Online Wellness Retreats To Help You Ground, Refresh and Relax

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We’ve made it through half of the year and now is the perfect time for a reset. If you’ve still not managed to book an in person retreat or the current travel restrictions have hindered your plans, you can have the retreat come to you.

Here’s our round up of Online Wellness Retreats To Help You Ground, Refresh and Relax this June, July, August and September.

Project You – Self Care Course

When: Saturday 5th June at 11am-12.30pm. GMT (repeated Monday 7th June at 1-2pm) for 6 weeks. You can join in at any time.

Cost: £20 a session.

What you get: Are you looking after yourself as much as you would like to? Self care is essential to a flourishing life. We need to replenish, recharge and restore our bodies so that we can meet the demands of modern life and keep our immune systems healthy. This 6 week course will support you in your own project of self care.

Wk 1. Self Care Beliefs

Wk 2. Sleep

Wk 3. Hydration

Wk 4. Exercise

Wk 5. Eating Well

Wk 6. Rest & Relaxation

Together we will explore current research on the subjects of sleep, hydration, exercise, eating well and relaxation. I will bring my knowledge of positive psychology to these subjects to help you create healthy habits for life, which will improve your health and wellbeing. This is an interactive session which will give you the benefits of group coaching; support, shared learning and accountability.

If you would like to have more energy, feel happier and more in control of your life, join me to start Project You. Contact to book. Begin now by completing our wellbeing survey and receive tips on how to improve your self care.


Intuitive Vision Board Workshop

When: 3rd July 10am / 7th August 4pm / 4th September 10am GMT

Cost: £80

What you get: Connect to your deeper self for the intuitive guidance you seek. On this Intuitive Vision Board Workshop
you will awaken creativity, multiply opportunities and accelerate change.

The workshop is led by Mary Nonde, the originator of the Intuitive Vision Board and author of Awaken Your Intuitive Vision. She has inspired many to live their best lives ever with her ground-breaking process.

Changing jobs, moving house, launching a business, falling in love, starting a family, empty nesting, preparing for retirement, serious health issues – life is a series of transitions to be negotiated.

The Intuitive Vision Board allows you to explore what your future could look like. It shows what can happen when you get out of your own way and allow a greater intelligence to work through you.

By creating a large, colourful collage the people, places and activities most essential to your well-being are being summoned to you. The universe is broadcasting through your vision board the synchronicities and serendipities about to occur in your life. It’s exciting, mysterious and life-changing.

A restorative uplift: “This workshop was exactly the restorative uplift I needed. For anyone who feels like they’re not achieving or getting anywhere or has lost everything, I’d thoroughly recommend this creative session to help you break out of a stagnant mindset.” Julia, Social Media Editor, London


The Body Workshop

When: 18th September 10am -12pm GMT

Cost: £20

What you get: Unlock your potential – empowering full body transformation and confidence. Do you want to transform your body with ease, confidence and self love? It’s time to ditch the fad diets and learn how to eat and move intuitively to look and feel your best forever.

This is a two hour Nutrition and Pilates retreat that will provide you with the tools to; Empower Full Body Transformation, Achieve, your Health Goals, Improve Confidence and Self Love.

Health hacks, lifestyle tips and movement to support your body and live your best life. Run by Alice Rose Wellness and Emily Aitcheson of Luna Circle.

Alice is a registered & licensed, Nutritionist (mBANT, CNHC), Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. She runs UK and international clinics, including at leading fitness studio Move Your Frame London, workshops in Portugal, group education for international corporates.

She develops recipes for a multitude of businesses, runs global health retreats, is a speaker at wellness festivals and has been featured on The Gut Stuff. Alice specialises in women’s health, gut health, energy, sleep and fatigue, weight loss and musculoskeletal health. Alice provides a bespoke, personalised approach helping to support women worldwide to look and feel their best.

Emily is a London Studio Centre trained dancer with over 15 years experience teaching dance, fitness and pilates. She worked as a professional actress and dancer for 7 years on both stage and screen before deciding to pursue her teaching full time. She taught young people at the Brit School for 4 years and later took on the role of Team Lead for Barre & Dance at the renowned London studio Move Your Frame.

Emily grew up in a spiritual household, influenced by her mother, a psychic medium. She later went on to found Luna Circle, a wellness company making spirituality accessible for all. Emily believes that we are all intuitive and have the ability to connect with our inner wisdom. Using her intuitive gifts, she guides her clients through movement classes, women’s circles and 1:1 coaching to connect with their soul’s deepest desires.


Cool Karma Collected Presents “Making Peace” – A Mindfulness Retreat on Reconciliation

When: 11th – 16th June. The retreat will run every morning from 7:00am – 9:00am AEST.

Cost: AUD $185

What you get: Are you feeling like this year has gotten away from you already? Longing for a little reset? Fill up your own cup and register for this incredible 6 days online retreat where you will have the opportunity to practice with world renown Buddhist teacher’s Bob Stahl and Jan Landry.

Bob Stahl has been a mentor of Marike’s for many years and spent over 8 years in a Burmese Buddhist Monastery. The depth of his teachings help us to come home to ourselves and find that opportunity to pause and reset, in even the most hectic periods of our lives.

As our meditation practice matures, we understand the importance of relinquishing opinions, grudges, judgments and resentments through honest reconciliation that may lead to deep healing. Since this is not always easy to do, we can develop practices that help us discover the liberating experience of authentic reconciliation that leads to greater understanding and peace.

This retreat will guide us toward our capacity to live fully in the present and to meet life with openness and reconciliation. It is pertinent for anyone wanting to heal their heart and make peace with themselves and others.

We will focus and inquire on self-reconciliation – the harm we have brought to ourselves through feelings of shame, unworthiness or deficiency and then explore reconciliation to those we’ve hurt, to those who’ve hurt us, and reconciliation with the “way things are” in our life.

This retreat will include talks on loving kindness and reconciliation as well as silent and guided meditations, and small and large group discussion.


Flourish – Your Summer Holistic Retreat with Chef Naturelle

When: 27th June 2021, 10.30am until 2.30pm GMT

Cost: £50 (full investment) or £35 (discounted investment)

What you get: Have you ever wondered how the seasons affect the way you feel, eat and connect with the nature inside and outside of you? Do you want to know how the food you eat and the way you move influence the way you feel? Do you want to learn how to live in harmony with the season to unlock your full potential?

This retreat is designed to help you re-connect by learning how to live more in harmony with the natural rhythms of the seasons.

We will create a fun and safe space to embrace the active energy of Summer through a combination of yoga, sound healing bath, cooking demo and nutrition lecture. The retreat also includes a pre-retreat booklet with creative seasonal recipes to help you thrive this Summer and tips on how to create your own at-home sacred space. Give yourself some self-love and learn how to connect to you self, your food and nature!

Stéphanie is a wholefood chef passionate about food. With a holistic approach to cooking, she takes inspiration from the seasons and sustainable produce which is locally grown, homegrown or foraged. She will run the cooking demo and the nutrition lecture and is joined by yoga teacher Abbie and Sound Healer Lia.


The Self Care Rituals Membership

When: Join at anytime.

Cost: You get massive value for only US $37 / month!

What you get: This is a monthly membership program with Emily from Mind Body Dharma offers Bite-Sized Self-Care Rituals, Monthly Mini Retreats & Accountability

Feel inspired and focused every day with everything you need to craft, and keep, a more balanced and magical life.
You will get access to live monthly mini magical Ritual Retreats with group coaching – 90-minute live virtual retreats focused on helping you experience, understand, and implement the month’s self-care ritual so you can deepen your connection to mind, body, and spirit and feel like your best self.

This Includes “hot-seat” coaching opportunities and a supportive community of other women for the accountability partners you’ve been needing. You’ll also get the on-going accountability, inspiration, and support you need to finally make self-care consistent for your busy life with weekly prompts to help you set goals, troubleshoot, follow-through, and succeed. The private members-only group is where the magic happens, and we turn great ideas for self-care into regular rituals in your busy life.

You’ll also receive as a bonus 16 digital Self-Care Rituals toolkits designed to help you craft your most aligned life while enrolled in the Membership (includes video lessons and handouts like worksheets, meditations, and journal prompts) on topics like: Self-Confidence, Resilience, Ancestral Healing, Remote Work, Healthy Eating, Grounding, Boundaries, Bedtime Rituals.  Are you ready to craft your most balanced life through bite-sized changes?


Self Care Self Love Retreat

When: Sunday 13th June 10am-3:45pm GMT

Cost: Tickets from £15

What you get: A day of inspiring and empowering workshops and sessions just for you. Make you and your needs a priority and share in the wisdom of guest speakers brought especially to you to transform your life and create new intentions, connect with others and move past what holds you back.

The theme of this retreat is ‘What’s holding you back?’ Self care and self love is not selfish it is essential and we must make it a priority to fit out oxygen mask first.

What would you do if nothing could stop you?

We often hold ourselves back for many reasons but two of the main ones that come up often are fear and not feeling good enough! Either sound familiar?

The speakers/workshops/sessions will bring you amazing wisdom, knowledge, support and gifts that will truly inspire and empower you leaving you to feel enabled. Ready to embrace any changes and intentions you are ready to bring into your life.

It is important to acknowledge a time for our SELF, to rest and reset! It is also so important to not sink into unhealthy ways of being which will zap our energy and wellbeing and lead to us to be stuck in a rut

Get ready to immerse yourself into this online retreat. This time is for you, so let your people know, transformations are likely, new ways of thinking will happen and you have permission to dedicate the day for you!


Neals Yard Mindfulness Workshop

When: 29th July 5-6.30pm GMT

Price: £40

What you get: Come and join us in our Zoom virtual classroom and explore with us the benefits of natural remedies. Hectic and modern lifestyles can make us feel like we are running on empty. As a result we can end up feeling exhausted, irritable, unfocused or unmotivated and this can affect our day-to-day life. Natural remedies can be a useful addition to support energy, vitality and wellbeing.

The workshop will explore:
• what can affect our vitality
• how supplements, herbs, superfoods, flower essences and aromatherapy can be used in everyday life
• top remedies for vitality and how to use them
• further advice on how to improve vitality

This workshop is suitable for those who would like more knowledge on simple natural remedies for vitality and how they work with your body, alongside lifestyle and diet changes.


Online superfoods – stress & fatigue workshop

When: 12th June 10 – 11.30am GMT

Cost: £40

What you get: Explore the benefits of superfoods and how to easily integrate them into your daily life. Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods, rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids, that offer a powerful way to improve diet and optimise health and vitality.

The workshops cover:

  • Superfoods and their benefits
  • How they can boost your diet, health and vitality
  • How to prepare dishes with superfoods – with tasty recipes to try at home

The Stress & Fatigue workshop will explore:

  • How modern living can impact on your health and wellbeing
  • Eliminating energy robbing foods from your diet
  • The role of diet and superfoods in boosting energy and vitality
  • Practical advice on how to incorporate superfoods into your daily diet



Virtual Vacation to Venice

When: Sunday 13th June 11:00am – 2:00pm US EASTERN TIME

Cost: $40 per person \ $60 for 2-people on same screen – non-refundable deposit due at sign up

What you get: Travel Virtually with us to Venice, Italy. Connect with us on this “Virtual Vacation” – an online community experience and retreat from your home. In this special series, we’ll meet for a 1-day event where we’ll connect, move & breathe together, then enjoy some time learning and painting together…all in good fun! Think of it as creativity for meditation. All levels welcome!

Are you looking for an inspiring and stimulating retreat experience during this time where travel may be a bit limited? We introduced our “Virtual Vacation” series to help add some connection back into our lives with seasonal at-home getaways aligning with the EPM ethos – connection through wellness, unique experiences, creative outlets, and self-care.



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