Metal Element Incense, Sacred Scents, Sage, Calligraphy Print, Gift Set


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UME has put together a gift set for Autumn, which is aligned with the 5-Element system of Oriental Medicine. Contains Metal Element Incense, Sacred Scents, Sage, Calligraphy Print, Gift Box.

They have teamed up with artist calligrapher in Osaka Japan, Erica Zen, to draw the metal element symbol for you to work with.

This set contains:

  • Inner Bloom (lavender bud, mist, sandalwood) 50 incense sticks.
  • Point Lobos (cypress) 90 sticks.
  • Onsen Sacred Scents Oil, 10ml (hinoki, hiba, yuzu).
  • White Onyx, Matt Glazed Red Stoneware Incense Dish & Gold Dome Incense Holder.
  • Medium Sage Bundle.
  • Calligraphy Print of Metal element. Drawn in Japanese Kanji, by Eric Zen in Osaka.

UME have selected the most powerful herbs for you to align with this season. They all support and balance the metal Element. You will find clearing scents of Cypress and Sage. Allow these herbs to loosen negativity from your being; allow this energy to fall away like leaves from a tree. Lavender Bud Incense infuses the atmosphere with the love vibration, in order to support you in this process of letting go. Shedding that which no longer serves us, is natural at this time in the cycle of the seasons … in the Northern Hemisphere in Autumn.

Onsen sacred Scents Oil is on hand to give you a relaxing blend of woodsy and citrus scents. This is a profoundly grounding oil, used for centuries in Japanese Onsen – natural spas. This oil is wonderful to drop on our pulse points after an epsom salt bath. Hold the intension to allow negative energies to be cleansed in the water, while breathing deeply. Inhaling fresh oxygen, infused with healing scents.


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