I Am Enough Necklace

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Love mantra: I am enough
A simple statement with huge power, choose this ‘I am enough’ pendant to remind yourself of your strengths and qualities, to build your self-confidence and your self-worth.

Chain Length: 18 – 20 inches
Pendant size: 1.5 cm
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver plated with Gold
Lifetime guarantee on the chain
Perfect gift for a friend or loved one needing a confidence boost | or a reminder to yourself of your strengths, qualities and talents.

We all have days when we feel we simply aren’t enough. We’re not thin enough, rich enough, good enough, lucky enough, talented enough…whatever enough… to succeed in life. It’s on days like this that we need a powerful reminder – yes, we are. We have everything we need inside us. Even if we don’t have the exact skills or experience we need today – we have the ability to learn, to grow, to develop. Everything we need – we have.

This is also a great mantra to stop you from comparing yourself to others, or for envying what others have. Our most powerful relationship in life is with ourselves – so use this mantra to remind yourself how much you value yourself.

Hold onto your necklace and say to yourself, whenever you lack confidence or feel full of doubt – ‘I am enough’. On sale with Yoga Clicks.


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