‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreat in Ibiza. Open all year

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Liberate Yourself from All that’s Holding You Back in Your Life. Why choose a ‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreat? Do you long to wake up feeling.

Refreshed, energised and excited for the day ahead? Calm, balanced, free from negative thoughts and irrational fears?

Happy about how you’re spending your time on this planet? Passionate about about who you’re spending your life with? Like you’re taking the best possible care of yourself and your loved ones?

That you’re living the best life that you possibly can? Choose my ‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreat to find out how!

What’s my ‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreat Approach?

When we think of detox, many of us picture a juice diet with some awful tasting concoctions designed to help you purge, along with some uncomfortable bowel cleansing treatments and a gruelling exercise programme. These may eventually leave you feeling cleansed but only after days of suffering and feeling exhausted. The good news is…

On my ‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreat, detoxing doesn’t have to be like that at all, it can be a fun process, especially when you look at it as part of a long-term lifestyle change.

Let’s face it, the detox-retox cycle is not a healthy approach to your wellbeing. It’s my belief, that it’s better to make gradual, lasting, positive changes than to go for the quick fixes that leave you craving junk food, alcohol and other toxins as soon as you’ve finished the programme!

Each one of us is individual and unique in terms of our detox needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. In fact, in my opinion, it can be quite dangerous to put everyone on the same restrictive diet without taking into account their body type, predispositions as well as their current physical and mental health.

While juice fasting might be suitable for some constitutions it isn’t suitable for all. That’s why I prepare a personalised detox programme for you based on your unique Ayurvedic constitution. I adapt your programme daily throughout your retreat to make sure that it’s truly supporting your detox personal detox process.

‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreat

Detoxing isn’t only about what you don’t eat and drink but about what you DO put into your body. Eating a delicious, wholesome, nutritious and organic diet every day is way more beneficial to your health than depriving yourself of calories for a few days once a year in the hope that it will undo all the harm from the bad habits of the previous 12 months!

On your personal ‘Detoxify Your Life’ retreat, you’ll be guided to make the powerful, lifelong nutritional and lifestyle changes you need to boost your health, increase your energy, create and live the life you love!

A completely holistic approach

Detoxing in my ‘Detoxify Your Life’ method applies to all aspects of your life, not just to diet and exercise. In your personal ‘Detoxify Your Life’ retreat programme we’ll also look at the products you use on your skin and in your household, the quality of your environment, your relationships with family, friends and work colleagues, how you spend your time, where and with whom.

Last but definitely not least, we’ll examine your thoughts and beliefs which ultimately shape your habits and behaviours and you’ll see how all of these factors impact your overall wellbeing.


Claudia Jones
BSc (Hons) Psychology, Yoga Alliance, Kaivalyadhama

Claudia is the founder of The Wellness Source, a business dedicated to helping individuals to reconnect with their true nature through yoga and mindfulness, Reiki and transformational coaching.

For the past two decades, Claudia has been inspiring and empowering people to take their personal growth to the next level; so they can begin living the life they love.


You can choose to stay at my home in a private double bedroom with balcony and shared bathroom or you can select one of the accommodation options in the local area to suit your level of comfort (at an additional cost).

I have a fabulous roof terrace with wonderful views over the surrounding countryside, where you can enjoy your meals and yoga classes. You can also sunbathe or relax there in between sessions.

I will provide all of your detox meals and juices using the organic produce of the island (as far as possible). All detox meals and juices are home-made with love. This healthy cuisine is also perfect for those on a vegan or gluten-free diet.

Please note that I’ve a very cute and friendly small dog that lives with me in case of any allergies.

Transformational Coaching

Through her insightful coaching style and compassionate nature, Claudia skilfully guides people through gentle yet powerful processes to re-connect them with their authentic selves and supports them in aligning their outer reality with their true inner nature.

Claudia’s years of experience have given her a profound understanding of the uniqueness of every person’s journey and this shines through in her ability to individually support everyone on his or her personal path.

For Claudia, seeing a client taking bold steps toward living the life she or he truly wants to live is the ultimate reward. Find out more about transformational coaching…
Education and Experience

With a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and a background in complementary therapies, Claudia founded her own successful wellness and yoga centre, The Bay Tree, in the UK in her twenties, which she ran passionately for 5 years.

In her thirties, after several years of travel and study in India (yoga, prananyama, meditation, Ayurveda), she was invited to create and oversee the wellness centre, health programmes and retreats for the internationally renowned yoga and wellbeing resort Samahita Retreat in Thailand. Now in her forties, Claudia leads her yoga and mindfulness retreats in Ibiza, Spain and Goa, India.

Claudia is currently studying to become a Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapist with the Karuna Institute, UK.


The daily yoga is a slow, mindful Ashtanga practice paying special attention to the breath, bandha and drishti to bring body and mind to a state of presence.

The retreat is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner. All are welcome.

Retreat schedule

What happens in a day on a ‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreat…

  • Rise early and take a detoxifying tea and enjoy some quiet time.
  • Cleansing practices (neti, enema, skin brushing, tongue scraping, oil pulling) according to your personal programme.
  • Check-in with me to see how you’re doing with your detox.
  • Tailored yoga, pranayama (breath work) and mindfulness class.
  • Healthy detox breakfast or fresh juice and supplements personalised to suit your constitution.
  • Free time to rest and restore, take a healing therapy or explore the island.Healthy detox lunch or fresh juice and supplements personalised to suit your constitution.
  • Transformational coaching session & detox workshop.
  • Healthy detox dinner or fresh juice and supplements personalised to suit your constitution.
  • Watch a spectacular Ibiza sunset, take a swim in the sea or a mountain walk, enjoy some me-time


vegan, gluten free, detox supplements, fresh juices, organic as far as possible, home-made and prepared with love

Retreat Price

‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreats can be tailored to suit your available dates. My personalised programmes run for a minimum of 3 nights (4 days) up to 7 nights (8 days) duration.

All retreats include a tailored daily programme of yoga, pranayama, mindfulness, ‘Detoxify your Life’ workshop, healing therapies and transformational coaching designed to suit your needs.

3 nights €1250

  • 60 min ‘Detoxify Your Life’ pre-retreat consultation via Skype.
  • 3 nights accommodation in a private double room in my home.
  • 9 hours of ‘Detoxify Your Life’ tailored programme, personalised just for you.
  • All detox meals, juices and supplements (vegan and gluten-free).
  • Detox kit.
  • Drinking water and herbal teas.

5 nights €1950

  • 60 min ‘Detoxify Your Life’ pre-retreat consultation via Skype.
  • 5 nights accommodation in a private double room in my home.
  • 15 hours of ‘Detoxify Your Life’ tailored programme, personalised just for you.
  • All detox meals, juices and supplements (vegan and gluten-free).
  • Detox kit
  • Drinking water and herbal teas

7 nights €2350

  • 60 min ‘Detoxify Your Life’ pre-retreat consultation via Skype.
  • 7 nights accommodation in a private double room in my home.
  • 18 hours of ‘Detoxify Your Life’ tailored programme, personalised just for you.
  • All detox meals, juices and supplements (vegan and gluten-free)
  • Detox kit
  • Drinking water and herbal teas

Does not include

  • Flights
  • Airport Transfers
  • Optional Activities
  • Healing Therapies (daily Transformational Coaching workshops are included in your programme)

Optional activities

* Please note these activities are at an extra charge

  • Visit Ibiza Old Town – UNESCO World Heritage Site *
  • Explore the Beautiful Beaches and Countryside of Ibiza *
  • Horse Riding*
  • Mountain Biking/Road Biking *
  • Spa and Hammam*
  • Visit the Local Markets *
  • Explore the Islands’ Many Caves *
  • Enjoy Healing Therapies and Transformational Coaching*

Healing Therapies & Transformational Coaching Support

Throughout your yoga, mindfulness & transformational coaching retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to add on some further healing therapies.

Reiki – is the universal life force energy that flows within and around us. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful treatment that involves the ‘laying on of hands’, it is a wonderful therapy for relieving stress, releasing toxins, accelerating the body’ natural healing processes and inducing a state of deep relaxation.

Reiki Journey

For this session, you come with an awareness of the issue or issues you wish to address and share this with me at the start of the session. You then lay on the therapy couch and I begin a hands-on Reiki healing.

Once you have relaxed and have come to a state of presence, I begin to guide you through a journey of self-inquiry while continuing to channel Reiki.

I support you as you uncover the area of the body associated with the issue or trauma. We stay there as I guide you to explore the area and the issue through a gentle question and answer process that allows you to access your inner wisdom.

The process continues until you reach a place of peace having received insight, understanding and a fresh perspective or having worked on the issue as much as you are able to for now. Depending on the individual, one or multiple issues can be addressed in a session.

Transformational Coaching

In these sessions, you’ll be gently guided and supported as you peel back and let go of the layers of everything that’s preventing you from experiencing your full life potential as your true, authentic self.

By identifying and uprooting limiting fears and beliefs and working through perceived shame you become open and vulnerable in a gentle yet empowering way. This allows you to show up in your life and relationships exactly as you are.

In these sessions, not only will you be guided to experience your true nature but you’ll also receive the tools and techniques you need to stay in touch with your innermost wisdom. You’ll feel more confident to be your authentic self in every sphere of your life and more empowered to choose and live the life you love.

Transformational Coaching is available both in person and online via skype. Please allow 90mins for your first session. See more on Transformational Coaching.

Flower Essences Consultation

Claudia offers consultations with her ‘Freedom Essences’, a range of flower remedies that she has lovingly created from the herbs, wildflowers and flora of Ibiza.

Flower essences are vibrational remedies (similar to homeopathic remedies) that help to restore balance and harmony to the entire being using the healing properties of plants and flowers. The consultation includes one x 15ml personal essence blend.

What past guests have said

‘I would definitely recommend this retreat and detox to my friends. Claudia is great. I had a wonderful week. Thank you!’ Li, Canada

‘Way beyond excellent. Claudia is very attentive, always approachable, very knowledgeable. Dear Claudia, many, many thanks, I’ll be back.’ Anna, Russia

‘Outstanding! Knowledgeable, caring and a great teacher. I learned so much about food, diet and have certainly improved my yoga practice. Do the seven day detox with Claudia and you will feel like your old self or even a new and improved self. It is absolutely worth the effort and energy, I feel better than I have in six months.’ Jaime, USA

What to pack

    • Yoga/ sportswear
    • Loose comfortable clothing, lots of layers in the cooler weather
    • Shawl for meditation
    • Wooly socks or slippers for wearing in the villa
    • Swimwear
    • Walking shoes
    • Sandals (summer)
    • Beach Towel (pool and bath towels are provided)
    • Refillable water bottle
    • Mosquito repellent & after bite remedy
    • Toiletries (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, personal care products)
    • High factor sun tan lotion
    • Wide brimmed hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Warm sweatshirt /jumper/ jacket for cooler evenings
    • Torch/flashlight
    • Ear plugs (if you’re a light sleeper or sharing a room)
    • Eye mask for sleeping (if sharing a room)
    • Notepad and pen for journaling and taking notes
    • Cash in Euros for taxi fares, additional therapies and local cafes you may wish to experience while you are here.
    • European Health Insurance Card (for EU Nationals)

How to get there

From mid-March to end-October many low-cost airlines operate direct flights to Ibiza. In winter, there are direct daily flights from London City Airport with British Airways.

Some other major cities such as Amsterdam, also have direct flights during the winter months. Out of season look for flights from your nearest airport via Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, Malaga or Valencia. Ryan Air and Vueling Airlines and EasyJet operate regular daily flights to Ibiza

Should you wish to hire a car to explore the island, we recommend booking in advance. Do You Spain is a popular booking agent.

There is a taxi rank immediately outside the airport terminal. Transfer time to the villa is around 35 minutes and costs approximately 40 Euros. If other retreat guests are arriving around the same time, I can connect you so you can share a ride to the retreat.

How to Secure Your Place

Places on the Detoxify Your Life retreat are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Please use the contact form or email retreats@soulseedmedia.com to request your place and we will get back to you with details on how to make your payment.

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