7-Day Luxury “Divine Body” Transformational Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Bali, 14th – 20th November

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Embark on a journey of inner-exploration where you will learn more about spirituality and methods of self-healing. With daily meditations, mindfulness and breathing techniques, you will reduce mental tension, emotional blockages and simply melt down the tension. If you are searching for a safe environment for self-discovery, this experience would be a perfect match.

A carefully planned holistic diet will take you on a gentle detox while nourishing your body on a deep cellular level. Plant-based nutrition will give you an energy boost and amazing sensations of tranquillity and peace. Holistic food has never been so tasty before.

Our yoga and meditation program is aimed to give you a shoulder of support, to show how you can take much better care of your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. You will learn easy techniques that will radically shift your vibrations to the higher frequencies.

After the traditional Balinese water blessing ceremony, you will find yourself renewed and balanced on all levels. Gaining emotional balance and inner peace – you will feel brand new inside out.

This all-inclusive “Divine Body” wellness program is carefully designed to assist you in reaching a spiritual state of bliss, balancing your energy and healing relationships with your body.

It offers an intimate and personalised experience where every participant receives what one came for. You will be offered daily guidance and mentorship while deeply resting in the peaceful jungle surroundings.

Experienced facilitators and their holistic approach will enable you to gain the maximum benefits for your mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

At Bliss Body, you will find yourself in the space of no judgment and total acceptance. You will be encouraged to express yourself freely and authentically.

We will inspire you to live your life more consciously and with love. Bali Island is a perfect place to transition from your old self to your new self. Together with you we will immerse into the power of the jungle, discover ancient, mysterious water purification ceremonies, and activate light within the body.

You will feel renewed, pure at the level of the soul and much more spiritually connected. This is a unique opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the sacred sights of the island that is still keeping the tradition alive.

Ubud, Bali – The Land of Mystics

As soon as you arrive and step on the Island of 1000 temples, you know this land has its own soul. It’s more than a place; it’s a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind.

On the Island of the Gods, fresh ideas arrive like waves, inspiration is everywhere and you can easily feel this transformative volcanic energy in the air. It’s rich culture, abundant nature, many amazing sights and truly lovely people are what takes Bali so special.

The diverse culture and Hindu religion of Bali play a vital role in the everyday life of both locals and visitors. From the exquisite flower offerings placed everywhere to the endless temple ceremonies. Everything has spiritual meaning on the island.

Being one of those glorious destinations it is generally great to visit at any time of the year, you will enjoy this vibrant island despite any weather.


  • Experience profound transformation inside out
  • Learn meditation and self-help practices for daily life
  • Receive support and guidance from experienced facilitators
  • Unplug and restore mentally
  • Find inner peace and deep spiritual reconnection
  • Learn about chakras and how to balance your energy
  • Gentle body detox
  • Learn about healing food and its life-changing impact
  • Clear emotional baggage
  • Shift your perception and find more joy in everyday life


Ou lovely and ultra-private venue is nestled in the Balinese foothills beneath the very small, traditional village. It is set at the jungle’s edge, atop a vast amphitheater of rice paddies cascading down into the deep gorge of the holy river.

The villa complex commands a panoramic view of a distant ridge of nine ancient volcanoes.

Amenities include

Elegant bath tubes with flowers and natural salts
Organic shower gel, massage oils, shampoo & conditioner, face mask, body scrub
Comfortable queen bed
In-room safe boxes
Chill out and Seminar area
Yoga place with breathtaking views
Free Wi-Fi access
A fusion of modern and traditional Balinese design
Loads of elegant living space
Peaceful & serene atmosphere
Two infinity swimming pools
Stunning master air-conditioned bedrooms
Yoga mats, blocks, straps
Sensational setting and volcano views

Yoga & Meditation Practice

Ancient yogic sadhana will give you tools for the physical body activation, mental freedom, and spiritual reconnection. Tantric Hatha Yoga (asana, meditation, pranayama, mantra) – Helps to clear major channels in the body and activate your life force energy.

Meditation Practice – Supports encoring in the present moment, helps to expand your state of consciousness and enter the deepest experience of oneness.

Restorative Yoga – is a practice that is focusing on the alignment of the 5 elements and activates the meridians or pathways of Chi (energy).

Yoga Nidra – A classical yogic guided meditation technique that harnesses the biology of sleep for a spiritual purpose.

Chakra Meditation – This meditation will activate your energetic system and balance the flow of energy in your body.

*No previous experience is required and beginners are very welcome to join this journey.


Holistic plant-based cuisine improves one’s connection to Mother Earth. At Bliss Body, we treat food as a precious gift and natural remedy in the healing of body, mind, spirit.

Living food helps you to walk through life in perfect harmony with Nature and The Universe. It actively supports the journey towards rapid healing and the anti-aging process.

Incorporating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, basic principles of Chinese Medicine (Macrobiotics) and Raw approach to the nutrition our team created a special menu with the finest and nutrient-rich meals.

Sample Menus

Rise & Shine Breakfasts experience

  • Dragon Bowl (season fruits, topped with shredded coconut, cacao nibs, raisins, together with a dragon fruit smoothie bowl)
  • Green Goddess Bowl (frozen banana, spinach, lime juice, spirulina, coconut water, topped with papaya, strawberry and shredded coconut)
  • Star Porridge (flax-seed porridge made with orange juice and topped with seasonal fruits)
  • Avo Lover bruschetta (gently smashed avocado on a raw flax-seed cracker perked up with chili and lime)
  • Fluffy American Pancakes (Served with coconut nectar, mixed fruit, and vanilla cashew cream
  • Tutti- Frutti Roll (Strawberry roll with fruit salad, mint & vanilla coconut sauce
  • Fruit & Yoghurt (a variety of Coconut yogurts served with a gluten-free mix of nuts, coconut flakes, and seeds)
  • Wasabi Toast (raw cracker with coconut marinated in herbs and cucumber slices)
  • Guava chia porridge (served with pineapple-basil salad and topped with rosella flakes)

Lunch holistic experience includes

  • Jackfruit Tacos (pulled jackfruit and a broccoli-carrot medley with cashew smoked chili sauce)
  • Tagliolini “Alfredo” (served with shitake & broccoli and bechamel sauce)
  • North Indian Coconut Curry (in-season vegetables marinated aromatic curry coconut-cashew sauce)
  • Le Parisien (open french spinach-mushroom quiche with a nut & herbs crust)
  • Mediterranean mezzo (Beetroot hummus, tabbouleh salad & spicy tomato harissa sauce)
  • Mexican Pizza (flax seed-based crust topped with avocado, pineapple, tomato, slices of bell pepper and paprika sauce)
  • “Dragon” sushi roll (one of the top favorites, Japanese roll with cashew cottage cheese) served with a warm Miso soup
  • Pad Thai (Zoodles with carrot, broccoli, bell pepper marinated in an almond chili sauce)


Day 1

13:00 Arrival
13:30 Welcome circle
15.30 Gourmet Holistic Lunch
18:30 Restorative Yoga & Meditation
20:00 Herbal Tea & Hot Vegetable Broth

Day 2

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Yoga & Meditation Practice
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
12:00 SPA Beauty Treatments
15:00 Gourmet Holistic Lunch
16.00 Relaxation or Additional Activities
18:00 Yoga Nidra Restorative Session
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth

Day 3

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Yoga & Meditation Practice
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
11:30 Relaxation or Additional Activities
15:00 Gourmet Holistic Lunch
18:00 Meditation & Breathwork Practice
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth

Day 4

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Pilgrimage to a Holy Water Temple for a blessing ceremony
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
13:30 Relaxation or Additional Activities
15.00 Gourmet Holistic Lunch
16.00 1-on-1 spiritual guidance session
18:00 Restorative Yoga & Meditation
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth

Day 5

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Yoga & Meditation Practice
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
12:00 Holistic Nutrition & Wellbeing Seminar
13.00 Raw food cooking lesson with the chef
15:00 Gourmet Holistic Lunch
16.30 Relaxation or Additional Activities
18:00 Chakra Energy Seminar
19:00 Chakra Balancing Meditation
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth

Day 6

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Yoga & Meditation Practice
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
12:00 1-on-1 spiritual guidance session
15:00 Gourmet Holistic Lunch
16.30 Relaxation or Additional Activities
18:00 Clearing Breathwork Session
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth

Day 7

07:30 Yoga & Meditation Practice
09:00 Gourmet Holistic Brunch
10:00 Closing Ceremony
11.00 Departure & Transfers

Additional Activities

Gentle Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

Energy Balancing session is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on treatment in support of whole-body health and healing. It works with the body’s natural intelligence, treating and sensations as signals from the soul.

The fundamental therapeutic skills of presence and stillness are observed as the system is gently brought back in contact with the body’s innate capacity for healing and rejuvenation.

This Healing Therapy works well with trauma, chronic pain or illness, digestive issues, stress, depression and anxiety, troubled sleep, and much more.

The Intuitive & Tarot Cards Guidance

The Intuitive & Tarot Cards Guidance will help you to communicate with the Divine and your inner self, your conscious and explore subconscious forces that influence your behavior and choices.

This consultation is a combination of the symbols and wisdom that can help you to understand the present, heal the past and influence the course of your future. It is not a fortune-telling session, it is a deep communication with the realm of Spirit and your true self.

Organic SPA Rituals

In the Sanctuary of Bliss, you may nurture your body with our Signature Organic Spa Rituals. Every treatment is aimed to bring more vitality and nourishment for your body as well as relieve you from stress and mental tension.

Our therapists use only organic products for the massage, body scrubs, body masks, and facials. Among their most favorite is a chocolate body scrub and avocado papaya facial.

Delicious treatments are performed by Balinese therapists with love and care. You can choose the delicious treatments from The Spa Menu and bliss out from your feet to the tips of your eyelashes.



– Pre-Arrival Information Package & Support
– Transfers to/from the retreat venue
– Branded Welcome Kit
– 7 Days Accommodation In A Deluxe Luxury Suite

Organic SPA Rituals

– 90-minute Signature SPA Ritual (Massage, Body Scrub, Body Mask, Face Mask)

Yoga & Meditation

– 7 Yoga & Breathwork Sessions
– 12 Awakening Meditation Sessions
– 1 Yoga Nidra Restorative Session
– 1 Clearing Breathwork Session
– 1 Chakra Meditation Activation
– Daily Mindfulness and Journaling Practice


– 1 Sacred Holy Water Purification Ceremony in Balinese Temple


– 6 Gourmet Holistic Breakfasts
– 6 Gourmet Holistic Lunches
– 6 Evening Nourishing Soups
– Healthy Raw Vegan Desserts
– Herbal Teas
– Green Juice Therapy
– Unlimited Young Coconut Water

Workshops & Seminars

– 1-on-1 Spiritual Guidance Session
– Chakras & Energy Introduction Seminar
– Healing Food Cooking Class With The Chef

Retreat Price

$2800 USD / Deluxe Suite With A Jungle View / Single Occupancy
$2080 USD / Deluxe Suite With A Jungle View / Shared Occupancy

How to get there

Please book your flight to arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). We will pick you up from the airport. Transfer from and to the airport is included in the price.

The airport is located in the south of Bali and very near to most of Bali’s main tourist areas. The international and domestic terminals are next to each other. It takes around 1.5 – 2 hours to get to Ubud.

Participation Terms & Conditions

​It is strictly prohibited to bring or use cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, and drugs. Please inform if you have allergies, food intolerances or any other health issues.

Make sure to do sightseeing and shopping before or after the retreat. Check-in is at 1 pm on the first day and check-out is at 11 am on the last day of the retreat. Please book your flights accordingly.

Transportation is free of charge only on the day of arrival and the day of departure. Extra transfers are covered additionally.
Women during menstruation period are not allowed to attend Balinese Temples.


To enquire about or make a booking on a this 7-Day Luxury “Divine Body” Transformational Yoga & Meditation Experience in Bali, fill in the form. You can also contact the team direct on retreats@soulseedmedia.com if you have any questions.