200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Playa Negra Costa Rica, 1st – 22nd May with Selena Garefino & Hali Love

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When you are steeped in practice you cannot help but transmit something of meaning. Based in experiential and conceptual learning, this course is designed to offer students a breadth of practices, techniques, and philosophical teachings allowing students to formulate a yoga that fits their life and needs.

Yoga is not one-size-fits all. This training is here for your evolution not to transmit dogmatic approaches to practice.

You will learn the history of yoga and various philosophical perspectives from various yoga traditions so you can formulate a yoga that is right for you.

Students will practice breath techniques, kriyas, mantras, and mudras handed down for generations. Tried and true methods for more easeful, inspired, elevated living. The We Evolve Method’s™ focus on personal development and experiential teaching will help you to develop your authentic teaching voice.

In these uncertain times many are craving something more than fitness-based yoga. They’re seeking practices to not only support their daily living but to guide them towards their Highest possibilities.

This program is designed to give you the tools to become so much more than an fitness instructor.
Asana done well has the potential to touch more than the body. In this training teachers will learn to use the guidance of Ayurveda and other maps of the self to guide their students in a way that touches beyond the body.

Students will learn to guide a wealth of practices including meditations, kriyas, pranayama, yoga asana classes, and more.

Students will be provided with scripts to supplement their learning as they find their comfort in their own voice.

Collectively our teachers have 40,000 hours of teaching experience and extensive education. You will enjoy year long access to live-streaming practices with Selena including The Non-Linear Movement Method® (a healing practice for the nervous system), Kinstretch® (joint mobility training), yoga asana, Wild Women’s Circle®, and discounts on all workshops and trainings for 1 year post training completion.

Yoga is a spectrum of theory and practice and this training will offer in-depth experience in both. This training is anchored in Sri Vidya Tantra, Katonah Yoga®, Functional Range Systems®, and Personal Development Coaching from the Integrative Health Institute.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Objectives

Asana Practice
We have learned a lot about how bodies function since the creation of modern asana in the early 19th century. In this training you will learn functional mobility practices for joint health as well as functional approaches to yoga asana.

You will of course learn classical asanas but with approaches to joint health that are anchored in evidence-based practice.

You will learn to practice for longevity and to teach practices that mitigate injury and support your students on and off the mat. Teachers will explore bioflow anatomy and neuroscientific approaches to wellness and breath work, and more.

Students will feel confident sequencing and teaching both hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga classes and well prepared to teach to various populations.

Pranayama and Meditation
Breath work is one of our most potent practices. Life happens moment by moment as does the breath. It is our quickest pathway to the present. With breath-work you can learn to heat yourself up, cool yourself, calm yourself, and stimulate. It is a very powerful thing to manage your internal landscape and pranayama is inner alchemy. Students will learn a variety of essential classical breath-work practices.

Meditation crafts your future. It has been shown to reduce the size of the amygdala the fear center of the brain, to grow grey matter and a host of other benefits. Students will leave with a steady meditation practice and the tools to teach meditation to their students.

Anatomy and Alignment
Students will learn functional, applied anatomy and will have a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal system as it relates to yoga practice and teaching. The thorough anchoring in applied anatomy will teach students to sequence intelligently and with the body’s longevity at the forefront of the practice. You will also learn subtle body anatomy from the Ayurveda and Yogic systems and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives on the body.

While it is not a course in either of these fields our trainers have extensive training in these fields and will teach you the basics for your seasonality and longevity and there application to yoga.

Teaching Methodology and Practicum
Students will learn from our teachers almost 40,000 hours of collective teaching experience how to effectively cue and guide various populations. You will learn the art of touch, art of demonstration, Sanskrit pronunciation, and so much more. You will also have a thorough anchoring of business of yoga and other core topics.

Additionally all students will participate in powerful personal development coaching with trained professionals.

Yoga Philosophy
Selena holds advanced degrees in the study of South Asian anthropology and yoga studies. You will receive a thorough teaching in the history of philosophy as well as various perspectives on the various yoga lineages. There are MANY yogic lineages and this 200 hour training will provide students with a thorough anchoring in foundational philosophy so they can choose a direction and path suitable for them for further study.


Students will receive a detailed schedule in person during their welcome ceremony. Expect early morning beach meditations and a couple of half days for enjoying the scenic beaches. This is a professional training and students should expect to study and work while still enjoying their time.


Selena Garefino MPH, MA, PhD candidate, ERYT

I have been teaching movement for almost 15 years and training yoga teachers for 5 years. A student for life, I named this work the Evolve Method because I am continually weaving new methods, new tools, and new ways of operating into my work and offerings.

To go somewhere you’ve never been before requires you do something you’ve never done before. This is evolution. It’s the key to our elevation and our personal revolution.

I’m all about a movement and coaching practice that feels good, that ups your function and your longevity. I am after practices that are enlivening, enriching, and make way for you and your creative genius to shine over dogma every time.

I teach alignment as a guiding light rather than a rigidity to form, making space for all bodies and all ways of being.

I have thousands of hours of yoga training primarily under the tutelage of Dr. Douglas Brooks, Elena Brower, Noah Maze´, Nevine Michaan, Abbie Galvin, Melina Meza, and Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker.

I hold additional certifications in pilates, FRC, Kinstretch, Katonah Yoga, personal training, and Movement Flow. I am the recipient of a Masters of Public Health from Boston University, a Masters of Socio-Cultural Anthropology, a PhD Candidate, former Cornell Graduate Fellow, Fulbright Research Award Recipient, and presently completing a Masters in Mental Health Counseling.

Hali Love Licensed Subconscious Reprogramming Counselor, TCM, Ayurveda, ERYT

Founder and Facilitator of The Love Method Coaching Program, Co-Founder of The Integrative Health Coach Institute and Creator of Multi Style Yoga International. Founder Playa Negra Yoga Centre and The Multi Barre Method. Partner of The Yoga Club Montreal, Co Founder of Playa Negra Yoga Institute and B Yoga Barre Studio San Jose.

Creator of Virtual Prana Yoga Trainings and Retreats. Hali Love is a successful entrepreneur and dedicated mother, who thrives from putting her passions into action, walking her talk, and being in action.

In 2019, love graduated her Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program, which she blends with her Subconscious Restructuring counselling, to offer enhanced healing experiences for her clients.
Hali is an Ayurvedic practitioner, 500 hour ERTY and Continuing Education Provider, and a present apprentice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She is an entrepreneur, dedicated mother, loyal friend, and caring coach. She is the founder of Playa Negra Yoga where you will enjoy your studies.

Venue & Facilities

Our venue is a small newly remodeled surf lodge with full air conditioning, a lovely pool, lounge areas, walking distance to the beach.

The yoga studio is owned by Hali Love and is located on property just across from the hotel where students will stay. All rooms have A/C and shared bathrooms unless you choose a private room.

Food & sample menus

We have a variety of packages to suit different student’s needs. After selecting your room option at check out you can select your meal package or you may choose to simply run a tab at the on-site restaurant to have more control over your meals and food spending. This allows for flexibility for different dietary needs.

Option 1 Full Board
Full Board includes: Three vegetarian meals per day served at our on-site restaurant.

Option 2 Half-Board
Half Board includes: Breakfast + Lunch. Students are free to enjoy their evening meal at any number of local restaurants or may order off of the menu at our on-site restaurant.

Option 3 Breakfast Only
Enjoy a traditional Costa Rican breakfast. Perfect option for light eaters and those wishing to explore local fare.

Option 4 No Meal Plan
The most flexible option. Students without a meal plan may run a tab at the on-site restaurant or may choose to eat offsite at local restaurants. Great for picky eaters, sparse eaters, those wishing for a higher protein diet, or just wanting a chance to explore the local cuisine!


Without meal plan:

Triple $4,000
Quad $3800
Private $4600
Double $4200
King Suite $6,000


  • Community Forum
    Access to a private online forum after you leave Costa Rica to stay connected with your peers, to ask questions, and receive guidance as you embark on your teaching career.
  • Evolve Method Online Training Access – Enjoy year-long access post training to the full 200-Hour Online program for review and personal growth.
  • Discounted Workshops + Free Classes. Enjoy FREE classes with Selena online for 6 months post training. Any online classes offered will be posted in your community forum! You will also receive a discount on all future trainings and retreats.
  • Welcome Gift Bag – Each student will receive a gift bag including a personal development journal, a t-shirt, and other goodies.
  • Printed + Digital Manual – Enjoy a printed manual to jot notes in and as well as a digital e-book for continued access.

Does not include

  • Meals
  • Meal Plans
  • Full Board: $1150.00
  • Half Board: $785
  • Breakfast only $320


Exclusive offer and code for Soul Seed Travel bookers: Receive a complimentary massage. To make a booking or enquiry, you can book direct via Selena’s website or email connect@selenagarefino.com.

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