Relaxing Mind Body Detox Retreat at Plantation Villa, Sri Lanka open all year

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Relaxing Mind Body Detox Retreat at Plantation Villa

Our retreat at Plantation Villa provides a chance to deepen and renew your yoga and meditation practice, whilst caring for your body and mind with loving care from our village team.

Set in a rural village, surrounded by lush green natural landscape, we are a community center where a village has come together to serve you and take you on an unimaginable journey.

The retreat funds and maintains the Metta Trust charity to do community development, wildlife conservation and forest preservation activities.

We maintain the local temples, village schools and fund majority of the community activities in our village and surrounding villages.

Over 90% of our staff team are local villagers from underprivileged backgrounds who we have trained and offered employment along with mentoring to improve their lives and the lives of their children.

We specialize in Ayurveda which is an ancient art of healing the body and mind through nutrition, relaxation, and herbal treatments.  Our Ayurvedic doctors and senior therapists have over 15 year of experience.

Yoga and Wellness

Our Ayurvedic doctor will develop your treatment plan to focus on your wellness goals and address any existing ailments you may be suffering from.

You can join the yoga classes to help with your mind/body connection and general mindfulness.

In addition to treating the body through Ayurveda treatments and nutrition, we provide a personalized service where we understand and care for our customers. .


Plantation Villa was once a colonial bungalow with 30 acres of rubber, coconut, cinnamon and black pepper.

Today, as a Wellness Sanctuary, the villa retains a sense of authentic charm across all its rooms, suites, quiet alcoves, communal and meditation spaces.

Surrounded by lush rainforest, the plantation is also a home to many rare bird species, butterflies, tropical flora and fauna, all existing in harmony with us.

The property consists of the main Villa and two Lodges, each about 2 minutes walking distance from each other.

The Lodge-1 is the original house of the first occupier of this colonial treasure. With time, their son built a bigger home to house his expanding family. This is now the main Villa.

The Villa consists of 8 rooms (2 Suite Rooms and 6 Deluxe Rooms), the Dining Hall, Lounge, Verandahs and Spa.

The Lodge 1 and 2 consists of 9 Standard rooms and open Verandahs. The Villa and the Lodge were renovated in 2016 and is decorated to contemporary colonial style in keeping with the age of the property and to meet our guest comforts and modern needs.

All our rooms have private ensuite facilities.

Guest rooms categories are as follows:

Standard Rooms – All of our standard rooms are in the Lodges. All open in to a relaxing open verandah overlooking the garden.

The rooms and bathrooms are completed beautifully to include modern guest requirements. The rooms have fans but they are not air-conditioned.

Deluxe Rooms – All of our deluxe rooms are in the Villa and they also all open in to open verandahs overlooking the gardens. The rooms and bathrooms are completed beautifully to include modern guest requirements. Unlike the standard rooms, Deluxe rooms are air conditioned.

Suite Rooms – We have two Suite Rooms which are in the Villa and they open in to a beautiful front verandah within the main Villa. The rooms and bathrooms are large and spacious and our completed to luxury standards. The Suite Room bathrooms have both a shower and a bath. Both Suite Rooms are air conditioned.

Retreat schedule

We maintain a timetable, which you can use as a rough guide during your stay. Please note that given the relaxed atmosphere we are trying to introduce you into we don’t follow the schedule timings strictly. However, this is a guide to show you approximate timings, which we have found to be useful with guests as our normal life is full of carefully planned days.

The daily schedule is on the blackboard of the main dining room for guests to see and plan what activities they might want to partake in.  If you have any questions with the timetable, please feel free to discuss with a member of our team.

06.30 – 07.30 Morning Yoga
07.30 – 09.00 Breakfast
09.00 – 09.30 Welcome introduction and orientation for our new guests
10.00 – Mid morning Tea and Juice
10.30 – 11.00 Morning Meditation
11.00 – 12.30 Ayurvedic treatment or dree time. Guests can use this time to talk to our doctor or yoga teacher, use the pool, join in any plantation activities, go for walks in the village, sun bathe or read a book from our library
12.30 – 14.30 Lunch
14.30 – 17.00 Ayurvedic treatment or free time
15.30 – Afternoon Tea 15.30 – 16.30
Afternoon Activities including: Walks in the plantation and paddy-field, vegetable/fruit picking activities during seasons, watching rubber tapping or paddy harvesting during seasons, cookery demonstrations, meditation, attending talks about Yoga & Ayurveda philosophy, improving daily habits, incorporating Ayurveda into daily life, Mindfulness etc
17.00 – 18.30 Evening Yoga / Meditation
18.30 – 20.30 Dinner
19.30 – 20.00 Discussions with the Ayurvedic Doctor or Yoga teacher about Ayurveda/Yoga, philosophy, special meditations or special activities


Vegetarian (mainly vegan apart from eggs served twice a week). Gluten and sugar free.


Yoga & Meditation Package:
This is our basic package and is great for short get aways to focus on your mindfulness practices of yoga and meditation.

This will introduce you to our approach to wellness through loving kindness, healthy eating and mindfulness practices surrounded by nature.

* Ayurveda meals
* Water and herbal tea at all times
* Guided Daily Yoga and Meditation
* Ability to partake in hotel activities

Detox Package:
Our daily lives in the modern world introduces so much toxins in to our bodies. This can leave you feeling lethargic, bloated and unhappy.

The healthy body creates a healthy mind. It is important to have our bodies in its optimum form.

Our detox package is a light introduction to Ayurveda and offers a light detox of the body and mind.

* Daily Ayurveda Detox treatment – a detoxing abhyanga massage, a detoxing steam or herbal bath and a cleansing face mask.
* Ayurvedic meals
* Water and herbal tea at all times
* Guided Daily Yoga
* Ability to partake in hotel activities (click for details on activities)

Full Ayurveda package:
A completely personalised, comprehensive and holistic experience. Our doctors and therapists will work with you from day one to gather a holistic understanding of your physical ailments, areas for stress of the mind, lifestyle, and wellness objectives.

Note: The Full Ayurveda Package includes Panchakarma but guests are requested to stay a minimum 21 nights to enable the administration of the full panchakarma treatments.

* Ayurveda Doctor Consultation
* Ayurveda medicines according to Doctor’s instructions
* Ayurveda therapy according to Doctor’s instructions
* Ayurveda meal plan (full board) according to Doctor’s instructions
* Water and herbal tea at all times
* Guided Daily Yoga

Weight Loss Package:
The retreat is tailored to your specific health and weight concerns in conjunction with our experienced ayurvedic doctors and therapists.

As well as a fitness trainer / instructor who will all work with you to help you achieve optimum results during your stay.


* Unlimited Ayurveda Doctor Consultations
* All Ayurveda weight loss medicines
* All Ayurveda weight loss therapy
* Ayurveda meals to promote weight loss
* Water and herbal tea at all times
* Guided Daily Yoga
* Guided Exercises with our trainer three times a week
* Ability to partake in hotel activities (click for details on activities)

Retreat price

Prices are in US dollars

Yoga & Meditation Package: From $110 per night

Detox Package: From $120 per night

Full Ayurveda package: From $140 per night

Prices are dependent on the time of year.

Does not include

* Additional Ayurveda Treatments
* Airport transfers
* Day trips(these can be purchased at extra cost).

Optional activities/tours

If you have not come on a package that includes day trips, we can arrange day trips to local places of interest. These can be organised according to your schedule and request, so you can still see some wonderful places further a field, during your time with us.

Most of our trips are either to rather unique cultural or historic sights or charity/conservation based projects.

Sinharajah Natural Rain Forest – the last remaining rain forest in Sri Lanka which is lush and green and hike through this will be an amazing experience.

Whale & Dolphin Watching in Mirissa – We work with a company working with whale conservation in Sri Lanka. It is an early morning start but totally worth the experience.

Udawalawe National Park (to see Elephants) – we recommend this trip over the trip to Pinnawella Elephant Orphanage, where we have heard mixed reviews about how the animals are treated. This is an opportunity to see elephants in their own natural habitat. Holding the largest population of elephants in Sri Lanka, you are almost guaranteed to see elephants here.

Kandy Town and Temple of the Tooth – The last kingdom of Sri Lanka still rich in art and culture. Kandy also has the Temple of the Tooth where Buddhas tooth is kept and is one of the most venerated sights in Sri Lanka. Apart from its religious significance, it is also a must see sight to understand the richness of Sri Lankan art and culture.

Local turtle hatchery – A turtle conservation project to help save turtles from extinction. You can see and learn about turtles and can have the opportunity to release baby turtles to the sea!

Beach – Picnic at some of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful beaches

Kalutara Bhodiya –  One of the most famous temples in Sri Lanka with a Pagoda with architectural value and a Bo Tree over 2000yrs old

Galle – A visit to one of the most vibrant cities in Sri Lanka where the influences of colonial time is prevalent with some world heritage sites

Warakagoda Temple – An ancient cave temple with a natural forest displaying some amazing Sri Lankan art on the rock.

Richmond Castle –  Left over from the British Empire depicting the influences of European Architecture.

What past guests have said

”What a wonderful, warm and uplifting experience for the human spirit. Plantation Villa is a priceless experience. And yes, one could go to any number of 5* hotels with super-plush beds or for standalone Ayurvedic treatment, but what Plantation Villa has which sets it apart is a loving kindness which ebbs through every living thing there. From the unspoilt rural but working rubber plantation location, to the nonplussed resident iguanas who cross paths with the omnipresent staff and owners, the villa is an environment to experience, enjoy and acclimatise to. At Plantation Villa you are cherished as an individual rather than just another one of countless guests. You’ll find yourself talking slower, walking slower, even thinking slower(!) which for some of us from big cities is no mean feat. The food is legendary (not spicy or heavy, just really tasty and fresh) as are the staff who cater unobtrusively to almost your every whim. And last but not least the authentic Ayurvedic treatments for which, if you are on the programme, you readily forego 1.5hrs of each and every day!. I would return in a heartbeat.” Leona (London, UK)

”Relaxing and magical place with the best staff. I stayed 6 night – only yoga and meditation package. It was the best I have ever done for myself! The room was amazing, the surroundings were so relaxed and magical. No matter what time of the day, you can always find animals in the garden. The food was very delicious and I loved the way they served it. You really learn to stop eating when you are full. The staff were lovely and they tried to do everything to make you comfortable. the doctors were super friendly, also even I didn’t get the Ayurveda package. They would gladly tell you about their knowledge. Ranjit is a very hardworking man who is gorgeous and helpful! Also the cleaning ladies are so lovely. I love this place and will definitely come back. Thank you so much for this great retreat – wish everybody on plantation villa all the best.” Anne (Zurich, Switzerland)

“A wonderful paradise. A truly amazing environment,natural beauty personified by amazing people -warm welcoming, humble, sensitive and caring to every individuals needs for restoration of mind and body. The plantation provides tranquility, harmony and complete rest and a chance to be at one with a natural environment of wonderful fruit, vegetables, animals, birds and flowers. I hope all future visitors take away some of the qualities that this “garden of eden” provides and I wish Plantation villa continued success for the preservation of such natural beauty for the future of mankind.” Keith (Shrewsbury, England)

What to pack

* Old underwear (they will get oily)
* Light summer clothing
* Flip flops and walking shoes
* Yoga outfits
* Mossie repellent


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