300hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, 17th November – 13th December

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300hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Andalucía Spain

The Yoga Bubble YTTC is a Yoga Alliance approved residential 300 hours program. The course is spread over 4 weeks, with a comprehensive distance learning module, giving you time to fully immerse yourself into the learning and teaching experience. Small groups (max 15) allow our teachers to give you the tailored and individual experience you need.

The 300hr course is designed for people who have already completed a 200hr yoga training who may already be experienced teachers who want to refuel their practice and add to their skill set or for people who feel they want more training and confidence before teaching. Below are listed the course objectives which on completion of the hours you will have achieved in each module.

  • Build upon existing knowledge of modern and yogic anatomy
  • Teach an Ashtanga Primary led class to your peers, depending on your individual learning goals it could be a 90 minute half primary or 120 minute full led
  • Teach a 60 to 90 minute Vinyasa flow class with clarity of intention and strong sequencing style
  • Develop your yoga asana practice, increasing strength, flexibility and focus
  • Explore different meditation and pranayama techniques to include in your classes and personal practice
  • Be familiar with the main teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and to be confident connecting these teachings to your classes and intentions
  • Understand how we can use Ayurvedic principles to become better teachers and practitoners
  • Be able to adjust postures safely with confidence

Asana Practice

Your morning asana class will be focused on you learning The Ashtanga Primary Series as a foundation for your development as a teacher. The first 2 weeks of your course you will be led through the whole series by your lead teacher and be adjusted and corrected by the assistant. When the group is ready, you will transition into the more traditional Mysore, self practice style of Ashtanga Yoga.

The practice is geared towards both experienced Ashtangis and those not so familiar with the series, self practice is an excellent way to work with our students individually.

Practice on Tuesdays and Fridays will be broken up by a Vinyasa flow class with a specific aim or theme. For example Tuesday’s class could focus on arm balancing and Friday’s class aimed at leaping into Hanumanasana. These classes will serve as an excellent example for those that want to develop their teaching in the style of Vinyasa Flow.

Your morning practice will also be supported by evening workshops which will give us time to break down and discuss different techniques and answer any personal queries you may have.

These workshops will include; arm balancing, back bending and transitions. There will also be time for some more restorative practices such as yin yoga and ball release to complement you learning experience.


Within your pranayama/meditation session you will be guided through all the basic pranayama (breathing) techniques and depending on your learning objectives be taken on to more advanced techniques. By the end of the course we will have developed your own sequence of pranayama techniques that you will be able to self guide and take away with you into your practice.

Breath is our bridge between the mental and physical, the subtle and tangible parts of our being. Pranayama’s benefits, when practiced regularly, are significant and can transform one’s mental clarity and self control. During the early morning hours we will also hold group meditations, these will be a mixture of guided and unguided.

The guided meditations will be influenced by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and will therefore serve as a tool to quiet the mind, focus and become present. Theory classes will explain the benefits accompanying these breathing and meditation techniques enabling you to practice effectively during guided and self practice classes.

Anatomy and Alignment

These classes will be structured through the Ashtanga Primary Series. Running through all the postures as they appear, interweaving a modern anatomical approach, so that the knowledge is applied and applicable to the practice and teaching of yoga.

A few classes will also be dedicated to the alignment of postures that do not appear within the series to support your learning within the teaching methodology and Vinyasa sequencing modules.

This class is also an excellent opportunity to explore your own practice and learn the suitable modifications for your own body and others.


In the adjustments module, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the correct technique for adjusting yoga postures. Hands-on adjustments and assists can be a very powerful tool when done correctly.

Our experienced teaching team will share their experiences and techniques with you so that you can approach the subject comfortably and with confidence. This module starts in the first week giving you time to implement your new skills practically over the course so by the time you graduate you will be able to confidently give adjustments in your classes.

Teaching Methodology and Practicum

This module is separated into two halves; the first half concentrates on the teaching of the Ashtanga Primary series, focusing on more foundational and traditional aspects of asana, such as learning the correct Sanskrit names, rhythm of breath count, correct order and the opening and closing mantras.

The fantastic thing about this course is because of the small groups we can work with your individual level and expectations. For example, if you’re a teacher with lots of experience you may want to focus on teaching the whole of the Series. If you are a little less familiar with Ashtanga we prepare you to teach half primary; to Navasana and closing. This will form a strong practical basis for the next module.

Vinyasa Flow and Creative Sequencing will be the focus in the second half of your course. We will ask you to prepare a 60-90 minute flow class or workshop. The classes leading up to this assessment will focus on topics such as theme, intention, transitions, peak postures, structure and energetics.

If you are new to teaching Vinyasa Flow you will gain the tools to become a proficient and confident flow teacher. If you are an experienced flow teacher we will provide you with new options, breaking old habits, inspiring new patterns, allowing you to make strong choices about what you have to give as a teacher.

We encourage all our students to develop their own style and creativity in order that they find their own unique voice.

Yoga Philosophy

These classes will centre around The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. We will pick key sutras from the first 3 chapters to use as initiators for debate and discussion. We will explore both contemporary and traditional interpretations in order to reach our own conclusions.

The relatively modern Ashtanga Vinyasa system as we understand it today will be compared to the more ancient system of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, their differences and similarities will be discussed so we can come to a deeper understanding of what it is to be a responsible and aware yoga teacher in the modern world.


The experienced teaching staff are here to get you through the intensity of the course and help modify or support your practice so that you always feel within your capability.

We have three lead teachers on the training all with at least six years experience of teaching yoga. All have taken training in India and have taught internationally.

All lead teachers have lived, trained and taught yoga in India. They are able to bring you a curriculum that is rooted in tradition but accessible to the modern world.

Amelia Valls
Amelia’s journey as a teacher started 12 years ago, having been trained in Pilates, Fitness and Personal Training. She worked with a diverse range of people and communities. At that point she realised how much she loved to help people have a better, active life and decided to study a degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences, in Spain.

In 2013 she completed her 500 hrs YTTC at Kranti Yoga, Goa, India. Initially, it was to complement her field of work and studies. However, during her training she developed a completely different point of view about the concept of health. She realised that health is not just about the physical body but the mind and soul also.

Through Yoga, Amelia found balance in her life. She started to incorporate aspects of yoga philosophy not only on the mat but also in her everyday life.

After Amelia’s initial extended, in depth studies of yoga in India, she returned home and realised how much she missed The Yoga Village. She returned to assist on the YTTCs in order to develop herself as a Yoga Teacher. Passionate about anatomy, she was quickly able to apply her knowledge in the Ashtanga Yoga practice, helping students on a daily basis to overcome the many obstacles faced physically.

As a teacher, Amelia is unwaveringly attentive and possesses the rare gift of making learning fun and enjoyable. Ask her any question about functional anatomy and her creative response will provide you with the most accessible answer. Amelia is sure that her purpose in life is to help and inspire other people to believe in themselves and challenge their existence.

Lascel De La’ Bruvs
Lascel was born in Whitechapel in London’s East End. It was during his studies as a keen Music Technology student that a traumatic life changing event eventually led him to his passion for teaching yoga (read Lascel’s story by following the link below).

Originally trained as a Hot Hatha Yoga Instructor at Bikram’s Yoga College of India in L.A. Lascel then went on to share his passion for teaching the world famous 26/2 set sequence far and wide.

Initially teaching all over the U.K. he then lived life as a traveling teacher, teaching in Europe, The USA, Australia, Asia and eventually India. It was on a return trip from Australia Lascel was presented with an opportunity to retrain under Michelle Pernetta, one of the UK’s most established, experienced senior teachers.

He went onto become a regular on the schedule at studios across London for the hugely popular brand of dynamic, modern, inclusive, mixed levels yoga at “Fierce Grace”.

A growing interest in the philosophy and foundations of yoga as a whole, as well as a continued and growing interest in the modern western interpretation and anatomical focus of asana, eventually led him to take an impulsive extended one way trip to India.

He traveled and taught for a few months and eventually enrolled on another teacher training in South Goa. After completing an advanced 300 hour course in modern Ashtangha/Vinyasa, Lascel stayed on at the school initially as an assistant teacher for the 200 hour teacher training course to fully immerse himself in his new found love for Ashtanga, Pranayama, Meditation and Yogic Anatomy. He soon went on to becoming a lead teacher on the 300 hour teacher training course that he had completed prior.

Having experienced first hand both the huge physical but more importantly psychological benefits that can come with a yoga practice, Lascel is passionate about sharing these benefits with as many people as possible.

He believes that yoga should be accessible for all from the die hard, daily, borderline obsessive intense practitioner of all things yoga, to the guy that heard after 20 years as a plasterer and 4 pints at his local, that a spot of yoga might sort his shoulder out. Lascel’s 1000+ hours in various teacher trainings, along with many years of experience as a full time teacher assisting practitioners of all abilities and dispositions, along with his continued passion for his own practice and continued learning is what inspires him to teach from the heart in a compassionate, dynamic, fun and inclusive style.

Morwenna Truscott
Morwenna discovered Ashtanga Yoga whilst training as a dancer at The Laban Centre in London, it soon became apart of her life, developing alongside her career as a dance teacher, eventually over taking it all together.

Drawing from her dance background and yoga experience, she teaches flowing Vinyasa Classes with creative transitions and dynamic sequencing. Imaginative cueing allows her students to gain greater insight into their individual body alignments and develop a deeper awareness of their own physicality.

She is a firm believer in the benefits of the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Through repetition, routine and enquiry she believes you are able to gain insight into your physical and mental patterns and are able to become more mindful of your thoughts and actions on and off the mat.

During her 3 years living and training in India she was introduced to Ayurveda, which has now become an important influence in her life, especially Ayurvedic diet and routine. She feels that Yoga and Ayurveda together form a complete approach for optimal health, vitality and higher awareness that can lead to greater transformation in your practice, your health and your awareness of others. Just like yoga it is a lifelong learning process that is only improved through practice and experience.

Teachers, yoga and people of all kinds continue to inspire and fuel the development of her practice, teaching and exploration of yoga.

Grace Farmer
Grace is defined by a passion for exploring the body’s rhythmic capacity for authentic expression. She believes that venturing deeply into the physical vessel is the best way to access our secret powers and hidden capabilities.

This fascination with the physical blossomed from childhood, where her discovery of dance began. A connection with yoga contributes to the evolution of her relationship with movement and physicality, which has lead her towards understanding the importance of stillness and contemplation.

Asana and Pranayama are integral parts of her daily practice. Inspired by her dance teacher Susan Handy, the simplicity of Ashtanga and the creative possibilities of Vinyasa, Grace’s own practice and her teaching is always a fusion of technicality and curiosity. She hopes to inspire a commitment to ones own self study and a continuation of learning beyond the courses she’s teaches on.

Grace has been a teacher since 2010, from ballet to cheerleading and now yoga anatomy and technical workshops. She hopes that her classes allow people to connect with possibilities beyond their imagination, making complicated subjects accessible and even fun! In 2015, she began studies in India, completing a teacher training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga and has been a full time teacher ever since, in a variety of settings which make for a valued contribution to aspiring Yoga Teachers.

When she isn’t teaching at the Yoga Bubble, Grace is based in Berlin or spreading the work of Elbow Collective www.elbowcollective.org across Europe and often at Festivals. Her own development is leading her towards pursuing the potential for movement therapy and healing through the physical body.


Enchantingly tucked away in the rolling hills of Southern Spain and set within its own large private grounds, complete with outdoor pool. Finca La Vina is the perfect place to fully immerse yourself, unwind and relax.

The terraces and gardens of our minimal yet warm and homely, rustic, large Spanish villa offer stunning 360 degree views ranging from the breath taking coastline of Conil de la Frontera to El Palmar, before sweeping through to tranquil views over the serene, infinite countryside of Andalucía. A selection of long sandy beaches, majestic cliff top walks and encapsulating pine forests are only 15 minutes drive away.

Retreat schedule

7.30-9.30 Asana Practice: Ashtanga Vinyasa
9.30-10.15 Pranayama/Meditation
10.15-11.15 Breakfast
11.15-12.45 Teaching Methodology
1-2.30 Philosophy/Adjustments
2.30-3.30 Lunch
3.30-5.30 Anatomy and Alignment
5.45-7.15 Technical Workshops
7.30 Dinner
8.30-9.30 Self-Study


All inclusive vegetarian. Can cater for vegan and gluten free diets also.


Dorm (4 share) 2800 euros
Twin Share 3100 euros
Private Single 3600 euros


-All food
-Refreshments, tea/coffee all day
-The training and Yoga Alliance certificate on completion
-Course Materials
-Wi fi in communal area

Does not include

-Cost of activities outside of the school in free time

What past guests have said

”The four weeks were such an intensive, incredible and wonderful time. The teachers are great and they really try to give all their knowledge to you. The Yoga lessons in the morning, pranayama, wonderful breakfast, anatomy, teaching methodology also. I miss it a lot! The vegan food is really delicious, the house is nice and you will have a great view of the landscape – absolutely in silence. A small group of nice people, allows you to learn really quick and intensive.

It was hard but one of the nicest experiences in my life. Definitely a yoga hot spot in Europe. If you want to do a really great high quality Yoga Teacher Training, with wonderful teachers, then is definitely your right choice. 

I am so thankful and now I am able to do things, which I have never Imagined before. I will always keep them in my mind, and I will definitely come back. I learned so so much and got so many new Friends. Thanks for Everything and more.” Sarah Kaiser

”The location is beautiful, waking up every morning with the beautiful view of the fields and the sea is awesome, and during the day there is even the pool where you can chill.
 Food is even better, i think i haven’t eat badly a single day, super balanced and tasty vegetarian food is always provided at the Bubble. I took part in the teacher training and it has been an amazing experience!

The teachers are very competent in every aspects of their teaching, they are always available to answer extra questions and to help you after class if you need it. A very complete course on every aspect of the practice and yoga lifestyle. After completing this 200hr I feel definitely ready to teach yoga.
 You are not only joining a yoga retreat/YTTC but you are joining a beautiful family of amazing people! Thank you again for this amazing experience, miss you all!”. Simone Peraz

”If you’re thinking about booking, just do it! I promise that the experience will not disappoint! You’ll walk away confident in your practice with a sound knowledge of anatomy, inspired to teach.
I initially booked on an intensive 200hrTT course because I wanted to fully immerse myself; to deepen my practice and understanding. I now feel fully confident to lead classes!

This wasn’t necessarily a priority but it is something I truly value. This is due to the love and attention from the teachers. They all had their own quirks as teachers and their love for the practice was always at the forefront! Each armed with their own style of teaching, we were exposed to Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow throughout the 4 weeks.

Whilst it was obvious to me that they all have their own different yoga styles, they came together to make sure that all their teachings were rooted in the Ashtanga method. Yin and Acroyoga also made a feature which was fantastic! 

The schedule was well thought out and it didn’t cut corners on anything. I was grateful for my four weeks in Spain… Saturday afternoon and Sunday’s off gave the perfect opportunity to revise what we had learnt over the week.

It’s my opinion that you can’t cram the training into 3 weeks without losing some kind of quality control. This is something that I felt they also understood. Our group was capped at 15 which gave us the feeling of being seen by all the teachers and there was a definite emphasis on the quality of the training here.

 This team should proud of how they are going about creating future yoga teachers”. Michelle Rowsell

How to get there

Closest Airports: Jerez Airport 50 mins. Gibraltar Airport 1hr 30 mins. Seville Airport 1hr 50 mins

When booking we will be happy to help you organise your travel from the airport to the villa.We can offer transfers from:

Seville airport: 200 euros
Jerez airport: 100 euros
San Fernando train station: 45 euros

We always try to match up your arrival times with other guests so you can split transfer costs. There is also a train station (San Fernando Bahi Sur) that is connected to Seville Santa Justa station and Jerez airport that will get you much closer to us!

Car rental is recommended so you will be able to get around easier once here. If you are interested in renting a car, do let us know on your application as we may be able to group you with other students who are also interested to split the cost. Once you add up taxi prices, it is a very cost effective option.


Fill in the booking form to make an enquiry or booking on this 300hr Alliance approved Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Andalucía, Spain. You can also contact the team direct on retreats@soulseedmedia.com if you have any questions.