All Inclusive Detox Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand, open all year round

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All Inclusive Detox Retreat in Koh Samui

Add not just years to your life, but life to your years! Our all-inclusive detox retreat programs help you to rediscover your vibrant health and well-being.

Where necessary, these programs can also help target areas of imbalance in your life. From our range of detox and cleansing programs, to more focused weight loss and de-stress programs, our specially designed blend of treatments, nutrition and support ensure you meet your health goals.

With years of experience in taking care of the body and mind and working with detox approaches, Samahita offers both the environment and holistic program to give you the best value in a holistic detox experience.

From supplements, to targeted bodywork, to leading-edge infrared sauna technology, to colon hydrotherapy and regular meetings with our health coach, you will come to know a new dimension of wellness possible within.

You will also receive information and guidance about how to keep newfound habits alive and work the wisdom from this experience into your lifestyle.

We do not claim to be medical experts or offer such advice. As a leading Thailand Detox resort, we are, however, deeply immersed in healthy, holistic living and carry with us our experience of detox and balanced living.

As a result we offer you a positive, purpose-built, complete and supportive environment in which to enjoy your detox program.

We personalize your detox retreat program taking your needs, goals and preferences into account and balancing them with our professional expertise to provide you with the perfect detoxing retreat experience.

To get the most out of the process it is recommended to participate in a detox retreat program for at least 7 to 10 days.

One can continue a little longer if need be. However, we do offer program packages of 3 and 5 days also, ideal for a wellness weekend break.

We understand people’s time limitations coupled with the desire to fit everything in, so encourage you to plan it out in advance. We offer 3, 5, 10 and 14 day detox retreat options. We also have a complete program that includes colon hydrotherapy sessions and a candida detox program.


For the morning sessions you can choose between led asana or guided self-practice (Mysore) with an hour of gentle restorative and yin yoga in the afternoons.


It is recommended that detox program guests reserve a single room to ensure the privacy needed during the detox with a private bathroom.

Shared room is possible if guests are coming together as a couple or friends. Our eco-friendly rooms are perfect for quiet contemplation and relaxation.

Regardless of which room you stay in, the yoga shala, restaurant and lounge, swimming pool, and beach are only one minute away.

You can see the ocean from some of the balconies in the top level rooms but we cannot guarantee sea views.

All rooms include the following modern amenities:
* Private balcony
* Air conditioning
* Queensize bed
* Ceiling fan
* Ipod ready alarm clock
* Writing desk
* Refrigerator
* Hot water kettle
* Wifi internet access
* Hair dryer
* Personal locker drawer suitable for laptops and other personal effects
* 100% natural non bleach cotton sheets and towels
Please note that there are no phones or televisions in our guest accommodations except for Deluxe Suite.

Retreat price

Prices are in US Dollars

Private Room : $918 USD
Semi- Private Room: $858 USD
Shared Two-Bedroom Loft: $798 USD

Private Room : $1,460 USD
Semi- Private Room: $1,360 USD
Shared Two-Bedroom Loft: $1,260 USD

Private Room : $1,890 USD
Semi- Private Room: $1,750 USD
Shared Two-Bedroom Loft: $1,610 USD

Private Room : $2,660 USD
Semi- Private Room: $2,460 USD
Shared Two-Bedroom Loft: $2,260 USD

Private Room : $3,640 USD
Semi- Private Room: $3,360 USD
Shared Two-Bedroom Loft: $3,060 USD


* Accommodation
* Yoga
* All detox therapies
* Our special ayurvedic herbal detox formula
* Yoga practices and breath-work
* Yogic cleansing techniques
* Far infrared sauna therapy
* Chi Nei Tsang – therapeutic abdominal massage
* ‘Body & Soul’ therapies
* Fibre, probiotic and superfood supplementation
* Specially developed ayurvedic body oil to perform abhyanga
* Specific foods, fruits, broths, juices and teas
* An optional liver and gall bladder flush
* Detox welcome kit
* Full facilities including pool and steam room
* Full staff support including daily meetings with our experienced wellness team
* Pre-arrival guidelines to help you prepare for your detox
* Post-detox guidelines to help you transition from your detox

Does not include

* Flights
* Insurance

Optional activities

* Tour around the island visiting the Friday market in fisherman village.
* Boat trip to neighbour island.

What past guests have said

”I have been sick for a while, fainting with no founded diagnosis, experiencing muscle pains, stress and constipation for many years. A friend of mine invited me to attend this retreat. After 7 days of detox and yoga, I found that I slept well, my snoring was gone, and my muscle pain in my arms was gone. I highly recommend everyone to be open minded, your health will be better. The therapists at were also experienced and approachable. Thank you to all the staff for making me better. More power to you.” ∼ Maria

”The Wellness Director is a great teacher. Always calm, very knowledgeable and always there for questions. I would do the detox again. It is greatly organized with high quality teaching and products. It helps definitely to get deeper in touch with body and mind. ” ∼ Oliver, Germany

”My stay and detox retreat was exactly what I needed in order to reset my thoughts, re-assess my lifestyle and to have some space to breathe just for myself. I would highly recommend the program to anyone in need of a reset. A great bonus that it is located in paradise!.” ~ Sanae, Japan

How to get here

Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways fly directly to Koh Samui from Bangkok. They operate flights every hour daily, and you can book your flights directly online. The first flight out is around 6 am and last flight is around 10 pm daily.

One-way is around 4000 THB. Travel time is approximately one hour from Bangkok. For a more affordable route to Koh Samui fly from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok to Suratthani on the mainland and take the ferry.

From Suratthani Airport there are plenty of transfers (approx 1 hour) to bring you by coach to the Ferry (1.5 hours). You arrive in Nathon, Koh Samui. We recommend Skyscanner to search for the best airfare.



Fill in the booking form to make an enquiry or booking on this detox retreat. You can also contact the team direct on if you have any questions.