7 day Yoga in Crete – A Yoga Yamas retreat 8th – 14th September

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7 days Yoga in Crete – A Yoga Yamas retreat 8th – 14th September

Crete is Greece’s largest island. Due to its large size and rich culture, this place offers amazing things to see and do. This is why holidays in Crete are such an extraordinary experience and give valuable moments to cherish. The climate and nature, the sea that decorates the surroundings, the historical and cultural heritage are all contributing to the mental health and well-being.

Crete is the ideal destination, combining all of the above. Practicing Yoga within the purity and balance of this wonderful island’s landscape will reduce stress and tension as it will create a sense of calmness.


There are two Yoga Classes offered daily. The morning practice aims to awaken and prepare our body-mind for the gifts of the day. Evening practice will guide us to restore, capture and absorb our experiences to the fullest through a context of loving kindness and sharing with one another.

During this magical retreat, small workshops might take place in which your instructors will introduce the meaning of awareness practices, energy therapy and self-transformation.

Location and accommodation

We’ll use Milia, as our shelter, a recreational place away from the crowds. Milia is a traditional eco village, hidden among plane trees, chestnut trees and mountain tops reaching the skies. The spring water, the clean air and summer breeze and the bright stars that spread along the night sky, as well as the delicious food and even the eco-structured approach of Milia, will provide the necessary serenity.

The philosophy of “back to basics” has found true meaning here, where time slowly flow. All the guesthouses in Milia are room-houses that pre-existed in the 15th century, carefully refurbished to detail, capturing some of the essence of that time. In the past, they served the basic needs of the families they hosted, despite their small size. People’s needs were simply less back then. Nowadays, every single of these houses has its unique appeal and decoration.

The basic need for water is covered by the springs and electricity is produced by solar panels. All houses have balconies, patios or roof-terraces for relaxation and are surrounded by a huge variety of flora. Milia is also a good base for exploring western Crete.

Yoga instructors

Ηatha yoga and Chinese bodywork arts will be conducted by Ioannis Sampsonidis. Vinyasa yoga, Partner Yoga and Meditation by Katerina Patmazoglou.

Retreat Schedule

Please note that the schedule might have small changes according to weather conditions and the group’s needs.

Arrival in Milia, welcoming and free time to settle. At 17:00 first meeting with the group and practice yoga among nature and its beauty, enjoying the silence and the distinctiveness offered by Milia’s mountainous landscape.

Delicious dinner under cricket’s song and other summer night’s soothing sounds. Dishes are based on Cretan cuisine, which is fairly considered as one of the healthiest and most delicious in the world. Overnight.

Morning practice will take place at 7:30, with the Vinyasa flow energizing the body. Breathing work and meditation under the cool breeze will increase awareness and give a feeling of absolute serenity!

Free time to rest and have a rich breakfast. Today we’ll visit the seaside monastery Gonia, or else known as “Lady of angels”. It is a Venetian-style fortress monastery and contains numerous Byzantine artifacts from the 15th and 17th century. The calmness one feels upon entering the Courtyard and the Church itself is magical.

Afterwards we’ll enjoy our swim on Afrata beach, a small sheltered bay. Afrata beach is located in Rodopos peninsula and is still an unknown beach to many; therefore we’ll enjoy the peacefulness and the crystal clear waters, using Tamarisk trees for shade. There are umbrellas and sunbeds for free use as well. Lunch at the tavern right next to the sea! Evening practice will cool us down and help us absorb the surrounding beauty and energy.

After a resting sleep in Milia’s absolute silent environment, morning practice will bring us closer to our center and peace of mind.
Rich breakfast buffet, to gain energy and then departure to the Gialiskari Beach. Gialiskari is a rather large, wind protected, fine pebble beach, just outside the village of Paleochora (translation: The old land).

Paleochora is the bride of western Crete, a character town with whitewashed houses draped in oleander and bougainvillea, offering rapturous views, pretty pathways and streets with cozy cafés and decorative facades. Here we’ll have our lunch in a tavern right next to the sea. Around 17h, transfer to the hotel and prepare ourselves for yoga. Evening practice will take place at 18:30 calming us down, after the sunbath and sea’s cleansing effect.

Morning practice will take place at 7:30. Vinyasa will bring of the purest energy into the body. Working with our breath and meditate under the colorful sky will increase your inside peace and the peace of the mind. Free time to rest and have your breakfast.

Today we’ll visit one of Crete’s most impressive caves and right after the famous Elafonissi beach.
Agia Sophia’s cave, with a central hall having height of 20 and a diameter of 70 meters, houses a small church in the entrance.

There is an icon that, as tradition says, came from Constantinople, and has been wedged in a rock. The remarkable numerous stalagmites and stalactites that spread on the cave’s walls reach even the size of five meters. Scientists have discovered here objects that testify its use by the people of the Neolithic Period.

Elafonissi, a Natura 2000 protected area, is actually an island. It is separated from the southwest coast of Crete, by a shallow, warm lagoon and a sandbar. The last one is submerged under about one meter of water at most, during high tide. September is the ideal time to visit it, in order to avoid spring’s strong winds and summer’s enormous crowd.
Evening practice will take place at 18:00.

We’ll enjoy dinner at Milia’s relaxing environment.

Morning practice will bring participants a little deeper, depending on the needs of each. Vinyasa flow will push them a little further and a short workshop will make the energy problems of each come out, in order to be attended.

Breathing exercises and meditation in the middle of nature will bring you closer to your inner connection and internal knowledge! This day we’ll explore one of Mediterranean’s most beautiful cities: Chania. You will probably feel like entering a time machine, which is taking you back to ancient times, through the Byzantine era and the Venetian occupation, to the days of Turkish rule, and then lands you back to today in a modern vibrant city.

Buildings and monuments of a diverse architecture remind us of the city’s multi-ethnic history and multi-cultural identity. Rich entertainment and cultural offerings, reminds us of the city’s multicultural identity.

We’ll visit as a group the magnificent lighthouse in the Old Port; we’ll stroll around the picturesque alleys of the Old Town, we’ll visit the Agora (local food market), and after having lunch in a traditional tavern, you’ll have free time to further explore on your own and enjoy the rhythm of the city.! Evening practice will take place at 18:00 reducing day’s fatigue, allowing us to rest and recharge.

Sharing this exciting week, brings the group’s members closer. By now we know each other better; we know ourselves better and the morning practice will bring us even closer to each other and to whatever one’s needs are.

After practice, around 10 am, a rich breakfast will be served. At this stage of the trip, we will have discovered some of Crete’s secrets and have a variety of choices to occupy our day, either by “charging our batteries” resting in Milia, or by exploring the island a little bit more. Maybe visiting another gorgeous beach or hiking one of the many breathtaking gorges.

The evening practice will take place at 19:00 in two groups. Day after day, participants can feel the difference, as their bodies are released, more energetic and their hearts and minds grow better and brighter! Evening sharing around a dinner at the tavern next to the hotel.

The day has come and morning practice prepares us to come back to our everyday life, which now will be filled with more love and much more lovely memories. After practice, a rich brunch will be served.

All the activities are carefully chosen for you to experience the authentic Cretan lifestyle. Rest assured that already in the first days of the retreat you will fall in love with Crete and you will feel content and full of deep powerful energy that will give you strength and restoration.

We hold the right to change the program, if weather conditions require it. In this case, something equally interesting will replace the activity cancelled!


Each day we will provide half-board, i.e. a rich breakfast buffet and lunch οr dinner according to the schedule. Nutrition will be based on Cretan cuisine, which is fairly considered as one of the healthiest and most delicious in the world (meat can be provided only upon request).

Retreat Price

Prices are in Euros
Starting from €1300 per person in a shared room


  • 2 Yoga classes daily
  • Accommodation for 6 nights in a shared double-room *Single room available with an additional charge.
  • Daily breakfast and lunch or dinner
  • Transportation within the island according to our schedule

Not included

  • International transportation to and from the island
  • Airport pickup/ drop-off transfer
  • 6th day’s transportation, in case group decides for an excursion.
  • Massages upon request
  • Optional excursions and activities

Optional Activities

  • Massages upon request
  • Extra excursions and activities

How to get here

Chania has an international airport (CHQ) with scheduled flights year round and abundant charter flights serving much of Europe during the season. Chania connects also via plane to Athens where you can reach from anywhere in the world.


To make an enquiry and book this 7 Day Yoga in Crete retreat, send your request to the team who will get back to you within 24 hours or email us directly on retreats@soulseedmedia.com.