Aeropress Recycled Coffee Grounds Yoga Leggings


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Luxury, sustainable yoga leggings made of recycled coffee waste mesh fabric that will make your legs look as if they’ve grown 3 inches. These smart yoga leggings feature seam designs that not only create a visually slimming effect, but they also fit perfectly around your bottom, thighs, knees and calves. They are tailored to flatter female curves yet suit many different silhouettes and shapes.

They are the perfect daily, staple piece in your wardrobe as well as a firm favourite when heading to the gym or outdoors to get your move on. Pair this organic yoga clothing with sneakers or high-heeled boots and a bomber jacket for a trendy fash-leisure look. It also features a little pocket for your key, credit card or a tissue.

The double fabric layering around your bottom and thighs will press and lift for extra support, compression and a flattering fit, and pass the see-through test even when practising inversions.

Fabric – S.CAFÉ®

Created from recycled polyester and waste coffee grounds, instead of simply sending them off to the rubbish or compost heap, this yarn puts both these unloved products to ingenious use. But it isn’t just about re-using – it’s a combination that also happens to bring benefits to your workout. The recycled fabric draws moisture away from the body and dries quickly, while the coffee inside absorbs and locks in odour, making it perfect for sweaty sessions in the studio. And, if you like to practice outdoors, the coffee content also reflects sunlight for natural UV protection, too.


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