Amethyst Third Eye Chakra Pendant


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Combine your chakra gemstone pendant with an Eternal Bliss chain or pendant cord TO MAKE A CHAKRA NECKLACE.

This third eye chakra pendant, for a chakra necklace, offsets a luminous violet amethyst (as the chakra gemstone) with two lotus petals that symbolise the energy channels or Nadis.

The design of this third eye chakra pendant allows the 7mm gemstone to unfold its full splendour. The attention to detail creates a powerful, authentic interpretation of the traditional form.

The perfect self gift, yoga gift or gift for a yoga teacher.

Intended benefit*: Wear this pendant to help correct a third-eye chakra imbalance. Said to encourage insight and intuition, open perception, and strengthen the power of thought. At the physical level it is thought to stimulate the hypothalamus.

Metals: The chakra pendant is available in sterling silver and 24 carat gold-plated sterling silver, to make up a sterling silver chakra necklace or gold chakra necklace.

Design: Violet amethyst chakra gemstone with two lotus petals.

Loop: The pendant comes with an attractive ridged loop for a necklace chain.

Size: 7mm gemstone. Including the two lotus petals this pendant is 20mm wide and 27mm high (including loop for chain).

Combinations: Combine your pendant with an ETERNAL BLISS chain or pendant cord.

Delivered in an attractive ETERNAL BLISS gift box.

Price does not include a chain.

Eternal Bliss chakra pendants are designed in their Berlin studio.

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*Any benefits are highly individual and not scientifically or medically proven.


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