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We are pleased to announce the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) series which will showcase a powerful NLP technique every month.

This will be a live session that is recorded which will be available for you to buy along with any related literature/downloads. These sessions are an evolutionary development from our long standing and popular ‘monthly mindfulness’ workshops where I shared a different technique, tip or way of thinking each month.

The NLP Power Hour sessions will be run on either a Saturday morning and/or weekday evening for 1 hour.

The flow of the session:
– short intro into the tool or technique
– a deep exploration and application/ practice
– meditation to end the session.

Who are these classes for?
1. These classes are suitable for those looking for practical approach to self development to truly make a difference to thoughts, feelings, behaviour and your life.
2. Those interested from a managerial approach to work with colleagues employees, and team members to either for communication purposes or to help more directly with others own development.
3. Its also great for well being practitioners who are interested in the benefit of the NLP modality to add some new approaches into their support kit or those running online well being groups that are looking for inspiration to share self help tools in their groups.

The very best way to teach is to explore something yourself first, apply it and then share – so these sessions will give you the opportunity to really apply the technique, not just learn it theoretically, with the opportunity to ask questions directly and in real-time, while we carry out the session.

Februarys theme: The Life Wheel.
We will be looking at how we can categorise our life to feel more in control, empowered and less overwhelmed, and therefore able to prioritise. Look at what needs to be left alone for now and what is more urgent to our well-being by taking this new birds eye view of our life.

There’s a secret to the life wheel that those who may have done it before might not know! Trust me this will feel such a relief. We can do a life wheel for our whole life, or one for personal and one for professional. Each person is individual and so I will guide you into labelling your own chart and how to manage each category in terms of how one can impact the other.

If you have never done this before, you will see what an eye opener this is for how you see your life and the expectations you have on yourself and your time and will never see it the same way again.

Cost: Live classes are just £10. Live class plus the recording is £15. Recording only (£10). E.g. If you can’t make the live class then you can opt for the recorded copy.

Note that if you watch a live class and then decide you want the video you will need to go back in and buy the recording. The saving of £5 is when you buy the live and the video together.


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Inspire RewireInspire - Rewire was built on the owner’s concept that it’s up to us to lead the life we want, that everything is about choice, and that we are all capable of healing through self-care. Through piecing together your own unique jigsaw, you can become your own Guru and master of your life. Based on her own healing journey with Adrenal Fatigue, burnout and anxiety, Nicola coupled her love, and expertise, in the wellness industry with her corporate background of Learning & Development and Event Management, to share her message about mindfulness and healing on a wider scale.

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