars thus maximising sustainability and minimising waste.

We provide a 20-page cleansing guide ad life coaching with all cleanses including tips, recommendations and recipes pre & post-cleanse. Body Cleanses start from £49/day and you can save 20% with the discount code SOULSEED20.

Daily Dose Juice

All Daily Dose Juices are individually formulated to give specific benefits, their cleanses are carefully put together to combine these benefits for an overall goal. By juicing your fruits and vegetables, you can consume more of them all at once. If you struggle to meet the recommended 5-a-day servings of fruit and veg, then this is an ideal way to get all those nutrients.

Their organic produce is sourced directly from farmers, where possible within the UK. Whilst sourcing produce their founder rapidly discovered the vast volume of produce wasted daily due to the produce not conforming to the supermarket’s strict criteria on shape and size. This revelation prompted his commitment to fighting the food-waste epidemic by using wonky, surplus organic produce to make our juices.

They are rescuing tonnes of wonky produce each week! At the other end of production, our leftover juice pulp is collected by a partner farm, who feed it to livestock on their Surrey farm. Every step of the process is designed to help us achieve their waste goals.

If you’ve cleansed before and you’re looking for a challenge – try the Green Cleanse. Not for the faint hearted. This cleanse will alkalise the body, flush out the gut and boost the immune system. It’s tough going but trust us, you won’t regret it! Prices start from £45 per day. Use code SOULSEED20 at checkout for a 20% discount.

Presscription Juice

Presscription have created a range of delicious 100% raw, organic, unpasteurised and cold-pressed juices and nut mylks that are designed to aid health and wellbeing

Always 100% raw, unprocessed and fresh. Never heated or pasteurised. For any juice cleanse over 3 days, you will receive multiple deliveries.

With 3-4 pounds of fresh organic produce, cold-pressed into every glass bottle, Presscription delivers delicious and nutritious juice, every time.

All of the juice cleanse programmes have been expertly curated by nutritionists to rejuvenate and detox your body by replacing food with our nutritious juices, setting you up for a healthier and more positive lifestyle and diet.

Every cold-pressed juice and juice detox is 100% organic, fresh, raw & unpasteurised hence has a 3 day shelf-life. For any juice cleanse over 3 days length, you will receive multiple deliveries. We are also plastic free, we only ever use glass bottles!

The signature cleanse is the most popular juice cleanse. This juice cleanse is perfect for newbies as it’s the easiest to stick to. Prices start from £65 per day.

Juice Fabulous

Juice Fabulous is a division of The Body Fabulous Health Clinic in Winchester run by Mr Juice Fabulous himself, Jim Marshall. They retail freshly made juice plans available ready made for you to consume at home. Made from recycled PET (so post consumer waste) their juice bottles are BPA Free & FDA Certified. Suitable for re-use or recycling.

All juices are made to order so you can personalise your order by requesting an item that you are intolerant / allergic to (or just don’t like) to be excluded from your bespoke menu.

They include 5 fresh juices per day for you which makes for a much easier detox compared to some smaller juice packages on the market. Larger packages are 500ml bottles and the smaller juice with evening meal option are 250ml per bottle.

Juice Fabulous juice blends are created by Senior Nutritionist Amie Marshall to ensure you are receiving all the macro and micro nutrients you require during your juice detox. They only use fresh fruit and vegetables and to ensure adequate fibre, they use a combination of juicing and blending.

A lot of their ingredients (not quite all yet) are organic which means you are receiving all the benefits from the nutrients without the added pesticides and herbicides found in cheaper juice brands. All juices are dairy free, gluten free, vegan and free of nuts, just raw, natural and unpasteurised juices and soups. 3 day cleanses start from £75. Use code SOULSEED at checkout for £5 off your juice or soup order.


The ethos of JuicyNess is to take the hassle out of being healthy, making nutritious juices and smoothies using only the freshest ingredients for customers to store fresh or frozen to lock in nutrients for longer, with Detox packages made fresh in their workshop each Sunday.

JuicyNess offers a few different packages starting with 4 juices/smoothies per day, with the option to substitute 1-2 juices per day with a hearty homemade soup – perfect to keep warm in the winter months! Their best seller is 3 juices / smoothies + one soup per day! Prices start from  £20 – £24 per day depending on juice/soup combinations. Get a 10% discount with code SOULSEED10.


Junius are a family enterprise of foodies, qualified as educators and nutritional scientists. Their founder Maria is certified from the world renowned Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). They are passionate about sharing our knowledge to make it easy for everyone to live well, feel well and do well at work.

Junius divides wellbeing into seven coloured pillars and is designed to help people make informed choices on how to care for their health on any given day. So if today your health goal is Cleanse + Refresh choose SPA and tomorrow if it is Renew + Replenish opt for FAB and the next day if it is Ignite + Burn try REV.

From ZIP to ZEN you can target your health goal with deeply nutritious and delicious ingredients. Customise your health with award-winning and uniquely formulated Junius cold- pressed juices + shots.

While Junius cold-pressed juices and shots are not meal replacements they are designed to nourish the roots of health. During this pandemic, ZAP to support Resilience + Armour, is a perfect way to support the nation’s seasonal / winter health goal! Prices start from £24.50.

Raw & Juicy

Raw & Juicy is a multi-award winning juice cleanse company and proud founders of the UK’s first home delivery juice cleanse service.

With over 15 years experience of providing fully supported holistic cleansing programs, you can rest assured that Raw & Juicy know exactly what it takes to help you achieve your nutritional and wellbeing goals, providing you with every thing needed to support and strengthen your body and mind during the cleansing process.

Their nutritionally and therapeutically trained team are on hand 24 hours a day to provide support and advice. Nutritional support packs, Enemas, beauty pamper packs and fully customised juice cleanses are all part of your Raw & Juicy cleanse.

Prices start from £55 a day. Use SOULSEED21 at checkout for a £21 discount.

PRESS Healthfoods

PRESS Healthfoods are dedicated to 100% plant-based quality nutrition to help people live happier, more balanced lives. They provide delicious, nutritious, vegan soups and meals, cold-pressed juices and smoothies, and other healthy beverages.

They source the highest quality fruit and veg from G.A.P. Global certified farms, including the “wonky” ones, to ensure they deliver consistent, quality products that are safe, ethically sourced and set the standard for environmentally conscious farming practices.

If you are new to detoxing start with the Virgin Juice Cleanse – If this is your first time, then this is the juice cleanse for you. A balanced combination of nutrient-packed greens, energising fruit & vegetable juices and nourishing nut mylks to help eliminate cravings and kickstart healthy weight-loss.

Cleanses vary from £49- £280. They also have a new 28 day nutrition programme which starts at £800. Get 10% off at checkout with the code SOULSEED10 (applies to all products but a minimum of £50 spend. Next day, free delivery is included.

Love Yourself

Photo credit LoveYourself/@divyankhoda”

Calorie controlled gourmet diets, freshly prepared and delivered daily around Greater London. Juicing is about so much more than weight loss. Once you start feeding your body the nutrition it needs, your body can begin to heal. It is a quick and delicious way to ensure you are consuming all the right vitamins, minerals, nutrients, phytonutrients, and live enzymes your body needs for optimum health.

Direct from the kitchen to your front door. All Love Yourself juices are 100% raw, cold-pressed, and freshly squeezed. Their juices are made fresh to order using only but, the highest quality fruits and vegetables. They use no heat in their juice extracting processes as this can destroy the nutrients in the produce.

They have included one shot, three juices, and one smoothie per day, as part of a your liquid daily meal replacement diet. The shot is to be taken in the morning before the first juice. These are prepared with high quality ingredients that pack a mighty punch. They’ll give your body that extra nutritional boost it needs to begin the day.

Three raw, cold-pressed, and freshly squeezed juices are to be consumed throughout the day. When they need to be consumed, throughout the day, is totally up to you. These juices are packed with fruits and vegetables that will nourish every cell in your body.

The smoothie is to be consumed as dinner as this will curb your hunger. Smoothies contain ingredients that will provide protein and fat. Our smoothies are calorie rich and will keep you satiated until the next morning.

Prices start from £20 1 per day. Use code “SOULSEED” for 15% off any juice cleanse orders. London and within M25 delivery only.

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