Nourishing Retreat for Women, Ibiza 22nd - 27th September
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Nourishing Retreat for Women, Ibiza 22nd – 27th September

This retreat has a special offer on, receive a complimentary 30 minute reflexology treatment when you book through Soul Seed Travel. To book, send your request to the team who will get back to you within 24 hours or email us directly on


Nourishing Retreat for Women, Ibiza

A nourishing retreat for women designed by the women of Ibiza, for women from all over the world.

This retreat space is a sanctuary, a meeting point for like minded souls in need of nurturing and nourishment.

With flowing intuitive yoga and deeply-healing Voicessence journeys, we invite you to come find your voice, live your potential, express your wishes and needs.

Feel the relief and release as you share in timeless practices of sitting in circle, learn to appreciate and honour your cycles and rhythms and harness the power of rituals and ceremonies to connect deeply to your wisdom and the magic of a fully supportive female community.

Lighter, brighter insights arise as you surrender to the transformational energies here. As the masks come off, expect to feel more awake and aware of your emotional self.

Surrounded by a supportive team, in a carefully held space, and with the positive energy of other like-minded women sharing the journey, you unearth the courage to listen to your innate wisdom and to appreciate your sensitivity – reconnecting you with your power, your abundance and your beauty.

This nourishing retreat for women will take you on a journey to deeply soothe your nervous system starting with sweet healing holistic massages. Holistic wellness therapies will start to shift emotional and energy blockages and release negative beliefs and social conditioning.

You will be reconnected to the wisdom of your heart with advanced reiki and energy healing therapies. Clarifying, intuitive soul coaching will enable you to become more selective about how you invest your time and energy, and more receptive to life’s magical opportunities.

Your back-to-life wellness coaching session will inspire you to respect your rhythms and cycles as a woman, and continue to create rituals in your life that enable you to sit in your power and live your potential fully.


We ensure that the yoga we offer on our nourishing retreat for women is accessible to everybody, whether it is your first time on the mat or you have been practising for years.

With a teacher and an assistant in every class, there is always someone there to help you with your alignment and some gentle hands-on adjustments and modifications when needed.

For us, the spirit of yoga is about being present in your own space. We invite our beginners to take it slowly, focus on the breath, rest where necessary and let the magic happen organically and in their own pace.

Drawing on vinyasa flow, anusara-inspired, yin and restorative lineages, the yoga and meditation will guide you through a sacred journey, reconnecting you to the power of your mind, your breath and your body as vehicles to tune you in to your “Vijnanamaya Kosha”, your innate wisdom – your intuition.

Tailored to the levels and energy of the group and the lunar cycle, the practices are sensual and fluid, fun and uplifting.

On the deck the frogs and birds offer a harmonious backdrop to the sound of your breath.

Each morning we begin with a sharing circle to connect you to the power of focused “Sankalpa” intention = an invitation to “listen in” to your physical, emotional and energetic daily needs so that you can honour yourself as the unique individual you are and practice in a way that is truly right for you, your body, your intentions and your story.

We begin with an evening yin and restorative class to ground you and nourish your nervous system, followed by mornings of deep hip and upper body opening to release the emotional and physical blockages of the linear 21st century living.

The somatic vinyasa flow yoga sequencing offered by Vivienne will delight the dancer within you and enable you to find deeper and safer muscular openings


Boost your wellbeing and nourish your system with a naturally purifying ‘clean-eating’, plant-based diet. But what does this mean? Locally sourced, farm-fresh produce is super-high in nutrients and full of flavour, you literally will be cleaning yourself to feel lighter and clearer in body and mind.

Expect lots of hearty salads with inspiring dressings, tasty, flavour-filled quinoa, brown rice and lentil-based dishes, cold coconut soups and watermelon gazpacho, raw and slow-roasted veggies, yummy chickpea and beetroot dips, local free-range egg frittatas and omelettes, caprese salads with the tastiest red ripe tomatoes and goat or sheeps cheese.

Explore flavours for all palates as our chefs spice up the cuisine with inspired influences from their own travels, where they have cooked and eaten their way around the world.


Our nourishing retreat for women is hosted at Casa Lakshmi, a true oasis. A heavenly space that holds the group energy, amidst the peace and tranquility of the beautiful Ibizan countryside.

A warm, welcoming and spacious environment set in beautiful gardens, and within the walls of an idyllic, lovingly restored finca, dating back over 200 years, which has been refurbished to the highest of standards, incorporating all of life’s modern day comforts, whilst retaining the traditional charm of traditional island architecture.

Rooms are thoughtfully planned out, many with their own entrances and a feeling of overall spaciousness rarely encountered in such soulful Fincas.

The beautifully maintained and carefully designed gardens surround an inviting pool area, with plenty of shaded spots to take a quiet moment, water features create a gentle melody for you to relax and find a new sense of harmony.

Retreat schedule

8.00am – pre-yoga teas, chia/porridge protein pot, fruit bites and sweet silence
8.30am – mindfulness meditation in nature and mandala creation
9.00am – yoga practice (with pranayama and meditations daily)
11.15am – post-yoga smoothies/juices, sharing, Q&A
12.00 midday – brunch banquet buffet
13.30 – you-time, massages, treatments & therapies
16.30 – afternoon snack and tiffin (tea-time)
18.00 – evening experiential workshop
19.45 – 3 course plated supper beneath the stars
21.00 – retreat good-night from team and sweet dreams
ibiza yoga retreat

Retreat price

Prices are in Euros

From €1565


* Full board accommodation
* Abundant, nourishing, energy-optimising daily menu
* A full-body holistic Welcome massage
* 1:1 holistic wellness energy coaching
* ‘Retreat Angel’ daily support hosts
* Daily morning meditation
* 2 hours of daily yoga with pranayama breath-work
* Daily / evening holistic wellness workshops
* Sunset walk and cliff-top meditation
* Supper out on the final evening (drinks are extra)
* Personalised Back to Life strategy

Does not include

* Flights
* Transfers

Optional activities

* Further treatments and therapies coordinated for you according to your needs

What past guests have said

”I just want to say a huge thank you for my wonderful experience of feeling connected to Mother Earth. ( I have been telling everyone – even the non believers)! During the sunset hike, I felt as though the rock I was sitting on suddenly began to vibrate and I could hear the sound coming from it. Then I looked at the sun set and the deep blue sea and felt overwhelmed with emotion and completeness. When you asked me to sing the song with you earlier (I thought there was no way I could) but as soon as I heard it I knew the words and sang quietly and felt at home! Whether I was at home with Ibiza, the song or Mother Earth.” Carrie – mother and energy worker

”This nourishing retreat for women was an incredible experience. I felt truly nourished and cared for every step of the way. It was an emotional and deeply spiritual experience for me – and I felt safe to go to places I wouldn’t in everyday life. There is something soft, ancient and beautiful about women sharing music, stories and breath together, and the energy which moved around the room was profound. I met some friends for life, cried, laughed and felt the vibrations of the wonderful island of Ibiza. Having been on other retreats, nothing compares to the quality this one – I would recommend this for anyone looking for something that will make a real transformation to their life and lifestyle. I have come back armed with knowledge and practical skills to transfer into my daily routine, that help me deal with the stresses of life. ” Mel – London

”I’d been on a yoga retreat before and knew it would help me to just stop, take time out, take stock and recuperate from my busy London work and social life. I set off on the retreat to relax and reflect – yet what I found in the north of Ibiza was so much more, it was in two words – life transforming. I was greeted by a collective of inspiring, caring women who exuded a calming energy and were genuinely interested in why I had come on the retreat and tailored various treatments to my needs – it was like arriving to a family I had known for years. The food was incredible I’m now a raw – plant food convert and was tailored to my specialist diet. This retreat is amazing, it completely exceeded my expectations, I feel blessed to have found it and feel I have made lifelong friends, not only with the fellow women on the retreat but the organisers too, who I feel reassured will offer guidance if I ever need it again. If you are looking to take time out to relax, reflect, find a new purpose or simply connect with all the things that will help with your journey through life and womanhood then this is the retreat for you – I would definitely recommend it at least once a year!.” Debs

How to get here

Fly to Ibiza airport. We recommend Skyscanner to search for the best airfare.



To make an enquiry or book this nourishing retreat for women, send your request to the team who will get back to you within 24 hours or email us directly on

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