Opening into awareness retreat, La Palma (Spain), 19th – 26th October

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Opening Into Awareness Retreat, La Palma (Spain)

We have a well-prepared program, ready to move us into a state of clarity and presence. With Yoga, Qi Gong, Satsang, Massage, conscious relating, group workshops, dance, live music, Organic vegetarian food.

Many human problems have their source, simply in the fact, that man is “too much” on the head and “to less” on the heart. For that, we’ll do a lot with the body.

And next to the body sessions, when you feel your body more, you notice, that you are automatically much more in the moment. To live in the moment is for many of us a feeling of unimaginable great joy. This joy needs no reason, it is not coming from outside pleasure, it is your deepest core, your inner nature. From that state we are doing Satsang, means we allow the moment to unfold the way it wants.

Might be through answering questions you have, or we are looking together into conditioned, unaware thinking pattern and searching together whether they are true or not. And what influence they have in our life if believed. Or there might be an outbreak of depressed emotions etc. This retreat gives you to the possibility to come to know, who you are beside your name, your profession, your possessives..who you are behind your life-story.

Retreat schedule

We start Saturday afternoon at 4pm
9:00am. Meditation and Qi-Gong.
11:00am Brunch.
12:00pm to 4:00pm is free time do what you like… enjoy the surroundings, walk on the forest, swim on the pool, book a massage, private and couple coaching, Private yoga lesson.

4:00pm We’ll meet for a group workshop.
7:30pm Dinner.
The evenings, after sunset, we have a open meeting for enjoying and hanging out together in front of a fire place, watching an inspiring movie or playing music…
Saturday morning we will serve our last brunch and end retreat.


Joan Fontarnau; Yoga, Massage, Life coaching, Dream inquiry, Akasic healing

Joan offers whole body and spirit care through an integral approach by opening a safe space where you will feel held by his strong presence and calm state of being.

As a professional skier and a surfer, he found a way to tune the strength of his body to the elements of nature through yoga, meditation and bodywork and he transmits that through his services

Satpremo; Qi-gong, massage, Life Coaching, Satsang
If you really feel yourself again, like children are doing naturally, then there is joy, sensitivity, peace, just pure love. That’s what you really are. One gate to discover that is through body awareness.

Satpremo started with movements like Yoga, Qi-Gong and Thai-Chi in 1986 after studding medicine at university Göttingen (physicum). His main interest always was the question “Who am I?”.  So he found another gate to his own inner Being through Satsang & Silence.

Satsang is an invitation just to stop, to become silent. And when the mind stops, there is the possibility to recognise who you really are without your story.


Two main meals a day, organic and vegetarian on a self service mode. With vegan and gluten free options and a snack in the afternoon.

Retreat accommodation options

Single rooms with a double bed, Jasmine and silent room.

Stars Gallery, is not a room but a space with privacy and a glass roof where you can see the stars at night (at special price)


Retreat Price

Prices are in Euros

Silent room, Single 1260€ / Shared 1160€ x 2
Jazmine room, Single 1160 / Shared 890€ x 2
Stars gallery 790€
Camping 690€

+3 days before and after for arrivals and departure facilitating 90€ a day or camping 60€


  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • All the group activities including excursion

Does not include

  • Flights
  • Airport transfer
  • Private sessions
  • Coaching
  • Massage
  • Akastic healing

Optional activities

  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Sun bath

We encourage our participants to not move from the place, we go deep.

What past guests have said

“I’m coming to this retreat since the beginning every year, this place is my medicine.” Susann Gürtler, Enginier, Plauen, Germany.

”Heart as wide as the horizon, body as soft as the flowers, mind as clear as the sky. It’s not all sunshine… sometimes it takes a deep dive into a whirlpool of the subconscious to experience this vast expansion. Extreme expansion = extreme contraction. I have yet to find that you can have one without the other.

Still, I would not give up an extreme pleasure to avoid extreme pain. So, the only way for me is through, by transmutation of the challenging emotions through breath, silence, dance and yogic arts. We are here to experience… I embrace the adventure! And what an adventure this retreat was – beautiful, energising, cathartic, softening, revelationary, revolutionary and extremely pleasurable. Thank you, dear Joan and Satpremo and the magical island of La Palma.” Sophie Carver, Writer and Horse alchemist. UK

“Satpremo and Joan are warm-hearted teachers, welcoming us at a wonderful and energetic place. I especially liked the fact that everyone can participate in its own rhythm and is not forced to do anything. Vegetarian food is excellent and each day full of surprises. It is a wonderful journey.”Marianne

What to pack

Yoga Mat (if you like to travel light, let it at home, we have some)
Rain jacket
Warm clothes
Sun cream

Location and how to get there

Tijarafe, Santa Cruz de la Palma. SPC

(Important – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is not our island.)

On La Palma: Please Let us know your flight details. We will organize a taxi service for you at the airport and in your name, we will try to coordinate between participants and share the ride.
The trip is 60€ and is around 1h. For the 50km ride.


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