Two Night Retreat Package at HOY Yoga & Vegan Hotel, Paris

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We have created a hotel that has been built with consciousness at its core, taking care of today for a better tomorrow. HOY is intended to be a meeting place, evolving around health and wellbeing of the body, mind and soul in the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, where an international team is waiting to help you make today happen.

HOY means the House of Yoga – we adopt yoga as one of our main pillars. Being not only a practice, yoga represents the amusement of living the present moment, and that moment is today and now.

Gathering different disciplines to find a moment with your inner self, to start listening to your body and arouse curiosity. The spirit we are aspiring to embrace.

In each of our 22 rooms you’ll find natural air purifiers, dance bars for easy stretching and a yoga set for personal practice. Besides this, one room was designed to be our wellness room, dedicated to energy and osteopathic care intending to take care of our guests.

HOY chose the Yoga YUJ studio, known in Paris to be the first dark Yoga Studio with infrared lights. The sessions are open to our hotel guests, external guests and local residents.

We strongly believe in community design that encourages conscious daily choices. Using organic and French products, our toiletries are unique blends we’ve created in partnership with the first zero waste shop in Paris, The Naked Shop. Eating is a soul-calling moment for us, our restaurant menu at MESA de HOY was made in collaboration with the English chef, Lauren Lovatt, elevating our dishes with a 100% plant-based cuisine inspired by Latin America.

One of our steady missions is having environmentally conscious habits. We address our waste to an organisation that promotes ethical practices.

We find joy in sourcing sustainable products with local providers and we work with regional and foreign artisans to whom we commission bespoke pieces making HOY a one of a kind experience.

Finding joy in personal rituals during our vacation, seeking new ways to indulge and restore ourselves, inspiring new perspectives. Our accommodation, MESA de HOY, Yoga Studio and La Florería are specially created to trigger and upgrade your stay with us in Paris.

We created a space aiming to create a personal sanctuary to promote healthy and mindful habits in each room, improving the well-being and your prosperity.


This Japanese method has been proven beneficial for decades, both physically and emotionally. The unique experience allows a total release, letting a warm and comforting heat that makes the session very pleasant.

The body generates a consequent heating in the muscles and internal organs detoxifying your body, improving your digestion and cleaning it from heavy metals.

Our classes are open to our guests, locals, visitors and everyone that wants to try something different. We offer diverse options for all levels. Find the descriptions below and choose your practice.

If you’d like to join a session please check our schedule here and make your reservation. If you’re staying with us please contact directly our Front desk team to assist with the proper registration. Try to be at our facilities around 15 minutes in advance the class to ensure you’ll get the nicest spot. We offer all the material you may need on site.

The YUJ YOGA STUDIO is the first French yoga studio under infrared light. This method was discovered in Japan by Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa in 1965 who noted its many properties for health.

The virtues of this warmth are numerous, both physically and morally. Indeed, it allows a total letting go of a soft and comforting heat which makes the experience very pleasant.

It reaches the muscle tissues and generates a significant heating in the muscles and internal organs, causing heavy sweating. This sweating allows it to get rid of toxins, digestive waste and up to 97% of heavy metals.

Plant Based Food

Natural food that feeds our heart, as well as our body, is central to HOY table’s DNA. HOY cuisine uses fresh, whole, best-quality, health-supportive ingredients and healthful cooking techniques with an eye on local, seasonal, sustainably grown real food.

Plant-based is not only embodying the earth to table approach but also extracting nutrients from food to improve & enhance mood, elevate skin appearance, boost energy, improve brain chemistry, help prevent dis-ease in a more holistic way.

Our restaurant MESA de HOY is composed by our desire to bring festive food back to the centre of our pleasurable hotel as a cultural celebration of Art de Vivre, appreciating every day, starting with that first cup of coffee.

Our menu has been developed by Lauren Lovatt and Carolina Rodriguez, Plant based chefs and creators of the Plant Academy London.

Set up by Lauren to inspire passion through plants internationally through workshops, events and consultancy. Lauren is also the woman behind Feed Your Mind Candy, bringing dreams to life through food. With a keen eye for plating and a passion for the most seasonal ingredients giving balance in the most exciting way, focus in local and seasonal produce with sprinkles of adaptogenic herbs and tonics


Our rooms use an Air Purification system to clean harmful contaminants from the air, you will be able to mineralize tap water using Japanese binchotan charcoal, you can indulge in our healthy and nutritional homemade snacks and we carry organic beauty products made in France.

We encourage our guests to strive for a greener routine, one offering zero waste and natural options in our toiletries and utilities around, we invite you to use our beautiful restored staircase whenever possible, use our reusable bottle wattles while you discover Paris and take home the toiletries at your disposal.

To promote a peaceful atmosphere and to clear away your mind, our rooms are free of TV. To start your day with a nourishing and relaxing routine you’ll find a stretching bar in every room and a Fly Yoga hammock in some.

Two Night Retreat Package

For 1 person 

250€ per night includes breakfast + one yoga class

City tax not included to be paid on the spot (5€ per person per night)

For 2 persons 

290€ per night includes breakfast + one yoga class

City tax not included to be paid on the spot (5€ per person per night)

Terms and Conditions

Fully refundable up until 3 days before the check in date.

Rooms are booked upon a last room guaranteed availability with a minimum room category of a Double Working HOY with the following specifications:

  • 16M2

Subject to availability on the day a complimentary room upgrade will be offered.


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