Body Balance Wellness: Yoga, Pilates & Self Empowerment Retreat, Ibiza 1st – 8th June


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Body Balance Wellness: Yoga, Pilates & Self Empowerment Retreat

Life is a Journey; trust every step of the way. As we journey through life we all come across our own challenges along the way. We have so many decisions to make in life it can leave us feeling a little burnt out.

We can feel the pressure of society, as we try to fit in to a mould or a way of life where, deep down, we know we don’t belong. We can question our own self worth and struggle to know our purpose, feeling lost in the vastness of life.

We can feel disconnected from who we are, trying to find happiness from something external (a relationship, a holiday, alcohol, a new car, the next new thing).

Some of us have felt such pain and despair (of body, mind and soul) that we doubt we will ever heal and feel ourselves again. Whatever your story our job remains the same;  to nurture, empower and support you on your path to reaching your full potential.

Our timetable on our body balance wellness retreat will be perfectly balanced between exciting activities and personal time to relax, dip in the pool and catch up on ‘me time’. You are invited to try everything, however, extra personal time and long lies are also supported.

Your home for the week is a beautiful villa nestled amongst a fragrant pine forest in the beautiful North of Ibiza, a peaceful and tranquil sanctuary.

This organic and nurturing home has gardens to explore, meditative spaces to switch off, Bali style huts to relax and a beautiful pool to dip in and refresh.

Together we will discover an island of turquoise waters, hidden coves, pine tree forests, the magical Es Vedra filled with magnetic power and explore Ibiza’s best kept secrets. We will take you exploring on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Think magical picnic sunset on the beach, beautiful nature walks and a spectacular sunrise special yoga on the beach.

Classes and workshops

Our classes and workshops are developed around self-empowerment, giving you the knowledge and tools to continue the benefits long after the retreat ends. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

The combination of yoga and Pilates is ideal to improve mindful movements with the breath, improve strength, improve flexibility and improve general wellbeing.


Experience yoga beyond the postures. Although the postures, alignments and the (famous “magic hands “) adjustments by Louise are important aspects of our yoga classes, there is so much more to yoga we will explore.

Each class will have a meditation and intention theme to it, helping you incorporate the teachings of yoga in to your day-to-day life. You will be guided on; understanding the mind and how to take back control of those wandering thoughts; self-acceptance and how we can learn to honour all parts of who we are; how to optimise our breath; how to adjust postures to your body’s needs; how to let go of tensions and stored emotions to free the body and mind from old aches and pains.

You can feel safe and inspired whatever your lever (from absolute beginner to the experienced) as you will be in safe hands. Morning classes will be dynamic to help you feel energised starting your day. Evening classes will be restorative to help you float peacefully asleep at the end of the day.


You will learn the balance between strength and flexibility, setting personal goals, how to bring your focus inwards and how to engage your core muscles.

Pilates compliments yoga beautifully, and vice versa. The Pilates classes will focus on movement optimisation, core strength and targeting the abs and glutes. Feel the burn (the good type of course ;)

Meditation, breath work and Mindfulness

With our body feeling like a temple, let’s not forget our mind. There is no one solution for all and we believe in the power of self-exploration. With many different meditations and mindfulness workshops to try, we are confident you will find what works for you.

Sitting cross-legged and meditating like most of the Eastern world traditions might help you drift away to nirvana, and it might not. Your meditation might be found in the creative stroke of a paintbrush; the hypnotic trance of music or found in the rhythm of your dance or from experiencing the calming and healing power of the breath.

Our interactive mindfulness workshops are designed to help you with tools to keep your mind calm, clear and focused. Life is a wave of ups and downs- we will also cover helpful tips on what to do on the days the mind is not so calm.


Enjoy this altogether different approach to cookery for our Ibiza balance wellness retreat. Food is fuel. You will learn good, natural and wholesome foods to be used to make your mind expand and your body burst with energy and vitality.

Nourish every cell of your body, mind and soul with our delicious healthy, colourful, vitalising fresh plant based foods. Sit back and relax as you are taken care of by our onsite chef, Ally. What’s the secret ingredient you ask? A big sprinkle of love in every meal.

You will get a chance to learn from the experts as you soak up all the tasty knowledge during the cooking workshop. Feel inspired to create new healthy and tasty creations for you and your loved ones.

Our ethos is all about balance. You will even get the chance to experience deserts with a healthy twist. You will also get treated to a brunch of your choice at Ibiza famous Passion Café, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


Our home for the Ibiza balance wellness retreat is situated in the North of the island, surrounded by nature’s natural beauty. We have a beautiful pool and our very own outdoor yoga studio.

Room options are twin sharing, twin solo occupancy, double sharing, double solo occupancy, master double sharing, master double solo occupancy. All our rooms have their own en suite bathrooms.


Louise Cameron Edlund
A scientist, a mystic, a dancer, a poet, an artist, a storyteller a seeker and a believer – in all things magic. Louise is a yoga teacher with a special remedy for success; her East meets West holistic integrative medicine.

It has been Louise’s life mission to understand and heal all things body, mind and spirit. Starting her journey with a BSC honours degree in physiotherapy she explored her way through working with people from chronic pain, stroke rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and professional athletes.

Louise continued her development in learning about the body with beginning her postgraduate diploma in orthopaedic medicine, becoming a Pilate’s instructor and massage therapist.

Exploring all things physical, a twist came to the tail. After being in a severe car accident in 2009, that left Louise with chronic pain problems and loss of function to her right leg, she found herself in a desperate need of healing.

When Doctors and MRI scans provided no solutions to her physical problems and anxiety that triggered an old teenage eating disorder. Louise found herself journeying to a world she had never before imagined, the world of yoga and meditation.

Since discovering yoga and meditation, with its many benefits, she became a teacher herself. Finally, the missing part of the puzzle was found. Louise now uses western science and physiology alongside eastern practices to give people a completely holistic and individual approach to self-optimisation and healing.

In Louise’s yoga classes she empowers you with all the wisdom, knowledge and tools you need to explore your body and mind as a unique individual. Her words truly touch your soul and the wisdom you take away forever.

Her experience and understanding of the body, allows you to feel in very safe hands, as she gives the most therapeutic, hands on adjustments and posture adaptations for each individual and their needs.

Her presence is calming and soft, but her class is strong. Louise has the most meditative and soothing voice that takes you on the most blissful journey during shavasana. Prepare to feel safe, nurtured and challenged, to break through to new levels of your being.

Jonas Edlund

The musical shaman – a dreamer, a podcast explorer and a courageous warrior of the light. While facing difficult times during childhood Jonas discovered his secret antidote, music. When struggling to express emotions through words, music became that outlet. When life felt heavy and hopeless music became the magical force to transform life in to joy and possibilities.

In 2014 Jonas made the brave decision to leave his life as a computer technician in Sweden. For years he had been experiencing anxiety and depression, with a deep down feeling that he was not living his purpose. It was time to trust in the calling of the music and new beginnings.

He packed up his life to share the joy of music around the world. His gift is taking people on a journey with his music. Helping people to express what’s deep in their soul without needing to use a single word, helping people find their inner peace as they loose themselves in the beautiful melodies and beats.

When the music is not playing Jonas can be found exploring ways on how to optimise the body and master the mind, listening to podcasts, reading books and absorbing information from experts in their field. Jonas doesn’t just take anyone’s word for it. Jonas is a firm believer in applying people’s discoveries to our own life and exploring the changes for ourselves.

With a fountain of knowledge and tools for optimisation he is ready to share all that he has learned. His mission is to help every one of us on our journey to full body and mind optimisation. He believes that we all deserve to be the best versions of ourselves. When our body and mind are fully awakened to their potential, we can achieve things beyond our dreams.

Retreat price

Prices are in British pounds

Room with en suite bathroom £1200 pp shared room or £1800 solo occupancy.
Room with en suite bathroom and private sun terrace £1370 pp shared or £1970 solo occupancy
Master Bedroom with en suite bathroom and large private balcony £1550 pp shared or £2300 solo occupancy


  • 7 nights’ accommodation in villa
  • Airport transfers
  • Meals and refreshments by private chef
  • Treat brunch at Passion Café
  • Daily yoga (dynamic morning practice and restorative evening class)
  • Yoga workshops
  • Pilates classes
  • Meditation classes (guided, silent, art, music, dance)
  • Breath work
  • Mindfulness workshops
  • Sound meditation/ sound bath
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Island exploring (nature walks and beach trips)
  • Sun set picnic
  • Cooking workshop

Optional activities

We prepare a time table of activities and outings, all of which are optional. People can freely choose extra me time beside the pool, an extra lie in bed or personal exploring of Ibiza.

We will have massage and beauty therapists available for anyone who wishes to pamper themselves during their stay.

What past guests have said

“The Ibiza balance wellness retreat was a much needed catalyst for change in my life. I was catered for in the most holistic sense, with genuine care. The people I met and the memories will stay with me forever. Thank you for my new zest for life.” J. Rolland


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