Mindful QiGong Pilates Retreat, Pelion, Greece 19th – 25th September

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Practice Pilates and meridian clearing under the glowing Greek sky. Embrace life changing mindfulness under the mountain of the hearty Centaurs. Receive the benefits of Zhineng QiGong in a peaceful protected bay.

This program has been built by highly specialised and educated instructors and offers an equal amount of seclusion and contact. The hotel -a cosy block of pretty houses- has been selected with attention and care and sits under the Pelion mountain in the energy village of Horto (Chorto).

Rejuvenation, beauty and unique charm in the delightful Pelion peninsula that we so proudly call home.

Pilates and meridian clearing

We instruct you through a whole-body stretching program combining Pilates and meridian clearing practices. The program takes place under the vigorous sun with the help of balls, rings and other devices. You focus on breath control by activating the diaphragm to improve the activity of the deep muscles.

You increase awareness of the neutral position and the range of the pelvic movement to activate the deep muscles. You learn the right connection between the head, neck, spine, chest and pelvis for proper body posture. The program is suitable for all ages, tailored to personal needs, and is great at increasing vitality. No previous experience is required.

Singing Bowl Mindfulness
We guide you into the meditative experience of the Tibetan singing bowls, where the vibrations stir the alpha and theta brain waves and help the body enter a state of deep serenity. You feel the self-healing forces of the body activated by the impact of yoga nidra and the effect of the sounds.

NLP interventions
NLP interventions and guided visualisation are softly integrated in the singing bowls mindfulness sessions. You get in touch with the true needs of your organism as a whole, awakening your inner wisdom that makes deep and positive change sustainable. You explore psychosomatic symptoms and listen to their hidden healing message from a holistic perspective. Neuro-linguistic programming is applied in a group setting to compliment change in any area of your life, relationships, career, health, or spirituality. Systemic family or group constellations may be offered to enable you towards a positive transformation in your life.

ZhiNeng QiGong
We offer you a series of both dynamic and static QiGong, combining motion sequences as well as static healing postures. You become familiar with deep meditation techniques that put the self in the centre. You enact ZhiNeng QiGong, a type of moving meditation that puts the same emphasis on body and mind, activates the energy channels of the body, nourishes the organs and body systems and increases mental and physical consciousness. Zhineng QiGong combines “Qi” the energy of life, “Gong” daily effort and practice, “Zhi” wisdom and intelligence, and “Neng” ability in all its aspects.

Retreat Schedule

8:30 – 9:00 Morning meditation
9:00 – 10:00 Pilates and meridian clearing exercises
10:00 – 11:00 Brunch
18:30 – 19:45 ZhiNeng QiGong session
20:00 – 20:30 Singing Bowl mindfulness, Symbolic story-telling, NLP interventions and guided visualisation
20:30 – Dinner served at local tavern with a variety of local recipes with homegrown or Greek products
One day – Guided mountain hiking
One day – Self massage techniques instruction under the night stars


Private beach. Wonderful gardens. Wide verandas. Unique decoration.

The “Diplomats’ Holidays” hotel is located in Pelion, the land of the mythical centaurs. Here we operate a wonderful complex of rooms and apartments for your stay in the majestic Pelion peninsula.

We are located 65km from the National New Anchialos airport (Volos) and 46km from the city center of Volos. We are just 1km away from the Horto village, 3km away from the village of Milina and 6km from the village of Argalasti. The distance from the International airport ‘Makedonia’ airport (Thessaloniki airport) is 270km while the ‘Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos’ (Athens) is 350km away.

In the beautiful coastal resort of Horto, the “Diplomats’ Holidays” hotel is perfectly located to offer you a comfortable and relaxing accommodation, in a truly picturesque part of the Pelion mountain. Operating from April through to October, “Diplomats’ Holidays” is the ideal choice for your summer holidays and travel to Pelion.

During your stay, you can enjoy a wide range of activities such as tennis, water sports, yoga and pilates. Above its own beach we offer a great selection of fully equipped studios and apartments, a swimming pool, a bar/restaurant and a private parking. Free Wi-fi internet access is provided in public areas within the Diplomats’ Holidays complex.

• Reception open for 16 hours, with 24 hours internal or external telephone access.
• Express check-out service
• Dry Cleaning – Washing and Ironing Service
• Breakfast is served from: 8 am to 12 am

All of our apartments and studios in Horto are uniquely decorated without being standardised, providing our guests with a selection of comfortable and traditional accommodation. The rooms are fully equipped and furnished, offering all the contemporary comforts and facilities within a family-orientated and friendly atmosphere.

Each of our apartments and studios, with regard to the arrangement and the decoration, is unique and has its’ own authentic character. They all have their own private balcony or terrace with wonderful sea views.

All studios are air-conditioned and they have either 2 single beds, or one double bed. An extra sofa bed is available in some of them, offering accommodation to 2 – 3 guests.

They also provide a well-equipped kitchenette with a small cooker and a fridge, a table with chairs, shower, WC, TV, Free Wi-Fi and direct dial telephone connection. Hair-dryers and sockets for electric shavers are conveniently placed in each bathroom.

Larger than studios, the apartments offer two separate, fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms. They consist of a large bedroom, a large living room with two extra sofa beds and are capable of accommodating 2 – 5 people. The apartments also provide a well-equipped kitchenette with a cooker / oven and a fridge, a table with chairs, direct dial telephone connection, TV, shower and WC. A hair-dryer and a socket for electric shaver are available in the bathroom.


Dovros Ioannis

Holistic Therapist and Psychotherapist. He supports people who wish to build their lives on the ground of both physical and psychological health, in a holistic way.

He began his professional history in the field of gymnastics and physical training, and specialised in the area of training people with disability or chronic disease. His personal quest and his interest in dealing with social problems brought him to meet with Social Clinical Psychology and to support people with addiction problems. Seeking to a full expression of the mind and body, he has chosen the psychotherapeutic method of Non Directive Intervention and the psychotherapeutic physical Playback Theatre.

Room options & Prices

730 € per person for a shared sophisticated studio with kitchen, ensuite bathroom, a twin room and a single bed in the living-room, totally accommodating for 3 persons.

800 € per person for a shared sophisticated studio with kitchen, ensuite bathroom, a twin/double room and a single bed in the living-room, totally accommodating for 2 persons.

900 € per person for an exclusive sophisticated studio with kitchen, ensuite bathroom, a twin/double room and a single bed in the living-room, only accommodating for 1 person.


Daily brunch and Greek dinner with local recipes. Vegetarian diet available.


  • 6 Pilates and meridian clearing sessions
  • 6 Morning meditations
  • 6 Singing Bowl mindfulness sessions with NLP and guided visualisation
  • 6 ZhiNeng QiGong sessions
  • Private beach on the venue
  • Few minutes outside the energy-core Horto (Chorto) village
  • GIFT! A day mountain hiking
  • GIFT! A self massage instruction
  • 6 nights’ accommodation
  • Daily brunch and Greek dinner with local recipes

Not included

  • Tavel insurance
  • Transportation (on demand we can arrange transportation from Thessaloniki or Volos)
  • Tailored personal wellness plan (personalised holistic treatments

What past guests have said

Frauke on Mindful QiGong Pilates 2019

”When I booked the retreat I was in the middle of a heavy treatment and felt physically and emotionally drained and exhausted and needed a break to recharge. I started doing Zhineng Qigong a few months earlier and I wanted to learn more about it. Since it’s not as popular as other Qigong styles, I felt very lucky to have found a retreat like this where it’s even combined with other wellness methods. Plus including it in a proper holiday in Greece felt perfect. The combination of the different methods Ioannis used made it very special. It is a very tailored program that focusses on physical aspect with a very soft but precise pilates class, which I loved, the energetic aspect with Zhineng Qigong and the emotional/mental aspect with guided meditations. Me and my friend felt very welcome from the very first moment and enjoyed the person atmosphere Ioannis created. His skills as a trained physiotherapist showed not only in the classes but also in the treatments such as foot reflexology massage or osteopathy. We loved waking up every morning with the beautiful view and end the day with a sounds healing meditation for sunset, finished by an authentic dinner in a greek tavern. It’s been a great holiday! Thank you Ioannis.”

Mercedes about Mindful QiGong Pilates 2019

”Ioannis’ retreat was amazing. I was originally drawn to the Pilates element but the week turned out to be so much richer than just good exercise. The days were structured well with a great balance of activity and free time. Technically the Pilates and Qi Gong instruction was excellent, we were a group of mixed abilities and I think everyone felt catered for and pushed within their own individual ranges. The strongest positive for me however was the deeply spiritual experience I had on this retreat – I didn’t have any expectations of soul searching but it happened organically through Ioannis’ guidance and healing presence, it was a really powerful week which helped me release and connect in a wonderful way. I couldn’t recommend the retreat and Ioannis highly enough!.”

How to get there

SKG Thessaloniki airport + taxi or bus to Volos
ATH El. Venizelos Athens airport + taxi or bus to Volos
VOL Aghialos airport + taxi or bus to Volo


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