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Are you looking for an inspiring and stimulating retreat experience during this time where travel may be a bit limited? We’re excited to announce our new “Virtual Vacation” series where we are offering seasonal retreats aligning with the EPM ethos – connection through wellness, unique experiences, creative outlets, and self-care.

This AUTUMN 2020 Edition will be filled with themes of fall: healing botanicals, autumnal rituals, energizing yoga classes, even a fall-themed creativity journaling exercise to get our inspiration flowing. Plus our “wellness box” will be filled with some amazing natural and botanic products that you can use during and after our “virtual vacation”.

This “Virtual Vacation” Autumn 2020 Edition will feature a 2-day retreat live online experience as well as a full box of “goodies” that each guest will receive by mail to enhance your at-home retreat experience. Thus, offering various ways to immerse yourself in the full “getaway” – from the live community and classes that we’ll do together, and the extras that you can experience throughout the rest of the day such as recipes, bath-salts, incense, and further meditation exercises that you can participate in on your own which are provided in your “retreat box”.


DAY 1:
Yoga Class
Autumn Reset Meditation Session
Personal Ritual Workshop

DAY 2:
Ceremony Meditation
Yoga Class
Creativity Lesson and Art Journaling

“WELLNESS BOX” (guests will receive prior to the retreat by mail):

  • Personal Ritual Workbook
  • Autumn Botanicals Herbal Infusion
  • High-Vibration Tea by Tea Huntress
  • All-Natural Fall-Inspired Incense
  • Autumn Botanical Essential Oil Custom Blend
  • Natural Body Care
  • Retreat Journal with Accompanying Meditations, Recipes, and Creative Exercises

This retreat will feature 3 instructors of the Eat Pray Move team who will be facilitating the experience to bring you a varied mix of instruction, class themes, and topics.

ERIN LEWIS / Yoga, Meditation

Erin Lewis will be leading the yoga classes as well as the “Autumn Reset” Meditation class. Erin has practiced yoga since 1998 and has trained in various disciplines from Ashtanga, the Rocket series, core power yoga, as well as the Strala method, and also incorporates practices from the yin, restorative, and yoga nidra styles as well. She loves sharing not only the asana(movement) limb of yoga with others, but also the many other facets which lead to life-changing shifts in our daily habits. All levels are welcome and she will lead us in a vinyasa flow style class, as well as restorative poses, breathwork, and some meditative readings to prepare us for letting go, and renewing during our time together.

SARAH SCARBOROUGH / Ritual Workshop and Ceremony Meditation

Sarah Scarborough, of Tea Huntress, has devoted the last a twenty years of her life to discovering the history, agriculture and culture of tea – as well as how tea is studied as a spiritual practice around the world. She has followed tea’s journey around the world to learn the ancient traditions of tea and how we can learn from it as a tool for personal ritual and ceremony. She will lead us in a workshop on how to infuse daily ritual into your life, as well as conduct a meditation through tea ceremony with us during the retreat.

JULIAN HYZLER / Creativity Class

Julian is a painter and art instructor, and co-hosts our EPM “Form & Focus” retreats. He has been teaching art to students from around the world for over 25 years and always brings a personal and witty take on the creative process. He will be leading us in an “art as meditation” style workshop with new techniques to help increase awareness, unlock creative ideas, and enjoy a relaxed session where we’ll just have fun getting back to making marks on paper. Great way to release stress and get back to the free feeling we had when we were younger. (No art background needed!)

* Participation in classes and activities is optional throughout the retreat. All levels welcome!


DATES: Saturday Oct 24 – Sunday Oct 25, 2020

TIME: 12:00pm – 3:30pm EST

PRICING: We are excited to introduce a new pricing structure to start this Virtual Vacation series.

Deposit – To reserve your spot, there is just a $150 non-refundable deposit due at sign up. This covers the “wellness box”, shipping (to U.S.), and the tangible goodies that you will get to keep and enjoy.

Balance – Then after the retreat is complete, you’ll have an opportunity to “Pay As You Wish” for the instruction, classes, and experience!

We know that this is a unique time for everyone, and that some have resources available, and may also want to support others (perhaps to help to cover another person’s place). Others may be having a tighter time now financially, and we don’t want this to be a hinderance from joining us in community and connection.

NOTES: At this time we’re only offering this to guests with a US-based mailing address, due to more complicated shipping issues happening during this period. If you’re based outside the US, please contact us for options (as we may be able to check alternative shipping options / prices and see what the timing allows for guaranteed arrival).

DEADLINE: In order to have ample time to ship out the retreat boxes, there is a deadline to sign up by Oct 16. Orders after this time will not guarantee arrival before start of the retreat.

Finding a way to expand our “Give Back” Initiative, during this time where our on-location retreats are limited, we’ve decided to set up a Diversity Investment Program where a portion of the proceeds from our “Virtual Vacations” will go towards funding the spot on future “Virtual Vacations” for people in the communities that are under-served, and under-represented in the wellness community.

We believe wellness is for everyone, and yet we know that it doesn’t always appear to be that way. So in our effort to contribute positively to this belief, we strive to represent yoga in its truest definition: connection. This connection, we believe, leads to greater social responsibility, positive actions, and desire for justice for all. We believe in our responsibility to be a leader in the wellness community with intentional acts of moving forward for the good of all.

“Using wellness to create positive connections between oneself, others, and the world.”

We’d love to have you join us and can’t wait to connect with you!


To enquire about or make a booking on this autumnal rituals virtual weekend yoga retreat, fill in the form. You can also contact the team direct on if you have any questions.


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