Barefoot & Sunkissed Yoga Retreat in Koufunisia, Greece 21st – 25th September

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Barefoot & Sunkissed Yoga Retreat in Koufunisia, Greece

By the time the boat arrives at the tiny Port of Koufunisia you can take your shoes off and never wear them again. That’s the spirit of the island, carefree and easy.

Crystal clear turquoise blue water, sandy velvet white beaches, fresh Aegean air without any toxin exhaust fumes and the holistic fertile soil of this conscious island of Koufunisia is what charges everyone of us up and fill us with new energy.

Your body, mind and soul are not only going to recharge from your stressful daily business life, you will also will detox yourself from all bad habits clear your thoughts and becoming lighter whiles shining your biggest brightness.

During these five days, I’m sharing my passion for yoga, meditation, fire ceremonies and ecstatic dance movements along with simple ayurvedic tips for living a healthy life. There is no better place for all these to happen than the magical island of Koufunisia.

A place where the meaning of greek summer is condensed in 3km golden sand, mythical caves and the most glittery water in the Aegean. This island adventure is the best recipe to start living your life to the fullest. Walk everywhere you want, swim from one beach to another, and be on your swimsuit all day long.

This is the absolute hideaway for those who want to escape the ordinary and get a taste of what real island life means! By the time you leave, you’ll be a local!


Let the zen juices flow in a boho chic stay! Our Koufonisia resort looks like an island painting. Its white shapes fade into the light brown landscape creating a strong contrast with the turquoise background of the water.

Our retreat takes place into two neighbouring villas which together with an outdoor covered yoga shala and a Thai-style massage room create a unique space to unwind and yoga finds a new meaning. Open spaces let the landscape flow into the interior, which features a joyful blend of traditional and contemporary elements.

The palette is playful, with the dominating earth tones highlighted by vivid splashes of colour. Both villas have large outdoor spaces, open terraces and bamboo shaded dining areas, ideal for hosting Greek style feasts. The main villa has a large open-plan kitchen which is used by our private chef to prepare our meals and for hands-on food workshops and tastings.

The bedrooms are comfortable and cozy, with carefully selected fabrics and funky accessories, a touch of whimsy that creates a loving, homely atmosphere. The lower level of the villas is also brightly decorated and equipped with skylights to let the sunlight in.

About the teacher

Namasté my friend, I am your Yogateacher educated on Bali, based in Germany with roots from Greece. As I am half German and half Greek, therefore, I got blessed with two names. Julia the German one and Georgia the Greek temperament.

After my Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training on Bali I have started teaching yoga classes or personal on Bali, Germany, Spain, Greek and Switzerland so far. Besides my weekly yoga classes in Germany, I’m hosting my own Yogaretreats and I could not imagine any better, magical and sacred place then the epic Islands of the Aegean the Kyklades.

My Lifestyle is built on three pillars, it’s my daily Yoga practice on and off the mat, a holistic vegan diet influenced by Ayurveda and the healing power of music. Iyengar Yoga kindled the light in me and since day one it shines brighter and bigger. The Practice of Iyengar Yoga gives me the opportunity to perform the asanas very accurately and correct to be able to develop the full effect on the body system in order to heal illnesses and ailments of my students.

I combine that static poses with the flowing practice of Vinyasa to teach the never-ending flow of life accompanied by the constant change of our Mother Earth and other planets. My yoga style ends in Yin Yoga to unfold the Energy of the previous exercises in deep relaxation.


I will host two yoga classes daily, each flow is uniquely designed to be like a hug to the mind and soul. There will be 90 minutes morning and evening sessions, suitable for beginners as well as advanced participants. The first sessions will be focused on feeling good within the body and gradually making it stronger and lighter.

I will start by breaking down simple poses while building a consistent practice which by the end of the retreat you will be able to do anywhere and at any time, according to your needs and level of practice. Mornings will be dedicated to flowy and dynamic Vinyasa sessions, mixed with steady elements of Hatha/Iyengar yoga, while afternoons will be more gentle, with stretching and restorative yoga.

The whole Yoga practice is accompanied by my main focus on Yin & Yang Yoga to bring you in a completely balanced mood. Chakra Balancing, Breathing exercises as well as Guided Meditation, either in a seated calm position or in a flowing movement like a conscious dance party, will be part of the Yogaretreat. This is a once in a Lifetime experience, having an unforgettable one that you can take home afterwards.


A plant-based nutrition is daily prepared by our vegan food expert Esco Essence. Wait till you try his nut-milks and homemade granola and everything you knew about the vegan diet will change.

Esco is a passionate vegan chef and a raw food artist. His approach to longevity and happiness is based on three components: physical practice (yoga asana), conscious eating (raw/vegan) and mental exercise (mindfulness). Esco uses the freshest daily produce from Koufonisia and the nearby islands to prepare each meal and there’re always gluten-free alternatives.

He makes his own bread and nut-based milk, as well as his famous granola, smoothies and herbal infusions. Each dinner is a big gathering around the table where we taste Esco’s speciality, finishing off the day with a small innocent desert for a sweet night’s sleep.

As I am a holistic nutritionist studied in the Swiss I am living on a plant-based vegan diet for 8 Years now with lots of ayurvedic and alkaline influences. My aim is to offer you the best food during this retreat, that will benefit your daily Yoga practice so you can shine from the inside out. You will feel more lighter and detoxing in a very harmonious joyful way.

Retreat Price

Prices are in Euros

Twin accommodation

two single beds €950

Shared accommodation

Queen or King sized bed & shared or ensuite bathroom €1100
Suggested for couples, friends & family who want to share a double bed

Single accommodation

Queen or King size bed & shared or ensuite bathroom €1.500


  • 5 island days / 4 nights – accommodation on our beachfront yoga resort villa
  • Daily housekeeping
  • 2 daily yoga sessions (90 minutes each) including meditation and rituals
  • 3 vegan meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) – Catered by Greece’s top vegan chef Esco Essence
  • Fresh produce of local fruits to snack
  • Free water and infused Tea
  • Group pickup from Koufonisia port upon arrival & drop off on departure
  • A beach towel as a gift
  • Yoga equipment (mats, straps, blocks, etc.)
  • Goodie bag (filled with lots of epic things)
  • A Thai-Style Massage with local organic oils

Does not include

  • Flights
  • On arrival day transfer from the airport to the Port of Koufunisia
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Travel insurance
  • Price for other activities like kayaking, scuba diving, etc.

Optional activities

  • Scuba diving
  • kayaking
  • swimming
  • mindful beach and island walking

Location and how to get there

Koufonisia (code KOU) can be reached via boat from Santorini (code JTR), Mykonos (code JMK) or Athens. We suggest that you fly directly either to Mykonos or to Santorini airport. From there you take the boat to Koufonisia which is a much shorter boat ride than taking the boat from Athens.

We advise our guests to allow one day prior and after the retreat for their travelling.

Suggested arrival options on the 21th September
From Santorini port (code JTR) to Koufonisia (code KOU) | departure: 12.05 – arrival: 16.00 | boat name: Sea Jet 2
From Mykonos port (code JMK) to Koufonisia (code KOU) | departure: 14:35 – arrival: 16.00 | boat name: Sea Jet 2
From Piraeus port in Athens (code PIR) to Kouf (code KOU) | departure: 07.15 – arrival: 12.05 | boat name: Blue Star Ferries

From Koufonisia to Santorini port | departure: 14.10 – arrival: 18.05 | boat name: Sea Jet 2
From Koufonisia to Mykonos port | departure: 14.00 – arrival: 15.40 | boat name: Sea Jet 2
From Koufonisia to Piraeus port in Athens | departure: 12.15 – arrival: 17.00 | boat name: Blue Star Ferries


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