Embodied Adventure Retreat in Kea, Greece

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Embodied Adventure Retreat in Kea, Greece

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Kea, or Tzia, is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea’s Cyclades archipelago, characterised by hilly countryside and quiet beaches. Just a stone’s throw from Athens, this cosmopolitan island will captivate you with its unbridled beauty. We want you to feel alive, rejuvenated, connected and recharged so that you can burn bright and share your gifts with the world. You can never pour from an empty cup, it’s time to nurture yourself.

We have designed this embodied adventure retreat specifically for Change Makers, Way Finders, Leaders, Educators, Facilitators, Service providers, Artists and Instructors (although everyone is welcome).

We understand that you manage an array of roles and responsibilities as well as energies. Finding the balance between caring for the needs of everyone else around you and your own can often leave you feeling burnt out; mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.

Your hosts, Kaitlyn and Jess have first hand knowledge of the stress, accelerating pressures and discontent you might be experiencing in this adventure we call life. They understand how it feels to pour your heart and soul into your profession and yet often feel overwhelmed or disheartened at the same time.

If you are drained, how can you have the patience, positive energy and enthusiasm to provide the best care and instruction to others? How can you turn your ideas and dreams into reality?

We believe you deserve to thrive in your work and that the cycle of burn out can be consciously broken, leading to more balance and joy. The offering will take you on a journey to help support you on a holistic level with each day focussing on a new theme.

Embodied Adventures are wholehearted and real, they are mindfully designed to give people the opportunity to deeply feel aligned and attune to that which surrounds them and reintegrate the natural rhythms of life.

We want you to feel belonging, significance, positive, balanced and cared for. We do the work to look after you, which helps you to get what you truly need from your time away. The memories, relationships and growth you will experience will last a lifetime and be treasured forever.

The time is now to decompress, restore, reflect, reprogram, create, manifest and embody. When we choose to adventure outward in breathtaking natural settings like Kea while surrounded by a community of amazing people, we feel safe and compelled to also venture inward.

Present and Immersed in the beauty around us, we fully experience the wild grander of Nature and see the need for reverence and protection of Mother Earth. Through this act we embody our own place within the wondrous world and see ourselves as equally deserving of honour and respect.

Self-awareness, through embodied practice such as movement, meditation, breath, play, conversation and connection can change the way you live.


The Yoga / movement sessions to free your body of tension and pain in order to connect deeper and share the experience and fun with a global community. Sessions and activities will be inspired by Kea’s raw nature and the deep blue sea that will surround us.


Nature always provides us with the perfect landscape to get out and play or take rest. Classes include discussion, journal activities, reflection and tangible tools to support living life in alignment physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure will be the ultimate embodiment of freedom and movement where we’ll experience day trips to beautiful beaches, hikes to ancient to ruins and memorable connections to Mama Earth.

Creative Expression

Creative expression is essential and helps us to maintain our passion and live purposefully. It is difficult to feel creative when we are tired and dull. During your stay with us, Kaitlyn, the founder of Mountain Stone Jewelry will curate a number of mindful and intentional experiences for you to reignite your creativity and motivation. Our hope is that you surprise yourself with how brilliantly your mind works when you are given space, freedom and support to dive in and create without fear.

Retreat schedule

Our schedule is flexible and co created with the group to best suit the needs of every guest. All activities are optional but encouraged. Each day will consist of two movement classes: awakening yoga in the morning overlooking the sea and afternoon sessions consist of more grounded meditation/restorative/workshop style classes.

There will be daily creative, embodied Self Expression workshops, journal activities, coaching tools, beach days, adventure hikes and swims at the pool are also available for you to enjoy on this retreat.


Jess embodies both the Spiritual and Science based practices of Yoga and aims to integrate asana, meditation, mind-body medicine, visualization, philosophy, functional movement and somatic awareness as modalities for deeper connection and positive energy flow. Jess teaches a movement practice that is fluid and dynamic, encompassing healing both the anatomy / physiology of the body as well as one’s relationship to Self.

You can expect to flow and move sensually through your practice and feel encouraged to truly express, explore and enjoy your own unique experience. Her classes ebb and flow to create a safe space that is inclusive and accommodating to all levels. She encourages kindness, play and lots of love and the ultimate desire is to support you in learning how to lead and transform from your heart.


3 meals (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) prepared by our private holistic Chef Rylee O’Rourke @ryleeorourke. All dietary needs will be catered for. Please note that one dinner will be taken out in the village and will be at our own expense at a local tavern.

Organic fresh produce of fruits and vegetables from the island some meat options available if requested. Coffee and tea, snacks and treats provided throughout the days


Kea sea view villa is a true oasis for rest and relaxation, far away from the stresses of everyday life. Quiet and secluded and yet located close to the beach of Otzia and 5 minutes from the picturesque marine at Vourkari, with its fish restaurants, cafes, bars, boutiques and much more.

The property consists of infinity pools perfect for lounging the afternoon away, plenty of areas for group gatherings and movement classes as well as private space for self-reflection. Gorgeous Aegean sea views that will take your breath away

Room options

Shared: Suite with double bed & shared bathroom
Single: Suite with double bed & shared bathroom

Retreat Price

RED: Suite with 1 double bed & shared bathroom (great for couples or friends) €2115 p/p
SINGLE: Suite with double bed & shared bathroom €3098 p/p

EARLY BIRD pricing ends December 1st 2019, register your spot before and receive $200 Euros off.
Non refundable deposit of €550 required to register, payment plans available.


  • 1 week accommodation in Seaside villa with spectacular views and infinity pools
  • 2 daily yoga sessions (optional)
  • Daily Creative / Embodied Self Expression workshops, journal activities, coaching tools
  • All supplies and guidance needed to create your own Mala necklace or Bracelet stack
  • 3 meals (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) prepared by our private holistic Chef Rylee O’Rourke @ryleeorourke – All dietary needs will be catered. Please note that 1 dinner out in the village will be at own expense.
  • Organic fresh produce of fruits and vegetables from the island
  • Coffee and tea, snacks + treats provided throughout the days
  • 1 hour personal coaching session with Jess
  • 1 hour on site healing treatment (combination of Massage, chiropractic, energetic healing)
  • Group pickup from Kea’s Ferry port upon arrival & drop off on departure
  • 1 hour Ferry ride to get to Kea. Ticket fees are included, we will organise these for you from Athens Lavrio Port.
  • Adventures, trips to local villages, beach days, exploration, hikes to ruins and ancient monuments (You choose as much or as little adventure you need)

Does not include

  • Airfare to Athens International Airport
  • travel insurance
  • Meals/drinks outside of the villa
  • Wine/beer
  • Scuba, snorkel tours or additional island adventures outside of scheduled activity

Optional activities

  • local wine tasting at the acorn production farm
  • scuba and snorkel
  • sailing trips to secret beaches
  • shopping at local villages
  • museum tours

What past guests have said

‘This was not just the most amazing yoga experience, but generally the most amazing experience for me. Not only were the actual yoga sessions amazing but it didn’t end on the mat. Stories were exchanged, advice was given and it was an all round safe space for us to explore yoga of the mind and body.@jessssleb was incredibly knowledgeable, authentic and full of life. She made sense of things that have troubled me for most of my life and I hope to experience more of her adventures one day!’


”My experience with Embodied Adventure and Jess forever altered the trajectory of my life.  Jess led us to open our hearts, emotions, and ways of thinking through yoga, sessions in the shala, and conversations over dinner.
Her energy and enthusiasm for life, wholeness, community, and healing are apparent in everything that she does. She truly embodies adventure through her leadership, love of people, vulnerability, and passion. Also, she’s a little bit wild in a world that is a little too tame sometimes, which is utterly refreshing. 
Her ability to recognize the good in people is pure and abundant. She favours collaboration and community over competition and she encourages and supports you to succeed. I have such fondness for Jess and feel a spiritual, kindred connection to her. The trip with Embodied Adventure changed my life and if you are open and vulnerable to it, the experience will change your life too.”

”OMG I went on a trip with embodied adventure and it was absolutely amazing!! I would recommend Jess and her retreats to anyone interested in improving themselves and changing their lives; A lot or a little. And she is definitely one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever come across. So grateful to now be a part of this strong community that has been created and nurtured.”

What to pack

  • Passport (check that it will be valid)
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga & exercise clothing- (multiple pairs)
  • Swimsuit (multiple pairs)
  • Casual Clothing (layers)
  • Journal and PenTea and tinctures
  • A good book or two
  • Rain jacket
  • Snacks – if anything in particular
  • Imodium ad or similar for upset stomachs
  • Water bottle to refill
  • Sunscreen & Bug repellent
  • Moisturizer/ Aloe / Coconut Oil
  • Flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries
  • Camera & Chargers
  • Converter or adapter if needed
  • Alarm Clock
  • Quick dry towel
  • Small day pack
  • Hat/Cover up
  • Hair ties
  • Toiletries (bring soap/shampoo etc.)
  • Credit Card, Debit Card etc
  • Cash for gratuities, purchases, optional excursions and extras

Location and how to get there

Fly into Athens International airport then catch the ferry from Lavrio Port. Please note that we suggest arriving in Athens on June 30th. Meet group at the Lavrio Port Ferry terminal for the ferry on July 1st – Timing will be confirmed upon booking.


To book your place on this Embodied Adventure Retreat in Kea, send your enquiry to the team who will get back to you within 24 hours or email us directly on retreats@soulseedmedia.com.