300 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, Valencia, 2nd – 31st July

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300 hour yoga therapy & integrative medicine course for 500 hour master yoga teacher certification

“An amazing experience in all ways. The level of training was exceptional and far surpassed my expectations. Gerry’s wealth of experience and knowledge in yoga and therapeutic practices meant we were always supported in developing our yoga skills and teaching abilities in a supported and inspiring way… The town itself is magical and surrounded by beautiful valleys. The swallows and the sunrise welcomed each day. A truly wonderful experience. It was hard to leave!”

This 500 Hour Yoga therapy Teacher training is a chance to delve deep inside ourselves, exploring the profoundly therapeutic benefits of yoga. Gerry Rixen has been running yoga courses for over 20 years, alongside this he has over 30 years professional experience teaching and treating thousands of patients with Zen shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine. He is the founder and director of the International Shiatsu and Yoga school SYM, established in 1997.

Gerry has traveled to India, Brazil, Japan and many more countries exploring yoga, spirituality and philosophy. Much of his life has been dedicated to exploring health and healing, and sharing this with his students.

This 500 Hour Yoga therapy Teacher training is a unique opportunity to receive the teachings of an experienced therapist, who combines his profound knowledge of yoga therapy with his extensive experience as a therapist.

The course will teach you how to evaluate your patients health using various methods of palpation as well as observation, listening skills, taking detailed case histories and interpreting the signs and symptoms of imbalance and disease.

SYM has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals demonstrating that the course is of the highest standard. Our graduates are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals and use their accreditation as a sign of quality training. Our trainees will be registered for a free membership with Yoga Alliance Professionals for the duration of the training course.

Yoga Therapy leads to a deep dialogue with the self, helping patients with direct tools to confront the challenges of life, from chronic illness, degenerative disease, psychological trauma and stress to fatigue, anxiety, fear and anger. Yoga therapy self-empowers, helping the patient to reclaim his/her health and take life into his/her own hands.

Therefore in this way Yoga Therapy is truly holistic leading to health, greater awareness, more balance, less ego and more love. The therapeutic tools of yoga include specific postures and techniques to encourage healing of all bodily functions as well as profound tools for healing the human psyche and spiritual condition. Places are limited, we accept a maximum of 12 students per group.


Gerry Rixen is a registered senior yoga teacher SYT with Yoga Alliance Professionals and a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance International and the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. He started his yoga practice with the Iyengar method and developed his approach in Yoga therapy over 25 years, with professional experience as a teacher and therapist in Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine including thousands of personal treatments. He is the founder and director of SYM-Ltd and has been teaching Yoga, Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, and related subjects in France, Spain, Greece, Italy, and the UK.

His profound knowledge of oriental healing arts, martial arts and philosophy is enhanced by his deep understanding of western spiritual and esoteric traditions, including Platonism and Hermetism, Astrology and Psychology. 
Over the years he has fused his unique understanding of diagnosis, energy healing, nutrition, oriental and western therapy, psychology and philosophy to create truly interesting workshops related to personal transformation and breakthrough, deep psychological insights, the healing of chronic and degenerative disease and spiritual clarity and advancement.

After completing his studies in Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge University he worked as a language teacher and TV-news journalist before dedicating himself full time to healing and teaching. Gerry is fluent in English, French, German and Spanish.

Course syllabus

The following syllabus will be taught over the 2 modules with Anatomy and Physiology, Assessment tools and in-depth asana practice in the first module.
The second module will focus on Pathology and practical application of the assessment tools as well as healing and therapy tools.

A. Assessment Tools
1. Palpation and reading of abdomen, the back, chakras, key diagnostic acupuncture points and meridians for evaluation of organ function and energetic imbalances.
2. Observation and reading of front and back, facial diagnosis, hands and feet, posture and movement, body type and emotions, asanas and the meridians, asanas and the chakras
3. Listening skills: how to listen, tone of voice and emotion.
4. Interviewing and questioning: energy levels and pain, digestion, diet, stools, urination, sleep, menses, medical history, lifestyle, family history, relationships, work and stress.

B. Practical Healing Tools
1. Asanas and their relation to the chakras, their relationship with organs, hormones, meridians, emotions and character.
2. Asanas and their relation to the Chinese meridians, their content of information on 4 levels of existence: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; and their link with the chakras.
3. Asanas: The detailed use of props; belts, cushions, blocks, bolsters, blankets and chairs to help each individual no matter what age or body shape to practice with correct alignment, breathing and ease.
4. Asanas, pranayama, bandhas and meditation as tools for regaining health, plus specific hands-on techniques to release tension and energize the body working on the back, neck, shoulders and head, the abdomen, chest, hands and feet.
5. Understanding and application of the yoga model for psychology : the chakras, koshas, left and right brain functions and the gunas.
6. Understanding and application of the 4 elements: fire, water, air and earth; the notion of the 5th element, akasha; their relationship to the chakras and the 5 elements or transformations of Chinese medicine.
7. The importance of spiritual philosophy; treating heart and soul.
8. Meditation and Relaxation: guided meditation and relaxation; sensing and circulating energy; intention, will power and letting go.
9. The 7 alchemical steps of transformation.
10. Nutrition; principles and practical application

C. Case Study Protocol and Clinical Practicum
Case studies and other assignments including Anatomy and Physiology need to be done in the months between the 2 modules.

D. Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Yoga Therapy and Treatment of the following systems, symptoms and diseases:
1. General symptoms of ill health: eating disorders, stress, headaches, insomnia, allergies, fatigue, depression, trauma, addictions.
2. The respiratory system: asthma, bronchitis, coughing, common cold.
3. The circulatory system: hyper/hypotension, palpitations, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis.
4. Muscles, joints and bones: backache, sciatica, arthritis, lordosis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis.
5. Digestive system: indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, anorexia, bulimia, stomach cramps, hepatitis, gallstones, obesity, nausea, gastritis, abdominal distension, diabetes, cancer (bowel, stomach, pancreatic, liver etc), regurgitation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids, anaemia, cravings and eating disorders.
6. Nervous system and the head: neuralgia, epilepsy, MS (multiple sclerosis), stress, paralysis, stuttering, Parkinson’s.
7. Urinary system: cystitis, incontinence, edema, prostate enlargement.
8. Eyes, ears, nose and throat: tired eyes, diminishing eyesight, nose bleed, sinusitis, tinnitus.
9. Skin and membranes: eczema, dermatitis, skin cancer, psoriasis, ulcers.
10. Endocrine system: diabetes, infertility, thyroid problems.
11. Reproductive and gynecological: dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, infertility, sexual dysfunction, menopause, insufficient lactation, ovarian cysts, impotence.
12. Immune system and degenerative disease: HIV / AIDS, Rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, lupus, cancer, Lyme’s disease, ME, Alzheimer, herpes, shingles.
13. Psychological symptoms related to emotional, mental and spiritual issues: Anxiety, fear, depression, trauma, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), phobias, addictions, eating disorders.
14. Pregnancy and childbirth.
15. Children, teenagers, old age and death.

There will be 1 free day per 2-week module and 3 evenings per week are free. Students are expected to do 30 minutes of karma yoga each day, helping at meal times with setting up or clearing up afterwards. For those who need an early breakfast there will be tea and biscuits to which course participants may help themselves in the early morning.

In addition to the healing modalities explored in the course, students have the opportunity to arrange private treatments with Gerry, a certified therapist in shiatsu, traditional Chinese medicine. Remedial massage is also available. These can be arranged at an additional cost during the course.


This yoga therapy course will provide a full manual as well as books on yoga asanas and anatomy and physiology. Before the course students will be provided with a welcome pack which includes information on dress code, how to get here as well as the recommended reading list.


Students enrolling on this Yoga therapy course are expected to be fully qualified yoga teachers with at least 2 years of yoga teaching experience since graduating from their teacher training course.

Evaluation procedure and grading criteria

Students will be required to have completed all the set assignments before starting module 2, including: (a) anatomy and physiology, (b) evaluation and treatment procedures (c) 40 case histories corresponding to the 40 non-contact hours.

Students will be expected to show proficiency and improvement in their own asana practice, teaching and understanding. The practical evaluation is based on continual assessment and students are expected to do 90% of contact hours. There will also be a written exam at the end of the second module which all students must pass in order to gain the Yoga Therapy certification.


Trainees should attend a minimum of 90% of the course. Should trainees miss more than this minimum they will need to agree with the teacher which modules to re-take. SYM reserves the right to charge additional fees for these catch up modules.


Accommodation includes a big traditional villa and a town house. Both have easy access to the village swimming pool, cafe, bar and shops. Food is prepared and served in the main Villa where some classes are also held. The main yoga hall is an easy five minute walk from both locations.


Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan options, organic and locally sourced wherever possible.

Retreat price

Prices are in Euros
Dormitory (Max 6 people) : € 2700

Twin : € 2950

Single : € 3300


* Yoga course manual
* Yoga textbook
* Anatomy and physiology text book
* Mats, props, cushions, supports
* 2 full meals a day
* Twin accommodation
* At least one excursion to the beach for a morning of practise, swimming and meditation

Not included

* Treatments + a full health consultation, arranged at an additional cost of €50
* Pick up from Benicarlo/ Peniscola railway station, or Castellon airport.
* Food on days off (all accommodation comes with fully equipped kitchen and the village has several small shops)

Optional activities

* Explore the authentic traditional village of Cervera Del Maestre
* The castle, dried river bed, church, bar, swimming pool
* Explore the local area and villages on your days off

What past students have said

”I attended the course a couple of years ago. It’s in a great place. The food cooked by Ela was fantastic. I met some incredible people. I found that Gerry’s profound understanding of shiatsu gives him a unique and fascinating take on many aspects of yoga teaching and practice. A great course which I highly recommend.” Iain Loban, Murcia, Spain

”Gerry’s unique esoteric knowledge ties Indian philosophy to the Western traditions, making the theory very interesting and relevant to our own ancient culture. The deep understanding of the chakras and prana taught opened up a different dialogue for me allowing for a truly profound experience. The asana practise was challenging, therapeutic and energising, and i took away a wealth of knowledge to improve my practise and help others with. The food, people and location were all wonderful and I highly recommend this course for all those ready to embark on their yoga journey.” Ana, London, UK

What to pack

  • Clothes for yoga practise and meditation
  • Plain clothes with no big logos. Preferably white, but also blue, yellow, orange, pink, ect all are ok. We work with colour in yoga and therefore wear colours that permit the flow of energy and light.
  • Your swim wear, and sun hat!
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Health insurance (EU Health card)

How to get here

Cervera Del Maestre, Valencia is a small village in the mountains 16 km inland from Benicarló, on the Spanish Costa del Azahar 2 hours drive south of Barcelona and 1 hour north of Valencia. The region is well known for its abundant agricultural produce, beaches, mountains and historical towns and villages. You will fly to Castellon where we shall pick you up.

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To make an enquiry or book this Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, send your request to the team who will get back to you within 24 hours or email us directly on retreats@soulseedmedia.com.

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