Bodi Tek AeroPilates Pilates Reformer 435 – Black


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Lifestyle: A lifestyle and body conditioning regime that transforms the way you look, feel and move.
Corrects Imbalances: The reformer is named as such because it brilliantly transforms and corrects the natural imbalances that arise from our daily repetitive stresses like sitting too much and being inactive or moving incorrectly.

Core Strength: The reformer uniquely ensures that your core is engaged during any movement. There is no muscle isolation that is common in gym workouts. This helps create true functional fitness where muscles work in a balanced co-ordinated and reinforcing manner, just as the our bodies naturally evolved to do.

Avoids Injury: The big benefit of balanced functional fitness is that it helps avoid injury, improves posture and the way we move or approach any activity. The best part is that the body starts to do all this intuitively.

Life Changing: If you want to make a positive change to you life, remember today is the first day of the rest of your life. An AeroPialtes reformer will change your life forever.


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