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Please specify single room (for one person) or twin room (for two people under the same booking, sharing the room) when making an enquiry/booking.

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Located in Mykonos, Koukoumi is the first and only vegan hotel in Greece. Situated in the heart of the island, in the traditional village of Ano Mera, it was created to be a peaceful and boutique sanctuary for the sophisticated wellness traveller, with only 14 rooms.

From the spa to the menu, everything at the hotel is plant-based. Designed with sustainability in mind, you will find eco-friendly mattresses, solar water heaters, and a magnesium pool. All different, the rooms offer a feeling of harmony and deep relaxation.

The vegan head chef Aggeliki Charami has created a rich variety of plant-based snacks, starters, main courses and desserts, free from sugar and with minimal or zero processing.

We can enjoy life without harming animals, the environment or ourselves. A vegan will feel at home here and every one can try out an alternative and peaceful way of being, satisfying at the same time all their senses.

Respecting the principles of authenticity, simplicity and balance we offer an impeccable standard of service, while allowing the guest to lie back, relax and enjoy a healthy and harmonious accommodation. Minimum stay of 3 days!

This all inclusive retreat package includes:

  • Accommodation in a Master Suite with private veranda and private outdoor jacuzzi.
  • Half Board, (include breakfast, lunch or dinner) Vegan, Ethnic, Mediterranean, Greek inspired
  • Daily spa treatments using cruelty free products (massage, body, face, sauna).
  • Daily Yoga lessons with our yoga teacher or cross functional training with our personal trainer.
  • Free use of our magnesium swimming pool.
  • Free use of the gym at the duration of the day, upon availability.
  • Free consumption of mini bar products.
  • Free use of wi-fi.
  • Free transfer to our hotel and back from the port or the airport.
  • Free parking area.

Retreat Price

LOW SEASON (01/04-31/05 & 01/10-30/11)
Total cost for double room 600 € per night (2 people)
Total cost for single room 500 € per night (1 person)

MID SEASON (01/06-15/07 & 11/09-30/09)
Total cost for double room 660 € per night (2 people)
Total cost for single room 550 € per night (1 person)

HIGH SEASON (16/07-10/09)
Total cost for double room 720 € per night (2 people)
Total cost for single room 600 € per night (1 person)


Our Master suites are 33 metres squared with pool view, king sized bed and walk in shower.


Koukoumi Spa is a place devoted to detox, stress release and wellbeing, designed to provide the ideal equilibrium for the body and soul. It is a haven of relaxation where you can rejuvenate yourself and unwind with soothing massages, healing treatments for the face and body or by using the sauna.

Only premium certified organic cosmetics are used which are 100% vegan natural and cruelty free. The products have a unique wooden handmade recyclable packaging.

By maximising what nature has to offer, well cared for skin becomes beautiful, healthy looking and radiant. All the aromatherapy oils derive from typical plants of the Greek flora like: Lavender, Rosemary, Marjoram, Sage, Basil, Bergamot, Juniper and they have muscle releasing, detoxifying or uplifting properties.


You can build the body of your dreams no matter what your training choices may be while at the same time being vegan. It may sound contradictory but it is not, as proved by the Olympic Games’ athletes of the antiquity, who were forbidden to consume meat.

Our certified personal trainer and sports nutrition advisor can show you how with cross functional training programs especially created for you.

A number of different props are used like: TRX, elastic & resistance bands, kettlebells, free weights, balls (bossu, fitness, pilates), sandbags sand disks, as well as a cross fit rack a treadmill, a spinning bike and a rowing machine that will maximise your training combination and lift up your results.

You can work out indoors in the ergonomically designed fitness room, or follow the personal trainer outdoors for running sessions on the hills or beaches of Mykonos.

Vegan Cuisine

A Vegan diet is natural, cruelty free and complete. It is a sensible choice for a healthy lifestyle. Fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds and nuts presented in balanced combinations contain all the necessary nutritious elements that cater for the needs of every person from every culture or religion.

Our exclusively Vegan Restaurant with delicious recipes will challenge you to reconsider everything you believed about food before!

Buffet breakfast with homemade bread, cake, cookies, sweets, marmalade, vegan omelettes. Meals including: salads, soups, handmade pasta, vegan burgers & pizza, noodles and Greek inspired dishes.

Desserts including chocolate soufflé, cheese cake, snickers, waffles, homemade ice cream. Raw Food recipes are 100% organic.

Premium quality ingredients with minimal or no processing. fresh vegetables ordered from trusted suppliers.

Only plant based food is handled in the kitchen area. Gluten free options offered.

Tailor made nutritional programs in collaboration with the personal trainer: detox, hi-protein, keto, antioxidant options. Ask for our vegan smoothies, juices and cocktails served all day at the pool bar!


Fill in the booking form to enquire about this All Inclusive Yoga & Fitness Package in Mykonos. You can also contact the team direct on retreats@soulseedmedia.com with any questions you may have.


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