Retreat of the week: Women’s Wellbeing Retreat, Yoga & Nutrition for Perimenopause & Menopause, Sussex

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Master your Hormonal wellbeing at this luxurious countryside retreat 

Fast facts

Dates: 16th – 19th November

Location:  The Lodges, Sussex.

Price: From £650

Spend 4 days at The Lodges, a beautiful Grade II listed farmhouse in Sussex, just an hour away from central London. Take some time just for you, get away from everything and indulge in deep rest, delicious and nutritious food, all whilst learning how to look after yourself, nourish your body and best manage the symptoms of Perimenopause and menopause. Your retreat leaders are Nutritional Therapist and health retreat leader Charlotte, and yoga and meditation teacher Jess.

Enjoy the company of other women and relax at this beautiful country hotel. The daily programme and menu is designed with your hormones in mind, nutritionally balanced meals with hormone education as well as both invigorating and restorative yoga are planned to strengthen both body and mind.

What we eat and drink really is crucial for happy hormones. Our hormones play a part in the health of our hair, skin, libido, weight, muscle tone and much more besides!

As fluctuations happen, it’s important to make sure our nutrient intake is optimal and that we are mindful of the less favourable lifestyle choices we may make. Knowledge is power and understanding what is going on in your body, and how to manage changes is empowering and puts you in the driver’s seat.

This retreat will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to manage your symptoms more effectively and move through the changes with more grace and ease.

At our last retreat in May we explored the symptoms as a group, shared experiences and tips and went home armed with new information. The guests enjoyed the informal nature of the workshops and felt better informed in terms of how their bodies were behaving.

We explored topics most important to the health of women and plan similar workshops exploring hormones, fasting, weight management and much more next time.Details and booking.

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