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Yoga Central is where I, Michelle Carvill – friendly yoga teacher (amongst many other things such as author, digital agency owner, preventative healthcare champion and digital educator) – share my yoga class information and my yoga teaching insights, inspiration and musings. I’ve been practising yoga for over 27 years and have practised a variety of styles – including Hatha, Astanga, Iyengar, Anasura, Vinyasa Flow, Yin – however, to me, it’s all Yoga. I’m often asked what style of yoga I teach? My style is very much a blend of everything I’ve learned from my teachers and my own self practice over the years. My classes vary week to week, often with how I’m feeling, the seasons, the weather, the energy – but there’s always usually some form of flow. Hence why I call it ‘go with the flow’ yoga. My inspiration for classes comes from my students – how they are feeling, their energy – and their ability. We’re all different – and my yoga is for ‘every’ ‘body’. Since March 2020 I’ve taken my yoga teaching online. People from around the country (and the world!) are now able to join in – which is great. So if you’d like to join in too – simply see my Yoga Classes for timetable or my Online Yoga Retreats for dates.

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